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Ghost Recon Wildlands is a very good game.

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Should have taken the $20000 and talked about it anyway. Nothing they could have done to keep him quiet after that. He would have been 20 grands richer and would have been able to sue them as well for more money.

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"Success Involves More Than Just Xbox One Sales To Microsoft's Phil Spencer"

Sony doesn't just beat you in console sales, but in every other aspects too.

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I am gonna use my 20% coupon I will get in November for this unless something really good is on sale on PSN on black friday.

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All I see is Microsoft trying to make Sony look like the bad guy here. However I am starting to think Microsoft are ommiting certain details and that they're the reason it's not happening.

Funny how there is no version of FF14 (there is likely never gonna be), because MS wanted their own Xbox servers? Like I said, they're obviously hiding something and that's likely the reason crossplay isn't happening.

They might as well come out with...

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For the Switch, I will wait until the first or second revision. I bought a 3DS, only for the 3DS XL and the New 3DS/New 3DS XL to be released after. You won't fool me again Nintendo.

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I am pretty sure it's impossible for Microsoft to win ever again. The 360 only did good because it launched a year earlier and less expensive. The console itself wasn't that good and if the ps3 had launched at the same time with the same price, the 360 would have been crushed.

Sony is never gonna let them launch first and less expensive ever again, so Microsoft is never gonna win again. In fact, the Xbox One X is likely the beginning of Mi...

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You can literally run this on a laptop that has an integrated intel card. You don't need a high end computer to run this at all.

Also, you only need a high end PC to run other Xbox One games maxed on PC. It doesn't take much to run the game on PC with higher settings and better framerate than the Xbox One does.

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They went cheaper and it paid off in the end, because they're winning. Pretty sure the Pro will outsell the Xbox One X.

20% of PS4 bought are Pro. The Xbox One X will probably less than 20% of Xbox One bought and even if it was 20%. 20% of less is still less.

Sony also placed themselves well to launch their next gen console first. The Xbox One X with 6 TFLOPS isn't gonna be impressive when the PS5 launch in 2-3 years with 12 TFLOPS, 16GB of ram (w...

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Has it even been confirmed that Summon Night 6 is coming out tuesday? Apparently, the October 10th was never officially announced.

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Journalists like you are poisoning the industry. You don't like lootboxes, we get it, you're an annoying worthless troll. It's like the 200th article on this, you're more annoying than lootboxes themselves at this point.

People like you seems to be on the Internet just to bash the most recent games anyway. I bet you will be moving to Assassin's Creed Origins next and after that, you will be bashing the next big game too.

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At least the PS4 allowed you to backup saves right from the beginning.

Nintendo not having it is pathetic and laughable at this point. That functionality is basically just copy/paste.

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I am all about open world racers now, so Forza 7, GT Sports and PC2 don't even interest me anymore. Need for Speed Payback and The Crew 2 are the only racers I am waiting for.

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You do realize that the Switch isn't performing as well as the PS4 did in the same time after its launch right?

Switch only has a great launch if you don't compare it to the PS4 and Xbox One, who both had better launches (and without Japan too).

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I don't think it will have crossplay. The console version will be behind the PC version in term of content and updates. You can blame the time it takes to release a patch on consoles being much slower than PC on things like certification and testing. There is no such thing like that on Steam and developers can immediately release their patches. On PS4 or Xbox One, it has to go through certification with Sony or Microsoft, which takes sometime.

This is gonna be like Ark ...

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2019 12 TFLOPS for $399.99.

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Everytime a developer says that, their game ends up not delivering.

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Would it be beneficial to have it? Yes. Would I lose anything if it doesn't happen? No

Therefore I don't really care.

The Xbox fanboys really are making a big deal out of this to make Sony look bad. You didn't hear much Sony fanboys make a fuss back in the PS3 and 360 when it was the other way around and Sony wanted crossplay but Microsoft refused it.

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2019 is more likely. 2020 will put it at 7 years like the PS3 and Sony already said the PS3 era was a little too long.

There is also the fact the PS4 Pro is a midgen upgrade and it released 3 years after ps4. So add another 3 years, you get 2019.

Plus Sony said to expect a PS5, but not soon, so that leave 2018 out of the question.

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It's not like either of them can do native 4K reliably anyway, so the PS4 Pro would be the better choice because it has more games.

If you want a true 4K machine, both are wrong choices, just get a GTX 1080 Ti instead.

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