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On the topic of controllers, if the Vita TV can broadcast a PS4 screen onto a separate TV, then doesn't that mean that you can control it with a DS4 as well? If it couldn't accept commands coming from a DS4 then it couldn't control a PS4 game, right? Or is the PS4 second screen functionality just for short-range, in-the-same-house situations and not over a strong internet connection. #5
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Second screen experience is enough for me, although it has the added benefit of being able to play Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3. Which I have always wanted to play but were only on PSP. #1.2
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He said "I bet..." that doesn't need any citation. We know its his hunch. #1.1.3
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Marked, so that I can read later. #1.10
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I disagree with you here on almost every point. You mentioned

1. Confusion between PSV, PSVita new model, PSVTV
2. Resolution
3. True portability
4. Having an actual market

1. Its's a simple question of screen. If you want a portable screen by the PSV or the PSV(new model name). If you don't need a portable screen you can buy the PSVTV and save yourself some money.

2. 480p is 480 x 720 = 345,600 pixels
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I move my PS3 ALL THE TIME. Constantly going from the one room to the next but now that is out the window for less than $100.

But doesn't it play Vita, and PSP games natively on its own? I thought I saw that. If it does then it's a full stand-alone console, as well as a PS4 extender.

This is the best idea I've seen from a console maker in years. When they start putting that in bundles with a PS4 then it is going to sell monstrously.
... #2.6
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Yep, just like that.

It's just that those other games are not EA. EA wants everybody's money. #7.2.2
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I would have to say...

A release date for FFvs13/FFXV - News I've been waiting for.
6 month timed exclusive - Exceeds my expectations.


Maybe the Getaway, Agent, TLG, or Heavenly Sword 2.

My last guess would be a timed exclusive for Metal Gear Solid 5. #116
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Indeed, too bad its going to be wasted on Wii-U, which nobody has.

They should have mortgaged their houses and sold their children to get this game on PS4 in time for the system launch. It would have been THE game to buy with your PS4. Now, it will sell about a quarter-million copies if it's lucky.

I like her new hairstyle, though. Here's to hope that I get to play it one day. #1.2
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Yes it is common sense.

And it's not just what she wears but rather the combination of what she wears to what place, at what time, and at what situation. Wearing that outfit to bed with her husband wouldn't make her a slut, but wearing that outfit to stand on the corner of 42nd Street probably means that she is a slut, and wearing that outfit walking around Afganistan is probably going to get her killed.

By the way, wome... #4.1.8
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I buy used but very rarely, probably 1 out of 10 games, I buy used. Even then it is mostly stuff that is more than 6 months old. I almost never sell back. I still have Soul Calibur 2 for the Xbox 1(the real "1"), and KOTOR.

But the point here is not really the behavior of the consumer, it is the value in having the option. Options to buy or sell when and if you want to, have value, that's why they trade them on Wall Street.
... #1.2.7
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Which girl should I choose...

The one who was always loyal and honest.


The one who cheated on me with my best friend but has since stopped, when she saw that I was going to leave her over it.

You don't get points for fixing things that are a blatant violation of basic policy and trust. Microsoft came into this generation with the intent to abuse their loyal fans. #4.2.5
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Nobody would have bought into the DRM if they had been given the option. Well, not nobody but almost nobody.

Nobody is going to pay for a game that they can't sell back, when they can pay the same money for a game that they can resell. People do that math in their head instantly. No one would buy the DRM system if they had the choice to buy a system with no DRM.

Microsoft was hoping to use its brand loyalty to coddle / force... #1.2.5
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No, the problem wasn't the messaging, it was the message itself. There is no way in hell they are going to get my money and then own the game at the same time.

I don't care who they are... Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Nintendo, etc. #1.1.10
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Indeed, horsepower does NOT equal speed. There is A LOT more to it than that.

Every man should know that....

...And so should every person that plays, Gran Turismo, Forza or even Need 4 Speed. #1.2.4
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Ripsta7th said.....

"How were you not in control of your game? Were you only allowed to play when MS said so? Or wat i dont get it . Please explain"

What's to explain. You would have had to check in with Microsoft in order to play your game that you paid for. You would not have been able to transfer all the rights of your game to another person.

Actually is a misnomer, to say that You(or I) would not have been able to play you... #2.1.4
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Obviously he doesn't know that KZ:Shadowfall exists if he thinks that the PS4 can't produce anything close to what the XBO is doing out of the gate.

Actually, Uncharted 1 edges out all of the best looking 360 games. All the rest of the games you listed are overkill.

The Sony first parties probably are going to make games with better graphics this time as well. However, with the PS4's main advantage being RAM bandwidth I... #1.10.3
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Pachter is wrong about gaming more than he is right, but his last quote from the source article is how Sony should frame the decision. Pachter said,...

"I’d rather have a console and a hundred bucks than a console. That’s how most people look at it"

Sony should put that in commercials. #1.7
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MS wasn't sending MIXED messages about the Xbone; they were sending BAD messages about the Xbone. And it wasn't bad PR; it was the horrible truth about the Xbone. Microsoft hasn't changed the XBO's PR, they have changed the underlying truth, it's not as bad as it was when they announced it.

But clearly Mattrick did not have a clue, otherwise he would have stopped the bad policies before they got as far as they did. #1.4.2
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Actually price would be the bigger indicator of video games sales. The cheaper consoles sell the most.

Seeing how the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the XBO and will have mostly the same games, at the beginning at least, I expect the PS4 to outsell it by a good deal....at least if Sony can keep up with increased demand. #4.1.9
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