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That made me laugh, bubble for you! #9.2.6

Apparently they just don't like to hire people who actually have a clue about anything. #1.1.9
Na I still hate him. #1.6.1
I agree with the list apart from Haze and Assassin's Creed, I loved those games. #14

That easter egg was taken from GOW:A that's why. #1.1.13
But how do you know? There are plenty more games coming out towards the end of year which have the potential to be great. #5.3.1
And how exactly do you know that? #5.2
Wow just...wow. Bioshock Infinite, The Last Of Us, GTA V and new consoles all in one year? What a year. Cannot wait for this, looks better than I could even imagine. I'm going to university the day this releases, no freshers for me haha. #6
Agreed, Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time, just more of the same would be good. #3.1
Don't die then. #1.2.4

Since when was not having a headset last gen a win for Sony? #6.1.2
That sucks tbh, I hate using triggers. I much prefer using R1 to shoot, it's one of the reasons I dislike the 360 pad so much. #3.2.5
Yep it will work. #29.1
I believe Ryse will also be. As for the list:

Halo - Yes
Crimson Dragon - No
D4 - No
Quantum Break - Maybe
Forza Motorsport 5 - No #1.1.9
You mean the first one will be great then we will get yearly rehashes that do nothing apart from give it a new coat of paint? Awesome. #9.1
Just me that didn't really care for this game and thought it looked average? #1.1.14
*couldn't care less

It infuriates me how many people get that wrong. #1.2.8
Oh so you've used and tried it out have you? #1.1.7
Are people not allowed to disagree with his opinion? #11.1.7
I'm sorry but Titanfall looks average to me, I don't understand all the hype. And Super Smash Bros U, really? Yeah because we haven't seen or played that a million times already. No Infamous: Second Son, MGSV or Dark Souls II - list is invalid. #8
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