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You say Microsoft is the best software company in the world??? Best? Not the biggest, but the best??? RRRReally???

Well, Truefan1, you certainly gave yourself the right name. #1.1.18
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Errrr....2 billion dollars. I don't need him to explain to me why 2 billion dollars is a good deal. #14
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I beat the main mission for the first time last night. I stealthed it as much as I could but ended up killing losts of people. It took me 3 hours and 16 complete a messy run. Metal Gear is not played correctly unless you get 0 body count and 0 detections. I intend to play it again until I achieve that (0 body count, zero detections.)

At first I was skeptical of the game because everybody was complaining about the length. But having played it for myself, it wa... #9.2
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What Vulcanproject said in post 1.1.7.

Not only must in be good it must be prevalent. Otherwise no game developer is going to make his game dependent on it. It's the same install base theory that they use for releasing games on next-gen platforms...except that selling new consoles is a hellova easier than providing high-speed, 90+% reliable internet to 90% of the planet; or even to 90% of any single state in the USA.

Using the internet to perform criti... #1.1.13
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What's the "right way" for you wife to tell you she is screwing somebody else?

Would it be any better if she just came right out and told you that your 5 year-old son was fathered by someone else and wasn't really your son at all?

Some things are not about how they were said. They are about the underlying fact, period.

The way the Xbone was received had nothing to do with the way Microsoft communicated with the fans. It was... #1.1.21
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PS4 is going to sell more software in March. Take me for example.

I have a 360 and a PS4 (someone stole my PS3 where I actually did most of my gaming).

I have only bought one (1) game this year, BF4. I download every PS+ game that is offered but I have only played Contrast, which I recommend BTW it's light and kiddie but well done.

However, I will buy 2 PS4 games this month, Infamous and Metal Gear Solid.

PS4 will win Ma... #7.3.3
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Don't want it to flop. Just pretty much know that will flop. There are no other realistic options. This isn't a Nintendo type of game, and even if it were, the Wii-U isn't selling. There just aren't enough systems for Bayonetta 2 to be a success.

I've been complaining about the way Bayonetta was handled since before the first one was released, when the news that the PS3 version was effed-up and literally broken first hit. #10.1.3
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Platinum is stupid, but not for letting Nintendo fund Bayonetta 2. Platinum is stupid for not making the game a 360 exclusive and for messing up the PS3 version so badly. If the game had been a 360 exclusive, Microsoft would have paid Platinum just to keep it off of the PS4. If the game had worked on PS3 it would have sold enough copies. Instead they didn't give either side what they wanted. They didn't sell enough copies of Bayonetta 1, and they left a franchise for grown-ups with... #2.5.1
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I can be bought too. This stuff is not about my core principles, which I won't sell for anything; this is about fun and games, literally, and I can be bought where the fun and games are concerned.

If you give me better hardware, better games, and more games for $100 less and I'm sold.


Care to point out or elaborate on some more of these signs that the Xbox is in serious trouble?

... #2.1.7
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Quite a gap between Nariko and Kratos.

....And that's coming from someone who has been asking for a sequel to Heavenly Sword since the first one released. #1.1.2
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You are so right. That was cheesier than cheddar. They are going to have to do better then that. #1.1
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I may buy this game simply because there is nothing else for me to play right now other than the usual annual repeats. Someone stole my PS3 so all I have is a PS4 and a 360. I play Battlefield, but I can only take so much of it. Moreover, I like to finish what I start.

I will be glad when Square finally get FFXIII out of its system so that we can all move on to FFXV, the game that everybody always wanted in the first place.'s going to take... #8
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But it would still accomplish Microsoft's goal of being the only place you could go to in order to get games.

....And it would screw the people who bought into the Xbox One thus far because they were promised the ability to buy, sell, and trade their games like normal. If the disc based SKU is phase out in the 2nd year of the consoles life then the actual games on discs will be right behind it.

....And it would kill the used games market on the Xbone. #17.1.3
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As wrong as wrong can be.

Having used games market lowers the entry point for video games, which brings in more money for the entire industry.

What will be disaster for the industry is if people are able to trade their digital games. That will reduce the number of copies necessary to service the population by 80 or 90 percent. It will not happen in our lifetime. #1.5.10
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The author made a mistake on one of his foundation arguments. That mistake is throwing his conclusions off. He said,

"Many women are portrayed in video games – and most other media – as being petite and beautiful. This is because this is typically the fantasy goal for women, as perceived by pop culture society."

That is incorrect. That is the goal a for women as defined by women. Nobody tells women that they should be petite and beautiful, wom... #4
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Yep, that press would have been an unmitigated disaster.

"Why buy and Xbox One when you can play Gears of War for $100 less on a PS4."

MS had to do it, they didn't really have a choice. They knew it, Epic knew it, Sony knew it, we knew it,....everybody knew it. And Epic busted Microsoft head good, a $100,000,000 for one IP. #1.6.2
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Microsoft buying Gears of War wasn't about making good games. It was about keeping Gears of War off of the PS4, which is exactly where it was going; it was going to be multiplat.

Microsoft was afraid that with all the bad press they were having and the extra $100 on their price tag, they could not afford to have people start saying that the Xbox was now losing exclusives.

I think Microsoft made the right decision. Perhaps they are slowly learning what... #1.6
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The Force Unleashed is the closest a game has come to making us feel like an all-powerful Jedi since Jedi Academy on PC????????

Looks like someone didn't play Knights of the Old Republic. #18
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Not only does he not own both, he definitely wasn't coming to N4G during the first three years of the PS3's life.

It was Xbox 360 central, and open season on PS3 gamers. There were just as many fights as their are now if not more, but the count was flipped. Somewhere between Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 the PS3/360 numbers flipped as it slowly became undeniable to all but the most hardcore fans.


Only some of those PS4 games c... #1.3.3
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I play it on PS4. It's not broken at all. Although let me say that I only play multiplayer.

It crashes me out of rooms about once every 10-15 matches. That's not good, but it's not at all unplayable. Most of the time I still get the credit for the stats that I had accumulated before I crashed out. One time I even got notice that I had won a match after I crashed out of it and had restarted the game and was looking for another server to join. #4.7
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