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Warlocks had Voidfang Vestments last week! This is bullshit!

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Only website I trust review-wise (even though I don't always agree with them) is and they gave it a 6/10 stating that it had bad mission structure and that it was repetitive; which reiterates how I've felt about everything I've seen on it so far.

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It got a 6/10 on Videogamer, they said it was very repetitive and from everything I've seen it looks it. I'll convince my house-mate to buy it and judge for myself.

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And Driveclub is a racing game, Sunset Overdrive is an open world third person action game, spot the difference?

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Are you blind or something? Shadows of Mordor looks fantastic

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It's far better than the terrible combat system of Skyrim

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Yes it does.

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Wasn't sure about buying this, but I will be now.

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Really? All I've got from all the advertising is that it is basically RE4 2.0.

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More like a C+/B-

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Once again, nothing good for Warlocks, thanks Bungie.

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No being to save music to the PS4s HDD isn't that big of a deal. I'm still confused about the suspend/resume thing, it's not a feature I'm particularly bothered about but that was promised at launch and it's been almost a year no and still no news. I just want DLNA support and I'll be happy.

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Spot on. I bet they don't update the review when everything is smoothed out either.

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Just to clarify, by "them" I meant Videogamer not Bethesda.

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59.99 is a lot of money to some people especially students. I can't afford to drop 59.99 on every game that comes out.

832d ago 12 agree6 disagreeView comment is blacklisted by Bethesda? That's hilarious, now I love them even more.

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The fact that he only comes on a weekend is bullshit. My PS4 is at university and I come home every weekend to work so I've never once got to buy anything from him.

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Dragon's Dogma sold 2.3 million according to vgchartz.

Sad that we'll probably never see a sequel to DmC, I really loved it.

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They are very different racers, sick of people comparing them to get some sort of kick out of it.

"My game is better than your game hurr dur"

Who gives a flying f*ck seriously? Get over yourself.

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