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I just hope that if they ever make a successor to the vita, that they ditch the overpriced proprietary memory cards this time and go for SD/miniSD/microSD.

90$ for a 32GB (at launch, now that's what 64GB cost) was way too expensive especially when you could get SD cards to less than 1/3 of that price. The vita card also offered nothing over the SD cards. Same speed, same size and the vita filesystem could have been on a SD card. The only thing that was different was the a... #1.2.1
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I'd rather buy it digitally. #3
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PS4 is getting the Vulkan API and that's OpenGL. It's also said to be better in every way than DirectX 12. #1.4.3
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Dragon Quest XI on PS4 maybe. They said they'd like XI to be on a TV and considering the PS4 is winning by a landslide everywhere, wouldn't be too farfetched. #9
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That's already confirmed to be on PS4/PS3/Vita. #7.1
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Not gonna update past 1.00 till I can get all my weapons to +10 via duping. #3
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E3 is coming. What I love about Sony is that they're likely gonna announce 4-5 games that are already far ahead in development and will release between June and December 2015, while also announcing a few things they have in store for 2015.

Microsoft only plans for the next year's holiday and what they have announced currently is likely all you'll get this holiday season while what they announce at E3 is only gonna be 2016 stuff. Of course, some of their holiday li... #10.1
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They might, but whatever ground they gain in the US, they will lose in the next 10 months and fall even further behind than they were before the holidays. #9
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They likely won't port Type-0 to Vita for the west because they obviously think there is no profit to be made from it. #1.1.3
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It's only a matter of time before PC copies are out in the wild and someone make a torrent. Since there is no DRM, pirates will play this early. #27
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If anything, all this bad press Konami are getting at the moment might eventually make them reconsider Silent Hills as it was before they cancelled it. #10
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I'd like to play my games in 4K, but not if it means actually selling a kidney. #6
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The ending of Megaman was supposed to tie in with Megaman X. They should finish it and then do more Megaman X. Just make Megaman X9 and X10 with snes-ps1 graphics. #2
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The fact that there is a PS3 and 360 version being made bothers me since this means the game won't be as good as it could be. #8
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No, a game like this will play the same on both pc and consoles because it's not gonna be demanding. #6.1
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The PS3 was selling more than the Xbox 360 worldwide the moment it released.

This is not the case for the Xbox One. The PS4 has been outselling it worldwide since launch by a huge margin and it's been outselling it in North America 10 months every years.

This isn't gonna change. The PS4 has already won and there is nothing Microsoft can do to ever catch up.

I can tell you that the next generation and the one after that will have the s... #4.1.2
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FFXV and KH3 were already confirmed to only have a small trailer by SE.

FFXV will have a big blowout at gamescom where they will start promoting the main game.

KH3 will have the next big reveal at D23 expo.

Here is a source about FFXV: http://www.dualshockers.com... #3
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It doesn't matter if MS tries to push them, the devs won't release JRPGs on Xbox One because it's not profitable for them to do so, since they will not sell unless it's Final Fantasy. Even then, FF15 will sell at least 10 millions, but 90% of those sales will be on PS4.

Tri-Ace isn't bothering with Star Ocean 5, Square-Enix isn't bothering with Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2. Namco isn't bothering either as they said tales games will be ps exclusives... #7.3.1
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God Eater 2 will probably be announced at E3. #1.5
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No, no matter what they do, Microsoft will not catch up to Sony. The gap between the PS4 and Xbox One will just get wider as the PS4 get a bigger lead and eventually leave the Xbox One behind with the WiiU. #9
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