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The PS4 will still outsell the Xbox One even once Halo hits.

Sony is likely to announce at least 4-5 games that will release between June and December at E3. Sony still has a lot of surprises, while we pretty much know everything Microsoft has to offer in 2015 and at the beginning of 2016 (what they will announce at E3 is likely coming 2016 and beyond).

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Pretty sure this is nothing but a rumor at the moment and it's probably fake.

The fact there is no other sources and no one else talking about it means it's fake.

Just a site who want more hits.

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Probably some mobile or web browser game. I've been burned too much in the past to have any shred of expectations.

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The only one that even interest me is Rise of the tomb raider and that's coming to PS4/PC at some point.

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If you love Hyperdimension Neptunia, Fairy Fencer F and Mugen Souls, you would love this.

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If that price cut come to north america (I don't doubt that it will) I am definitely buying it. Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts R and Sword Art Online are just 3 of the games I wanna play on TV.

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Sadly, this is just for UK Playstation TV. Guess I will wait till US get its own price cut to buy one.

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Author is mad he will never play Bloodborne.

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I would say it won't because they're not entirely the same genre, Toukiden is a monster hunter type of game.

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To tell you the truth, I got the platinum trophy and deleted this from my HDD. Game is good, but once you got through it once, I don't see any replayability at all.

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And yet you used that freedom to make Kinect games and pretty much ruin banjo Kazooie franchise with nuts and bolt.

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You don't need to preorder to get the FFXV demo. There is actually no preorder bonus here.

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I don't see why not, it sold incredibly well.

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Except that Microsoft doesn't even have quality.

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Doesn't bother me, Lilith was so ugly, every scenes she was in, I could barely look at it without wanting to gauge my eyes out.

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Won't make a dent in the west? Sorry, but it would definitely sell more on PS4. I wouldn't be surprised if they remade the first game on PS4 as well.

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It doesn't matter, it's still there. Indie devs will go to PS4 first because of it.

However, even without it, the PS4 fanbase being better means indies would still look at the PS4 first.

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Because the PS3 was hard to develop for and devs were actually lazy.

If you actually look at the exclusives, the PS3 was superior in every way.

Blame laziness, otherwise even multiplats would have looked better on PS3.

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Outselling a console that is almost 10 years old is not success.

While we're at it, the vita is a colossal success has it sold more than the PS2 did last week (which is discontinued).

Now if the WiiU had outsold the PS3 if you take the numbers of the PS3 in february 2 years its release, maybe.

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High profile indie game on PS4, which means it's gonna be free on PS Plus sooner or later (probably in a few months). Not gonna be fooled like when I bought Transistor, I will just wait for the free version.

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