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It's a GBA game. Unless Nintendo decide to remake it for a newer platform, it's not gonna happen no matter who ask for it.

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Microsoft have been charging this much from the beginning and people were okay with it. Now Sony raise the prices to match up Microsoft's prices and it's not okay? All I see is hypocrites saying it's ok for Microsoft to do something, but not Sony?

If anything, this is Microsoft's fault for starting this with Xbox Live in the first place. We would likely not be paying for online if it wasn't for them.

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All the PS4 need to read CDs is a firmware update. The laser for CD is in there, it's listed in the safety manual.

The software to read CDs is just not there, but the hardware definitely is.

Not that it matters, because PSOne classics likely means the ones we got on PSN for PS3/Vita/PSP, not actual disc backward compatibility.

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A guy I know was charged for the beta for doing that. He called the credit card company and reported that charge as fraudulent, he got his money back instantly and gave BestBuy the middle finger. Nothing preventing anymore from doing that.

I suggest ignoring BestBuy from now on and use amazon anyway, they're superior in every ways and don't do this scummy thing.

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Definitely buying it during steam christmas sale. WIll definitely have improved the game further by then. It's very glitchy at the moment it seems.

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Most of the ones that will be able to tell the difference won't be able to see the differences between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X graphics, so they will go with either cheapest option there as well.

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GTA V is on 5 platforms (PS3, PS4, 360, X1, PC). Meanwhile, RDR2 will be on 2 platforms (PS4, X1) and possibly another in the future (PC might happen). There is no way it could sell as much as GTA V.

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It seems you didn't read the title, it says remaster, not remake.

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You could just call your bank and report a fraudulent charge like someone I know did. He got his 20$ back almost instantly.

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It takes a GTX 1080 Ti which is about 12 TFLOPS for reliable 4K at 60fps. I can't believe people where delusional enough to think Xbox One X with its pathetic 6 TFLOPS could even do 4k/30fps natively.

Enjoy your checkboard 4K, the people who bought PS4 Pro will enjoy games that look and perform the same while having payed $100 less.

Pretty sure the 4K generation is only begin in 2019-2020 when Sony release the PS5 (they will win next gen too). A 12TFL...

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No, the Xbox One X version will be checkboard 4K like that PS4 Pro and they will basically be identical. Expect the majority of third party games to be checkboard 4K on Xbox One X and look identical to ps4 pro as well.

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Reality is most multiplatform games will look exactly the same on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Assassin Creed Origins and others are already confirmed to be used 4K checkboard resolution like the Pro and not native.

If you want for a real native 4K gaming machine, wait for a PS5, because a $399.99 PS5 with 12 TFLOPS is definitely possible by then. Yeah you think I am delusional, but I am not, the GTX 1080 Ti can do 12 TFLOPS already and in 2-3 years, that card will already ...

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700 cars ... yet I will only use like 5-10 of them as usual.

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4TB is more than enough. Even 2TB is enough but you might need to delete stuff eventually. I should have gotten 2TB when PS4 came out instead of 1TB, because with 1TB, I really have to delete stuff often.

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They did it with both the Wii and the Wii U too, except it wasn't on purpose with the Wii.

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Sorry, developers should be able to make the games they want even if the casuals can't get through. Part of the appeal about the Soul series is the difficulty. Now that I think about it, if they were to make it easy, the game would be kind of bad.

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No, the competition is just between Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft are just there because they didn't want them to take the whole living room and it shows.

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Sony and Nintendo leaving would create a shitstorm the industry would never recover from.

Microsoft are the ones that can go away and no one would care. They literally brought nothing to the industry except bad things like paid online and stuff like that. In fact, the industry would be much better if they had never came up with Xbox.

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12 TFLOPS for $399.99 in 2019-2020 is very much possible. The GTX 1080 Ti that is out now already does 12 TFLOPS. Right now, that card is super powerful, but in 2019, it's already gonna be ancient and basically junk.

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1) Games
2) Price
3) VR

Third party games will look exactly the same and perform the same on both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, so this comes back to option 2 because people will pay $100 less for the same thing. Things like Assassin Creed Origins and others are already confirmed to use checkboard 4K like the PS4 Pro, so yes, games will be exactly the same on both. Even if they aren't, 95% of the consumers won't be able to tell the difference, so they wi...

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