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They need to make Borderlands 3. Borderlands is their only successful franchise left. #4
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TR was on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and later PS4 and Xbox One. Before the PS4 and X1 version released, it sold like 3.5-4m and SE claimed it didn't reach sale expectation.

It will release on 360 as well, but last gen sales almost amount to nothing now. This game will only be considered a success when it releases on PS4 and PC since it will sell more copies on those 2 platforms.

Now this sequel release on X1 alone at the beginning, It won't even make it to 1m... #11.1.2
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No need to, Sony assured its exclusivity in 1997 when they published the original everywhere.

You can't remake something without the approval of anyone who holds the rights and Sony are one of those parties.

Noticed how the original which is coming to PS4 as a PSN release is not coming to Xbox One? It's because they can't, they would if they could but they can't.

My guess is that it's coming to PC only later and Sony knows... #17.1
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Sony published the original, which is why they get console exclusivity. It can't come to any other consoles.

Proof? Not even the PC version that is being ported to PS4 is even coming to Xbox One and trust me, if they had the rights to do it, it would come to Xbox One. #1.3.6
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They will probably present it on their own stage. At this point, I'd rather have a release date. #1.2
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The 360 BC only seems to be for a few selected games that devs choose. Frankly, the 360 isn't even dead yet and neither are the PS3, so this is not really relevant.

I believe Sony will come out and announce PS1 and PS2 BC at some point, which would actually be a killer move, since both the PS1 and PS2 library is huge and you can't find a new PS1 and PS2 for sale this easily because those have stopped production.

No need for PS Now, that was made for... #8.2
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In worldwide sales, the Xbox One won't even come close to the PS4. Only shot it has is the USA only, but that's probably not happening either. #7.4
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Yeah and in the end, the PS3 worldwide sales passed the 360 and it ended in second place while the 360 finished last.

Meanwhile, Sony also won the new format war with blu-ray. Let's be realistic, Blu-Ray was better in every way, more space and better read/write speed. Even if PS3 wouldn't have included Blu-Ray, it would have won over HD-DVD. #65
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It's too late for Nintendo to catch up to Sony and Microsoft in term of hardware.

When the NX comes out, it will be in the same ballpark as the PS4 and X1, but third party devs won't bother with it and will still focus on the PS4 due to its large userbase.

Then the PS5 and Xbox One successor will come out and the NX will be abandonned by third parties even more because the two new consoles will simply be far more powerful than the NX.

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FF13 and onward came to Xbox, nothing else.

FF7 was published by Sony on PS1, which basically means Xbox will not get it. I am pretty sure you can't remake something without everyone involved in the original on board (and sony being publisher have a say in the matter).

The PC version of FF7 isn't even coming to Xbox One either. Same for FFX collection and KH 1.5+2.5

Basically, everything between ff7 and ff12 (except 11) and KH1-2 are... #14.1
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So gravity rush 2 is definitely gonna come to PS4 along with a remaster of the first game then. #7
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It's three days away for early access, so why does it seems so much further? #4
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The problem with MS BC is that it barely support any games for now and it's not likely that most games will be supported soon. It's software emulation, which means games will most likely not work on Xbox One as good as it did on Xbox 360. Plus, it will take a while to get a decent collection since they have to make them work individually since it's software emulation.

PS3 BC is probably not coming, but PS1 and PS2 BC is a likely possibility and would completely un... #20
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Even if it was free, VR doesn't interest me. #18
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The PS4 and PC version are likely gonna be identical anyway. #1
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Considering he was voicing Ansem and that Ansem is dead, unless he appears in a flashback, he isn't needed.

Xehanort is possessing Tera's body and that's not the same voice either. The only way Xehanort would appear is if Tera reclaim his body, which is expected to happen along with Aqua coming back and Ventus waking up.

The really big loss is Robin Williams as the genie.

They really should hurry this game along before someone els... #2.1
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MS doesn't have too many games to announce. In fact, I am pretty sure not only they have less than Sony, but without Scalebound, QB and Crackdown, their E3 will be bare.

"The greatest lineup in Xbox history"

That's MS overhyping their own conference yet again, like they do every year. #1.3
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With this, Sword Art Online and Persona 5 all coming to PS4, the only thing left on PS3 for me is Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel. #24
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Kingdom Hearts III probably won't appear except as a small trailer. They already said the next big reveal would be at D23 expo.

FFXV won't appear at all and the next big info blow out will be at gamescom where they start promoting the full game (which means the release isn't that far off now) #2
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I will get one when we have the same kind of deal in Canada. #13
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