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People can come up with all the stupid rumors they want, but it doesn't change the fact that Sony published the original, which means it's gonna be PS4 console exclusive forever because you can't remake something without anyone involved in the original being on board.

Plus even if they could release it on another platform, the Xbox One won't get it because it won't sell and the Switch is already confirmed to be a lot weaker t...

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And they're doing a terrible job at it because they're the ones getting crushed. Next gen won't be different, the PS5 will win by a huge margin against whatever Microsoft releases as well. That is if Xbox One isn't the Xbox console, but it probably is.

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@The 10th Rider

And 250$ was too expensive for the 3DS and the Vita. In fact the 3DS only started selling decently when they lowered the price. It was doing terrible at 250$.

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The Witcher 3 is not getting a patch on PS4 Pro, so a patch on scorpio is definitely not happening either.

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Star Fox Zero is not underrated, the thing is mediocre at best due to the controls.

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For FF7R, I doubt it, but then again, we need to wait for January 31st 30th anniversary announcement to know anything.

As for RDR2 only having a minute pre-rendered trailer, that's normal for Rockstar, they never reveal a lot about their games until they're much closer to release. Same thing happened to GTA5, all we got is a trailer until like 2-3 months before release when we started to get more screenshots and trailers.

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I'd like DMC5, Dragon Dogma 2 or even Dragon Dogma Online. However knowing Capcom, it's gonna be some shitty mobile game.

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"Has the PS4 Finally Beaten Xbox One This Holiday Season?"

PS4 has always beaten Xbox One on the holiday season and all year round too ever since it was released.

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Except unlike what you want to believe, the difference between july dev kit, october dev kit and the final product will be pretty small.

The final product won't be much different then the july dev kit and if you can't directly port with the july dev kit, you definitely won't be able to with the final product.

Also, the october dev kit will be exactly like the final product, which won't be much more different than the july one. Judging by t...

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You're right, there is no incentive to get an Xbox One anymore. My PC had a gtx 770 2GB and I could run a game like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 with the same graphics and framerate as the Xbox One did easily (which is basically medium at 30fps for FH3).

Now I just upgraded to a GTX1070 and it's all it took to max those games at 1080p/60fps.

The problem is that by releasing those games on PC, people like me who would have bought a Xbox One ...

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Just face it, Microsoft has been beaten in every way and nothing you can say will change that.

Not only that, but even last gen, Microsoft at their best couldn't beat Sony at their worst as the 360 still ended up in last place.

The 360 was a one hit wonder and Microsoft's only moment to shine in the console business, but they failed. Microsoft will never be able to replicate the 360's success. The PS4 has beaten ...

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Sorry, Star Fox Zero isn't overlooked or underrated, it's just crap. The game would have been nice if it wasn't for the horrible controls.

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Sure, Sony will stop with the PS4 and won't make a PS5, then a PS6 and so on because they're allergic to money and they don't want it.

Seriously, as long as they can sell you new hardware, they will keep making hardware. Cloud based gaming is never gonna be a thing for consoles as there is money to be made with hardware. Plus too many Internet connections either have data caps, are too slow or both and there is also too many areas with no Internet or areas with ...

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To the people who want AAA games, if you didn't buy an AAA game yet and you wanted to wait for it on PS Plus, then you clearly didn't want to play it that much anyway.

At least with indies, people get to try something they haven't yet.

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It won't work on a drive that has the option "Compress this drive to save disk space" checked.

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This, probably because the Vita is too weak for Disgaea 5. Meanwhile Disgaea 6 will release on PS4.

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It's still faster to kill them before the fight starts with the shield. In the time it takes to do what you're doing, I can kill 2 groups, which gives same AP. However I don't have to worry about your timer, which not everyone will have down.

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What console war? Sony won this by a landslide, the Scorpio won't do any good as it will flop due to its premium price and lack of games.

Microsoft are so irrelevant in the console industry they might as well not be there. The PS5, PS6 and so on will beat what Microsoft comes up with again.

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Even if they have more recent dev kits out that are more powerful than the one used in rumored specs, the retail product will not have a significant power boost over what the rumor is right now.

The console is gonna be underpowered compared to an OG PS4 and XB1.

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