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This will definitely be made available through wifi event or something like that later. #2
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Sony doesn't sell the PS4 at a loss. They're making profits from it and they can also afford to match a price drop from microsoft if they need to.

However they don't need to, the PS4 fly off the shelves and despite that price drop from Microsoft, the PS4 is still gonna win November and December. #1.5.9
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Every time they have a countdown site, it's literally always for a smartphone game or a web browser game. #2
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The game is coming out in 2.5 months on PC. That DRM will be cracked before then. That delay actually give enough time for hackers to go through it.

Even if it isn't, GTA V is a big game and will incite hackers to work even harder on it and the release of this game will just make it faster to crack. #15
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Zelda MM is coming in spring 2015, not second half of 2015. I watched the direct and spring 2015 is what they said. #2
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Pretty sure the PS4 has more AAA exclusives as well. They were spread out through the year.

I also find it funny people claim the Xbox One has a good holiday lineup when all it has is 2 games: Halo MCC and Sunset Overdrive.

In those 2 games, Sunset overdrive is basically a flop and the other is a remake. #3.3
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Sony isn't going anywhere. If all else fail, they can get rid of everything else and survive on the playstation brand alone.

Meanwhile, Microsoft needs any excuse at this point to cut the xbox division off. It has always lost money and it seems to me the 360 was a one hit wonder that won't happen again with more generations.

The Xbox One could be Microsoft's last. Playstation is there to stay. #14.1.2
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Pretty sure most people who wanted the Halo MCC got the X1 already.

Titanfall, the price drop and even that free game in september didn't help the X1.

Safe to say nothing will at this point and the PS4 already won. Microsoft will fight Nintendo for second place. #2.2.3
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I seriously doubt Xbox One will win November and December in the USA. PS4 will likely win again. Even something like Titanfall in march or a free game in september didn't work. At this point, pretty sure the PS4 will win the generation everywhere, US included. #1.1.2
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This only means it will release before the end of november, but it could be any thursday really.

Likely won't be the last thursday as it's thanksgiving in USA.

The thursday before (the 20th) is right before Super Smash Bors WiiU release and Pokemon ORAS. I doubt they will release it then because those 2 will likely generate enough traffic on their network and would also overshadow the DLC.

That leaves the 6th or the 13th, but the 6th... #2
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They said it was in place to benifits the seller. I am sorry but that's a terrible business decision. Should benifits the consumer instead. #6
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24$ for a mount. Are you serious Square-Enix? #1
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It will not win the holidays. Even if it did, the PS4 would go back to outsell it the next month, so that would be pointless. #15
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Microsoft didn't win in exclusives. From the moment the PS4 and X1 released till December 31st 2014, both consoles will have the same amount of exclusives. Yet Ps4 is already outselling Microsoft and it will do it in the holidays too and a pricecut and those exclusives won't help MS either. With SSO released and probably a flop, the only thing left to be released is a remake (Halo MCC).

Meanwhile, 2015 and beyond already belong to the PS4 in term of exclusives. Plus t... #4.3.3
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I am starting to see why they released 3DS version first. The 3DS version is seriously underwhelming compared to the WiiU version.

If I had known everything about the WiiU version and Mewtwo wasn't a DLC exclusive to those who bought both versions (let's face it, he will make it to eshop with other DLCs at one point), I would never have bought the 3DS version. #10
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Challenges need to come online soon. Only 3 trophies I need for platinum then I won't touch this till DLC comes out with more trophies. #6
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"Picking what to delete from your memory card…"

When that happened, I simply bought a new one. #12
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Final Fantasy XV could make it to 2015, but it's definitely not likely and also not confirmed.

Kingdom Hearts III is definitely not coming in 2015. #4
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I am waiting for PS4/X1 release. No way Ubisoft won't go for the extra cash. #4.1
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You do realize that even male developers also receive a ton of death threats too right?

This is obviously blown out of proportion because it's a woman. Hell, I bet it's done all for the attention and the publicity at this point. #11
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