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So the game is ready but they want to include the day 1 patch on disc? So to catter to the minority with no Internet, you punish the majority with decent Internet. This is the stupidest reason ever.

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Because the wait was this long already, we should get the game already.

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Those docs were likely months old when they were leaked and the specs were from old development kits. They likely changed a lot since then.

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Bandai Namco who publish the game in Australia are saying the release date is still September 30th.

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Rumor from an unknown site no one knows about with no pictures and only one source.

No Man's Sky had pictures of the sticker and had more than one person claiming for a delay.

This seems Gamnesia is just trying to generate clicks with a false rumor.

I know delays are a thing, but I seriously doubt Square-Enix would have gone ahead with Uncovered event and spending all the money on marketing if they weren't 100% sure they wouldn&...

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There is a reason why they changed gravity rush franchise from vita to ps4: The Vita is a failure and almost no one gave a damn about it.

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I don't think it will release this year. The thing hasn't been announced yet and they need to do that before they take preorders. It's literally impossible for it to come out this year. Look at PSVR, was announced early this year, they started to take preorders at E3 and it's coming in October. Same for PS4, was announced in feb 2013, preorders started at E3 and it came out in November 2013. Neo will follow the same pattern.

Also, even if it could come out a...

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It wouldn't. PS Now isn't backward compatiblity, it's a mean to play ps3 games on ps4, but also other devices like TV and tablets.

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It's still a 8 year cycle, you just get a more powerful version of the same console in the middle. 3-4 years after the NEO comes out, the PS5 will come out and the cycle will begins anew.

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Except this isn't simply a slim version, so it's not gonna follow the same pattern.

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Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan and Leviathan are a given since they're classic summons that are almost in all FF.

Bahamut and Odin will probably be in there.

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I also bet the next tomb raider will be going back to be multiplatform like the first one.

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Two-Step verification is apparently on its way.

I hope the thing works on even older ios versions because all I have is an ipod touch 3g. If you're planning for this, don't leave people with older mobile devices out. FF14 authenticator and authenticator both work on old mobile devices.

Or at least, have Two-Step verification via email as well.

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The Wii was like catching lightning in a bottle. They will never be able to replicate that success in the home console department.

They caught lightning in a bottle in the mobile department again with Pokemon Go. However Pokemon Go is likely a one time wonder. Nintendo is not gonna be able to replicate this as well.

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That was Microsoft's only chance and they still ended up in last place because the PS3 outsold it worldwide every months the moment it released. The PS3 managed to grab second place in the end.

No matter what Microsoft do in the next generations, Sony will just beat them like they are with the PS4.

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No thanks, I got it for PC in a sale. My new GTX 1070 allow me to run this maxed at 1080p/60fps without any problems.

Also, if there is a third game, I don't think Microsoft will get a timed exclusivity this time around.

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Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle with the Wii. They've been trying again with the Wii U and now the NX. It's gonna fail miserably. The NX will definitely not match the base PS4 and Xbox One in term of powers.

Casuals are more interested in a quick game on their mobile phone, not a home video game console.

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There is a rumor at every events about this. I am not saying someone cried wolf way too many times, but yes they did.

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In 2016, if something doesn't have 8GB of ram at least, it's garbage.

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If it applies to casuals, it means it's cheap. This basically confirm everyone's suspicions that it's underpowered compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

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