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Lots of people have those trophies except for Super Meat Boy.

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A 4GB card isn't gonna change the landscape ... it might have 5 years ago, but today it's nothing, a GTX970 is pretty much better than this.

As for 2x 480 beating a GTX1080, it's a bad comparaison because you have to compare 2x 480 to 2x GTX1080 and the SLI GTX 1080 piss all over the 2x480. Of course 2 cards would beat 1 in performance.

Crossfire doesn't work with most games anyway and these days, Nvidia has extra features in games like th...

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You know the people that say New is always better? Well they're wrong.

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Pretty sure it could count as a spinoff.

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I can tell you with certainty that it's gonna be in Vice City, Liberty City or Los Santos. There is no point in thinking of where else it could go because Rockstar are consistent.

Considering the last two were in Liberty City and Los Santos, the next one is likely heading back to Vice City.

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Why get founder edition? They're exactly the same as the non-founder one but cost more money.

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If the rumors about the Scorpio being announced at E3 and the Neo being announced at TGS are true, then no, it doesn't since that give more time for Sony to revise the specs.

It also pretty much doesn't matter if the Scorpio is more powerful at this point. They have to make games for base models first and since the PS4 has already won by a huge margin, they will prioritize on the PS4 over the Xbox One. Then the Scorpio being much more powerful would mean more work n...

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I want a GTX 1070, but I will wait a few months after it releases to bother. Easier to find and they will eventually come bundled with a game.

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Still just a rumor. No other retailer received the news and most gamestop also heard nothing about this. Gamestop also didn't receive email or other notices except the posters.

No retailers changed their release dates online, even Gamestop website hasn't changed their release date. Sony and Hello Game also didn't make any statement. This seems like fake to me.

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There is a reason why they're hiding the specs like the WiiU ... it's underpowered again.

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They said that for their previous consoles as well ... they were replacements.

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As much as I don't pay attention to metacritics, in this case the review in question was satire. Their real score was actually 8-9/10, but somehow metacritics took the 4/10.

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That 4/10 score was satire, so in this case, it should be removed from metacritics. The real review was also posted in washington post which was more like 8-9/10, but somehow the one that went on metacritics is 4/10.

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#1 Powerful hardware.
Which at this point is basically a given, since they can't go less than at least the XBone in power or they'll lose any shot they have at the NX selling.

Not a given, sorry, but if anything it's the opposite, it's a given it will be underpowered. Gimmick controller costing like 150-200$ by itself, cartbridge instead of disc (which cost more money) and the fact said it will be profitable means it's gonna be less powerful, wh...

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"They've become a bunch of entitled, selfish, greedy pricks that blame console makers [and get their apologists to do the same] for their mistakes when developing their own games."

So it's their fault that Nintendo made an inferior console that people didn't want to buy, so they should work harder to make a version specific to that console (which would require extra work) and lose money in the process?

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The game was made for 30 fps in mind. It's just a port, they'd had to rework a lot of it to make it work at 60fps and they simply won't bother for a port.

Modders will do it, but it never works out well. Tales of Zesteria was locked 30fps because the game was made that way and modders unlocked it, but really, it wasn't actual 60fps, they just doubled the speed of everything.

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The fact that it's supposed to be profitable at launch, will use a 100-200$ controller and supposedly cartbridges, it means the rest of the console is gonna be cheap, which means it's gonna be less powerful than PS4 and X1.

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Time for a change? Don't fix what isn't broken. Nintendo keeps trying to innovate and it bit them in the *** with the Wii U and it will again with the NX.

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Apparently, the GTX 1070 is on par with the 980 ti, if not better as well.

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Knowing, mine won't ship early and I bet they will wednesday or thursday. Their service has really been degrading over the years. They used to ship on release day via ups and I would get it the next day. Then they switch to the inferior canada post and I get it 2-3 days later. Now they don't even have the decency to ship on release day.

Only reason I am keeping my preorder is because I preordered when it was 59.99 when the dollar was still strong, otherwis...

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