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I played the beta and i think it was pretty bad. Definitely not as good as Megaman/Megaman X or Azure Striker Gunvolt.

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Games won't be at 60fps. They will just have better visuals and still run at 30fps. Why don't people realize developers will prioritize visuals over framerate most of the time because it's what sell.

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Definitely not gonna happen. Blame the theme song for that. All PS4 games have to be digital and the theme song from utada hikaru doesn't include contract for a digital version and they won't rework such contract, would likely cost more money than they'd make. I didn't include Xbox One above because the previous games won't release on Xbox ever.

Also, they obviously included digital in the contract for KH3 (the reason they didn't for previous games i...

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Pretty safe to assume it's gonna be an underpowered system compared to the competition with yet again another controller no one wants.

I am pretty sure people stopped taking Nintendo seriously after the n64 or gamecube.

They need to focus on portable, because they don't have what it takes to make a consoles anymore. Speaking of portable, it's about time to announce a successor to the 3DS, it's really outdated (I am not talking about new 3d...

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Ratchet and Clank is already released at the time of this video, so it's not coming, doesn't belong there.

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Microsoft will never beat Sony ever again. They only had the lead with the 360 because it released a year earlier and at a lower price, plus their number was inflated because of all those RRoD.

In the end, the PS3 outsold it worldwide the moment it came out and the PS3 finished in second place worldwide behind the Wii.

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@mark_parch except they don't have the best console exclusives either. Sony has them beaten in that department and so does Nintendo.

Sony will destroy them at E3 again this year.

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It won't. PS4.5/4K is just gonna be a PS4 with an upgraded hdmi port and bigger hard drive. It won't have a better cpu or gpu, it's just gonna be able to play 4K movies.

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Yes, 4K gaming in a console is currently impossible to achieve even at 30fps. They use mobile hardware and the mobile versions of that hardware for 4K either doesn't exist or cost too much for the PS4K to cost anything below 1500$.

The video card needed for this would cost more than the PS4 itself does.

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A good idea would be to add ps3 chip in there for ps3 bc. I doubt it would cost much to add this point.

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For this price, there is no way it's gonna be able to play games at 4K. Maybe if you tripled that price, they could make a machine powerful enough to, but at 500$ the most you're gonna get is the possibility to play 4K videos and maybe a bigger hard drive. You won't get extra cpu and gpu power.

4K at this point is still a luxury even on PC, I also doubt mobile parts for consoles exist that would make 4K possible.

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That was actually announced last week. There is also some special items that come with day 1 edition.

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Nintendo of Europe already confirmed this was fake. Also, the confidential property sticker is a dead giveaway this is fake.

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What is there to acquire? Most of the employees there were reallocated to another Sony studio. Most didn't lose their jobs.

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I am not interested in VR no matter how cheap it is and I will likely never be.

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September 30th is screaming placeholder date anyway. I wouldn't believe it if it was March 31st, June 30th or December 31st as well.

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I seriously doubt it will release this year outside of Japan.

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And you think Sony will not do the same and release a slim ps4 at about the same time? They're gonna be one step behind Sony.

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I decided to stop caring about trophies recently (unless it's a game I really wanna platinum). Ever since then, the backlog is somehow clearing itself much faster.

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I didn't buy the witness because I refuse to pay 40$ for an indie, what makes you think I will pay 60$ for one? 20$ max for an indie or it's not worth it.

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