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"Nothing is stopping Xbox doing the same thing in a few generations. "

Wrong. Playstation will always be a stronger brand than Xbox. They won't do the same mistake as they did with the PS3 ever again.

Let's be realistic, even if the Xbox One terrible announcement didn't happen, the PS4 would still be beating the crap out of the Xbox One with almost identical numbers (the Xbox One might have an extra million in sale if they were lucky).

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Can't play it on PS4, but I can still play it on PS3 because I was smart and kept my consoles from last gen.

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You can probably expect a new need for speed soon, they release them almost yearly now (I said almost, not always the case).

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The last thing the industry need is Gamestop becoming a publisher.

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10 and 10-2 aren't on PC either.

I assume 15 will come out on PC, but likely a year later or so.

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Nintendo is also charging taxes on eshop, which they are technically not allowed to do unless they have a physical location in the state or province they are charging taxes.

However, it's easy to go around that if you set your state to alaska or change your province to alberta.

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This is why I will never go in the dark zone. Why would I go there if some random guy can kill me and steal all my stuff that took hours to farm?

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The wolf link amiibo only allow you to enter a challenge dungeon that add literally nothing to the base game. You will not miss anything by not getting it.

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A 970 is enough to max this at 1080p/60fps. In fact it's enough for any games at 1080p.

980 Ti is overkill unless you go 1440p or 4K.

I have a 770 here and I am waiting on those pascal video cards to upgrade, since they seem to be far superior to the 980 Ti.

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Plus if you played the ugly wii upscaled version, you'd have to deal with the terrible wiimote controls.

I think I will buy the new version and use pro controller, thank you.

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This is why I never feel guilty hacking my event legendaries. Stop making us go to some stupid store or restaurant when you can just put them via wireless.

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The Wii appealed to the very casual people. My grandfather bought one for Wii Fit.

Nintendo will never be able to recapture that, not with the kind of controller the Wii U had.

They need to go back to a normal controller in my opinion.

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Actually, they said it was under consideration.

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No one except Nintendo actually knows anything.

There is no confirmed dev kits out there, it's basically just a rumor.

When Square-Enix announced Dragon Quest 11 on PS4 and 3DS, there is a reason they said they would consider it on the NX... they don't know what the thing is yet.

Releasing it this soon is incredibly stupid anyway, it would doom it from the start. The Wii started a terrible cycle where Nintendo is always one generation...

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You will likely never get a 60fps console. Developers will always prioritize visuals over framerate.

Even if the PS4 and X1 were to be a lot more powerful and capable of handling such thing, devs would rather make the game better looking.

Higher framerate is gonna be a luxury only PC will have.

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Half-Life 3 doesn't even exist. It's not even confirmed to be in development to begin with. It's pretty obvious it's never gonna happen at this point.

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No, because of 2 reasons.

1) It's likely gonna be underpowered compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

2) The most obvious reason is that it's not gonna come out in 2016. There isn't any confirmed Dev kits out there since all the sources that claim there is are unreliable at best.

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Sorry, but Skyward sword would have been possible with a normal controller, so saying it's impossible without the Wii is wrong. In fact, the Gamecube could have gotten this game, since the difference between the Wii and Gamecube is very negligible.

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"The consoles work on a five to seven year strategy, that's the lifetime for these consoles"

This was true for the PS2 and before, but the lifespan of the PS3, 360 and Wii is what's gonna be standard from now on.

Games takes longer to make than they did a decade or two ago, so you can't have a console out for just 5 years before releasing something else.

Also it wouldn't work now because people don't want to pay ...

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If it's on par with the PS4 and X1, it's too late to the party for third party to care.

If it's more powerful, third party won't care either because Sony and Microsoft next-gen consoles will also be around the corner and a lot more powerful, therefore no point in making a game for the NX when you can get a headstart on PS5.

If it's less powerful, than it might as well not exist at all.

Nintendo screwed themselves the momen...

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