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It was confirmed at CES 2015 that they sold 18.5 million PS4 to customers.

Also, I believe Xbox One haven't reached 10 millions sold yet. Microsoft didn't even confirm anything, the last thing we heard is 10 millions shipped to retail soon. #1.4.10
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Nintendo announcing they're working on a new console doesn't mean it's coming soon. You should know Sony are working on the PS5 and Microsoft on whatever they'd name their next xbox.

In fact, they were working on them before the PS4 and Xbox One even released. #1.1.4
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It's the opposite. Ps4 is undertracked and X1 is overtracked. So the Ps4 numbers are probably higher than Vgchartz and X1 numbers are lower. #26.1
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But Microsoft can't pull that off. They don't have as much first party studios and IP as Sony. They can't keep up with Sony.

They could try to buy games, but with investors looking for any excuses to cut the xbox division, they can't really buy everything they want. #14.1.1
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You just worded it perfectly. Was the fastest selling console ever. Not anymore. #6.1.1
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They said shipped shorthly. As far as anyone know they reached that number, but they didn't sell 10 millions yet to customers, even with holiday season.

Sony actually mean shipping to customers. Bet they're waiting for the 20 millions mark to announce anything, because 20 millions is obviously more impressive than 17 or 18 millions. I give them 2 months before they reach 20. #4.3.3
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Possible, since it's been out for a year and probably sold 4 millions every 3 months. With holiday, this probably pushed it to 5 millions.

The momentum Xbox One gained is useless as PS4 will win most of 2015, widening the gap further than Xbox One caught up this holiday.

They got 50% market share and this isn't gonna change. PS4 already won this gen, worldwide and North America.

PS4 had more exclusives in 2014 than Xbox One, but it ha... #1.3.2
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Guess we only need a new F-Zero now. #9
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Not this time. The PS4 and Xbox One both makes money at 399$ and pretty sure they would still make profit at 349$ or 299$.

Especially a year later, the hardware has become a little less expensive to manufacture.

The reason Microsoft will lose this generation is because whatever they're doing is to catch up to Sony (even in their own territory) and Sony has the advantage because if they wish, they can react to everything Microsoft does and render what Micr... #1.2.1
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If Microsoft leave X1 price as it is, PS4 will still outsell it as the holiday hype is done, so X1 sales will go back to normal, which were pretty bad (even if they don't increase price).

Sony can also drop the ps4 to 350$ or 300$ and still make profits. They'd make less money, but could afford to drop the price if needed and still make profits. #8.3
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PS4 will start outselling the X1 again even if the Xbox One remains low price. The holiday season is done, so even if the price stay down, the sales will go back to almost nothing. #1.3
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The Xbox One won't creep and eat away at those sales.

First of all, even if it remains at this price, the holidays are over, the ps4 will outsell it again.

Second of all, even if Microsoft were to get closer, Sony would respond by a price cut that either match the X1 or price it lower. Then whatever ground Microsoft gained would likely be gone and Sony would gain more. #8.1.1
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Even if Xbox One remains at the current price, the holiday rush is over, so the PS4 will start outselling it again, even though it's 50$ more expensive. #5.2
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The momentum they got with that price drop is almost completely done. It's only winning by 50k in the US (but still getting beated by a landslide worldwide by the PS4).

When holiday period ends and 2015 starts, PS4 will go back to beating the X1. Pretty sure a PS4 price cut isn't far off, once that happens, PS4 will only take a bigger lead. #1.1.4
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They did release a ton of exclusive games in 2014, however people still aren't buying the console.

Nintendo needs to go back to a classic controller. If it wasn't for the fact that 99% of the games can be played with a pro controller, this console would have been a no buy for me. #1.2.2
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Sony can afford to lower the price to 350$ or 300$ if they choose to.

The reason they don't is not because they can't, but rather because they have no reason to. The PS4 is selling as much as the X1 and it's 50$ more expensive.

Even if the X1 remains at 350$, in january the holiday hype is gone and it will go back to having garbage sales and loosing to a 400$ PS4. #1.8.5
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Pretty sure Sony will react and lower the price as well if Microsoft starts getting to close.

Microsoft are doing everything to beat Sony, but Sony has all the advantages as they can choose to render everything Microsoft does instantly.

Microsoft is fighting a war they not only can't win, but already lost. #1.4.9
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This is PC only, last I checked, you can't apply this discount code on console. #2
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X1 got 400k ahead of PS4 in November. PS4 got 1.2 million ahead of X1 in 11 months.

All I see there is the PS4 getting 800000 sales lead in the US every year.

No, the X1 will not beat the PS4 even in the USA. Not by widening the gap for one month which Sony will not only negate, but widen by 3 times what the X1 did in 1 month in the other 11 months. #58
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Maybe they've been working on it already but want to release FF15 first. The FF7 Port they're releasing might also be to test the water. #6
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