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I will wait until Modern Warfare Remastered is inevitably sold separately on PSN.

This is clearly a way to milk as much money out of the legacy editions as they can. They did that before with preorder content or preorder dlc and they always ended up on the store later for a price. This will be the same, 100% certain. I'd bet anything on it.

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You have to buy IW to get MWR ... for now. This is obviously gonna be standalone at some point.

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I loved Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted and Rivals. I hope the next game is like them and not like NFS 2015. I didn't hate the new one, but the other ones were far better.

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Andrew House at E3 said the thing was in development (not production, but development). He never said anything about it coming out this year, the only people that did are the people who base themselve on the april documents which were based on an old dev kit.

In fact, most sign point out to a 2017 release. Not announced yet, which means preorders haven't started (this isn't a slim where you can announce it and release a week later). PS4 was announced in February, pr...

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I really need to upgrade my 770 to a 1070 or 1080, it's really dated. Aside that, my i5 is gonna be fine for a long time (you don't need a i7 like people want to make you believe).

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The Neo is rumored to be at 5.5 tflops. With 6 tflops, the Scorpio won't destroy the Neo because the 0.5 tflops difference between the 2 is so minuscule that it's insignificant. At 5.5 and 6 tflops, games will be identical on both consoles.

The difference is far less than the PS4 and XB1 (the higher the number, the smaller a 0.5 tflops difference become).

There is also the fact that games won't be exclusive to ...

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It's made by the guy who made Mighty No9, so it's not gonna deliver and will flop. People aren't gonna trust any games made by him after Mighty No9.

Bet it barely sell more than Sunset Overdrive.

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It's gonna struggle to even get to 4K/30fps, 6 TFLOPs is simply not enough for 4K gaming.

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With 6 TFLOPs, forget about 4K/60fps, you are gonna struggle to get 4K/30fps, that is if you can even achieve that.

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Watch_Dogs was good for a first game in the series. If they improve as much as they did with Assassin Creed 2 from Assassin Creed 1, it's gonna be awesome.

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I shouldn't have to, receiving a code via email should also be a thing.

Also, SMS 2 step verification is about to be declared unsafe and illegal.

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SMS only ... they release a feature that should have been there for years, then they screw it up by not making it more available.

Not everyone has a cellphone Sony.

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Microsoft win the NPD 1-2 months every years and when they do, there is always this one guy who believe Microsoft are making a comeback. They're not, Sony is still crapping all over them.

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The problem is that this seems to be SMS only and doesn't have email option. Sony decided to give the middle finger to those without mobile phones and just say: Well, you can get hacked for all we care.

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Wow, SMS only? Kind of a waste for people who don't have mobile devices. Sending an email with a code or having an authenticatior app on older ios and android devices like some gaming companies does would have also been better.

Also, better an option where you can check: Never ask again on this device, I'd hate to enter a code everytime I turn my PS4 on.

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So the game is ready but they want to include the day 1 patch on disc? So to catter to the minority with no Internet, you punish the majority with decent Internet. This is the stupidest reason ever.

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Because the wait was this long already, we should get the game already.

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Those docs were likely months old when they were leaked and the specs were from old development kits. They likely changed a lot since then.

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Bandai Namco who publish the game in Australia are saying the release date is still September 30th.

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Rumor from an unknown site no one knows about with no pictures and only one source.

No Man's Sky had pictures of the sticker and had more than one person claiming for a delay.

This seems Gamnesia is just trying to generate clicks with a false rumor.

I know delays are a thing, but I seriously doubt Square-Enix would have gone ahead with Uncovered event and spending all the money on marketing if they weren't 100% sure they wouldn&...

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