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Which will hopefully go back to Ninja Gaiden Sigma gameplay mechanics.

...But probably won't because Team Ninja was dumb enough to change away from Ninja Gaiden mechanics in the first place. #4.1
It was so boring that you played it until your thumb hurt. #2.5.5
There are about 3-4 million gamers who buy the type of high-end hack n' slash game that Bayonetta is, and they all have Playstations.

Bayonetta 1 didn't sell well because it was broken to the point of being literally unplayable on the PS3, where the hack n' slash gamers are.

Bayonetta 2 is not selling well because it is on the Nintendo, the system that people buy for the kiddie games. This was always a train wreck happening in slow motion. #1.1.3

That's a false equivalency. The rate of PS3 breakdown was nothing close to as high as the rate of breakdown of the Xbox 360. To mention them both in the same comment without pointing out the disparity is misleading at best.

Reports of early failure from a PS3 were few and far in between. At the same time it was very difficult to find someone who didn't have a 360 to fail on them or on a close friend before said 360 was a year old, Moreo... #2.2.2
I don't follow Foxtront enough to know whether he is personally exercising a double standard in regards to Halo 5.

However, I do know that what he is saying about changing the main character of a game is consistent with normal fan reaction to changes.

Fans never like it when their main protagonist is changed. Frankly, I think it is an unnecessary risk on the part of 343. People's attitude will be more negative towards the game simply because the... #3.11
You know they are going to bring her back, right? They have to.

That's probably what the next game will be about, the chief looking for Cortana. The question is whether the chief will get another A.I. assistant in the meantime. My money says "no, he will refuse to get another A.I. assistant until he finds Cortana. #3.2
Not today #2.3.2
Not today. #2.2.2
The key phrase is "with a brain". Most people simply are not smart. Most of the ones who are smart don't put much thought into which video game console is the most powerful. Most people go on hearsay, and most people will buy the cheaper one if the hearsay says that the two are similar. #2.3
How in the hell do they have The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 and not Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3. Eva (when she was young in MGS3) is the hottest chick in the Metal Gear series.


And I am assuming that they are just not considering any females from fighting games. I can understand that, fighting game chicks are pretty much all eye candy, with the exceptions for one or two games. #6

That's just face-saving. It's like when people get dumped they always say that the other person wasn't all that. You gotta see through that. #4.1.7

Uptownsoul is right. It is soley a matter of Sony reaching out and Microsoft not reaching out. If it had been the other way around and Microsoft reached out but Sony didn't they would have went with the Xbox and not with the Playstation.

Nobody is so much of a fanboy that they won't take a check from the other side. They may not play your games but they'll accept your money. #4.1.4
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Not today. #3.5
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My guess is Final Fantasy 15.
My second guess is Metal Gear Solid.

It is not Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or Mass Effect because either one would begin the end of the Xbox One's life and Microsoft would pay to prevent that from happening so soon. #1.20
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No way is it Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Either one would be the second nail in the Xbone's coffin. Microsoft pulls out it's checkbook and pays a competing price to keep that from happening. #1.18.1
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Nevermind that driving into the sunset makes it hard to see the road in real life. #1.2.1
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They probably disagreed because they don't get that many engram drops. I only come out of strikes with 1 or 2 rare engrams.

There seems to be a BIG discrepancy in the results different people get from the drop system. My main character has only gotten 7 or 8 purple engrams out of about 80 hours of play. Only two of those turned into purple gear and those were for another class.

I made character just to use the above mentioned gear. That character pro... #7.1.1
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4.27 Million PS4/Xbone units sold across 15 million consoles is not bad for the current generation, not bad at all.

As I expected, Destiny is viewed as a current gen game more than a last gen name. #1.4
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In no way does pre-owned games hurt the game market. It helps it. It lowers the entry point for the purchase of new games and makes the overall market larger than it would be pre-owned games. #1.1.9
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What is The Supremacy? #9.1
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