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You're right, this or Phishing is the only way someone can get their PSN account hacked.

People can deny it all they want, it's their fault, not Sony's.

No someone didn't bruteforce their way into your account, it's literally impossible because they need the email associated with your account to login which someone can only obtain via phishing or you using the same password and email everywhere. The only thing available publicly to any...

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"The Pro and Scorpio will then be the low end consoles for the next gen and MS and Sony will announce new versions. "

No they won't announce new versions, they will move on to the next gen with PS5 and whatever Microsoft decide to call their new console (if they even release another one).

"They'll support the base consoles for another 3-4 years then drop support. "

Which means support for the Pro and Scorpio ...

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Forget about the Pro version, even the normal PS4 version looks amazing.

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The PS4 and Xbox One are easier to develop for than the switch because they use x86-64 architecture and the Switch doesn't.

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No, the PS4 will not be Sony's 3rd best selling console at the end of this generation, more like 2nd or 1st. The PS1 sold 102-103 millions and the PS2 sold 150 millions. I don't know if it will beat the PS2 (it is a possibility), but it will sell more than 100 millions in its lifetime and outsell the PS1.

The PS4 has been selling faster than the Ps2 apparently and it's Sony's fastest selling console. If you think the sales are ex...

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The PS4 and Xbox One are easier to develop for because they are using x86064 architecture, the Switch obviously isn't.

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You can do the same thing you can already do on your PSP now that the PSP store is shut down: You can still redownload all games you purchased and even buy new ones from the PC store front. The PS Store for PS3, Vita and PS4 will obviously be the same when they close so you won't lose anything.

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That's 55 millions xbox live accounts, not gold account.

There is 20 millions ps plus account on PSN, but I guarantee you there is more than 55 millions active accounts in total.

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Developers won't bother much with it because the PS4 being the best selling console by far, they will prioritize it by far. The PS4 will keep getting third party exclusives while the Scorpio won't change anything and the Xbox One still won't get more games.

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Casuals would rather buy an actual tablet like an ipad or an android tablet.

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Casual gamers loved the Wii for the Wiimote. They don't like the Wii U and Switch because they'd rather buy an actual tablet rather than a console with a tablet controller.

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The only war there still is is between Switch and Xbox One to know who is gonna be in the second place. The PS4 already won this generation by a massive landslide. They will win 2017.

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I am gonna wait for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or Mario Kart 9 to get one. I was gonna get one for Mario Kart 8, but there is no new tracks, only battle mode and new characters, so I will keep playing it on Wii U. There is also no way in hell I am collecting 10000 coins again to unlock everything.

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We've been waiting for this game for so long I am starting to doubt it's coming at all.

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I just used a rubber band on my controller to make my character move in circle on its own and just went to sleep.

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Casuals and soccer moms bought the Wii because of its motion controls. The same can't be said for the Wii U or the Switch tablet though. Those casuals and soccer moms buy actual tablets like ipad and android now.

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If this had new tracks, maybe I would have gotten it, but now it's not worth it. There is also no way I am collecting all those coins again, no thanks.

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Looking at the gameplay, no it doesn't, not like the article says and it's certainly not worth paying 300$ for a new console if you can play it on Wii U.

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First impressions are important and with that god awful presentation that everyone but the Nintendo fanboys seems to hate, its fate is already sealed.

The same thing happened to the Xbox One, its fate was sealed after the reveal and it flopped, now Microsoft are making all their Xbox One exclusives for PC since they're transitioning there. I bet they realized the Xbox One is their last console.

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It's either gonna be a port of an existing game or the game will be multiplatform and release on PS4 and PC as well.

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