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"The 4K Era Arrives".

No it hasn't. It can only do 4K checkboarding except in a very limited number of exceptions where it does native 4K (like the Pro).

4K era will only actually arrive with the PS5.

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Why would the developers do that? It costs them more to use bigger carts (even the smallest cart cost more to produce than a blu-ray).

Nintendo are the ones who went with cartbridge, developers don't have to pay the price if they don't want to. Why would they need to pay more to mass produce a game just because Nintendo are the ones who chose this format.

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Sony even revised their forecast for 2017-2018 and upped their prediction. They're planning to move 20 millions PS4 by March 2018. Nintendo isn't predicting that much. I am also not sure Nintendo can meet their prediction either.

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It's good between Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft is just redudant at this point and not needed.

If Microsoft left the industry, people would talk about it for a few weeks at most and forget about Xbox. If Nintendo or Sony were to leave the industry, it would create a shitstorm that the Internet might never recover from.

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Except power really doesn't matter. The reason people brought up the power argument when the PS4 was released is because the ps4 was more powerful and $100 cheaper. You know when you have 2 products and one is $100 more expensive, you expect it to be more powerful, but it wasn't.

The Xbox One would have been $400, people wouldn't have talked about power that much. It wouldn't matter, because Playstation is a much stronger brand than Xbox. There is no way Mic...

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They did because it's a year too late and will be replaced by a PS5 about twice as powerful in like 2 years. Yes, I am saying the PS5 will be at least 12 TFLOPS for $399.99 and that's if it releases in 2019, it's gonna be more if it does in 2020 (it will be 2019 because 2020 would be 7 years like the PS3 and Sony already said that generation was too long).

With the Xbox One X being a year late to the party, it's pretty obvious that Microsoft will always be l...

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The difference is that games on PS4 come to PC later, but Xbox One games that come on PC come out at the same time.

You laugh, but you would be surprised how a lot of people can't wait and buy it on PS4 first and how a lot of people double dip when the game release on PC later.

With the PC version, a sequel on PS4 is pretty much guaranteed. The end of the first game clearly imply a sequel was planned.

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It's because Kadokawa bought FromSoftware, which makes them the publishers of all their future games. BloodBorne 2 with FromSoftware won't happen because Sony and Kadokawa would have to co-publish and share the profits.

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The only thing the Xbox One X is doing is making me hyped for the PS5 because it's gonna shit all over it. The PS5 will likely come out in 2019 with 12 TFLOPS for $399.99. It's actually gonna be a true 4K console, unlike the Xbox One X.

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The Switch is the successor to the 3DS. People think the Switch is a console you can play on the go, but they're wrong in my opinion. It's a portable you can also play on your TV.

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It's not gonna be cross play between PC and Xbox One because the Xbox One version will be lagging behind in term of content and updates.

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This game was supposed to be free to play at first. Changing that is what went wrong.

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No it's not. The PS4 shipped 20 millions PS4 in the last fiscal year and the Switch isn't even gonna come close to that this year. Hell, Sony are projecting shipping 18 millions PS4 this year and yet again, the Switch is still gonna be far off from this number. Even at launch, the PS4 sold more and I am pretty sure the 2015-2016 numbers would also be no different.

Hell, people says the Switch has a great launch, but if you compare it to the PS4 and Xbox One, no it d...

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And in 2 years, we'll be able to get a 12 teraflops PS5 for $400, which will actually give you a true 4K machine.

Xbox One X is not even a true 4K machine, it's just a slightly more powerful checkboard 4K machine than the Pro. Only reason it's more powerful is because it came out a year later. If Sony had delayed the Pro for a year, it would likely be the same and at $400 too.

Pointless to buy a fake 4K machine at $500 when it's gonna be r...

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GT Sport on base PS4 looks better than Forza 7 on base Xbox One.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands is a very good game.

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Should have taken the $20000 and talked about it anyway. Nothing they could have done to keep him quiet after that. He would have been 20 grands richer and would have been able to sue them as well for more money.

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"Success Involves More Than Just Xbox One Sales To Microsoft's Phil Spencer"

Sony doesn't just beat you in console sales, but in every other aspects too.

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I am gonna use my 20% coupon I will get in November for this unless something really good is on sale on PSN on black friday.

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All I see is Microsoft trying to make Sony look like the bad guy here. However I am starting to think Microsoft are ommiting certain details and that they're the reason it's not happening.

Funny how there is no version of FF14 (there is likely never gonna be), because MS wanted their own Xbox servers? Like I said, they're obviously hiding something and that's likely the reason crossplay isn't happening.

They might as well come out with...

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