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People who don't want to accept her as gay probably are trying to identify with her character and find a place for her in their own fantasy version of the game, but they can't if she is gay.


Does anybody else remember when TLOU trailer was first released and Ellie look EXACTLY like Ellen Page, but they said that it wasn't her. Now that Ellen Page has come out of the closet, suddenly Ellie is kissing ...

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No way!

What is fair is that I own what I pay for. That means that I can sell it for whatever I want, to whomever I want.

And you are outright wrong on you analysis of the used sales market.

The used sales market brings in people who can't or won't afford to buy games at the new price. That money subsidizes the net price that buyers of new games pay and allows them to buy new games. It lets the develop...

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E3 2006

The game was announced at E3 2006. Still we have nothing be requests for patience. Un-effin-believable.

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I had to buy another PS+ year myself.

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That was the vision Microsoft articulated. The facts that they established about the Xbone at launch could lead to no other place.

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Mass Effect. The default Commander Shepard that appears in all the ads and such doesn't look like a white man to me. Granted, you can build your own character in ME, but if I showed any gamer his picture and said "who is this" they would all answer straight-way, "That's Shepard from Mass Effect".

I thought Final Fantasy XIII series solved the gender imbalance problem all by itself. What are they on now? Final Fantasy 13-25: Lightning bolts.

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I'll agree with you and go further. What if I'm just want to give my game away to a total stranger for no reason at all? Who is Micrsoft or anybody else to tell me what I can and can not do with my own stuff.


No you could not transfer your licenses to other people. And you couldn't really sell them either. You could only trade in your games at stores that Microsoft had approved. So if your brother open...

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Looks like Pachter was right on this one. Playstation Now is going to fail or be effectively limited to just the titles owned by Sony. I say "effectively limited" because other publishers may list their games there, but they will be so over-priced that no one will buy them.

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They can't do that. Sony doesn't own the game, or at least not all of them. There is no way the owners of the games let's gamers play all of their gamers as much as they want in return for a flat fee. Doing that would break the video game sales model.

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This article is like saying "The Xbox platform would benefit if all the Capcom & CryTek property were Xbox exclusive".

No kidding, Sherlock.

You may as well say "How Sony would benefit if they owned EA and Bethesda", or "How Nintendo would benefit if they owned Konami and Ubisoft". All these statements are correct, but it's brain-dead logic on the surface. It also lacks any knowledge or discussion of the underlying real...

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Michael Pachter said this would happen and it made sense when he said it.

The problem is that the prices are set by the publisher. Publishers either 1)don't know the price of their already released games; OR 2)they know that digitally downloaded/streamed games present a serious threat to their business model, and they want to choke them out.

My money is on #2.

However, they service may still have some use because it is supposed to all...

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Not, now that the Kinect has been separated from the Xbone.

A bundle with a PS4+PSTV for $499 would have stomped the Xbox One with Kinect for $499.

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It should also be able to be used to create 2 full screens for off-line co-op games that would otherwise use a split screen.

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$99 lol

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Do you know that it costs $99US, and plays PS1, PSP, and Vita games, so the app selection is quite large with high quality games?

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It didn't scare me away. It frustrated me to the point that I quit. I bought the game new the day it released. RPG's are long and when I can play I can only play for a few hours at a time.

I had days where I played a level carefully so as not to die and lost my souls, died an hour in, played for another hour, die about one room short of my prior blood stain and be out of gaming time, two+ hours played, zero progress made.

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I disagree with that. The penalty for dying in Demon's Souls stopped me from getting into the game. Playing carefully to get all the way to the boss, only to lose all my progress be forced to play the level over from the very beginning if I died, was very irritating, and frankly, unreasonable.

You are naturally going to die at a lot of boss battles. It's a poor boss that never kills his opponents. A"re-start level with no currency aquirred" penalty is ...

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Same here I'm getting one.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 on my television set. Oh yes, I'm buying it.


That thing plays PS One games, PSP games, and PS Vita games on your television and it costs $99US. It is going to rape-stomp in sales if it makes it here by Christmas.

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How much does a Wii-U cost these days?


This is not a joke or a slight, but a serious question. I never considered buying a Wii-U. But now that Devil's Third is Wii-U only as well as Bayonetta 2, I'll consider buying one to go with my PS4.

Wii-U now has 2 games that I want. The Xbox One only has 1 (Halo). Plus there will be less overlap with a PS4 and the Wii-U, than with a PS4 and Xbox One.

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If all other things are equal, then free is better.

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