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The only reason they announced FF15 and KH3 on X1 was because they were announced at E3 2013 before both consoles came out and they thought the X1 would be winning (I have no idea why they would think that).

Now, they see that the PS4 is stomping everything and that the X1 isn't doing as well as they planned, Square-Enix pretty much abandonned the X1 for anything japanese related except for FF15 and KH3 because they can't go back after spending the money on a port. <...

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PS5. Sorry, but Playstation is a much stronger brand.

The only way Microsoft could do decent is if Sony releases the PS5 a year later AND at a higher price point. Both of these conditions must happen for Sony to lose. One of them only and PS5 still stomp on that new Xbox.

However, Sony won't make the same mistake as with the PS3 ever again. Even then, they still managed to end up in second place in the end.

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I am not sure I trust in Nomura anymore after Vs13/15. It's probably gonna be 10 years in development before this come out.

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I hope we don't wait months for this game. What SE is doing with FF15 and releasing it worldwide simultaneously should become a standard for them.

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As much as I love Persona 5, if FFXV releases on the same day, it's gonna stomp all over Persona. In fact, Persona could not be there and the result would be the same. Final Fantasy is a lot more popular and Persona is a little too niche.

There is also the fact that FF15 will release worldwide simultaneously while Persona 5 will only release in Japan. You're delusional if you think you will play this before 2017 without importing.

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Looks good and all, but we're likely not gonna see this released in the west, considering the original wasn't.

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I never said it was dead and people who claimed so were wrong. However, Sony won't develop AAA retail exclusives for it. That thing is a 3rd party platform from now on.

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There is nothing Nintendo can do. Emulators are not illegal, Nintendo have no case here.

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I don't even know why they're releasing the PS3/360 version at all.

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Home console and portable consoles are basically different markets.

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It's already happening, but no specific date has been given. Was delayed from February 25th to March 31st in Japan, so unless they're working on localization to release it close to Japan release date, we have quite a while to wait.

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Includes the content of the original, but 2 new routes as well, 6 members party. With new routes come more characters, more furies and everything.

Of course the game has updated visual and framerate. Looking at the youtube videos, it's a nice visual upgrade.

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I will be playing MP 5 minutes once the game come out just to get the 2-3 easy trophies they usually put in the game, then never again.

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They alienated the gamers, now they're also making other developers angry. It's like they want everyone to hate them.

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@JasonKCK you should take a closer look at most PS3 exclusives who looks better.

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How is it exploiting, they literally sent a message to every PS2 and Xbox 360 users about this. If people don't cancel, it's their problems. They'd only be exploiting if they didn't warn you about this and continue to charge you anyway.

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I don't think you understand. It's a marketing ploy, because the game is getting a lot of attention because of it. Then while everyone is talking about it, they will reveal they are localizing it after all (they probably had that intention all along).

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If anything, Microsoft saw their patent and decided to do it and beat them to the punch.

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They have every intentions to localize it for NA and Europe. This is obviously a big marketing ploy. The game never had more attention than it does right now. If they weren't doing this, literally no one would be talking about it.

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All I want is the expansion, not interested one bit in what else the season pass has to offer. However, I might as well buy the season pass because the price at the moment is the same as what the expansion is gonna cost.

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