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Not surprising, Capcom is extremely lazy. Look at the Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen remaster. It's not even 60fps, yet both the base ps4 and xbox one could easily handle it at 60fps.

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Microsoft can do whatever they want, but they're not the ones who decide where the industry is going, Sony are.

Forward compatbility that Microsoft has planned where all games must be playable on Xbox One and every future consoles is definitely not gonna work. Eventually, developers will simply stop making games for Xbox because developers will be sick of the weak hardware. Since Microsoft forward compatibility force developers to make games on Xbox One and everything o...

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@denawayne Yes they are. The PlayAnywhere feature isn't a gesture of good will or a way for Microsoft to be nice. They're preparing a way out for themselves so they can move on to PC gaming exclusively and stop making consoles.

The only reason they still make consoles is to milk those gold subscriptions for as long as they can. The 360, which was Microsoft at their best, couldn't beat Sony with the PS3 at their worst. It's pretty obvious that Xbox simply wil...

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People criticize Sony for going cheap on the Pro, but they failed to realize this isn't a new generation, it's just a midgen upgrade. Why go all out like Microsoft when you can just wait and do it when nextgen actually starts?

Also, with the Pro, Sony positioned themselves better with the PS5. It was obvious they were gonna win nextgen too, but by releasing the PS5 earlier, I think it's gonna be the final nail in Xbox's coffin.

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Web browser will just introduce more vulnerabilities in the system.

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The performance is still very bad on PC, so I seriously doubt the console version will be improved significantly any time soon.

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NIS America only localize it, so they're not gonna be the one who announces it. Nippon Ichi are the ones who would announce it.

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You weren't toxic there, you simply stated the truth.

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"If Microsoft can learn from anyone, however, it would be Nintendo. Like we said previously, Nintendo tanked in 2016, and had no where else to go but up in 2017. "

How can you go up when you basically nosedived your plane right into the ground? It's a wreckage now, won't fly anymore.

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The only reason MS gaming division is making any profits is because of Xbox Live Gold. They will keep the Xbox division going as long as they can milk those subscriptions, then I am pretty sure they'll stop making consoles. The PlayAnywhere feature is simply a way to ease the transition into PC gaming exclusively, not because they're nice.

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What I find funny is that some people think Xbox will win next gen. Sorry, the PS5 will definitely win next-gen again and by an even bigger margin than this generation because that's 2 generations in a row where xbox lacks games. The 360 at the end of its life was a barren wasteland for exclusives as well. People are realizing that and they will go where they know most of the games will be: PS5.

People overestimate the success of the 360. It was only that successful bec...

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No, it's not gonna happen. The PS4 will have outsold the PS1 and Wii by the time the PS5 come out. Then it's not like they will stop selling the PS4 once the PS5 is out, so they will still be selling it in 5 years.

The PS4 won't catch up to the PS2 (or even the DS which has slightly lower sales), but it might come really close.

There is also the fact the PS4 hasn't hit its peak yet. The PS2 started selling even more when the price went do...

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The Switch outselling the PS4 some months is only in North America, not worldwide. Also, that's really not a big deal because the Xbox One sold more than the PS4 too some months at some point and look what happened to it?

The Switch will eventually pass the Xbox One. It won't pass the PS4. In fact, the PS4 will outsell the PS1 and Wii by the end of its lifespan, leaving only the PS2 and DS above it.

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Considering everything PlatinumGames was involved with was eventually localized, I am sure you don't need to worry about this one either.

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I got the theme and I am from Canada. I didn't receive the DLC, but that's obviously because I have it already.

As for discount, I do receive the weekly newsletters and I check them throughly everytime, but I've never received any coupon code in them before.

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I've literally never gotten a code and I receive the newsletter every week. I also check the message throughly to make sure, but nothing.

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Well: https://www.psu.com/news/bu...

The fact this article here is not the first that popped up in the last few days might land some credibility to it.

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Apparently, the framerate is terrible on both X1S and X1X. The framerate dips very often and some people say it's in the low 20fps most of the time.

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Nope, pretty sure that's pretty much it, minus the yearly serving of Forza.

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I can tell you I replaced my GTX 770 2GB for a GTX 1080 Ti a few months ago and that was enough of an upgrade to make it a lot more powerful than the Xbox One X. My CPU is a i5 4670k and I got 16GB or ram. Both of those are fine for 4K/60fps maxed.

120fps or more would be impossible with that CPU, but that CPU is good enough for 4K/60fps. A 120hz/144hz 4K monitor are still far too expensive for my taste.

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