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Just face it, Microsoft has been beaten in every way and nothing you can say will change that.

Not only that, but even last gen, Microsoft at their best couldn't beat Sony at their worst as the 360 still ended up in last place.

The 360 was a one hit wonder and Microsoft's only moment to shine in the console business, but they failed. Microsoft will never be able to replicate the 360's success. The PS4 has beaten ...

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Sorry, Star Fox Zero isn't overlooked or underrated, it's just crap. The game would have been nice if it wasn't for the horrible controls.

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Sure, Sony will stop with the PS4 and won't make a PS5, then a PS6 and so on because they're allergic to money and they don't want it.

Seriously, as long as they can sell you new hardware, they will keep making hardware. Cloud based gaming is never gonna be a thing for consoles as there is money to be made with hardware. Plus too many Internet connections either have data caps, are too slow or both and there is also too many areas with no Internet or areas with ...

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To the people who want AAA games, if you didn't buy an AAA game yet and you wanted to wait for it on PS Plus, then you clearly didn't want to play it that much anyway.

At least with indies, people get to try something they haven't yet.

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It won't work on a drive that has the option "Compress this drive to save disk space" checked.

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This, probably because the Vita is too weak for Disgaea 5. Meanwhile Disgaea 6 will release on PS4.

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It's still faster to kill them before the fight starts with the shield. In the time it takes to do what you're doing, I can kill 2 groups, which gives same AP. However I don't have to worry about your timer, which not everyone will have down.

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What console war? Sony won this by a landslide, the Scorpio won't do any good as it will flop due to its premium price and lack of games.

Microsoft are so irrelevant in the console industry they might as well not be there. The PS5, PS6 and so on will beat what Microsoft comes up with again.

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Even if they have more recent dev kits out that are more powerful than the one used in rumored specs, the retail product will not have a significant power boost over what the rumor is right now.

The console is gonna be underpowered compared to an OG PS4 and XB1.

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You said the keyword: "slightly". The final version of the console won't be that much more powerful and will still be severly under powered compared to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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A lot of developers showed their support for the Wii U, then ditch it super quickly once they saw it was a mistake. The same thing will happen with the Switch: They will make one game, see it doesn't sell and realize the Switch is massively underpowered compared to OG PS4 and Xbox One and they will stop making games altogether.

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The sad thing is, there is nothing they can do to actually stop Vivendi and their hostile takeover. No matter what they do, Vivendi has a lot more money then Ubisoft and buying the rest of those shares is not hard for Vivendi.

The only thing that could stop this takeover is if Vivendi decided to pack it and stop, because Ubisoft are too small to do anything. Unless you can forbid everyone who owns shares to not sell, Vivendi will win.

Ubisoft do some goo...

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The PS4 and Xbox One are easier to develop for since they have a x86 architecture, while the Switch doesn't (has ARM).

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Crytek need to completely disappear already, they have never made a good game and all Crysis had for it back when it was released was the graphics and their new games aren't impressive graphic wise.

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That article is lying on one thing: Watch Dogs 2 doesn't require to be online to play. I just launched it on my PS4 after I unplugged Ethernet cable and disabled WiFi just to prove it works and it does. It doesn't require to be always online.

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I think the founder system is a little dumb because it offers literally the same card as the non-founder's one, but at a more expensive price. There is no reason to take the founder edition over the other.

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No it hasn't. This is literally a rumor without any basis. It's not confirmed at all and is likely not true.

However the 8th gen games should be on the switch, the 3ds will have been replaced by then and if the 3ds is still there, I am sorry but the 3ds can't run those games anymore.

Whatever you were on 3ds or new 3ds, Sun and Moon had serious performance issues.

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Why would they cancel it? The only thing they need to do for the Wii U version is change controls to fit the gamepad because the game would literally a direct port as the Wii U can run this game at the same resolution, framerate and graphic fidelity than the Switch.

It's not like this game was groundbreaking graphically, the ps3 and 360 could have easily run this.

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Not buying this expansion or even playing the game until I upgrade my GTX 770 2GB to GTX 1070. Was tired of playing at medium on 30fps, I will wait till I can max it at 1080p/60fps.

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I played Let it Die all night last night and I didn't get any connection problems. PSN wasn't even down and those hackers are liars.

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