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Microsoft buying Gears of War wasn't about making good games. It was about keeping Gears of War off of the PS4, which is exactly where it was going; it was going to be multiplat.

Microsoft was afraid that with all the bad press they were having and the extra $100 on their price tag, they could not afford to have people start saying that the Xbox was now losing exclusives.

I think Microsoft made the right decision. Perhaps they are slowly learning what...

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The Force Unleashed is the closest a game has come to making us feel like an all-powerful Jedi since Jedi Academy on PC????????

Looks like someone didn't play Knights of the Old Republic.

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Not only does he not own both, he definitely wasn't coming to N4G during the first three years of the PS3's life.

It was Xbox 360 central, and open season on PS3 gamers. There were just as many fights as their are now if not more, but the count was flipped. Somewhere between Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 the PS3/360 numbers flipped as it slowly became undeniable to all but the most hardcore fans.


Only some of those PS4 games c...

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I play it on PS4. It's not broken at all. Although let me say that I only play multiplayer.

It crashes me out of rooms about once every 10-15 matches. That's not good, but it's not at all unplayable. Most of the time I still get the credit for the stats that I had accumulated before I crashed out. One time I even got notice that I had won a match after I crashed out of it and had restarted the game and was looking for another server to join.

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I'm a day and half late so most likely no one will read this, but in the event that someone does read it, I want to say two things.

1) @ Lawgone

Save your "You LOVE Sony and hate MS" defense mechanism for someone who doesn't own both Xboxes prior to the XB1. I have them both and I have also had all the Playstations other than the Vita.

I know when somebody is offering me a good deal and when someone is trying to give me...

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But is it spying if they tell you outright that it is watching, always?

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What Curtis92 said:

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Telling me that I can't sell my property to whomever I want whenever I want, is very much taking ownership away from me.

Telling me that I can't play my game system unless I check in with them first, is very much taking ownership away from me.

And it is actually getting better. I was sad (and mad) when they were actually going to do it.

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My point is that when you bought a PS3 even at $600 you could objectively point to something that added value, that was not present on the other side. Some people, like you, may subjective decide that this added value IS NOT enough to justify the extra $200 added to the price tag. Some other people, like me, may subjectively decide that this added value IS enough to justify the extra $200 added to the price tag. But no one could objectively disagree with the fact that there was something t...

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They treat small developers like s**t??? No kidding, They treat people who buy their consoles like s**t.

Didn't they just attempt to take the very concept of video game ownership away from all of their consumers?

Didn't they just attempt to completely destroy the second-hand market for video games?

Didn't they just attempt to set in motion a chain of events that would result in them being the only place to buy video games on thei...

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I'm just picking the game up because my cousin swears by Battlefield since Bad Company 2. I'm one the newbies you are talking about that is still learning the maps and getting the hang of things.

How exactly do you "round 'em up and organize"? Do you literally draw up a plan and hand-out assignments? Do you create a party and talk for 30 minutes before you fight? Do you need a website? What exactly do you do?

It is hard to find a ...

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When the PS3 launched the comparison was not launch titles vs. launch titles. The comparison was PS3 launch titles vs. 360 2nd year titles. So, that wasn't a fair comparison. Still, with the PS3 vs. the Xbox 360 you got something objectively extra for your other $200. You got better hardware, you got free online multiplay, you got blu-ray playback.

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The system has only been out for a month, there are not enough big budget games to give any of them away.

Resogun and Contrast are pretty good though.

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They would not have been "out of the second hand gaming business" because there would have been no second hand gaming business for them to be out of. If Microsoft had succeeded in their DRM policies they would have killed the second-hand video game market completely. That's why they had to be stopped, that's why the backlash was so bad. That's why when Sony announced that they were not going to implement DRM Microsoft had to abort their DRM plans.

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Actually $59 dollars is actually $65 in the US for disc-based games after you consider the most states add 5% to 10% sales tax.

Still, it is just stupid to give away for nothing value that can be resold if you don't have to.

I bought one downloaded game, BF4 (PS4), because Sony gave $10 of PSN store cash. Once I considered the PSN cash and the sales taxes, it was $50US to download vs. $66US to buy the disc in the store...$16 cheaper to download. I fig...

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No you don' the Xbox because you think it is a great piece of kit, I mean. Both of the last two Xboxes (Bone and 360) have been demonstrably worse pieces of kit than their competition. In the case of the Xbone it's worse kit at a higher price. So, unless you are one of those guys who think that all new kit is good kit, supporting the Xbox because you think it's good kit is not going to be the case.

You may support them because you support all game c...

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I don't remember Metal Gear being on Nintendo. I know it was on the MSX, but I don't remember it being on Nintendo?

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Can we watch on PS4?

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Then why both callng it Mass Effect 4. If it has no mention of Shepard or of anybody releated to him the they may as well call it something different.

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What FPS on PS3 looked better than Halo 4???? Really???

Killzone 2, which released like 3 or 4 years before Halo 4.

Mind you, I liked Halo 4, but it doesn't touch the best PS3 games as far as graphics is concerned.

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