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Pretty sure Sony will react and lower the price as well if Microsoft starts getting to close.

Microsoft are doing everything to beat Sony, but Sony has all the advantages as they can choose to render everything Microsoft does instantly.

Microsoft is fighting a war they not only can't win, but already lost. #1.4.9
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This is PC only, last I checked, you can't apply this discount code on console. #2
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X1 got 400k ahead of PS4 in November. PS4 got 1.2 million ahead of X1 in 11 months.

All I see there is the PS4 getting 800000 sales lead in the US every year.

No, the X1 will not beat the PS4 even in the USA. Not by widening the gap for one month which Sony will not only negate, but widen by 3 times what the X1 did in 1 month in the other 11 months. #58
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Maybe they've been working on it already but want to release FF15 first. The FF7 Port they're releasing might also be to test the water. #6
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Only if it has a platinum trophy. #19
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At least the US version of Disgaea 5 doesn't come out the same day as Bloodborne. They should release the US vesion in the middle of summer if they can, when there is a drought of game. #6
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It sold above a million copies, doesn't need saving. #9
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I do have an excuse, way too little space. #12
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FF7 remake would not be possible on Xbox, sorry.

Sony published the original almost in every territory. You can't remake something without anyone involved in the original agreeing to it.

Sony publishing the original means it's not going to Nintendo and Microsoft unless they agree to it.

A FF7 remake if it ever happens is assured to be exclusive to Sony. Look at that PC version being ported to PS4. It won't come out on Xbox One or... #20.1
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I give it another month before this is cracked. #6
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Of course, why wouldn't they put the PS4 next to candies, they actually sell like candies. #1.1.26
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I can't trust ubisoft with an online only game after the crap they pulled recently.

Plus the beta was bad. Visuals were dated (they likely won't get better with final release unless the beta is a very old build) and the gameplay wasn't that good.

Review embargo may be understandable, it's an online-only game. Servers are almost never online before launch day so reviewed would be impossible since it would be impossible to play. Even Destiny ser... #8
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Those games were all cracked properly within a few hours to remove those in-game protections. #3
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I decided not to get this after the last Ubisoft screw ups. No way they can be trusted with an online-only game. #4
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You're another person who knows nothing. Sony will still be around and there will be a PS5. Sony can also get rid of everything and survive on Playstation alone.

Meanwhile the Xbox division is the one that won't be there in long term. Xbox division has lost a ton of money since it was made and shareholders and investors wants to get rid of it. Yes Microsoft has money, but the xbox division has lost a lot of money and it's logical f... #1.1.10
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This will definitely be made available through wifi event or something like that later. #2
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Sony doesn't sell the PS4 at a loss. They're making profits from it and they can also afford to match a price drop from microsoft if they need to.

However they don't need to, the PS4 fly off the shelves and despite that price drop from Microsoft, the PS4 is still gonna win November and December. #1.5.9
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Every time they have a countdown site, it's literally always for a smartphone game or a web browser game. #2
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The game is coming out in 2.5 months on PC. That DRM will be cracked before then. That delay actually give enough time for hackers to go through it.

Even if it isn't, GTA V is a big game and will incite hackers to work even harder on it and the release of this game will just make it faster to crack. #15
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Zelda MM is coming in spring 2015, not second half of 2015. I watched the direct and spring 2015 is what they said. #2
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