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I don't speak advanced-computer-nerd'ese . Could someone translate the article? And could someone tell me what a "NAND" is?

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Dude, you have come a loooong way from having only one bubble.

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I understand that this is one writer's opinion.

The only issue that I had was his saying that TitanFall would definitely be a "Must Buy" title. It may be, but it may not be. Before we can know that for certain we will have to see more info, video, previews, reviews, etc.

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If most gamers come home and plug our system into a docking station attached to our television set, then consoles will be ahead of mobile gaming.

The whole point of mobile gaming is that we can do it when we are not at home. Once we actually decide to game at home, consoles will always have an advantage. it is just a question of space. No matter how powerful and small we can make chips, we will always be able to put more of them into a square-foot ...

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Actually the Xbox 360 had a lower entry price point and a year head start. It's really that simple. Now they have neither.

They have a higher priced machine with lower specs and backed by a smaller first-party game-making operation. The only thing that they have going for them is hope that brand loyalty will keep the Xbox live faithful on the Xbox One platform.

I wouldn't hold my breath. Anybody who thinks that the majority of people are going...

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Yeah but the internet is A LOT cheaper than a cable subscription. Remember, the cable companies don't own the lines, the local municipalities do. They lease those lines to whomever makes the best deal, which is normally the cable company. But if one company doesn't offer the internet, another company will.

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Oh yeah, bubbles for "funny".

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And whether or not you still have enough room under your bandwidth cap.

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To this looks to be one of two possibilities

1) Konami or Kojima took a check from Sony


2) Konami or Kojima felt the need to throw the Sony fans a bone because Konami or Kojima took a check from Microsoft.

My money is on #2

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I knew it was coming but I'm still well pleased.

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Final Fantasy 7 remake?
Wasn't it set on another planet?

I haven't played it but I've heard such great things about it. If they remake it, I'll buy it.

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I have no idea what it could be, but I trust Kojima. He hasn't let me down yet.

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I don't know if it is luck as much as it is a conscious decision and specific role to play on a team.

I do believe that GG takes it to be their job to make the most graphically pleasing game that they can even at the expense of gameplay. They question is whether or not they think that is the best way to make a game or not. Personally my hunch is that Sony studios wants GG to emphasize the graphics even at the expense of gameplay because it shows off the hardware. Als...

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You should put more space between your spoiler warnings and the text of your spoilers. I still haven't finished FFX (I was playing it when someone stole my PS3....grrrrr :RAGE). Would you be so kind as to edit your post?

N4G doesn't support HTML tags in the comment section.

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Lightning as a lead character doesn't resonate too well, either. Maybe SE will figure that out one day.

Who am I kidding?? SE loves Lightning. To them, she can do no wrong and everybody lovers her. They are probably going to announce "FF13-4:Lightning & Thunder" this January.

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Got Netflix, Got Crunchyroll, Got VUDU, Got Crackle, I'm good.

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Can anybody really get involved in the story of Mass Effect after the way Mass Effect 3 ended?

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I don't want to see it.

And for the people who would answer, "if you don't want to see, don't buy the game." That is exactly what the developer and publisher are afraid that people will do. That is why they deliberately left those scenes out of the trailer.

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The Great Eye of Richmond is always watching.

I'm just joking. Microsoft wouldn't use Kinect to record you, and the USA doesn't spy on anyone.

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It took me a few minutes to realize that the PS4 screen is the black space. i thought it was background wallpaper.

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