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Pretty sure Playstation will win next gen too. Playstation is a much bigger brand then Xbox, plus they have a lot more games. Pretty obvious the PS5 will win.

Not that it matters, there might not be any Xbox console next gen. Scorpio is either the last nail in Xbox's coffin and the Xbox division will be shutdown after its failure. Or Microsoft is moving toward PC gaming and the play anywhere thing is a way to fully transition into PC gaming.

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It reminds them of the days they were great, so they have to spoil everyone's fun.

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Switch can't win April, it's simply not possible with the shortage of stock the thing has.

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The first thing I did when I started playing this game was completely turn off voice chat and any form of communication.

You can insult me in chat or voice all you want, I will never see or hear it, so I will continue picking any character I want and there is literally nothing you can do about it. You can't get banned for picking a certain character or being bad, so they can report all they want, won't do anything. With them not being able to reach you due to chat a...

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Waiting for the inevitable PS4 and Xbox One version. Konami are too money hungry to not do it.

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It's not a new console, it's just a mid gen upgrade like the Pro.

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Xbox One never had more exclusives than the PS4. Also the PS4 isn't the winner because of its power, but because it has more games and they keep releasing exclusives throughout the whole generation.

Microsoft only talk big, they keep saying they have tons of games in the work, but except Forza, Halo and Gears, they have nothing. They also can't keep up with Sony in the exclusive department and they basically abandon their console halfway through like they did with t...

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Microsoft can't compete with Sony in term of exclusives and they won't in the neat future since they don't have much studios under their belt.

Sadly, power doesn't win the war and they will realize that with the Scorpio. The PS4 isn't winning because of its power, it's winning because of the amount of exclusives and third party games the console is getting. There is also the fact Sony is known to deliver games constantly till the end of the console l...

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The switch had a strong launch, unless you compare it to the PS4 and Xbox One launches, which were both stronger.

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The Switch will not outsell the PS4. The PS4 is so far ahead that it's impossible for the Switch to catch up.

As for outselling the 3DS, probably not. The 3DS is at 65 millions. At best the Switch will sell the same, but it will likely sell 40 millions at most. Meanwhile the PS4 after 3.5 years is about to outsell the 3DS already.

If the PS4 sold about 60-65 millions in 3.5 years (it was at 57.3 millions shipped at the end of January, so it's like...

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Not having heard any information would be a sign for any other games, but Rockstar usually stay silent about any informations until the game is much closer to release.

If it releases in the fall, you will probably get info only in the summer. 3 months before, you get screenshots, 1-2 months before, you will get a spoiler-free trailer. Then even closer to release, you might get a multiplayer trailer like GTA5 did.

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A vita successor would need to use SD cards to be successful, otherwise it's DoA already.

I believe a vita successor with SD card could do as well as Nintendo with their portable consoles.

Proprietary memory cards didn't help the PSP and it is the main reason for the Vita failing.

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Strong launch if you don't compare it to the PS4 and Xbox One, which both had stronger launches.

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Fat Furry Battle Archives vol2 and this came out this week and they had their trophy list leaked 2 days ago.

Which means Star Ocean 3 and Eternal Ring who had their trophy list leaked likely come out tuesday.

The Star Ocean 3 trophy list is in english and it was trademarked in Europe, so it's definitely getting released here.

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Sorry, there is no way I would kill for any of those.

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It's not gonna be $399. Anyone who thinks it's gonna be below $500 is definitely crazy.

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The people thinking it's gonna be $300 or $400 are out of their mind. The thing is gonna be minimum $500.

Hell it will probably be more because Phil Spencer keep saying it's a high end premium product, so don't expect it to be cheap.

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Does still solve the overpriced 300$ console when the main competitor has more powerful console that has more to offer in every way.

Does it also solve the ridiculous price that has been put on controller and accessories, or the fact that like the WiiU, Nintendo is stupid and cheap to add an ethernet card for people who prefer the wired connection over the shitty and unreliable wifi.

Does it solve the scratching issues or the console failling and having g...

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And Ori and the blind forest isn't even exclusive to Xbox One, it can be played on PC.

Xbox One games on PC don't require something recent to run them with the same or better visuals and framerate than the Xbox One version. A 5 years old PC can get better resolution and framerate than the Xbox One version. You just need a top of the end PC if you want to max those games. There is really no need to buy a new PC if you just want to play the games unless what you have ...

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"The power advantage could be important for Nintendo as it looks to compete with the growing popularity of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets. "

Sorry, but the Wii casual audience would still rather by a phone or a tablet today rather than a console, which is why the Switch will not even come close to Wii numbers.

It also says average ipad, so the not average ones are not only better, but Apple release a product almost every year, which m...

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