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Multiplatforms will look the same on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, so there is no point in buying a X1X if you want to play games at their best.

As for exclusives, the PS4 Pro is definitely the way to go.

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No, it's not possible. The PS4 Pro sales are 20% of the PS4 sales and even if the Xbox One X sold the same, which is 20% of the Xbox One shipments, it wouldn't even be close because the Xbox One sales are much lower.

Hell, I think even if the Xbox One X sales were 50% of the Xbox One sales, it would still be lower than the PS4 Pro.

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Even with the physical copy, you still only own a license and not the game. Your disc will also stop working long before someone is unable to download their digital copy too.

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Then whose fault is it? It's totally their fault. Sorry, but that time in the PS4 and Xbox One lifespan, you could easily find them. Still can't find a Switch anywhere.

I don't think Nintendo is even doing it on purpose, I just think they don't have the resources to be able to deliver.

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Gran Turismo, Forza and other simulation racers just bore me now. Unless it has something special like Burnout (takedowns) or Wipeout (future anti-gravity cars) or Mario Kart (no need to explain that one), all I care about is open world now.

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If the horrible latency in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is any indication, no.

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He should add himself to his own stupid list.

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People mention Sony with Minecraft and Rocket League, yet don't mention Microsoft with FFXIV.

Also, for Minecraft, people will have to make a xbox live account and login to play cross play. It's obviously why Sony said no. I have no idea who in their right mind would let their competitor control everything like this.

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In 2019, a 12TFLOPS PS5 for $399 is definitely possible.

A GTX 1080 ti at the moment has 12 tflops already and a new series of card come out this year, followed by another one each year. At the end of 2019, 3 new series of cards will have come out and a gtx 1080 ti will be ancient technology by then and much cheaper.

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They're identical. So much for true 4K MS is boasting about.

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Microsoft can't even take North America anymore, I am 100% certain they will just never do a dent in Europe.

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They will likely get to keep most of their money. Anyone smart enough to make this kind of tool and to make money out of it is definitely smart enough to hide most of it.

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The problem is that knowing Nintendo, finding one by then is still gonna be impossible.

They want to ship 16 millions this fiscal year, but they just can't, they clearly don't have the resources to even come close to that.

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After this E3, I am anticipating Days Gone more than anything.

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Well, in the case of this game, a toaster could run it at 4K/60fps, the game isn't very demanding.

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Third party games will look and run at the same framerate as the PS4 Pro version. Devs won't make any efforts.

So much for an extra 1.8 tflops, you won't even be able to tell the difference.

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Remember how Microsoft danced backstage when Sony announced the price of the PS3? Now Sony are definitely dancing and partying all day before their E3 conference.

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"Don't count Microsoft out yet."

Sorry but yes, you can count them out. Sony already won, there is no getting the upper hand. Pretty sure Microsoft will never win any generation again because the only way they can win is if Sony launch a year later and/or at a more expensive prize and Sony are never gonna do that again.

Sorry, but the Scorpio is not gonna be $399.99, they keep saying it's a premium product. Sony got the lesson when they ...

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No they didn't:

50% used BC since it was introduced, however what Microsoft doesn't tell you is that likely 90% of those 50% used it 1-2 hours to try it out and never touched again.

508 millions hours? Funny how Microsoft didn't give the total playtime played on xbox one since BC released. The total hours played is definitely in the billions and with 508 millions hours, Arstechnica's 1.5% was probably pretty accurate.


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If I wanted to know the games I will be able to play this year, I don't need to watch E3, I can just use google since we pretty much know most of the stuff we're gonna be able to play this year already.

Also, Microsoft does the same thing. Their games have either been cancelled outright or they're still unreleased. They pretty much won't have anything we don't know about this year and they're using the Scorpio to pad their conference that is lacking ...

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