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Indeed, horsepower does NOT equal speed. There is A LOT more to it than that.

Every man should know that....

...And so should every person that plays, Gran Turismo, Forza or even Need 4 Speed. #1.2.4
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Ripsta7th said.....

"How were you not in control of your game? Were you only allowed to play when MS said so? Or wat i dont get it . Please explain"

What's to explain. You would have had to check in with Microsoft in order to play your game that you paid for. You would not have been able to transfer all the rights of your game to another person.

Actually is a misnomer, to say that You(or I) would not have been able to play you... #2.1.4
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Obviously he doesn't know that KZ:Shadowfall exists if he thinks that the PS4 can't produce anything close to what the XBO is doing out of the gate.

Actually, Uncharted 1 edges out all of the best looking 360 games. All the rest of the games you listed are overkill.

The Sony first parties probably are going to make games with better graphics this time as well. However, with the PS4's main advantage being RAM bandwidth I... #1.10.3
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Pachter is wrong about gaming more than he is right, but his last quote from the source article is how Sony should frame the decision. Pachter said,...

"I’d rather have a console and a hundred bucks than a console. That’s how most people look at it"

Sony should put that in commercials. #1.7
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MS wasn't sending MIXED messages about the Xbone; they were sending BAD messages about the Xbone. And it wasn't bad PR; it was the horrible truth about the Xbone. Microsoft hasn't changed the XBO's PR, they have changed the underlying truth, it's not as bad as it was when they announced it.

But clearly Mattrick did not have a clue, otherwise he would have stopped the bad policies before they got as far as they did. #1.4.2
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Actually price would be the bigger indicator of video games sales. The cheaper consoles sell the most.

Seeing how the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the XBO and will have mostly the same games, at the beginning at least, I expect the PS4 to outsell it by a good deal....at least if Sony can keep up with increased demand. #4.1.9
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More like they are tired of make these huge investments to keep the company operational.

However, I think the Xbox is the only place where Microsoft has a foothold in a growing market. Assuming, of course, that they don't squander the foothold with ridiculous Xbox One policies. #3.1.1
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Actually, it's more like they must not understand gaming or the gaming market.

The Xbox has had a major mess-up every time. The first Xbox was a plain failure. The 360 got bailed out by the combination of Microsoft's deep pockets and of Sony pricing the PS3 a full $200 higher than the Xbox was at that time. The Xbox One jr. is facing a myriad of problems and looks to be on the route to follow the Xbox 1 sr.

If the Xbox division were to be spun-of... #2.4
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Errrr....Sega was in the business before Sony and got put out of the console business. If Sega was any better they would have shown it then. #1.1.4
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Still I agree with the guy who argues the Microsoft has to exist somewhere in consumer entertainment devices. PC's are becoming more and more commercial devices. The only hardware that Microsoft has ever had any measure of success with is the Xbox 360. So Microsoft has to stay with the Xbox. They just have to find a vision that will work for it. The vision that they had for the Xbox One is definitely not it.

About monopoly, you can have a natural monopoly, whereby... #1.2.16
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It's not you.

Either Microsoft is having manufacturing issues, or Microsoft underestimated how difficult it is to get its voice recognition software to work in every country in the world.

Now I can not imagine how anyone could possible underestimate something like that. There are A LOT of languages in the world and each language will have multiple regional dialects. How any adult could think that is anything but a gi-normous task is beyond me. #1.8.1
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Microsoft wouldn't be rushing their console release would they? Only releasing in 13 countries, Kinect only working in less than half of those countries, and half the countries with a working Kinect being English-speaking all sound like a system that needs more work to me.

If I didn't know any better, I would say that Sony caught Microsoft off-guard by announcing that they would release the PS4 this year and Microsoft has been rushing trying to prevent the PS4 from... #1.9
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I still want to know how many people will be in one room at a time. I want 16 on 16 like KZ2. #8
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@ Tony-A

I bet those reversal did do a lot for them. The the pre-orders that came in immediately after E3 were probably the most hardcore fans who would not be deterred no matter what.

We would have to look at a chart to see how the pre-orders came in week-to-week. I would be willing to bet that they slowed to practically zero (0) after the initial burst and only started to move after the reversals.

Still, if the PS4 wins the US by 2 to 1... #1.1.11
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It's not about Microsoft as much as it's about EA. #1.3.1
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Folks I do have a degree in business, and this is simple economic theory so I know what I'm talking about. This isn't fanboy-talk, this is hardcore business, albeit simple.

It's about controlling the number of buyers and the number of sellers and how those two meet to transact. It's not really about cutting out the middle man.

If lots of buyers can meet up with lots of sellers and each can negotiate their own price, then

... #1.5.5
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Microsoft doing this will make gaming worse. Gamestop makes gaming better. #6.1.2
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No you don't want this to happen, either. You just haven't thought it through. This would simply set the stage for Microsoft to be the only seller and the only buyer. #4.1
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Odds are Microsoft is going to do this. They were planning to do this back when they had their DRM plans. This was the plan all along. They wanted to lock all of the Xbox gamers into selling their games back to and through Microsoft and no one else. But the ownership questions are still the same as they were with a physical disc.

If I can sell my digital game back to Microsoft why can't I sell it to my friend? If I can sell my digital game back to Microsoft, why ca... #1.5
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Vegeta, if you think Chi-Chi is going to give you some then you are smoking some potent dope.

But back to the point. Doesn't Bulma prefer hand-held devices? She is more likely to take your Vita than you PS4. #1.3.2
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