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Does still solve the overpriced 300$ console when the main competitor has more powerful console that has more to offer in every way.

Does it also solve the ridiculous price that has been put on controller and accessories, or the fact that like the WiiU, Nintendo is stupid and cheap to add an ethernet card for people who prefer the wired connection over the shitty and unreliable wifi.

Does it solve the scratching issues or the console failling and having g...

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And Ori and the blind forest isn't even exclusive to Xbox One, it can be played on PC.

Xbox One games on PC don't require something recent to run them with the same or better visuals and framerate than the Xbox One version. A 5 years old PC can get better resolution and framerate than the Xbox One version. You just need a top of the end PC if you want to max those games. There is really no need to buy a new PC if you just want to play the games unless what you have ...

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"The power advantage could be important for Nintendo as it looks to compete with the growing popularity of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets. "

Sorry, but the Wii casual audience would still rather by a phone or a tablet today rather than a console, which is why the Switch will not even come close to Wii numbers.

It also says average ipad, so the not average ones are not only better, but Apple release a product almost every year, which m...

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Newer games are cracked within a week now. Some older games aren't cracked because there is a huge backlog of games to crack and only one group doing it.

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That's not gonna happen. First of all, not enough people have fast, reliable and unlimited connections to make this work.

Second of all, they'd make more money by selling you the game physically along with a console.

Console hardware isn't going away anytime soon. There will be a PS5.

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Sorry, but everything Forza Horizon does, Need for speed hot pursuit, need for speed most wanted and need for speed rivals did a lot better and to top it off, they have cops.

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Seiken Densetsu 3 being included means there is 99.99% chance this won't be localized.

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An english version definitely won't happen, it was never released in the west. Unless they use the fan translation (which is definitely never gonna happen), it's not gonna happen.

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Funny how you conveniently left out GT1 to 4, which pretty much scored higher than Forza to do your stupid comparison.

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Wow, the people who said carts would be faster and have less loading times were full of it.

Guess the PS4 and X1 installing the game to the hard disk was the way to go, as the load times are better and discs are cheaper.

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PS Now is a streaming service and it's not like actually releasing your games on PC. There is also the fact you're gonna need to wait 2-3 years for them to add recent exclusives on it.

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Both the PS4 and Xbox One did better.

Launch numbers also means nothing if you can't keep it up.

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@kribwalker have fun waiting 2-3 years for newer games.

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-Weak consoles - opinion ... Not an opinion, it's actually very weak.
-overpriced - not really ... except it is seriously overpriced and not worth what they charge for it.

I don't care if it's portable, 300$ is way too much. At the moment, only Nintendo fanboys will buy it, just like the 3DS. The 3DS at launch barely sold past the initial batch because 250$ they were asking for it was too much.


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People need to stop talking about the Scorpio as if it was a new generation. It's not, it's the same thing as the PS4 pro, a mid-gen upgrade.

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That's the thing, the Xbox One is not holding its own against the PS4, it's getting crushed by it.

I believe at the end of the generation, the PS4 sales will be above the Switch+Xbox One sales combined at the very least. It's probably gonna be 2:1 the competition combined because if you think the PS4 is selling very well now, you should wait until its price drop to 199$ at some point, then it's likely gonna sell more.

The PS2 reached 150 m...

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No it won't, it will only play UWP games, which is like 0.1% or less of the games on PC. It obviously won't allow steam games and every other possible ways to play PC games on Xbox One.

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Sorry, but after I am done, I don't see myself touching this game ever again. I am playing on Wii U and when I get a switch, I will not buy this game.

Zelda OoT, Majora Mask, Wind Waker and TP, I see myself replaying. I also see myself replaying Minish cap and the oracles games, but definitely not Breath of the Wild.

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So what if the CIA is spying, that agency is a joke like all the others and all they can do is just that, spy. Plus the law claims they can't operate on US soil ... yet we all know they do.

Hope those losers are enjoying the million of dick pics every day they must be getting, because that's what the CIA is now ... people whose only purpose is to go through garbage.

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The only thing I would agree with is the hard drive. It should include something big and can be changed like the PS3 and PS4 allows you to.

The Switch and its meager 32GB of memory is inexcusable. Don't tell me I can buy an external hard drive, because I shouldn't have to do that. At 300$, the thing needed to have a 1TB HDD. It's 2017, not 2000.

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