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Notice that he said this.....

"....and what we've been finding is that outside of the shooter category we literally over-index every single category – sports, fighting, action/adventure, music, etc."

We already knew that but it was nice of him to confirm it. That is probably what he was referring to.

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That is not enough to make me pay for a subscription. If I can talk to the people that I play with, then I am fine. The only thing that I have heard of so far that I would pay a subscription for is access to Hulu that was fully compatible.

You can't play online or download demos (edit: you have to you can download old demos just not brand new demos) with a silver Xbox live account. Every time I say that I am going to buy a gold XBL account to play one of my games onl...

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I do agree that gameplay is more important than graphics...within reason. There is a point where graphics can be the tipping point. If that were not the case, then we would all be playing games with PS1 graphics.

Judging from the recent ViDoc Halo:Reach will look better than Halo 3, so much so that I will consider buying this one.

However, there is no way that Reach will look as good a Killzone 2 or Uncharted 1 or 2, the 360 just doesn't have the hardware capac...

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Which is more likely,...
Square is hiding the fact that the 360 version looks worse?.... or Square is hiding the fact that the PS3 version looks worse?

While I am not sure which one it is that they are trying to hide, I am sure that it would be a bigger deal if the 360 version has better graphics. That would set N4G and the gaming internet community on fire. PS3 fans would feel completely sold-out by SquareEnix (and they would be right.) It would probably affect their...

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Peace Walker is not a spin-off.

Snake = Real Metal Gear Solid game

Anyone else = Spin-off

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Halo Reach is not a new direction. At least, it doesn't look like a new direction so far.

What it does look like is a proper this-gen Halo. Halo 3 has awful graphics for a 360 game. Halo Reach looks like it will use the power that comes with the 360. It still is not going to be on par with PS3 exclusives, but it is going to be a clear improvement on Halo 3.

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Everyone knows that a high-end 360 exclusive can't win a graphics competition with a high-end PS3 exclusive.

I guess this website just wants some hits.

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#9 is actually Faye Valentine, not Athena from King of Fighters.

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People are talking about "advertising rights" I'm sure that there is no such deal. You don't need permission in order to tell the world to buy someone else's products.

Marketing thrid-party games as though they were their own has been Microsoft's strategy this generation. For FFXIII it will get them more sales than the 360 version would have gotten otherwise. Guess Microsoft believes that there are people who are waiting for FFXIII before they move up to the PS3/36...

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And once the do actually release no one will be saying that they can graphically compete with PS3 exclusives....because they won't be able to.

We've seen this movie enough times to know how it plays out. Crytek can say the BS for people who don't read about video games on the internet.

-PS3 exclusive game clearly look better than multi-plats and 360

-Multi-plats coded at the lowest common denominator look nigh-identical on both platfor...

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The answer to all the questions is "we ran out of space."

I have a different question....

"Why aren't the side-quests at the beginning of the game instead of at the end?"

Then the game would be open from the beginning. Want to guess what the answer is?

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I hope its Heavenly Sword 2. Wasn't there a rumor a while back that the London Studio might pick it up since Ninja Theory stupidly let it go.


Really, Heavenly Sword sold 1.4 million to an installed base of 7 million, it would be a lock to sell that much again now that the installed base in 33 million most likely it would sell more. Moreover, Ninja Theory already has a working engine they wouldn't have to work nearly as hard to get better results. They h...

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Useful information.

I will have to remember where to find these.

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This guy is right and everybody else is wrong. If I could only have one thing is Killzone 3 it would be the ability to form a party of my friends and then go looking for games AS A UNIT.

Next it would be the ability to make friends with the people in my squad and faction from within the game menu and without going all the way back to the PS3 players met option, which doesn't remember enough players.

Third I want some way to remove bad spawn points or kick the idio...

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Heavy Rain going bad????? Did I miss something? The reviews I have seen have been very good.

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Metal Gear Solid FPS? Maybe that is what "Lightning Bolt Action" means.

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The games that Sony are releasing of late can't be reviewed properly because there is nothing to compare them to. MAG has 256 players in one game at one time. There is nothing close to that. At numbers that high the game is its own genre by itself. Same thing with Heavy Rain. There is no frame of reference whatsoever to compare these games to. Any reviews they get are going to be unreliable at best.

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"Too much work" probably means......

"Making a giant open-world game run at native 720p on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, would have used 40 or 50 gigabytes of space on both systems."

Every RPG that matters this generation has free-roaming and multple towns and villages. Even Infamous has 3 islands. (I guess Infamous is an RPG by Japanese standards) Square-Enix just couldn't manage to do this with their biggest title.

This whole ...

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Would they do what?

VGChartz puts DMC4 at 1.23 million units sold on 360 and 1.30 million units sold on PS3.

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The thing is Microsoft would sell 7 or 8 million copies of a game like this, even after you take into account the 360 "this game's got no guns in it" penalty that affects their hack n' slash sales.

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