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I will be playing MP 5 minutes once the game come out just to get the 2-3 easy trophies they usually put in the game, then never again.

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They alienated the gamers, now they're also making other developers angry. It's like they want everyone to hate them.

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@JasonKCK you should take a closer look at most PS3 exclusives who looks better.

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How is it exploiting, they literally sent a message to every PS2 and Xbox 360 users about this. If people don't cancel, it's their problems. They'd only be exploiting if they didn't warn you about this and continue to charge you anyway.

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I don't think you understand. It's a marketing ploy, because the game is getting a lot of attention because of it. Then while everyone is talking about it, they will reveal they are localizing it after all (they probably had that intention all along).

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If anything, Microsoft saw their patent and decided to do it and beat them to the punch.

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They have every intentions to localize it for NA and Europe. This is obviously a big marketing ploy. The game never had more attention than it does right now. If they weren't doing this, literally no one would be talking about it.

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All I want is the expansion, not interested one bit in what else the season pass has to offer. However, I might as well buy the season pass because the price at the moment is the same as what the expansion is gonna cost.

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This is the kind of thing I wouldn't feel guilty to pirate.

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I picked up the crew wild run edition and didn't regret it one bit.

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This might be the game that has the most support for the entire generation so far.

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Keep saying that, even though the PS4 has more exclusives and better diversity in them.

That's a pretty diverse lineup they have for 2016.

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It's not, Sony published the original so they own the console exclusivity for FFVII and its remake. When they said on playstation first, they meant PC later.

If it could release on another console, Square-Enix would have already announced the steam port of FF7 for Xbox One as well, as it would be extremely easy to release it on X1, but they can't because Sony being the publisher, they can't release it and remake on another console than Sony's.


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The Wii U is doing badly if you consider the fact it's been out an extra year.

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If only they could go back to the Mario Party 1-8 system. Mario Party 9 and 10 are not like before and it's bad.

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To tell you the truth, next-gen will probably be a repeat of this one, PS5 will be more powerful and outsell the next xbox by a huge margin.

Xbox can't compete. They're only successful in USA while Sony is successful all over the world, including USA as well.

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No offense, but even if me playing would end hunger, poverty and war all over the world, I still wouldn't play this game ever again.

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I find it hilarious in the launcher, it tells me my WoW account is banned even though I never played WoW.

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Zelda is releasing in 2016, the NX isn't. Anyone who claims the NX is coming in 2016 are lying to themselves.

If they just got development kits, then it's not coming before holiday 2017 (you need developers to actually have time to make games you know).

Of course, that's assuming devs kits are out there. There is no credible sources that can verify this information, so dev kits are probably not in developer's hands.

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This game sold more than Forza 5, Forza 6 or Forza Horizon 2.

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