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Not to mention a lot of people have constant crashes making the game unplayable.

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Amaterasu in Okami is a wolf and Link also turns into a wolf in TP.

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No, the problem is that they wanted some regulation on the mod, but Bethesda just want the mod system to have no regulation and allow everything.

I don't see the points of mods on console. The only mods that are worth it are the graphic/texture mods and those would only be possible on PC.

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All I am missing is the GTX 1080.

I also love when games claim to require an i7 to max at 4K, when most i5 can do the same (and they're much cheaper).

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The problem with Nintendo is that they know they're doing things wrong, like Star Fox Zero with its horrible controls and Paper Mario Color Splash not being a proper jrpg like PM64 and PM The thousand year door. Yet they obviously don't care. After that, they blame us for the terrible sales, even though they knew they were wrong. Then they keep doing it again.

People don't want your lame innovation Nintendo, which is why the Wii U didn't sell. If people want...

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@zb1ftw777 "The PS4 is loaded with jrpgs, rpgs, failed exclusives and indies, which is what the author is moaning about. "

I think Microsoft are the ones with the failed exclusives. Except Halo, all their other games struggle to sell 1 million. Meanwhile even the Order 1886 did it without any problem. The PS4 has better exclusives and more diversity in them.

JRPGs, RPGs and indies. What's wrong with diversity? It's one of the reason why ...

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No it wasn't, it was delayed because the game needed a delay to run better. They did say recently that they're not focusing on pro mode and they're using the time to make PS4 and Xbox One versions run better.

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They praised the last Nintendo consoles as well, but quickly ran away when sales were terrible. I don't see how this is going to be different.

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Seriously, they probably made a video after putting the settings of the PC version to match the Xbox One version and then claim the graphics are identical.

Sorry, but the PC version is definitely gonna be superior. Even a video card with 2GB memory can run this better than the Xbox One or Xbox One S.

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With God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 Rage Burst released here not long ago, I would be extremely surprised if the new God Eater isn't released in the west as well.

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Too late, preordered for 29$ CAD during E3 week.

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I can tell you FF15 won't. The framerate will be the same. It's gonna have more foliage and better draw distance though.

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"The best MS can do is setup the Xbox to be number one next gen. "

They're not gonna be number one next gen either. Xbox is never gonna be number one period.

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I stopped reading at Neogaf user. Neogaf is garbage and worst than even 4chan.

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The smart move would be to fire Randy Pitchford and replace him. No offense, but he is ruining this company down ... plus he is kind of a dick.

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30 to 40 seconds is still pretty bad.

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It doesn't matter, they're releasing a year earlier and at a lower price point, Sony won that battle as well.

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Scorpio is one year late and gonna be premium product, so more expensive. It's dead on arrival and it will be buried right next to those steam machines.

Microsoft lost this gen and I am pretty sure they will never win again in any upcoming gens.

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Microsoft keep saying they have great games, yet if they're so great, why is nobody buying them?

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Persona 5 probably, however FFXV is definitely gonna destroy it in term of sales.

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