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Don't bother, it's listing each game on seperate page because they're just subpar journalists who just want clicks. Here is the list:

Far Cry 4
Far Cry Primal
Mad Max
Fallout 4
Dragon Age Inquisition
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Just Cause 3

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People keep saying Pokemon Switch is coming out in 2018, but there is literally no confirmation it will, not even from Nintendo. In fact, unless it's a port from an older game, it likely won't. There is always 3-4 years between each Pokemon generations and Pokemon Sun/Moon came out in 2016, so you can expect a new one to come out in 2019/2020. If we get a game in 2018, it's gonna be a port or a different kind of game (like Pokemon Stadium or Colosseum). Nintendo usually fills the ...

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And when the PS5 actually come out, if they manage to drop the price even further to $99.99 like the PS2 was, it might actually sell more than the PS2 in the long run, because even the non gamers will buy it at this point.

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Because they're not wasting anyone's time with this. The development of remasters or remakes doesn't affect the development of new games negatively at all. It actually has a positive effect. They get more money to make new games and people who either want to play them again or those who never played it can now do so if they want. They also do not cause the development of a new game to take longer, most remasters and remakes are either outsourced or handled by another smaller team ...

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No, wait until it hits $199.99 permanently, it will sell even more.

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They really can't. EA is never gonna sell to them because they can make a far bigger amount of money than whatever Microsoft can offer. As for a hostile takeover, if Ubisoft has been managing to fight off Vivendi this long, EA can easily completely prevent Microsoft from doing it. All they have to do is buy enough of their own shares to control 51% of the company. Of course, that's if they don't already own the majority of the company themselves, which there is a very high chance ...

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If Zelda Skyward Sword is remade, I hope they make it playable with a normal controller instead of doing like the site suggest and using the joy-con to mimic motion plus. The game absolutely didn't need it, it was forced. Everything you could do in the game could have easily been done normally with a controller. It was a good game, except the motion controls completely ruined it and made it one of the worst Zelda game ever made.

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I do like video games, I just don't like horrible ones like Sea of Thieves. Rare used to be great, now they're mediocre. Proof that whatever Microsoft touch ends up turning into s***.

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Valve is a privately owned company, so Microsoft can't touch them unless Gabe Newell accept to sell (and he definitely wouldn't).

EA would say no to any offers, which mean a hostile takeover is their only option. Considering Ubisoft can keep Vivendi at bay for so long, EA could easily completely prevent Microsoft from taking over. You seriously think they won't start buying 51% or more of their shares the moment they say Microsoft creeping up (hell, they probabl...

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Valve: It's definitely impossible. It's a private company, so a hostile takeover is impossible as the company is not even on the open market. Gabe Newell owns more than half of the company, so the only way to buy it would be to make him an offer, which he would never accept (Seriously, even enteraining the idea he would accept is ridiculous).

EA: They won't want to sell either. The only way for Microsoft to get them would be an hostile takeover. If Ubisoft has p...

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No, you're wrong. Why do you think digital prices for games are the same as physical and not cheaper? It's to not piss their retail partners, which sell their consoles and accessories. If digital was cheaper, more people would migrate and retailers would sell less physical copies, therefore they wouldn't see the need to sell consoles, controllers and accessories because they would make less money on games.

What Microsoft did is worst. For $9.99, you get to play ...

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The only thing that will happen long term is that the PS5 will win nextgen again by at least 2:1.

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You mean how Microsoft literally copied that from Steam?

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Sales means more games, which means more sales, which again means more games, and so on.

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No it can't turn the tables. The 360 was only this successful because Sony messed up really bad. Microsoft could release a ton of exclusives next gen, it won't matter, because Sony will win next gen unless they mess up the PS5.

However, considering that the PS3, which was Sony at their worst, still managed to beat the 360, which was Microsoft at their best, there is no way Xbox will ever beat Playstation.

There is also the fact Sony is not gonna ...

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Please, the only thing that's gonna happen is that they will announce some exclusives for next-gen and release them in the first half of next-gen, then they will completely stop for the second half like they did with the 360 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, the PS5 will get ton of exclusives the entire generation.

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The problem is that it takes years to acquire or make new studios. Sony have already done that and they have plenty of studios, so Microsoft are too late, Sony are way ahead of them.

Even if they start now and make/acquire some studios, it won't matter because Sony will have done the same thing. Sony are not gonna stop acquiring and making new studios, so Microsoft will always be behind.

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Microsoft at their best couldn't even beat Sony at their worst. Even if Microsoft did everything right and Sony did the exact same mistakes they did with the PS3, Sony would still end up winning. Not that it matters since Sony is never gonna make a mistake like that again. For that reason, Microsoft is not only never gonna win again, but Sony is literally gonna outsell them 2:1 every future generation until Microsoft finally leaves the industry. Yes, I ...

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When the very few people who still support Xbox settle for mediocrity, it's no wonder they're not trying harder.

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Even employees are saying those accusations are BS. I could understand if the bosses said it was BS, they could be lying, but when even the employees defend their workplace, you know those accusations are false.

Their sources are likely employees that were fired and now they're pissed, so they're just trying to ruin QD's reputation.

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