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Scorpio won't be able to do native 4K and if it does, it certainly won't be able to do it at Ultra or even high settings. You will get a mix of medium and low setting with almost no AA at best.

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they went with Sony first, but Sony wanted to own the IP. Insomniac didn't want to, so they went with Microsoft who let them own the IP.

Now the awesome thing is, with the first game released and Insomniac owning the IP, they can do whatever they want with it. They can release it multi platform or even make the second game and onward Sony exclusive if they want, or even Switch exclusive.

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Why can't tuesday come sooner?

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The reason the Wii succeeded is because all the casuals bought it. Nintendo says the Switch could sell as much as the Wii, but it really can't.

Today, casuals would rather buy a 600$ ipad or less expensive android tablet than to buy a switch.

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Sony published the original FF7, so it's not coming to another console ever. When they say play it first on PS4, it really means it's coming to PC later.

Other consoles will not get it.

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No, Sony still has some rights to the original 3 games, so the remake won't appear on another platform.

Same thing for FF7 Remake, Sony published the original everywhere, so PS4 console exclusive forever.

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Breath of Fire, Bloody Roar and Wild Arms should be revisited ... especially wild arms. A 6th wild arms would be awesome.

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“Xbox Is Having A Good Gen, Our Best Yet.”

Yet the Xbox One in its lifetime will barely sell half of what the 360 did ... and that's me being generous, it probably won't.

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This game looks even worse than Ark Survival Evolve.

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You're wrong, I use piracy as a way to demo the game now. If I like it, I buy it on Steam or on consoles (if my PC can't run the game properly) and if I don't like it, I delete it.

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They realized people on Xbox One don't buy these games, regardless of where they live.

They're only releasing FF15 and KH3 because they said they would before the Xbox One came out and ended up being a flop, so they're releasing those 2 japanese games because they have no choice and to save face.

Don't expect anything Japanese from SE on Xbox One. Also, FF7R is console exclusive to Sony because they published the original.

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@affrohop "in 5 years time it will"

No, sorry, it's a lot further away. Try at least 20 years.

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@EddieNX it's not even close to Xbox One in term of specs, the thing is severely under powered.

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It's an IP owned by Sony so it's never releasing on PC. Sony only release games on PC if they don't own the IP.

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They should just sell COD MW Remastered as a standalone already, it's what people actually want, even if it's different then the original MW. A lot of people probably didn't buy IW because they are waiting for this since they don't want to buy the legacy edition.

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Employees being afraid for their jobs ... it's only a minimum wage job, you can find those anywhere. Working there isn't worth the god damn trouble.

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You're right, this or Phishing is the only way someone can get their PSN account hacked.

People can deny it all they want, it's their fault, not Sony's.

No someone didn't bruteforce their way into your account, it's literally impossible because they need the email associated with your account to login which someone can only obtain via phishing or you using the same password and email everywhere. The only thing available publicly to any...

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"The Pro and Scorpio will then be the low end consoles for the next gen and MS and Sony will announce new versions. "

No they won't announce new versions, they will move on to the next gen with PS5 and whatever Microsoft decide to call their new console (if they even release another one).

"They'll support the base consoles for another 3-4 years then drop support. "

Which means support for the Pro and Scorpio ...

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Forget about the Pro version, even the normal PS4 version looks amazing.

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The PS4 and Xbox One are easier to develop for than the switch because they use x86-64 architecture and the Switch doesn't.

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