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"gamers should all hope it does"


Sony and Nintendo are the only ones that actually matter. Microsoft entering the console business made gaming worst.

In fact, if time travel was possible, going back in time to prevent the xbox brand for existing is the best thing someone could do. Gaming would be much better without the xbox brand. #2.3
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I can tell you it's not gonna be a WiiU Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, simply because Natsume don't make the games, they localize them and since those haven't been announced by the actual developer, it can't be it.

I wouldn't mind a PS4 or WiiU Harvest Moon or RF. #3.1
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Maybe if it was 75%, but 40% is still too low for me to even think about buying it. #8
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It won't take back North America.

Also North America isn't as important as winning worldwide. #9
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The new harvest moon on 3ds is coming stateside. That's either the announcement or it's coming at E3.

It's certain it will be localized. #2
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I'd rather have that single player DLC. Single player is the best part of that game, the multiplayer isn't very good at all. #6
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This isn't a surprise. No one is expecting 2014 anymore.

2015 is the safest bet, the game is almost done and apparently, voice casting for the english version is underway.

We're close, but not 2014 close. 2015 is logical and very realistic. 2014 would only be possible in japan.

Also, don't kid yourself, this will be at E3 with more infos than last year. It could also very much release before the end of fiscal year 2014 (it could r... #2
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I'd love for Nintendo to do this too. Made a spelling mistake when I created Nintendo Network ID and all games you buy digitally are tied to it and the NNID is tied to your console. #20
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Sony own the rights to FF7 as they published it worldwide when it was released on PS1. Before you bring something like Mass Effect into this argument, stop. Mass Effect was a port, this is a remake. You can't just remake something without the consent of the original parties involved. So FFVII will be exclusive to PS4 if remade (or vita). #12
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I can't wait till they show the actual new Rainbow Road from Special Cup. #5
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It's definitely not happening until 4k TVs can be afforded by the general population. #12
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If it was decided with better software, the PS4 would still win. #2
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I will still enjoy the JP version with translation patch. The JP version get more updates and they get them a lot earlier too. #22
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Sucker Punch said the reason you can't skip cutscenes is because they serves as a loading screen. In other words, everything is loading while there is a cutscene. #22
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A list trying to make the ps3 look bad, but most titles on it are multiplatform, so it doesn't work. #9
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If that article is right, this basically confirm titanfall 2 for PS3/PS4, or at least PS4. #1.1.14
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It's illegal, but like music or movies, no one cares, they do it anyway. Beside, if you use those for personal use, no one is coming after you. #13
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I wouldn't worry about not finding this in stores. There will probably be way more than enough copies out there for everyone. You probably don't need to preorder, just walk in a store and it will be there. #2
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Because Infamous is PS4 exclusive, while Titanfall is releasing on 3 platforms.

Also, most people wouldn't spend 500$ for one game, so they'd either get it on PC or 360.

Also, the preorders for Infamous are higher than Titanfall's X1 preorders. Also, pretty sure infamous PS4 bundle is outselling the Titanfall X1 bundle as well. #1.1.5
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Just keep them plugged all the time, it's simpler and that way, you can't complain about battery life. #9
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