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If J-Stars Victory is already on sale, I will wait a little more for an even better sale, because the price will drop fast. Also might tell the game is doing poorly.

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It's Europe only for now, not on NA PS Store.

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Bahamut, Odin, Shiva and Alexander are the only ones on that list who even have a chance.

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I'd rather keep my GTX 770 than buy a 950 or 960.

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They won't release it at all on any platform. The PC version they announced in 2012 is vaporware, not gonna release here after all.

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I don't understand why they don't make Sonic Adventure 3 by keeping the formula from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

Also, a Skies of arcadia HD remake (yes, remake, not remaster) or a sequel would be nice.

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IMO, if you're in high end gaming, only the 970 or above are worth it. 960 is just too weak and so is the 950.

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If the dog can be killed or he dies at the end, no buy.

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They might in the US, but Sony will gain everything back and even make the gap bigger before the next holidays. Worldwide, they won't make a dent in Sony's lead.

Also, PS4 is leading by more than 10 millions units worldwide. More like 12 millions. PS4 also has more global sales than the Xbox One and Wii U combined, it actually has more than 50% of the market share.

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He sold it before, I don't see what the big deal is.

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No it's not up for preorder. It was when store went up for 10 minutes at 49.99 USD and CAD, but they took it down likely for pricing error and it hasn't come back up.

If you grabbed it for 49.99$, it's yours, but if you haven't, you will likely have to pay more if they put it back up for more.

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What happened to the Ghost's lines before the expansion? Do they redo those and replace them with Nolan North's voice?

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I do think that they planned for two expansions, it's what I read when the game was released.

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2 minutes to load bloodborne? Your PS4 must be defective, it takes 20-30 seconds to load for me (without any patches since I wanted to dupe materials to get all weapon to +10).

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I hope this get a release date.

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It took 10 years for the PS2 to sell 155 millions.

Also, the PS4 is at 25.3 millions right now, not 23 millions.

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Some people can't even believe FF15 and KH3 are coming 2016 (FF15 is definitely releasing in 2016 though), so there is no way FF7R is coming out in 2016.

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That's if you base this with Sony's last numbers. They're probably at 26 millions by now.

In the beginning of March, they were at 20.2 millions, in the end of April, they were at 22.9. Now more then 3 months later if they kept the pace, that's likely 26 millions or very close.

Also, those aren't official numbers by Microsoft. VGchartz is known for overestimating Xbox One numbers and underestimating PS4 numbers.

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They lose 300k during holidays but wins 400k-500k during the rest of the year.

Microsoft are playing a game of cat and mouse they can't win. They get a boost during the holiday, but whatever they took from Sony, Sony take it back and also take more during the rest of the year.

Microsoft are then left further behind before the holiday season then they were before the last holiday season.

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In Canada, it's 74.99$ on PSN, which I find too expensive. I will wait for a decent sale to play those games again.

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