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It will definitely reach 100 millions eventually. That juggernaut is just gonna keep selling a lot until GTA VI is released.

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"The Best Place to Play Disgaea 5 is on the Nintendo Switch"

If you go back in time and remove the PS4 from existence, maybe.

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No Sony doesn't specify if it's paying users or not, but neither does Microsoft, so that argument is not valid.

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The problem is that even if Sony release the Vita 2 or PSP2, no matter how awesome it is, it's gonna end up flopping because they will use overpriced proprietary memory cards again.

If they were to use SD or MicroSD cards, the system could easily outsell the 3DS.

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There is nothing they can do. Microsoft are just third place material in the console industry.

I am certain that they will never beat Sony ever, even in future generations.

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I hope that was sarcasm, otherwise everything you just said is wrong.

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"I hope you get what's coming to you"

Which is absolutely nothing, which is why people are gonna keep on pirating because there is nothing anyone can do about it.

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I am waiting for the PS4 and Xbox One versions at this point.

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Pretty sure a Vesperia port would be on PS4/PC, not Switch.

It's either gonna be Berseria or a spinoff or a new mothership title that would also release on PS4/PC.

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That switch title is either tales of berseria or a new title that would be multiplatform and also release on PS4 and PC.

A Vesperia port would release on PS4/PC if it happened, but it's never happening.

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Among all the fake leaks, some always end up being true. They just get buried under the huge amount of fake ones.

Like Game of thrones spoilers every years.

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Me, I pirate games all the time to see if I will like it or not. If I don't like it, I delete immediately and never think about it again since keeping a game I will never play is a waste of hdd space.

If I like it, I either buy it on steam or on consoles (if the pc version is too demanding). Sometime I just wait for a sale to buy it once I tried it.

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Any games with downgraded graphics shouldn't be included on the list. It's not like there wasn't other trailers between those E3 trailers and the release, so people knew what they were buying.

If it is an excuse, you should add witcher 3 to the list because this was downgraded too if you look at earlier trailers.

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No matter how much sparkle you try to add to garbage, it's still gonna be garbage underneath.

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Sony has the bigger install base so they will also take GTA VI.

Not that it matters because GTA VI is so far away it won't even be shown or mentioned at this E3. Even by E3 2018, they still won't have announced the game at all.

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Rare used to be synonym with greatness when they still belonged to Nintendo. Now with Microsoft they just release garbage like this. How the mighty have fallen.

Everything else that isn't Halo, Forza or Gears have flopped, this will not be different.

Nintendo should have just kept Rare, maybe they'd still be making quality games under them.

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PS4 is confirmed, they posted the teaser on one of the european Playstation sites. No info on other platforms.

Even without Sony posting the teaser, PS4 was a sure thing anyway.

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I expect Spencer to say they will have the best E3, just to have Sony and Nintendo completely crush them like every years.

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Sorry, but past 4K, resolution doesn't improve graphics anymore, we've hit the point of diminishing returns now. If you want better graphics, upping the resolution to 8K, 12K or even 16K isn't gonna help, you need more.

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@darthv72 "If after 4 it is sitting at 60mil... there is still time to make 150mil."

Technically, it hasn't even been 3.5 years yet.

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