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The world is more important than the US. Peoples stupidity amazes me. #11.1.1
"U.S. is the biggest and most important market or else E-3 would be elsewhere."

Wow just...wow. #2.1.4
Ummm the PS3 came in second this generation. #2
This build is only 3 complete, what did you expect? #3.3
My most anticipated game. Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time. Cannot wait for this. #3

Mine aren't :'( #1.3.2
I'm from the UK and have an exam on the Tuesday morning but I'm just going to sleep Monday day so I can stay up and watch the conference haha. #1.3.4

Thank you :) #1.3.2
Noob question but how do you down vote it? #1.3
This still confuses me. #1.1.24
Near perfect? Not even close. #14.2
Fully upgraded black iron armour is better out of those two. But the Giant Armour is the best heavy armour. My current setup is Head: Gold-Hemmed Black Hood, Chest: Giant Armour +5, Arms: Black Iron Gauntlets + 5 and Legs: Black Iron Leggings + 5. #6.1
After that disaster it seems like it's already over. #9.1
Wow you are completely deluded. #1.9
Damage control. #2.2.3
I'm pretty sure they didn't announce FIFA exclusivity, just an exclusive mode or some crap. #1.1.10
I was unbelievably disappointed. Very poor showing IMO. #3
Neither The Last Guardian no Agent have been cancelled. I don't know what this article is talking about. #1.3.1

Umm dude, he said Sleeping Dogs which has been out for a while now, not Watch Dogs which is what I believe you are confusing it with. Also Sleeping Dogs is a better game than GTAIV IMO. #1.2.7
The nextbox, reallyyyyyyyyyy? #12.2
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