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24$ for a mount. Are you serious Square-Enix? #1
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It will not win the holidays. Even if it did, the PS4 would go back to outsell it the next month, so that would be pointless. #15
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Microsoft didn't win in exclusives. From the moment the PS4 and X1 released till December 31st 2014, both consoles will have the same amount of exclusives. Yet Ps4 is already outselling Microsoft and it will do it in the holidays too and a pricecut and those exclusives won't help MS either. With SSO released and probably a flop, the only thing left to be released is a remake (Halo MCC).

Meanwhile, 2015 and beyond already belong to the PS4 in term of exclusives. Plus t... #4.3.3
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I am starting to see why they released 3DS version first. The 3DS version is seriously underwhelming compared to the WiiU version.

If I had known everything about the WiiU version and Mewtwo wasn't a DLC exclusive to those who bought both versions (let's face it, he will make it to eshop with other DLCs at one point), I would never have bought the 3DS version. #10
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Challenges need to come online soon. Only 3 trophies I need for platinum then I won't touch this till DLC comes out with more trophies. #6
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"Picking what to delete from your memory card…"

When that happened, I simply bought a new one. #12
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Final Fantasy XV could make it to 2015, but it's definitely not likely and also not confirmed.

Kingdom Hearts III is definitely not coming in 2015. #4
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I am waiting for PS4/X1 release. No way Ubisoft won't go for the extra cash. #4.1
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You do realize that even male developers also receive a ton of death threats too right?

This is obviously blown out of proportion because it's a woman. Hell, I bet it's done all for the attention and the publicity at this point. #11
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All I see in 2014 is Halo MCC, which is nothing but a remaster. They bashed TLoU for this, so why shouldn't we?

Then there is Sunset Overdrive which is obviously overhyped and gonna flop very hard.

The PS4 has as much exclusives as the X1, but a lot more coming in 2015.

Even when Halo MCC and Halo 5 are released, the Ps4 will still outsell the X1. I am curious what their next excuse is gonna be to outsell the PS4. Face it, it can't,... #12
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Assassin Creed Unity is gonna be 900p/30fps on both, until Ubisoft just come out and release a 1080p patch for PS4. #7
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Then I look at the PS4 list and I am reminded I got more. #1.3.1
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They said they had an internal beta test. Sorry, but that doesn't count. It's a small studio, so if you were to include family and friends, you likely had a thousand beta testers at most. It's not a good sample.

If your game is online these days, you need an open beta test which everyone can grab. If they had, those issues would have been apparent way before launch. #12
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I am on the fence, too many good games coming in october to december. May get this when the price drop to something like 30$.

As for Assassin Creed Rogue, I am definitely waiting for the inevitable PS4/X1 version. #7
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Another person who doesn't understand this means nothing. Sony can get rid of everything else and survive on the Playstation brand alone because this is what makes them money.

Meanwhile Microsoft wants to cut the Xbox division because it's losing a lot of money.

Playstation is the one that will be there a long time. Microsoft may not even be there next-gen. #6.2
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In this case it isn't. Doesn't matter what legal issues there was.

Every PS4 and vita games must be released digitally on PSN for them to even release. KH3 being available day 1 is a given.

KH1.5 and KH2.5 will not be, but that is because there is no obligation to release ps3 games digitally.

If KH3 wouldn't release on PSN, it simply wouldn't exist, as it's mandatory. #3.1.1
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Kingdom Hearts 3 going digital is not news. Every PS4 are released on PSN now (so are vita games), it's mandatory. #3
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I have a feeling it will be next-gen exclusive. #2.1
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He also brought red death again. Apparently, it's too hard for bungie to make it so he can't bring the same piece of armor or weapon twice before he sold everything at least once. #7
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Who cares if you can't make it to rep rank 3 before she leaves. They will obviously bring that event back in the not-so distant future as 95% of the players simply won't make it to rank 3. #5
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