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And really, DDR3 ram when DDR4 is just around the corner? #52
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To anyone telling them to go software only, no. They're still king in the portable department.

Really, if Super Smash bros WiiU and Mario Kart 8 fail to sell the system, then it's over for the WiiU. #6
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I doubt it will be released in 2015. 2014 is more likely at this point. After they release Lightning Returns and FFX/X-2, along with KH.2.5, they won't have anything else for the rest of the year.

Also, they can't really put it off much longer. The game is probably nearly complete at this point.

If it doesn't hit worldwide in 2014, Japan will get it in 2014. #6.1
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Taking a break from the PS4 this weekend to play this and Zelda. #4
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Amazon.ca is preparing for shipment here. Received an email yesterday saying they would ship today.

Amazon.ca doesn't do day 1 delivery. Then again, I am patient and can wait until monday or tuesday. #5
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Also, you know they will deliver on the first-party front. Microsoft will probably stop after 2-3 years like they did with the 360. Sorry, but 360 has been seriously lacking in exclusives in the last years. #1.1.6
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Probably 18 hours if you don't go after every upgrades and pieces of hearts. #6
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The only games it won't be possible to do remote play is the ones that use camera. I doubt Diablo III use it, so they'd have no choice but to put remote play. #6
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Even if they got the same amount of sales, it wouldn't work. GTA5 sold on 2 platforms while CoD is releasing on PS3, 360, WiiU, PC, PS4 and One.

That's 3 times the amount of platforms. #1.2.2
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This is 2013, 7200 RPM do not generate more heat anymore. Maybe like 5-6 years ago that was the case, but now there is no difference. #1.7.2
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Most gamers don't even have a 2560x1440 monitor. 4K isn't gonna be used for PC gaming anytime soon. I'd say 6-7 years. #3
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Of course, there is never gonna be any plans for Xbox One, not with the way Xbox sell in Japan. They learned their lessons after Tales of Vesperia sold a lot more in japan on PS3 than it did on 360. #9
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I hope it's 2.5

Kingdom Hearts III is way too far away to even bother with. Final Fantasy XV will come out long before it does. #5
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KH2.5 Final Mix will come before KH3. #5
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If it's a Paper Mario like Sticker Star, no thanks. If it's a proper Paper Mario like the n64 and Gamecube one, okay. #2
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The industry need to go back to its old ways. In other words, they ship the game to retailers on release day and not earlier, so that stores like Gamestop and Amazon can only have it the next day. No leaks that way.

If people aren't happy and want to play it on release day, they should go digital. They will have to get use to it as the PS4/X1/WiiU Gen is very likely the last one with any physical media. #7
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With all the changes they've been making to their policies, I don't think it's possible to release it before PS4. I seriously doubt all those old policies could be flipped off instantly.

Also, no actual working console shown, all their games shown on a more powerful pc just for show, along with all their little problem, I am sorry, but they won't make it before Sony.

I doubt it would matter though. They won't make it before November, since... #12
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Axtually, Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R are simply not coming because the Vita isn't doing well in the West for now.

It could very well change later though. #2.1.1
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Just wondering, if they release it as digital version on PSN (where you install the whole game on your HDD), would that version still requires that install? #22
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They only changed their policies because the PS4 was crushing them. Even now, the PS4 is still crushing them.

People complaining didn't do a thing, Microsoft don't care about people. #16
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