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For fans of the game, what are you adding or exploring beyond the original's story?

We were very thankful that Sony allowed us to expand on the story a bit. The game tells the story of how Nariko is tasked with keeping the sword from King Bohan, ultimately wielding the sword herself. In our story, we insert the twist that the rightful wielder was born (Loki, played by Thomas Jane), and she has to get...

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Because this movie probably doesn't have the money behind it that the game had.

My bet is that this movie is a way to fund and advertise Heavenly Sword 2 while leaving Ninja Theory out of the loop. This movie is probably cutting corners to turn the most profit possible.

Or perhaps Ninja Theory has finally come back to the only thing they ever did that people actually wanted, but have spent all their money. Perhaps Sony wouldn't front any more ca...

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A brick and mortar GameStop will sell it to you for about $6 US.

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I have to agree with Stuna.

If they care enough to produce a movie then they are probably ready to go ahead with a game. The movie is probably some sort of advertisement or way to raise money.

Another possibility is that the movie is a way to make people who haven't played the game familiar with its story without having to pay Ninja Theory. Actually, that is where I would bet my money.

Hopefully, someone who knows how to make hack...

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Isn't that one the standard Japanese archetype looks though, like a young girl in a sailor/school-girl outfit.

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I just hope that in FFXIII-3 that they actually answer the frickin' answered questions from the original XIII.

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Now the only thing left is for them to announced that they want to make sure the FFXV is perfect so they are pushing it back and are going to release FFXIII-4: Lightning Won't Die...and She Won't Leave Either.

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What do you do if somebody steals you primary system?

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Some guy down in the thread posted a picture of D.Wade from this game and it doesn't look close to D.Wade. I have to hope and assume that the picture is from the current gen version.

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Somehow I don't think that people who say "both" need any exclusives to justify their XB1 purchase.

It all strikes me as either having enough money that it doesn't matter, or pure Xbox brand loyalty. Yes, I said Xbox brand loyalty, even though they are buying both systems. They can't see themselves with a Playstation and no Xbox, so they justify by buying both.

If someone would say simply, "I must have Halo and that's all th...

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That doesn't begin to make sense. Microsoft wasn't trying to give you anything, they were trying to take something. And if you were looking forward to their DRM it's because you didn't know any better.

Yes, because you didn't know any better.

Microsoft didn't "F" you by listening to that guy and guys like him. That guy and guys like him saved you from being ripped off by Microsoft. You shouldn't be mad at him you s...

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32 vs 32 on consoles, with vehicles and destructible environments, seems pretty new to me. I can't pass it up.

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Could you clarify your statement a bit? It looks like you meant to say that you prefer 720p at 30fps over 1080p. Is that what you meant to say?

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Bayonetta anime should be hentai. :)


Bayonetta is a lesson on how to take a good game and ruin it as an IP.

The drawings don't look as good as the render in the game but then they never do.

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Don't go by ticket sales in Hollywood?????

So the Lone Ranger and John Carter are going to get sequels and The Avengers in not going to get a sequel, right?

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Ellen chose the wrong game. She should have rolled with Naughty Dog and The Last of Us.

When Naughty released the first video of TLoU, the girl looked JUST like Ellen Page. People were speculating that she was going to be in it. I believe that there was more to that than what was reported. ND had to know that was Ellen's likeness. I believe that they tried to get her for TLoU and that she chose Beyond Two Souls over them.

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Have you SEEN Halle Berry? She's hotter than that whole list today and she's almost 50.

I have seen Reese in a while (she is probably off having kids), Halle, Charlize, and Sandra, have all been in the acting game for a long time and are still in it. All have had big-time success AFTER their young hotness has worn off (emphasis on "young").

Not to mention that as A Ti_Elite said, they've all won...

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You don't know whether multi-player will be better on the XB1 or not.

I wouldn't say that the XB1 has more next gen games either. We also don't know whether what games we will be looking at a year out.

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Where did these numbers come from?

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It's pretty much universal opinion that KZ2 was better than KZ3. So why aren't they giving us 16 vs. 16? Like we are asking for.

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