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Nintendo does. Sony would too if they weren't so stubborn as to make their system use overpriced proprietary memory cards and instead use SD/miniSD/microSD cards. It's mainly the reason it failed, having to pay a lot for a memory card on top of 250$ was bad.

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The store on PS3 is my only problem. It's so slow and the framerate is terrible. The PS3 clearly doesn't have enough memory to handle this kind of layout and they need to go back to the old one.

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What's more concerning is that Albert Penello now works for Xbox. The guy is so terrible, you might as well give the job to a monkey and get better results. If you wanna destroy a division, put him in it and it's done.

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"Dragon Quest X and XI

This has already been confirmed by Square Enix, though no release date has been announced. Moving on."

They haven't been confirmed, they're under consideration. Even if they were confirmed, wouldn't mean they would release at launch.

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Doesn't matter, we didn't get GE2 Raging Burst, so we're not getting this either.

Unless they reveal GE2 localization at Paris Game Show or Playstation Experience, we can forget about anything God Eater related in the west for good.

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I think you mean showing us how it can be done by doing the wrong thing.

It's nice for a trophy list to be difficult, but this is so difficult it's almost impossible.

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Until Playstation and Xbox release their successor and blow the NX out of the water.

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Another problem is that by the time this come out, PS5 and Next Xbox devs kits will be out to developers and they will probably decide to ignore the NX and make games for PS5 and Next Xbox since they will be a lot more powerful than the NX.

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With both Japan and North America getting price drops, I would be extremely surprise if Europe doesn't follow suit.

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Insomniac didn't release it on PS4 because Sony wanted to own the IP, so they went to Microsoft instead. However, now that the first game is released, Sony can't own the IP anymore, so if they want, they're free to release the sequel on PS4 or even port the first one too.

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Not getting it because the game looks way too easy and that's to 100% it.

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If Xseed says it's still on track for 2015, then it definitely won't release in 2015 at all. Sorry, but after all the lies with Trail in the Sky SC (which was supposed to come out in summer 2015) that still doesn't have a release date, I stopped believing whatever comes out of their mouth.

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Won't be long before the PS4 overtake the Wii U in Japan. Not only the PS4 came out later than NA and Europe in Japan, but it came out more than a year after the Wii U.

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Pretty sure this story is made up and not real. If not, then I am afraid the guy wasn't very smart. After the first call, the logical thing would be to call over and over again the same day until you get someone on the line competent enough to help you.

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Selling your shares of a company doesn't mean selling your publishing rights as well.

FF7 Remake is PS4 console exclusive. Sony owns the console publishing rights for FF7 and anything related to it. A proof of this is the PC steam port that is releasing on PS4 this winter. That is not releasing on Xbox One either. If they could do it, they would because porting the PC version to Xbox One would be easy, but they can't.

Those rights also translate to th...

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No, it's coming out tomorrow on the 6th.

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Yeah, everyone forget meth inside their old console, that's a common thing !

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They said they will add a free DLC with 2 new levels and 5 extra skaters.

Once it gets that, get all its bugs fixed and the price drop, it could actually be worth buying.

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They say that, yet they're obviously already working on it.

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No, it will always be there, but will shrink significantly and because of that, Gamestop will eventually become the next Blockbuster and disappear.

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