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I gotta jump in on this statement by LightofDarkness....

"But that whole "this site used to be super Pro-MS argument" is an absolute fallacy. It's usually uttered by people who weren't even around back then."

This isn't almost correct. I was here back then as well. It was a constant Xbox 360 commercial.

All these guys, Rhytmattic, Utalkin2me, and Morganfell are absolutely spot on.

Any po... #1.1.16
Except Ninja Theory is hell-bent on making everything BUT the only game people want from them. #6.1.2
That's not entirely accurate.

Some people seem to be gay from the time they are small children.

Some people seem to turn gay when they go to prison.

Some people seem to turn gay after they get raped.

Some people go back and forth over their lives.

It's politically convenient to just stipulate that all gay people are born gay, but the evidence just doesn't back they up. The truth is much more i... #6.2.1
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We all lose, but not from the reason stated in the article.

If the Kinect had stayed we were going to see the PS4/Xbone numbers become so lopsided that developers were going to consider dropping Xbone support. That would have given us max utilization of the PS4 on some, but not all, games. Now, with the price cut, the Xbone may achieve 35% - 45% market share. That will keep developers making games at the lowest common denominator.

The Xbox still SHOULD... #1.4
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Those April Xbox One sales numbers must really be bad. #1.2
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True, but who cares. #5.1
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Yes #7.2.1
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FFV and KH3 will have more than 50% of their sales on the PS4. They'll both be closer to 66% PS4, 33% Xbone, maybe more.

If a person cares for any game remotely close to Final Fantasy, they would be more likely to have a Playstation than an Xbox even if the Playstation costs more. Since the Playstation is less this time such a person will be much more likely to have a Playstation.

At least Metal Gear Solid is about guns and soldiers even though Snak... #1.3.5
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There is a typo in the title.

The profit is 4.8 BILLION dollars (with a "B"). That's somewhere around 47 Million US dollars. #1.10.2
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E3 2006...Two Thousand SIX. I've been waiting for this game for 8 YEARS.

I think that's enough waiting. Call me when you actually have information to share, not when you are PREPARING to have information to share. #1.3
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Like Cell said it won't work. It will shrink the industry TREMENDOUSLY in a very short time.


What you are describing it the players spending less money on video games without actually reducing the amount of games that they play. That equals the AAA game industry shrinking.

That's why this will never happen. And if too many people start asking for it the publishers are going cut down on the digital downloads. #2.4
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(I'll just repost my response to article here.)

Never Happen.

Allowing the consumers to trade digital games will reduce the number of units (licenses sold) needed to service the same population by at least two-thirds OVERNIGHT. It's the worst idea ever, from the point of view of anyone who wants to see more AAA games made and sold.

It could only do two things. 1) cut half of game companies from the industry in 2 - 3 years. and 2) Floo... #1.7
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You say Microsoft is the best software company in the world??? Best? Not the biggest, but the best??? RRRReally???

Well, Truefan1, you certainly gave yourself the right name. #1.1.18
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Errrr....2 billion dollars. I don't need him to explain to me why 2 billion dollars is a good deal. #14
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I beat the main mission for the first time last night. I stealthed it as much as I could but ended up killing losts of people. It took me 3 hours and 16 minutes...to complete a messy run. Metal Gear is not played correctly unless you get 0 body count and 0 detections. I intend to play it again until I achieve that (0 body count, zero detections.)

At first I was skeptical of the game because everybody was complaining about the length. But having played it for myself, it wa... #9.2
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What Vulcanproject said in post 1.1.7.

Not only must in be good it must be prevalent. Otherwise no game developer is going to make his game dependent on it. It's the same install base theory that they use for releasing games on next-gen platforms...except that selling new consoles is a hellova easier than providing high-speed, 90+% reliable internet to 90% of the planet; or even to 90% of any single state in the USA.

Using the internet to perform criti... #1.1.13
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What's the "right way" for you wife to tell you she is screwing somebody else?

Would it be any better if she just came right out and told you that your 5 year-old son was fathered by someone else and wasn't really your son at all?

Some things are not about how they were said. They are about the underlying fact, period.

The way the Xbone was received had nothing to do with the way Microsoft communicated with the fans. It was... #1.1.21
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PS4 is going to sell more software in March. Take me for example.

I have a 360 and a PS4 (someone stole my PS3 where I actually did most of my gaming).

I have only bought one (1) game this year, BF4. I download every PS+ game that is offered but I have only played Contrast, which I recommend BTW it's light and kiddie but well done.

However, I will buy 2 PS4 games this month, Infamous and Metal Gear Solid.

PS4 will win Ma... #7.3.3
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Don't want it to flop. Just pretty much know that will flop. There are no other realistic options. This isn't a Nintendo type of game, and even if it were, the Wii-U isn't selling. There just aren't enough systems for Bayonetta 2 to be a success.

I've been complaining about the way Bayonetta was handled since before the first one was released, when the news that the PS3 version was effed-up and literally broken first hit. #10.1.3
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Platinum is stupid, but not for letting Nintendo fund Bayonetta 2. Platinum is stupid for not making the game a 360 exclusive and for messing up the PS3 version so badly. If the game had been a 360 exclusive, Microsoft would have paid Platinum just to keep it off of the PS4. If the game had worked on PS3 it would have sold enough copies. Instead they didn't give either side what they wanted. They didn't sell enough copies of Bayonetta 1, and they left a franchise for grown-ups with... #2.5.1
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