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I think that this is a remnant of the Xbone's original, always online, DRM policy. They anticipated all of their customers having online and buying Xbox Live. So it makes sense that they would put all of their services behind a pay-wall because their goal was to do everything in their power to push all of their customers to buy Xbox Live.

That still takes some balls though. Can you imagine if your PC did that? Imagine if you paid a subscription to Hulu, but you stil... #1.1.8
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All there games don't take this long, Just FF vs.13, now call FFXV.

In the meantime we have had almost 2 spin-offs of FF13. #2.2
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The only game on Wii U that I want. #3
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The new Xbox One was doomed and it did create an opportunity for Sony. That doom would have come to fruition, if the Xbone had continued its DRM policies. It was on the path to Oblivion to join the Gamecube and the first Xbox One.

The reality is that the core gamers, even those loyal to the Xbox platform, were NOT going to buy an Xbone. MS changed those DRM policies because that fact had begun to show in the sales numbers.

My point was that if Microsoft had... #1.1.16
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I don't know what Heavy is referring to by crap. But when I think of crap from Microsoft I think of the DRM, always online requirement, and mandatory Kinect. Now Microsoft is trying to walk back most of that but it's kind of like agreeing not to beat your children after the judge threatens to send you to prison.

Microsoft wasn't listening to its customers; Microsoft was looking at their pre-order numbers, and saw that the new Xbox One wa... #1.1.13
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I would definitely buy it.

I don't play games on handhelds either. I bought a PSP for MGS:Peacewalker. I never finished it. I used the PSP more as a remote control for my PS3 when I was at home playing music, and for streaming video from the PS3 when I was in the toilet, and for reading comics. But here is the thing. I eventually sold my PSP to my 1st cousin to give to his son (also my cousin) as a Christmas present.

There is value in this bundle if... #2.1.4
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In reponse to Post# 1.4.2

I'm a "best deal for me" guy. But that clearly is going to be the PS4 this time around.

I already have my PS4 pre-ordered and nearly paid off, but if they do this bundle and at $500 or even $550 I'm getting the bundle instead.


If they do this that bundle will absolutely stomp the competition. #1.4.6
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Not happening. #1.5
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You mean graphics. There is more to production values than just the game being beautiful. That said, would say that the vanilla FFXIII had better production values than vanilla Skyrim. #17.1.1
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I would be satisfied if they just beat FFXIII. #15.2
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I'm getting FFXV, and probably the Witcher. I must say that the RPG scene is not looking very promising right now, not on consoles anyway. I am not very excited for any of these RPG's other than FFXV, and have to put and asterisk beside FFXV.

I've been looking forward Versus 13 / 15 for going on 8 years now. Four years ago, when the announcement was only 3 years old, I was excited for the vs13/15. Now it's been a full 7 years going on 8 years since the... #6
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If having physical media is like being handcuffed to a dead body, why did the Xbone almost die when it was designed to eliminate physical media? #1.5
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How's that Ninja Theory inspired DMC working out for you? #7
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We may not all be fanboys or fangirls, but I'm pretty sure anybody posting on N4G qualifies as "nerd". That's you, me, and all the others.


I don't think we are getting a headset in the X180 box. To go back and add a headset now would add cost to a box that is already $100 more expensive than its more powerful competition. Adding a headset would take the price up over $500, which is something I am sure t... #1.3.5
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My problem is not with the games that are on the list. My problem is with the games that were not on the list.

Why is Knights of the Old Republic 3 not on the list?
Why is Republic Commando 2 not on the list?

The fact that these games are not on the list tells me that Toadsanime is half correct. LucasArts was clearly throwing sh** against the was and seeing what stuck. However, that could not have been because they were running dry of ideas. Star W... #1.1
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It has to doesn't it? Sony is forcing all PS4 games to cross play with Vita. Doesn't that mean the friend's list will have to be the same. Moreover a PS+ account is actually going to give you, and keep track of, free games periodically across 4 systems, PSP, Vita, PS3 & PS4, it seems like it would actually take more work to keep the friend's list separate.

I've heard nothing but I have assume that they do cross over. I mean until I saw this thread... #4.2.2
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That just has to be wrong. They can't expect people to abandon their entire friend's list and start over from scratch on the Xbone. That sense of connectivity to one's friends is the biggest reason that 360 users have to go over the the Xbone. If they lose all of their friends and have to start over then they may as well switch to PS4 and save the $100 dollars. This just has to be wrong.

But here's the thing....Microsoft's DRM policy just had to be w... #1.5
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Pretty much. I know it's better than all the ones after it. #2.1
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I think I am about at the point where all I want is a date. I've been waiting on this game for 7 years and they haven't even told me when it is releasing.

At this rate they are going to have me waiting for 10 years. Somehow I have a problem with knowing that I have been waiting for a game for 10 years. #1.6
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Isn't TitanFall being published by EA? #4.3.3
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