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It didn't scare me away. It frustrated me to the point that I quit. I bought the game new the day it released. RPG's are long and when I can play I can only play for a few hours at a time.

I had days where I played a level carefully so as not to die and lost my souls, died an hour in, played for another hour, die about one room short of my prior blood stain and be out of gaming time, two+ hours played, zero progress made.
... #2.2.8
I disagree with that. The penalty for dying in Demon's Souls stopped me from getting into the game. Playing carefully to get all the way to the boss, only to lose all my progress be forced to play the level over from the very beginning if I died, was very irritating, and frankly, unreasonable.

You are naturally going to die at a lot of boss battles. It's a poor boss that never kills his opponents. A"re-start level with no currency aquirred" penalty is... #2.2.1
Same here I'm getting one.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 on my television set. Oh yes, I'm buying it.


That thing plays PS One games, PSP games, and PS Vita games on your television and it costs $99US. It is going to rape-stomp in sales if it makes it here by Christmas. #2.5
How much does a Wii-U cost these days?


This is not a joke or a slight, but a serious question. I never considered buying a Wii-U. But now that Devil's Third is Wii-U only as well as Bayonetta 2, I'll consider buying one to go with my PS4.

Wii-U now has 2 games that I want. The Xbox One only has 1 (Halo). Plus there will be less overlap with a PS4 and the Wii-U, than with a PS4 and Xbox One. #11
If all other things are equal, then free is better. #6.1.3
While I agree with your assessment I have to ask, What is a "multiplatform exclusive"? #1.6.1
I disagree with every sentence of Ruthless--Rathian's comment(#2.1.2)....literally, every single sentence. That hasn't happened in a very long time. #2.1.3
That video didn't show anything to say for certain that this was an action RPG. It's just made by the Demon's Souls people. #1.3.2
Does anybody know what kind of game this is? RPG, Survival Horror, etc.? #1.3
I'll probably be buying their game. To start on the surface of one planet, take of and fly directly in to space, fight a battle in space, fly to another planet and land on the surface of that planet, without a load screen or a stop in the action, is a some real next gen stuff. #1.1.6
The galaxy did kind of end, or at least take a MAJOR setback at the end of ME3. So maybe by "Origins" they mean the beginning of a new civilation. #1.2.2

That is all. #25
I tried not to co-sign on this but I have to.

Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer. David Hayter is Snake, Solid and Naked. When I remember them what the character Snake said, it's in David Hayter's voice, even the conversations in GZ where the voice actor was actually Kiefer Sutherland.

Hopefully, this is an attempt to separate the voices of Naked Snake from Solid Snake in game in the near future.

I say that because Naked Snake'... #5.3
If the player numbers are low then it is their own fault. We shouted from the hilltops that we wanted 16 vs. 16 just like KZ2, but GG didn't give it to us.

Gamers tell gamer makers what we want, but they don't always listen. #11
When will these geniuses learn that hack n' slash game sell better on PlayStation. #1
I won't say that but it is rather difficult to see where they take the franchise from here. I think Kratos has killed all the Greek Gods, or at least all the ones who matter. The Greek god of house-plants is probably still walking around.

Unless they change the franchise and make it about Kratos putting the world back together then it is difficult to see where he goes with it. #4.2.1
Heavenly Sword RPG #1.1.20
I normally don't play to many of the small arcade games. But I'm going to play Trine 2 next month. #20
I go back to 2007 as well. And I know what it was like here for myself.

It was indeed a Xbox 360 love fest. #1.1.33
I gotta jump in on this statement by LightofDarkness....

"But that whole "this site used to be super Pro-MS argument" is an absolute fallacy. It's usually uttered by people who weren't even around back then."

This isn't almost correct. I was here back then as well. It was a constant Xbox 360 commercial.

All these guys, Rhytmattic, Utalkin2me, and Morganfell are absolutely spot on.

Any po... #1.1.16
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