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Nice haven't played GTA since#3.

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Wow,talk about being desperate what does he win for having it early??I bet the seller is probably laughing his @$$ off at this retard he couldn't wait 4 more days for it.

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OMG no way /s.

We all knew it wouldn't outsell them anyone who thought that was very delusional.Just cuz it sells alot don't mean it's a great game you can polish a turd but it's still a turd.Quantity<quality

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Incoming from both sides.
*Takes cover under the table*.

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2000d ago

I predict everyone will b*tch and moan about this game like every year.

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Lol my wal mart has been selling these since last week.My friend got it for 360.

Soap dies,makarov is and undercover agent,Moscow gets nuked and the French president gets capped.


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Oh shit that's the Dante i know and not that twilight emo.

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Can you prove it??If no kindly STFU thank you come again:D.

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Sorry but this game has broken written all over it example.

B:Blind eye
D:Dead eye.

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That's cool of them to do that for him.

Cancer is a b*tch.

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Soap dieS:D.

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Can't wait to see some actual gameplay.

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Yes but please don't cater to the damn noobs like many devs are trying to.It ruins the series for the hc players of the series.

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Not holding my breath until i see it.

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F cod that is all.

@Below good for you no one asked you to reply to me.

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Looking forward to it.

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21 days left.

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Good to hear they're working on it.Love the game nothin like shooting killing 2-3 people with the 870CMS shotgun>:).

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Ummm be back later:D.

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