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For me it's still Dark Souls but this comes close. #9
I still haven't got one mine. #3.1
Demon's Souls or Dark Souls. The latter is my favourite game of all time. #1.2.4
" PS3 DOES have the option to download games while the console is turned off."

Ummm no it doesn't? Does it? If you're talking about the PS Plus Automatic Downloads, the PS3 turns itself on to do it. #29.2.1
Me neither, I don't get it haha. #7.5.1
I never played Crimson Skies or Splinter Cell online but with Rainbow Six, Halo and Gear Of War, (for me anyway) the online seemed to be full of prepubescent children or people who were just plain arseholes.
The only time I actually worked in a team properly, in those games, was when I was playing with a bunch of friends and those were some of the best multiplayer experiences I had.

I've personally found that there are a lot more mature people on the PSN as oppo... #1.3.5

Well I don't know what magical games you were playing and lobbies you were getting in but in the two years I was a member of Xbox Live, that's pretty much all it was full of. #1.3.3
There is an IGN Russia? #2
"I would also love for every ps4 to come with one. That way, strategy will come back into play, instead of playing with a massive amount of "silent lone wolves" that screw it up for everyone else on the team."

Because bundling 360s with headsets made that happen. #1.3.1
I think the European update is better next month. Virtue's Last Reward for Vita :D #15
Buy the PS3 version of Infinite and you get the first Bioshock for free! #4.1.3
I'm not saying they aren't. I'm saying that it seems because they are showing the PS3 is doing better, there are a significant lack of these posts. #6.1.1
I love seeing the PS3 do so well but I find it funny how there are no 'VGCHARTZ NUBRS R BULL' posts now that is the case. #6
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You do know this was put through Google Translate right? #8.1
"Wikifuckingpedia to the rescue."

"The Wii-U is really hitting its stride, managing to sell approximately half what the PSP did."

I enjoyed that, might have to visit this site more often. #40
Completely agree and it pisses me off. #4.1
I know it's not exclusive but Bioshock Infinite in a few weeks!!! #3.1
Didn't complete the game therefore the review is invalid. #2.3

The PS Move was included in the PS3 video. #1.1.3
PSV - 24,360

Not bad. #22
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