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Why would they cancel it? The only thing they need to do for the Wii U version is change controls to fit the gamepad because the game would literally a direct port as the Wii U can run this game at the same resolution, framerate and graphic fidelity than the Switch.

It's not like this game was groundbreaking graphically, the ps3 and 360 could have easily run this.

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Not buying this expansion or even playing the game until I upgrade my GTX 770 2GB to GTX 1070. Was tired of playing at medium on 30fps, I will wait till I can max it at 1080p/60fps.

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I played Let it Die all night last night and I didn't get any connection problems. PSN wasn't even down and those hackers are liars.

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He said it will be a premium product, so it's likely gonna be 500-600$. Even if it's 400$, the Ps4 Pro will have dropped in price by then, so it's gonna outsell it like the PS4 does right now.

Plus the fact that the Xbox One doesn't sell as good as the PS4 is because it has less games, the same will happen with the scorpio.

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But it's not. September 30th is a placeholder, which is even more true since that's a saturday.

February 2nd isn't true either as it's a thursday.

Unless it's a tuesday or a friday, dates are always wrong now.

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Even if the Pro wasn't a thing, the last guardian would still have the same issue on vanilla ps4.

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I blame the control scheme. Forcing the gamepad on you was horrible. I bet if we could have 100% played the game with the pro controller and we didn't have to use the gamepad at all (so basically it's like the N64 version, but with better graphics), the game would have succeeded.

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Now the only thing we need to know: Does the PS4 and Xbox One version include the 1.1 content that was released on PC recently?

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It will succeed as a portable because the 3DS need a successor, but as a home console, it will fail. I bet third party developers will develop a portable version of their games, but won't bother with improving the game when it's docked, so it will have exact same resolution as when it's on the go.

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FF15 will sell a lot more on PS4 then on Xbox One, a lot more. In fact, if FF15 sells 10 millions copies, 7-8 millions of them will be on PS4.

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Unless the next region is similar to Alola, gyms will undoubtedly be back in 8th gen.

Although they don't need to bring the HM system back, not having to have a slot filled by a HM slave is awesome.

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If by bomb, you mean reaching 10 millions sales in its lifetime, then yes it will bomb.

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It wouldn't be hard. They should put those restrictions on disc for every games now. That way, even if someone doesn't connect to Internet, they still can't play it because it's in the disc itself.

That way, you could also easily control review copies by sending reviewers the same product without those restrictions.

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The Wii U had third party support like this at first, then third party abandoned it after 1 or 2 games when they didn't sell. The exact same thing is gonna happen with the Switch.

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No he didn't pull that out of thin air. If Pachter says it's suicide to price it above 399.99 and Phil Spencer argues with him, then it's pretty obvious it's gonna be above that otherwise he would not argue.

Also, he did say Xbox 360 BC would not need software wizardry like on the Xbox One and Xbox One S and it would work flawlessly. Even if the Scorpio is more powerful, that's not gonna be possible unless they put the X...

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“We’ve very specifically designed it [on Scorpio] so Xbox games just run,” he said, referring to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles."

So you're gonna do like Sony did when they put the PS2 architecture in the first PS3s and do the same thing, put the 360 architecture in the Scorpio. So it's gonna be a premium product like they said and super expensive, which means it's dead on arrival.

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I wish they would do like they did when they made Mega Man 9 and 10 in 16 bits and just make Mega Man X9 in 32 bits like they did on SNES.

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Sony has a 1.5 million lead in North America and Xbox One only won the last 4 months with a margin of 10000 or less, so no, Sony doesn't have to worry.

The only reason Xbox One won 4 months is because of the Pro which was coming soon and people were waiting for it.

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It's too late already. You could turn this into the best game ever with patches, no one is gonna trust you and touch your products with a ten foot pole.

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Because they announced FF15 and KH3 before the Xbox One was release, they thought it would be successful.

Now the Xbox One is out and it's basically a flop. Square-Enix are only going through with FF15 and KH3 because they announced them, but every other games they're making are skipping the Xbox One.

Then you also have FF7 Remake, that is gonna be permanently console exclusive to Sony because they own the publish...

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