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The game is most likely going to be held back. The PS4 is signficantly stronger than the Xbox One. All tech-head on all the sites have already had the fight and reached a consensus. Only fans with no tech knowledge still challenge said conclusion.

But I think it has more to do with game genre than the game politics.

Multi-plat developers don't want to get have their games seen as practically an exclusive of one system. The shooter people would be espe... #75
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Alright geniuses. By "geniuses" I mean people at Sony who didn't think that the Vita TV would appeal in the West.

Just sell the damn thing....in the West. Stop thinking (or in your case, START thinking) and make plans to release the thing in the West. You could sell, like, 50 million of those things in the US alone. My PS4 is paid for and I am definitely going to buy one and I might buy two or three of them. And that is just for my own personal usage with my... #1.2
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Yeah and after all the conjecture, the most important Xbox exclusive is still going to be Halo. #15
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Actually we do know.

It's not possible today.

You can't get around ping. The so-called cloud is just a bunch of computers somewhere that have to be accessed online. And since they must be accessed online then, the amount of time it takes to get data to and from them will vary based on where one is and what time it is. That is far to variable to base any crucial internal processes around it. Microsoft knows this.
... #1.1.11
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If EA can make Dante's Inferno without being sued, then nobody can get sued for copying any game. #11
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Why would you not feel like looking at a big screen? It's less work on your eyes to look at a big screen. That's why old people need letters to be bigger in order to see.

The only reason that I would prefer to use remote play when I am at home are
1) when someone else is using the TV that has the PS4 hooked up to it (Vita TV for the win) and
2) when I am on the can.

But I would never prefer to look at a small screen when I could... #1.4
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I, too, am amazed that Sony didn't believe that the core gamers would be interested in this.

How could you not want one? #1.1.5
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I'll have to go along with the author and say to Sony, "No S#!t Sherlock". The Vita TV is basically a $100 console. Who wouldn't want a $100 console? By the way, it will allow you to play your PS4 on a second screen without moving your PS4. Everybody that likes games enough to have a PS4 OR a Vita is going to want one of these. #4
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How much time do they need? The game was only announced in 2006.

People like this guy are the very definition of "die-hard" fans. Squenix under-delivered the entire PS3/360 generation, but this guy still has "the utmost faith in Square Enix"(his words, paragraph 3). It's "hard" for his faith in SE to "die". Even though SE is forcing yet another sequel to FF13 a game that under-performed expectations, and that we know was deliber... #4
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How did this get approved? We knew this already. Everybody was expecting 4GB when Sony announced 8GB. #6
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The dude said it himself, she joked about giving out his public information.

If the guy didn't want to show an ID then she should not have sold have let him redeem his pre-order.

Her mistake was that she was too patient with him. She should have kicked him out of the store and let that be the end of it. #1.1.11
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On the topic of controllers, if the Vita TV can broadcast a PS4 screen onto a separate TV, then doesn't that mean that you can control it with a DS4 as well? If it couldn't accept commands coming from a DS4 then it couldn't control a PS4 game, right? Or is the PS4 second screen functionality just for short-range, in-the-same-house situations and not over a strong internet connection. #5
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Second screen experience is enough for me, although it has the added benefit of being able to play Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3. Which I have always wanted to play but were only on PSP. #1.2
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He said "I bet..." that doesn't need any citation. We know its his hunch. #1.1.3
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Marked, so that I can read later. #1.10
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I disagree with you here on almost every point. You mentioned

1. Confusion between PSV, PSVita new model, PSVTV
2. Resolution
3. True portability
4. Having an actual market

1. Its's a simple question of screen. If you want a portable screen by the PSV or the PSV(new model name). If you don't need a portable screen you can buy the PSVTV and save yourself some money.

2. 480p is 480 x 720 = 345,600 pixels
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I move my PS3 ALL THE TIME. Constantly going from the one room to the next but now that is out the window for less than $100.

But doesn't it play Vita, and PSP games natively on its own? I thought I saw that. If it does then it's a full stand-alone console, as well as a PS4 extender.

This is the best idea I've seen from a console maker in years. When they start putting that in bundles with a PS4 then it is going to sell monstrously.
... #2.6
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Yep, just like that.

It's just that those other games are not EA. EA wants everybody's money. #7.2.2
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I would have to say...

A release date for FFvs13/FFXV - News I've been waiting for.
6 month timed exclusive - Exceeds my expectations.


Maybe the Getaway, Agent, TLG, or Heavenly Sword 2.

My last guess would be a timed exclusive for Metal Gear Solid 5. #116
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Indeed, too bad its going to be wasted on Wii-U, which nobody has.

They should have mortgaged their houses and sold their children to get this game on PS4 in time for the system launch. It would have been THE game to buy with your PS4. Now, it will sell about a quarter-million copies if it's lucky.

I like her new hairstyle, though. Here's to hope that I get to play it one day. #1.2
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