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@JayRyu It won't, Sony published the original, so it's gonna be console exclusive. Will appear on PC later on, but Xbox One and Switch are not gonna get this game.

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Microsoft at their best with the 360 couldn't beat Sony at their worst with the PS3. It's pretty obvious it's impossible for Microsoft to win any generation. I can already tell you the PS5 will win with a bigger gap than the PS4 is winning right now.

Sony released the Pro first, so obviously they're gonna release the PS5 a year before Microsoft. The PS5 will likely be 12 TFLOPS at $399.99. Even if Microsoft release their new xbox more powerful a year later, ...

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If it was gambling, you could argue any card games that sell their cards in pack would be gambling (like pokemon or yu-gi-oh cards).

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Some people clearly deserve to get run over. I sleep better at night knowing that darwin's law is taking care of dumb people.

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GT league is actually due out sometime in december, which is the career mode.

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I don't remember specifically, but it was a porsche. I think it was a Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991). I just used this car since the middle of the game when I bought a new drift card and it worked well for me. There is definitely better drift cars out there.

For me, the speed runs were harder, some of them were just brutal.

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I already got the platinum trophy for this game, there really is no point to go back unless there is a new story expansion released in the future.

Also, what this game has done with cards, the crew already did it and I am pretty sure the crew 2 will continue that system. This game is basically the crew 1.5.

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@TheDBD no they can't, Playground games want to remain independant, so no, Microsoft can't buy someone who doesn't want to sell.

Also, pretty sure their new game will be multiplatform. All they've worked on so far was Forza Horizon series and it's only exclusive because Microsoft owns it, not because Playground Games wanted to make an exclusive for them.

This is like Insomniac games. Ratchet and Clank is exclusive to Playstation becaus...

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On PC, it's a sure thing if your PC can do it. On consoles? They couldn't even get Dragon's Dogma, a PS3/360 remaster to run at 60fps even if the base ps4 and xbox one could have easily pulled it off. So I doubt an actual new game will.

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No, they will not mention it at all in 2018 if 2019 is their release date. They will just do a reveal event early 2019 like they did with the PS4 in february 2013.

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Apparently, math isn't your strong suit. PS4 Pro is a midgen upgrade and came out in 2016, exactly 3 years after the PS4. Do the math, add another 3 years and the PS5 come out in 2019.

There is also the fact that Sony said the PS3 generation, which was 7 years, lasted too long, so the PS5 will come out when the PS4 hits 6 years old.

Then you also have to consider that in 2019, the Xbox One X with its 6 teraflops will be garbage since a 12 TFLOPS conso...

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The PS5 will probably play every PS4 games and will probably act like a PS4 Pro when playing PS4 games. PS1 and PS2 is anyone's guess, but PS3 should be forgotten about, it's never gonna be included in any backward compatibility unless the console itself has ps3 hardware or the hardware in it is so powerful that it can reliably emulate ps3 without any trouble.

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No, I'd rather pay $60 for a game and have the option to pay for DLC, season passes and microtransactions rather than be forced to pay $80.

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The PS4 isn't in the race because it already won and crossed the finish line. You just have the Switch and Xbox One fighting for second place now. Between the two, my money is on the Switch. The Xbox One X will only do well for a month or two than the sales will drop significantly.

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Microsoft at their best couldn't beat Sony at their worst, so Sony fanboys don't have anything to fear ever because Xbox is never gonna beat Playstation ever. Sony will win with the PS5 and any future generations until Microsoft drops out of the console industry.

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My guess is that $199.99 will become permanent soon after the holidays. Once it does drop to $199.99 permanently, the ps4 sales will skyrocket. It happened with the PS2. Was selling extremely well, then they dropped the price to $199.99 and it did far better than before. I am pretty sure it helped a lot getting it to 155m units sold too.

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I buy games with MTs, I just don't spend money on the MTs themselves.

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Yeah apparently III was split in two very late in development because it was far too big otherwise. So the 3rd one end on a bigger cliffhanger than the first trails in the sky or Cold Steel I. It's what I heard, haven't seen the ending myself.

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Last gen, between the PS3 and 360, Microsoft was at their best and Sony was at their worst. Yet the PS3 actually ended up outselling the 360 and the 360 finished last place.

If Microsoft at their best couldn't beat Sony at their worst, I am sorry but it's literally impossible for them to ever win. Not even a divine intervention can help them. The PS5 will outsell the next Xbox by 2:1 or 3:1 and it's gonna be like that every single generations from now once becau...

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