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That's the thing, the Xbox One is not holding its own against the PS4, it's getting crushed by it.

I believe at the end of the generation, the PS4 sales will be above the Switch+Xbox One sales combined at the very least. It's probably gonna be 2:1 the competition combined because if you think the PS4 is selling very well now, you should wait until its price drop to 199$ at some point, then it's likely gonna sell more.

The PS2 reached 150 m...

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No it won't, it will only play UWP games, which is like 0.1% or less of the games on PC. It obviously won't allow steam games and every other possible ways to play PC games on Xbox One.

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Sorry, but after I am done, I don't see myself touching this game ever again. I am playing on Wii U and when I get a switch, I will not buy this game.

Zelda OoT, Majora Mask, Wind Waker and TP, I see myself replaying. I also see myself replaying Minish cap and the oracles games, but definitely not Breath of the Wild.

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So what if the CIA is spying, that agency is a joke like all the others and all they can do is just that, spy. Plus the law claims they can't operate on US soil ... yet we all know they do.

Hope those losers are enjoying the million of dick pics every day they must be getting, because that's what the CIA is now ... people whose only purpose is to go through garbage.

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The only thing I would agree with is the hard drive. It should include something big and can be changed like the PS3 and PS4 allows you to.

The Switch and its meager 32GB of memory is inexcusable. Don't tell me I can buy an external hard drive, because I shouldn't have to do that. At 300$, the thing needed to have a 1TB HDD. It's 2017, not 2000.

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"Backwards compatibility shouldn’t be an added bonus. We bought their games on older consoles with our hard earned cash. We invested in their new console with cash that was equally hard earned."

Which means you can keep your older console you bought with your hard earned cash as well. It's like not gonna be a problem with PS5, as the console will likely use the x86-64 architecture like the PS4, so it will likely support PS4 games (give up on PS3, it's not ...

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How about they focus on VII first? It's already gonna take forever to come out, you don't need yet another game slowing down progress further.

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There is no way Xenoblade come out this year in the west. Fire Emblem Warriors is likely not gonna make it either.

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No, he is saying this is gonna flop like the steambox.


The GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 have more tflops than the Scorpio. Also, Microsoft can boast true 4K native resolution all they want, but they're lying since 6 tflops isn't enough for 4K even at 30fps.

Well, maybe if you put all settings to low and remove all anti-aliasing and other effects you could do it, but then you might as well play ...

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I hope it's Megaman X1-6.

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Look at recent comparison videos, both versions are identical. In fact, buying a Switch for this game is just plain stupid.

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Scorpio won't be able to do native 4K and if it does, it certainly won't be able to do it at Ultra or even high settings. You will get a mix of medium and low setting with almost no AA at best.

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they went with Sony first, but Sony wanted to own the IP. Insomniac didn't want to, so they went with Microsoft who let them own the IP.

Now the awesome thing is, with the first game released and Insomniac owning the IP, they can do whatever they want with it. They can release it multi platform or even make the second game and onward Sony exclusive if they want, or even Switch exclusive.

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Why can't tuesday come sooner?

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The reason the Wii succeeded is because all the casuals bought it. Nintendo says the Switch could sell as much as the Wii, but it really can't.

Today, casuals would rather buy a 600$ ipad or less expensive android tablet than to buy a switch.

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Sony published the original FF7, so it's not coming to another console ever. When they say play it first on PS4, it really means it's coming to PC later.

Other consoles will not get it.

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No, Sony still has some rights to the original 3 games, so the remake won't appear on another platform.

Same thing for FF7 Remake, Sony published the original everywhere, so PS4 console exclusive forever.

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Breath of Fire, Bloody Roar and Wild Arms should be revisited ... especially wild arms. A 6th wild arms would be awesome.

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“Xbox Is Having A Good Gen, Our Best Yet.”

Yet the Xbox One in its lifetime will barely sell half of what the 360 did ... and that's me being generous, it probably won't.

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This game looks even worse than Ark Survival Evolve.

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