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Apparently, the framerate is terrible on both X1S and X1X. The framerate dips very often and some people say it's in the low 20fps most of the time.

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Nope, pretty sure that's pretty much it, minus the yearly serving of Forza.

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I can tell you I replaced my GTX 770 2GB for a GTX 1080 Ti a few months ago and that was enough of an upgrade to make it a lot more powerful than the Xbox One X. My CPU is a i5 4670k and I got 16GB or ram. Both of those are fine for 4K/60fps maxed.

120fps or more would be impossible with that CPU, but that CPU is good enough for 4K/60fps. A 120hz/144hz 4K monitor are still far too expensive for my taste.

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When I played this on handheld, I hated the controls and playing this on handheld.

Just tried the beta, which is on console and it's much better to play on a big screen.

It takes a while to get used to as a beginner, but it took me 2-3 hours to get it down. Will definitely buy the game in January now.

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Of course, something you never turn on would obviously be quieter.

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Damn, I was looking forward to Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2.

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Amy Hennig was working on this game. With what Uncharted 4 was gonna be if she had stayed on it, I am pretty sure that Visceral SW game would have turned out badly with her.

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When the best game on your console for the whole year is an indie that also sold more on Steam, you need to realize something is wrong. 2018 won't even be any different for Xbox.

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@FallenAngel1984 See? They release Forza so often now that people are confused about which game released when.

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It's gonna flop for sure. It's sad that a great developer like Rare was turned into this by Microsoft.

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@Imalwaysright The PS5 will be BC with the PS4. The PS5 will definitely use the x86 architecture like the PS4, so all consoles from now on will be backward compatible and play PS4 games.

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There won't be crossplay, the console version will always be behind the PC version in term of updates and content.

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Xbox fanboys need to stop thinking Xbox will ever have a chance at beating playstation. Microsoft at their best couldn't beat Sony at their worst during the PS3 and 360 era. The fanboys need to realize that a small brand that only appeal in the USA won't ever beat a much bigger brand that appeal worldwide.

Seriously, the only reason the 360 was successful was because it launched earlier and cheaper, not because it was a good console. Sony is never gonna allow them t...

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They've been playing inferior versions for 4 years on their inferior Xbox One.

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People actually got the PS4 because they knew the PS4 would get ton of exclusives and the Xbox One would be shit in term of exclusives.

It happened with both the 360 and the Xbox One, the exclusives just stop coming after the first 2 years. I am pretty sure the PS5 will win by a bigger margin because a lot of people will give up on Xbox for what they did twice, because it's obvious Microsoft's next gen console will also not have much exclusives.

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@JayRyu It won't, Sony published the original, so it's gonna be console exclusive. Will appear on PC later on, but Xbox One and Switch are not gonna get this game.

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Microsoft at their best with the 360 couldn't beat Sony at their worst with the PS3. It's pretty obvious it's impossible for Microsoft to win any generation. I can already tell you the PS5 will win with a bigger gap than the PS4 is winning right now.

Sony released the Pro first, so obviously they're gonna release the PS5 a year before Microsoft. The PS5 will likely be 12 TFLOPS at $399.99. Even if Microsoft release their new xbox more powerful a year later, ...

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If it was gambling, you could argue any card games that sell their cards in pack would be gambling (like pokemon or yu-gi-oh cards).

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Some people clearly deserve to get run over. I sleep better at night knowing that darwin's law is taking care of dumb people.

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GT league is actually due out sometime in december, which is the career mode.

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