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They said they will add a free DLC with 2 new levels and 5 extra skaters.

Once it gets that, get all its bugs fixed and the price drop, it could actually be worth buying.

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They say that, yet they're obviously already working on it.

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No, it will always be there, but will shrink significantly and because of that, Gamestop will eventually become the next Blockbuster and disappear.

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Even if physical media will be around forever, Gamestop will eventually go out of business as the market for it grow smaller. Remember blockbuster? Same thing will happen to gamestop.

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Super Meat Boy was confirmed months ago when it was announced that it would be a Plus title at launch and it launch October 6th.

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Not PS4 and X1 games, no yet.

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I don't think we will have to wait this long to play it. I am betting we will get it in Spring 2016.

SE have been pushing for western releases that are closer to the Japanese releases for quite a while.

Waiting 6 months or more for something made by SE is a thing from the past. Only Atlus pull this stuff now, so expect to play Persona 5 in 2017.

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“We’ve Always Really Loved the Xbox."

Not for long when you lose money on this game because it will barely sell.

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If they're gonna finish the series and not gonna continue, the ending shouldn't leave things hanging and have definite closure.

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No it won't, in fact it will do a lot better than the previous ones.

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I just wanna know if there is local coop and offline single player (they made it sound like everything was online).

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Only problem is that it has the Mobile UI.

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The only thing I wanna know is if there will be local coop. This will literally decide if I buy or not.

It's disturbing that we're 1 week till release and not a single info on this.

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Yes it is. It's the first four battles of episode 1. The 5th battle automatically takes you to the cutscene after and the demo ends.

What is nice about it, the save carry over to full game. So you can level your masteries and unlock classes and have them ready on release day.

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Wouldn't have had the time to tell you the truth. Persona 5 is going to be awesome, but I would have played Disgaea 5, Tales of Zesteria, Legend of Heroes ToCS and Dragon Quest Heroes first (and Legend of Heroes TitS SC if it come out in 2015 like they said).

Hell, Disgaea 5 will probably takes too much of my time, I won't be done with it for a while.

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I am actually pissed that it's not coming on console at the same time. Talk about being a jerk and ignoring the biggest market. Should have come on console simultaneously or earlier. Console market is bigger.

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The only two plausible games on that list are Hyrule Warriors 2 (because the first one was a massive success) and maybe, maybe Kid Icarus.

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The more footage I see of this game, the more I think it's ruined.

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At the end of june, they sold 25.3 millions. The PS4 had been out for like 19-20 months then (if you count November 2013, which wasn't a full month). The PS4 sell more than 1 million worldwide each month. Pretty sure they're nearing 28 millions 2 months later.

They will more than reach 30 millions by the end of 2015.

Sales will also increase as even more exclusives are gonna come out over the years and as it get more price drops.


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Except they are not gonna use any of those IPs ever again (they actually cancelled Silent Hills recently).

You can also forget about a new Suikoden entry as well, that series is definitely dead.

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