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I can tell you FF15 won't. The framerate will be the same. It's gonna have more foliage and better draw distance though.

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"The best MS can do is setup the Xbox to be number one next gen. "

They're not gonna be number one next gen either. Xbox is never gonna be number one period.

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I stopped reading at Neogaf user. Neogaf is garbage and worst than even 4chan.

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The smart move would be to fire Randy Pitchford and replace him. No offense, but he is ruining this company down ... plus he is kind of a dick.

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30 to 40 seconds is still pretty bad.

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It doesn't matter, they're releasing a year earlier and at a lower price point, Sony won that battle as well.

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Scorpio is one year late and gonna be premium product, so more expensive. It's dead on arrival and it will be buried right next to those steam machines.

Microsoft lost this gen and I am pretty sure they will never win again in any upcoming gens.

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Microsoft keep saying they have great games, yet if they're so great, why is nobody buying them?

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Persona 5 probably, however FFXV is definitely gonna destroy it in term of sales.

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Because unless it's a spinoff, Mario doesn't try to reinvent the wheel every time, you either have 2D or 3D mario.

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Paper Mario strayed away from its roots after the thousand years door, which is why they call it a gimmick. They need to go back to Paper Mario 64 and Thousand Years Door rpg system instead of the things they're doing with Sticker Star and Color Splash.

Soon, the thing will become as bad as Mario Party has become.

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The specs will likely be a little higher because the leaked specs were from a dev kit and not the final product. The final product almost always have more power. Look at the PS4 and Xbox One, their devs kits had 4GB of ddr3 ram. Both were upgraded to 8GB for the final product and Sony even suprised everyone with gddr5.

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No, likely free for people who pre-order and the rest will never get it. SSJ4 Vegeta in Xenoverse was free for those who pre-ordered and it was never released as DLC. Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 has Boruto and Sarada as pre-order exclusives that will never be released.

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This is why I believe the thing isn't coming out till 2017. If it was coming out this year like so many people seems to believe based on no reasons, something concrete about the console itself would have been leaked by now.

All we got for now is some docs leaked in april that were already old and some random dude on the Internet trying to pass for a Foxconn employee trying to troll everyone with a fake sketch.

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I will wait until Modern Warfare Remastered is inevitably sold separately on PSN.

This is clearly a way to milk as much money out of the legacy editions as they can. They did that before with preorder content or preorder dlc and they always ended up on the store later for a price. This will be the same, 100% certain. I'd bet anything on it.

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You have to buy IW to get MWR ... for now. This is obviously gonna be standalone at some point.

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I loved Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted and Rivals. I hope the next game is like them and not like NFS 2015. I didn't hate the new one, but the other ones were far better.

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Andrew House at E3 said the thing was in development (not production, but development). He never said anything about it coming out this year, the only people that did are the people who base themselve on the april documents which were based on an old dev kit.

In fact, most sign point out to a 2017 release. Not announced yet, which means preorders haven't started (this isn't a slim where you can announce it and release a week later). PS4 was announced in February, pr...

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I really need to upgrade my 770 to a 1070 or 1080, it's really dated. Aside that, my i5 is gonna be fine for a long time (you don't need a i7 like people want to make you believe).

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