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The reason it hasn't updated is because maintenance from monday is still going on.

Now, if you want a bad launch, remember Gravity Rush. Store updated Wednesday early morning and there wasn't even maintenance.

Can't wait to see when Soul Sacrifice actually hit in 2 weeks, it's probably gonna be worst than Gravity Rush and then all hell will break loose on PS blog. #29
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We're in April and a game they haven't even announced yet is supposed to release in November? Not likely at all, especially since it took them forever to release GT5. #11
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Sorry, but I don't like subscription based stuff. Obviously, I will go for the full purchase right from the start here. #2
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Not hopefully, it was already said it would launch this year. #1.1.2
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Sorry Microsoft, I want a gaming console, not a media hub. #9
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The fanbase is mostly on PS3, so they make tales games for that. It probably will be on PS4 next, so they will jump ship there one day.

What I am saying is that the PS4 is actually an upgrade and it will probably have a bigger fanbase than the wiiU.

If they want to make it on WiiU, they'd probably do it on PS3 instead, since the fanbase will always be better and the PS3 can do everything the WiiU can and will ever be able to do. #7
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Xbox Live is not the most reliable service, it's the same as PSN, the only difference is that people actually pay for it.

Whoever hacked PSN and took it down for a month could easily do the same with Xbox Live. Sony pissed the wrong people back then, Microsoft so far haven't (although this always-on business could have that effect). #10.3
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Technically, there is 4 games, if you count Xtreme, but I wouldn't say it's awesome.

You're right, I really wished they make Grandia 4 or something.

Played the first one after buying the PS1 classic recently and I had forgotten how awesome it was. #2.1
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Although Sleeping Dogs and Hitman Absolution mentioned in the article is Europe only. North America didn't get this. Well, not yet anyway, I expect it to happen in the future. #8
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I think it's speaking for Europe when it says April 17th. NA demo release is April 16th, it's confirmed by PS Blog. #10
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PS4 games are gonna be 1080p@60fps, not 1080p@30fps.

The only game so far at 1080p@30fps is thief and that's because the devs said that only 30fps was necessary. So 60fps could be done if they wanted. #5.1.3
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Can't believe they released this turd at all. #1.1
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There was as much violence before videogames existed than there is now.

There was shooting in schools dating as far back as the 1800s and the 1700s. Guess what, not only there was no videogames back then, but there was no electricity.

Violence like that was there before videogames existed and is gonna be there long after videogames stop to exist.

The guy was gonna snap eventually without videogames, he had problems.

Also, I a... #3
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It's not the cause, just like any other FW before wasn't the cause of any of those problems, just like a game isn't a cause of a ps3 dying or freezing.

People just tend to blame this on a the new firmware because by pure coincidence, they updated just before their ps3 died or they blame a game for their ps3 dying, which of course is also pure coincidence.

I remember when people blamed FF13, L.A Noire or other games for their ps3 dying when really,... #6
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Titan is so not worth that price point. Might as well get 2* GTX680 (4gb) or 2* GTX690. #4
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I liked Tomb Raider back in the days. In my opinion, they shouldn't have tried to revive it, it should have stayed buried, where its memory was good. #15
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Just get an emulator already, we're in 2013. #3
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Europe has it awesome for PS Plus.

Sony of America seriously need to try and get all those nice titles. #2
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By not doing as good as before, Sony lead Microsoft in a false sense of security, just so they can crush them right after. #14
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No Microsoft doesn't know what they're doing. If they were, they wouldn't focus on Kinect this much and abandon core gamers. It's what they're doing right now.

They won't be able to keep the market they took from Sony this gen. Sony is gonna take everything back and some more. #1.1.7
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