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With this, Sword Art Online and Persona 5 all coming to PS4, the only thing left on PS3 for me is Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel.

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Kingdom Hearts III probably won't appear except as a small trailer. They already said the next big reveal would be at D23 expo.

FFXV won't appear at all and the next big info blow out will be at gamescom where they start promoting the full game (which means the release isn't that far off now)

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I will get one when we have the same kind of deal in Canada.

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I wished this would be current-gen only. The PS3 and 360 are gonna make this game looks worse than it could be.

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Same here, I am playing FC right now and I am halfway through. I have a feeling I will be pissed at the ending and want more soon.

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Sony or Nintendo are gonna win. Microsoft always overhype their conference and I always end up extremely disapointed.

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That's already over and they announced Tales of Bersteria there, but not Zestiria PS4. Probably because if it happens, that's exclusive to the west, so it would be at E3.

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I am wondering why this isn't coming out tomorrow, not like there is any work involved in making this.

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That's indie, doesn't count. If indies count, the PS4 simply destroy the Xbox One even further.

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What I hated was the huge amount of glitches. All their games are like this.

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Definitely wasn't, that collection is not handled by Naughty Dogs. Bluepoint games is making it.

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Sony doesn't have the rights to be petty and block your account if you get your money back from credit card company. Well, not with the lack of security anyway.

It's 2015 and you don't have email verification, double authentication or an authenticator. That's some pretty bad security there in my opinion.

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I am pretty sure at this point they want out of console gaming unlike what they claim and that they wanna burn all bridges doing it.

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Nice, get I will better performance with my GTX 770 in some games.

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The thing is, Sony published it in every regions on PS1. Back in PS1 and PS2 days, publishing meant you own the game. This isn't a port like Mass Effect where they just used a new publisher, this is a remake and everyone involved in the original needs to be in. Which means the game would be Sony exclusive.

This is the reason why FFX/X-2 is PS exclusive and KH1.5 and 2.5 are also PS exclusive.

Anything involving FF7-FF10 and KH1-2,BBS will be exclusive to...

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I'd say it's worth it if you don't have the PS3 or Vita version. If you do, why would you buy it a second time?

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The vita would be the one that needs a price cut to 99.99$ or 149.99$, as well as a 80% price cut on a memory card (seriously, the 64GB is still 90$, needs to be like 25$).

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I played Hollow fragments on Vita, can't wait to play it again this summer.

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I just hope that if they ever make a successor to the vita, that they ditch the overpriced proprietary memory cards this time and go for SD/miniSD/microSD.

90$ for a 32GB (at launch, now that's what 64GB cost) was way too expensive especially when you could get SD cards to less than 1/3 of that price. The vita card also offered nothing over the SD cards. Same speed, same size and the vita filesystem could have been on a SD card. The only thing that was different was the a...

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I'd rather buy it digitally.

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