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I would wait for an actual flashcart like the ones the DS have. Also, Nintendo is wasting their times. With a flashcart, there is no need to update ever again. Even games that requires a higher firmware can be played on a lower firmware.

What I can't wait for is the WiiU hack. Definitely buying one once piracy is possible on the WiiU. #13
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Third party exclusives died last gen because both Sony and microsoft were neck to neck.

However, if for example, the PS4 were to greatly outsell the Xbox One and the WiiU like the PS2 outsold the Gamecube and Xbox, then you can be sure that third party exclusives will come back and they will go where the big fanbase is.

If one has the chance to pull another PS2 next gen, it's Sony. Microsoft are basically out of the running at this point and the WiiU is t... #8
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He is a little right here though. Microsoft didn't change their policies for the consumers, they did it because Sony backed them into a corner.

If they could have, they would have kept those policies because Microsoft don't care about the consumers. #13
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This is published by EA. So it's definitely coming to PS4 at some point. #12
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1TB HDD here and it upgraded fine. The issues isn't specific to people with 1TB HDDs, it can be any upgraded HDD and even the default hdd that come with the console.

Some people with their stock hdd got bricked. #6
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I got a 1TB HDD in my PS3 and it didn't brick. #51
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It will happen since it's published by EA. Same for Dead Rising 3, it's published by Capcom, so it's gonna come to PS4 at some point.

Also, not everything on PS4 would be possible on Xbox One. Any game that would push the ps4 to its limits would be impossible on Xbox One considering its hardware is vastly inferior to the Ps4. #8.2
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DR3 is published by Capcom, not MS, so it's gonna be a timed exclusive.

Same for Titanfall, published by EA, so it's a timed exclusive. #1.1.8
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It's published by Capcom, so it's obviously also coming to PS4 at some point.

Same for Titanfall, that's published by EA, so it's coming to PS4 eventually as well.

They're just timed exclusives. Yes, Microsoft have the money to make it permanent exclusive, but they can't, because they would pay more for that than they would make with the game, so it's not happening. #3.2.2
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Yes, they will be able to get them this year. All they have to do after launch is wait like 2 more weeks for stores to get a new shipment and just walk in and buy one. Simple as that.

Once the launch is done and the rush is over, it's gonna be ridiculously easy to find.

I preordered mine on amazon.ca wednesday anyway. #64
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Except that both will probably catch up to the WiiU in no time when they're released. Well, the PS4 will, the Xbox One will probably be in third place like the xbox and 360 ended up. #1.6.1
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The PS3 passed the 360 in sales a while ago. Also, if you take out of the equation every 360 with RRoD and every PS3 with YLOD, the PS3 wins by an even bigger margin.

Especially since the failure rate of 360, which was abnomarly large, was a lot bigger than the PS3 YLOD, which was at a pretty normal rate (the normal rate for basically every electronics to break).

By taking out the massive amount of RRoD 360 and the small amount of YLOD PS3, it's clear th... #1.2
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Of course, it will play the games in ten years, but on the lowest settings at lowest resolution. #1.1.3
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Yet in the end, the PS3 managed to outsell the 360 and once again, Microsoft are left behind in last place.

They haven't figured out that releasing an underpowered console at a lower price doesn't work if it's them.

Look at Sony, only them can pull it off. Not only the PS4 is more powerful, it's less expensive as well. #30.1
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Sony also has Gakai. So sorry Microsoft, your cloud thing isn't very special when your competitor will also do it.

Not only that, like everything else the PS4 does better, Cloud gaming will probably be better on PS4 too. #15.3
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The majority of the world doesn't have an internet connection that is good enough for the cloud.

Some are too slow, some have bandwidth caps and some have both problems.

A very small minority have a fast and uncapped connection.

They say Cloud gaming is the future, but sorry, we live in the present.

Maybe in 10 years, the idea of cloud gaming will work, but for now, it's just not good. #10.2
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You could just wait a month or two and walk into a store and find them on the shelves. No use going through this preorder hassle when 1-2 months after release, they will be everywhere.

Also, seriously, the PS4 and Xbox One are easier to produce than the PS3 and 360 were in the day, so you will probably have more available at launch. #9
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I find it funny people actually think it's gonna be multiplat. #6.2
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It requires the original game or if you have a Wii hardmodded with a modchip, you can use a blank dvd and burn the game, it will act exactly the same way as the original and the Wii can't tell the difference.

This is why hardmods are better. If you have a modchip, you can update as much as you want and they can't block it. #1.5.2
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Yet, cookies on computers can't see a person masturbating watching porn. #6.1
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