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My guess is Final Fantasy 15.
My second guess is Metal Gear Solid.

It is not Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or Mass Effect because either one would begin the end of the Xbox One's life and Microsoft would pay to prevent that from happening so soon.

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No way is it Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Either one would be the second nail in the Xbone's coffin. Microsoft pulls out it's checkbook and pays a competing price to keep that from happening.

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Nevermind that driving into the sunset makes it hard to see the road in real life.

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They probably disagreed because they don't get that many engram drops. I only come out of strikes with 1 or 2 rare engrams.

There seems to be a BIG discrepancy in the results different people get from the drop system. My main character has only gotten 7 or 8 purple engrams out of about 80 hours of play. Only two of those turned into purple gear and those were for another class.

I made character just to use the above mentioned gear. That character pro...

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4.27 Million PS4/Xbone units sold across 15 million consoles is not bad for the current generation, not bad at all.

As I expected, Destiny is viewed as a current gen game more than a last gen name.

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In no way does pre-owned games hurt the game market. It helps it. It lowers the entry point for the purchase of new games and makes the overall market larger than it would be pre-owned games.

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What is The Supremacy?

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Yeah, two exotics from random drops is NOT NORMAL. You just happened to get very lucky. I'm level 25 and I don't have exotic anything, not one piece, neither armor nor weapon. I only have three purple pieces(2 helmets and 1 breastplate), and they all came from, you guessed it, The Queen.

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Not today.

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(the magic whisper, warning about Voldemort and Death-eaters)

"they're coming, They're Coming"

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They tried this everywhere else. It just didn't work anywhere else. It's what they wanted to do all along.

Perhaps they wanted to go into China all along and this was the reason for their DRM in the beginning, because of Chinese piracy. But this is Microsoft's doing, not the Chinese government.

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Right, I bought it. I'm loving it. I'm buying the DLC.

There is no way this game is a 6/10. No way in hell.

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The bottom line is women will get jealous of a video game and men won't.

I heard a girl complain about the way Bayonetta portrayed women. Bayonetta kicks ass all up and down the screen. Bayonetta looks like a runway model. But, what did she say...

"No woman walks like that"

No, normal women don't walk like that; normal women don't look like that either. That's the whole point it's fantasy. It's supposed to...

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You don't know whether it makes sense for Crystal Dynamics unless you have seen the check from Microsoft.

And I am willing to bet that it was a MIGHTY check.

It's probably going to kill the franchise for the PS4/Xbone generation. But they won't have to sell as many units if they check was big enough.

Like always it probably was a waste on money on Microsoft's part. They probably could have fin...

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It's fine because it's not my money.

Nobody who loses 400 billion dollars of their own money is "perfectly fine" with it.

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Xbox One fans just wait it out and hope he MS can get their $### together and deliver like Sony did with the PS3. When the PS3 was $600 and the 360 was $400, there were articles like this all over the internet. Sony just walked in down slowly over the course of about 3 years. Xbone fans can only wait to see if MS can do the same. Personally, I don't think they will. I think it's too late for MS to build what it needs in order to save the Xbone.

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The article overreacts. The so-called downward spiral is not really a spiral at all. The problem is that Squenix kept making sequels to a lackluster game. Moreover, those sequels didn't advance the original story or answer any of the lingering questions of the original game.

I also think Square got caught up in the 360 vs. PS3 battle and screwed themselves out of a few million sales by trying to have it both ways. That in turn, led to XIII underperforming their expe...

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In other news, water is wet.

Other outlets are reporting that fire is hot.

Next up, is fat meat greasy when you cook it.

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@Sevir / TricksterArrow

People who don't want to accept her as gay probably are trying to identify with her character and find a place for her in their own fantasy version of the game, but they can't if she is gay.


Does anybody else remember when TLOU trailer was first released and Ellie look EXACTLY like Ellen Page, but they said that it wasn't her. Now that Ellen Page has come out of the closet, suddenly Ellie is kissing ...

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No way!

What is fair is that I own what I pay for. That means that I can sell it for whatever I want, to whomever I want.

And you are outright wrong on you analysis of the used sales market.

The used sales market brings in people who can't or won't afford to buy games at the new price. That money subsidizes the net price that buyers of new games pay and allows them to buy new games. It lets the develop...

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