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I decided to stop caring about trophies recently (unless it's a game I really wanna platinum). Ever since then, the backlog is somehow clearing itself much faster.

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I didn't buy the witness because I refuse to pay 40$ for an indie, what makes you think I will pay 60$ for one? 20$ max for an indie or it's not worth it.

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The gamecube version was the exact same thing, except with a different controller scheme. Same graphics, same audio, same everything else. The only difference is that they were mirror versions of each others (so if you had to go right at some place, you had to go left in the other).

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Even if more powerful, developers won't bother with it because why do that when you can make games for PS4/X1 which have a bigger install base or start preparing for a PS5 game, which is gonna be a lot more powerful than the NX.

For the NX to have been relevant, it needed to be released when the PS4 and X1 were released. It's too late now and Nintendo is once again one step behind.

However, you're insane to think it will be more powerful, because...

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Even if it were to come out tomorrow, they're already too late.

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Actually, from what I am seeing, it seems to me MS is trying to get rid of Xbox by slowly merging everything Xbox related with their PC architecture to make the transition of discontinuing Xbox easier in the future.

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There isn't even any confirmed dev kits out there, how would you want less secrets now?

Any previous news about dev kits were rumors from unreliable sources.

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I am almost certain Sly will happen eventually. Sucker punch having moving on doesn't mean it won't happen because thieves in time wasn't made by Sucker punch anyway, it was made by Sanzaru games who made it. If they won't make a 5th game, which they might, Sony will hand it over to someone else.

It's not a series Sony is not gonna continue.

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What mistakes did the first game make? For a first game in a series, it was actually pretty good. If there is as much as an improvement between WD2 and WD as there was between AC and AC2, we're in for a much better sequel.

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I would love Sonic Adventure 3. However let's face it, SEGA aren't smart enough to realize we want this, so it's never gonna happen.

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No, it won't. Sony has already beaten them in 2013-2015 with their exclusives and they weren't even trying yet. 2016 and onward, Microsoft simply won't be able to keep up.

They won't be able to buy timed exclusives anymore like Rise of the tomb raider or 3rd party exclusives like Scalebound because no one will wanna go with them anymore.

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I'd rather wait for the pascal video cards at this point to upgrade my video card. A lot more powerful and they will be the same price as current cards. Except the Titan X 12GB, any cards out at the moment including the 980 ti is gonna be useless.

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Sorry, with Dragon quest heroes and Hyrule warriors, I am burnt out of those games until DQH2 comes out.

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"Nothing is stopping Xbox doing the same thing in a few generations. "

Wrong. Playstation will always be a stronger brand than Xbox. They won't do the same mistake as they did with the PS3 ever again.

Let's be realistic, even if the Xbox One terrible announcement didn't happen, the PS4 would still be beating the crap out of the Xbox One with almost identical numbers (the Xbox One might have an extra million in sale if they were lucky).

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Can't play it on PS4, but I can still play it on PS3 because I was smart and kept my consoles from last gen.

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You can probably expect a new need for speed soon, they release them almost yearly now (I said almost, not always the case).

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The last thing the industry need is Gamestop becoming a publisher.

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10 and 10-2 aren't on PC either.

I assume 15 will come out on PC, but likely a year later or so.

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Nintendo is also charging taxes on eshop, which they are technically not allowed to do unless they have a physical location in the state or province they are charging taxes.

However, it's easy to go around that if you set your state to alaska or change your province to alberta.

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This is why I will never go in the dark zone. Why would I go there if some random guy can kill me and steal all my stuff that took hours to farm?

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