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Even today, it really isn't competing as 6 TFLOPS isn't a lot. In 2017, 6 TFLOPS will basically be ancient. By the time the Scorpio comes out, Nvidia will have replaced the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 that just came out (which are at 6.5tflops and 9tflops respectively) by 2 new models that have 16 and 32GB HBM2 memory for basically the same price as the 1070 and 1080 are right now (however they will be something new entirely and make the 1070 and 1080 obsolete already).


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In all of those, only FF15 and Persona 5 have release date. Scalebound has a release window.

KH3 and Ni No Kuni 2 not only don't have release windows, but at least one of those games will probably not release in 2017 either (Hint: I am obviously talking about Kingdom Hearts 3).

With Nomura at the helm, Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't coming out soon and neither is FF7R.

As for Deep Down, it's vaporware at this point, it will never be...

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Omega weapon is in FFVIII, not FFVII.

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Steam summer sale is coming up. There is no way the legendary edition is not gonna be on sale. Why buy it full price when I can get it for free with legendary edition I will get on sale soon?

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Even at 4K/30fps, in 2017, the console will cost a fortune. We're not close to affordable 4K gaming PC.

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Microsoft are trying to do 2 things at once.

1) Gain the PC market, which isn't happening because Steam is destroying them.

2) They're trying to remain in the console business as well by releasing the Scorpio, which is basically what Steam did to try to get in the console market by releasing the steam box. The steam box flopped really hard, there is no way Xbox, which is inferior in every way would do anything. No offense, but the steam box could ...

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My tv can upscale games to 4K as well.

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No, Sony have been dominating because they have more games. Better exclusives, more diversity in their exclusives and also more 3rd party games. The Playstation brand is simply much stronger than the Xbox brand and it's always gonna be that way. Even at their best (the 360), Microsoft couldn't be Sony's worst (the PS3), since the PS3 ended up outselling it every months worldwide since it released and it caught up with the 360 and ended up in second place.

Power ...

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What he said was pretty much BS, with the success of the PS4, it's pretty obvious there will be. They likely have already been working on it the moment the PS4 released (just like the PS4 was being worked on when the PS3 got released).

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SE said even before E3 KH3 wouldn't be there and that we're gonna have to wait for winter for KH3 news.

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Except E3 should be about games releasing after this year and not on that year. It's june, sorry but 90% of the games that are releasing this year, we know about them.

E3 should be about announcing games that aren't announced yet, no matter when they release.

Most of Microsoft's lineup isn't releasing this year and the games that does, sorry but I already knew everything I needed to know about them.

Sony actually announc...

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They said remastered from the ground up for PS4. There is no way they're just normal remasters, since 2 of those games were originally PS1 games and believe me, they have not aged well and a simple remaster won't suffice.

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The Neo isn't launching this year, otherwise, it would be shown at E3.

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No, pretty sure Sony isn't showing anything because they wanted Microsoft to reveal their hand to pull one over them. The Neo will probably be above 6 tflops now.

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What Microsoft has to do is push a 20 tons boulder up some very steap hill ... in other words, there is nothing they can do.

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There is no way the Vita is getting something like this if the PS4 isn't.

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If Microsoft announce theirs first, it means the Neo will be more powerful because Sony will adjust (which is likely what will happen).

The same rumors were happening when the original PS4 and Xbox One weren't announced. The rumors and dev kits all pointed at the Xbox One being more powerful, than Sony just kicked them in the teeth with no warning with the 8GB gddr5.

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This is obviously gonna end on every torrent trackers like Mighty No9 Beta ...

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Except that you don't need to buy a Xbox One to play them, anyone with an above average PC can play them as well, which makes the Xbox One irrelevant and a lot of people won't buy it. There is the fact that even a not so recent PC can play those games with better visuals and framerate than a Xbox One.

Meanwhile, most of those PS4 exclusives, you actually need to buy a PS4 to play them, therefore making it relevant.

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@Abash no insider claimed this. Pretty sure Capcom have no incentive to accept money from MS anyway because they can make more by making it multiplatform,

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