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The demo is coming out on March 17th 2015 with FF type-0 HD. No way this isn't coming out a few months later if there is a demo. #4
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Sales were terrible for FF13. The entire trilogy sold 11 millions. Three games together barely sold as much as the previous entries, which were only one game. #1.2.5
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People don't realize that the demo will be available to everyone next week? #14
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I can already tell you September belongs to Sony too. In fact, September will see Sony completely destroying the Xbox One due to the white destiny bundle. #11
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This has been going around for days, but this is just a rumor really. The source isn't Microsoft or Mojang and neither has said anything, so this is likely fake.

Considering Minecraft, the only successful game they made is multiplatform, there is no reason to spend 2 billions on this, so it's not happening.

Beside, why sell for 2 billions when you can make a lot more by yourself (Minecraft probably made more moneys than that already). #6
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Didn't the creator of Minecraft refuse a job at Valve when he made minecraft? Pretty sure he isn't gonna want to sell it to Microsoft either.

It's either 2 billions from Microsoft or possibly a lot more that can be made from minecraft. #25
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"That basically says it all. Basically saying the X1 is only good for exclusives or early DLC."

Even for that, it's not good. #1.1.19
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Well, servers aren't even online, so no one can play it, not even reviewers. #6
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PS4 would be the logical choice considering it's the best selling out of all three, especially if you plan to release it in North America and Europe. #5.1
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PSN was fine during the beta. In fact, it's Xbox Live that crashed.

Don't assume PSN or XBL will work on launch day. When has a big multiplayer game like this launched and servers held up?

Diablo 3, battle.net crashed, SimCity servers went to hell too, even FFXIV had tons of problems at launch.

This game will have problems too. The stress test they did with the beta doesn't really mean much considering a lot more people will actua... #3.4
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They already found a fix for it. #2
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No Mario Party 10? It's suppose to be coming in 2014 or 2015. #5
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Pretty sure the chances of Destiny coming to PC are incredibly slim, considering Bungie's track record. #1.1.2
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The first one was. They waited till the expansion and complete version was released first to release it here.

I think it's why there was no word of GE2 localization so far ... because they knew this was coming and they didn't see any point in doing an incomplete version. #6.1
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They can't, Sony published the original.

Unlike a port, a remake can't happen unless everyone part of the original one gives the okay. So Sony being the publisher actually means they have a say in a remake(especially since they published it in all territories), which they won't agree with unless it's exclusive.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix almost never happened because whoever owns the Tarzan license didn't want it to happen at first.
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Too bad no one in Japan is even gonna care. #4
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80% is likely because of the fact the psp localization was completed and ready to release. The 20% is likely just upgrading it to HD. #11
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I think I will wait for console ports. This is the kind of games tailored to consoles, not PC. #5
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This is something that should be done in like 30 years. Today, Internet connections aren't reliable enough. Plus, too many people have a monthly bandwidth or their connection is too slow. Hell, a lot of people don't even have an Internet connection. #12
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It's not published by Microsoft. Crystal Dynamics is developing it and Square-Enix is publishing it. Microsoft just threw some money around.

Square-Enix wasn't satisfied with the sales of the first one and it was on PS3/360/PC, with each of those platforms having a bigger install base than all 3 current-gen consoles combined at the moment.

As soon the deal is up, it's coming to PS4 and PC. Hell, PS4 and PC version are probably being developed at t... #5.1.2
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