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Except that Microsoft doesn't even have quality. #19.3.2
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Doesn't bother me, Lilith was so ugly, every scenes she was in, I could barely look at it without wanting to gauge my eyes out. #13
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Won't make a dent in the west? Sorry, but it would definitely sell more on PS4. I wouldn't be surprised if they remade the first game on PS4 as well. #1.5
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It doesn't matter, it's still there. Indie devs will go to PS4 first because of it.

However, even without it, the PS4 fanbase being better means indies would still look at the PS4 first. #10
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Because the PS3 was hard to develop for and devs were actually lazy.

If you actually look at the exclusives, the PS3 was superior in every way.

Blame laziness, otherwise even multiplats would have looked better on PS3. #4.2.2
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Outselling a console that is almost 10 years old is not success.

While we're at it, the vita is a colossal success has it sold more than the PS2 did last week (which is discontinued).

Now if the WiiU had outsold the PS3 if you take the numbers of the PS3 in february 2 years its release, maybe. #3.1
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High profile indie game on PS4, which means it's gonna be free on PS Plus sooner or later (probably in a few months). Not gonna be fooled like when I bought Transistor, I will just wait for the free version. #7
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I can't wait for this. I was gonna get day 1 anyway, but FF15 demo included sealed the deal even more. #5
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If they're going for proprietary memory cards again, they might as well not bother as it wouldn't sell. The problem of the vita is that the memory cards were expensive at launch and even today, they still are.

Proprietary memory cards have no advantage over SD/miniSD/microSD, they're literally the same thing (except the physical shape I guess) so there is no reason to not use SD.

250$ at launch was a good price point, except you had to add a ridic... #38
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FF15 is coming in 2016 and it's coming before KH3. No way KH3 is coming before 2017, especially since the game barely had any progress done on it when it was shown. #2
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PS4 exclusives are better than the Xbox One exclusives.

It will have more of them, better diversity and also better multiplatforms.

Meanwhile the Xbox One is a 350-500$ paperweight with no games. Enjoy all the stuff MS is adding with their monthly patches, because that's all you can do on your console since it has no exclusives. #26.2.1
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They said it would have up to 100 units on the map at once.

Good luck handling all this with the vita and ps3 with their shitty cpu and ram.

Even Disgaea 4 on vita has some slowdown at some points and it's a ps3 game. #4.1
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The Xbox One version is published by MS. Someone else can publish it on PS4.

Considering the deal is limited and that the ps4 has a bigger fanbase, it's likely coming on PS4. #6.2.5
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There are no sales numbers for the Order 1886. However, I would assume it would sell more than most, if not all of the xbox one exclusives. #7.2
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Except that Tomb raider is likely coming to PS4 and PC later on (and with a definitive edition too). #6.2.2
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I am waiting for another game than Xenoblade to take advantage of it. At the moment, it's not worth upgrading since no games make use of it, unless you count the ability to use the tiny c stick for majora mask and others.

As for Xenoblade, not gonna get it as I played it on Wii, can go play the Wii version again if I want and the 3DS version actually looks horrible.

Needless to say, by the time I get one, availability won't be an issue and price will... #8
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FF15 is coming out before KH3 and not only we don't have a release date for it, but it's likely not coming in 2015. KH3 is definitely not coming out this year.

They haven't shown anything but a few teasers because there is barely anything done on the game. Meanwhile, FF15 keep getting lots of screenshots and information. FF15 is almost upon us and KH3 is not even close. #3
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LOL, of course it's US only, so nothing in Canada or UK. #11
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Definitely a placeholder. The game won't be out till at least Q3 or Q4 2015 in NA/EU. #11
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Except it doesn't. The WiiU is the one with less 1080p games. #1.6.1
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