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That video didn't show anything to say for certain that this was an action RPG. It's just made by the Demon's Souls people.

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Does anybody know what kind of game this is? RPG, Survival Horror, etc.?

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I'll probably be buying their game. To start on the surface of one planet, take of and fly directly in to space, fight a battle in space, fly to another planet and land on the surface of that planet, without a load screen or a stop in the action, is a some real next gen stuff.

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The galaxy did kind of end, or at least take a MAJOR setback at the end of ME3. So maybe by "Origins" they mean the beginning of a new civilation.

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That is all.

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I tried not to co-sign on this but I have to.

Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer. David Hayter is Snake, Solid and Naked. When I remember them what the character Snake said, it's in David Hayter's voice, even the conversations in GZ where the voice actor was actually Kiefer Sutherland.

Hopefully, this is an attempt to separate the voices of Naked Snake from Solid Snake in game in the near future.

I say that because Naked Snake'...

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If the player numbers are low then it is their own fault. We shouted from the hilltops that we wanted 16 vs. 16 just like KZ2, but GG didn't give it to us.

Gamers tell gamer makers what we want, but they don't always listen.

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When will these geniuses learn that hack n' slash game sell better on PlayStation.

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I won't say that but it is rather difficult to see where they take the franchise from here. I think Kratos has killed all the Greek Gods, or at least all the ones who matter. The Greek god of house-plants is probably still walking around.

Unless they change the franchise and make it about Kratos putting the world back together then it is difficult to see where he goes with it.

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Heavenly Sword RPG

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I normally don't play to many of the small arcade games. But I'm going to play Trine 2 next month.

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I go back to 2007 as well. And I know what it was like here for myself.

It was indeed a Xbox 360 love fest.

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I gotta jump in on this statement by LightofDarkness....

"But that whole "this site used to be super Pro-MS argument" is an absolute fallacy. It's usually uttered by people who weren't even around back then."

This isn't almost correct. I was here back then as well. It was a constant Xbox 360 commercial.

All these guys, Rhytmattic, Utalkin2me, and Morganfell are absolutely spot on.

Any po...

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Except Ninja Theory is hell-bent on making everything BUT the only game people want from them.

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That's not entirely accurate.

Some people seem to be gay from the time they are small children.

Some people seem to turn gay when they go to prison.

Some people seem to turn gay after they get raped.

Some people go back and forth over their lives.

It's politically convenient to just stipulate that all gay people are born gay, but the evidence just doesn't back they up. The truth is much more i...

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We all lose, but not from the reason stated in the article.

If the Kinect had stayed we were going to see the PS4/Xbone numbers become so lopsided that developers were going to consider dropping Xbone support. That would have given us max utilization of the PS4 on some, but not all, games. Now, with the price cut, the Xbone may achieve 35% - 45% market share. That will keep developers making games at the lowest common denominator.

The Xbox still SHOULD ...

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Those April Xbox One sales numbers must really be bad.

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True, but who cares.

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FFV and KH3 will have more than 50% of their sales on the PS4. They'll both be closer to 66% PS4, 33% Xbone, maybe more.

If a person cares for any game remotely close to Final Fantasy, they would be more likely to have a Playstation than an Xbox even if the Playstation costs more. Since the Playstation is less this time such a person will be much more likely to have a Playstation.

At least Metal Gear Solid is about guns and soldiers even though Snak...

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