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Well, in the case of this game, a toaster could run it at 4K/60fps, the game isn't very demanding.

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Third party games will look and run at the same framerate as the PS4 Pro version. Devs won't make any efforts.

So much for an extra 1.8 tflops, you won't even be able to tell the difference.

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Remember how Microsoft danced backstage when Sony announced the price of the PS3? Now Sony are definitely dancing and partying all day before their E3 conference.

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"Don't count Microsoft out yet."

Sorry but yes, you can count them out. Sony already won, there is no getting the upper hand. Pretty sure Microsoft will never win any generation again because the only way they can win is if Sony launch a year later and/or at a more expensive prize and Sony are never gonna do that again.

Sorry, but the Scorpio is not gonna be $399.99, they keep saying it's a premium product. Sony got the lesson when they ...

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No they didn't:

50% used BC since it was introduced, however what Microsoft doesn't tell you is that likely 90% of those 50% used it 1-2 hours to try it out and never touched again.

508 millions hours? Funny how Microsoft didn't give the total playtime played on xbox one since BC released. The total hours played is definitely in the billions and with 508 millions hours, Arstechnica's 1.5% was probably pretty accurate.


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If I wanted to know the games I will be able to play this year, I don't need to watch E3, I can just use google since we pretty much know most of the stuff we're gonna be able to play this year already.

Also, Microsoft does the same thing. Their games have either been cancelled outright or they're still unreleased. They pretty much won't have anything we don't know about this year and they're using the Scorpio to pad their conference that is lacking ...

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"He claims that 50% of all Xbox One owners have used backward compatibility at some point or the other"

90% of those 50% probably used it one hour or two and never touched it again, but Microsoft isn't gonna tell you that.

"And over 508 million hours have been clocked in cumulatively"

That's incredibly low if you consider the fact there have been billions of hours of total playtime on Xbox One since the relea...

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"So Sony is right in ignoring a free backward compatibility feature, but they are still right to charge for it? "

You are also free not to pay for it if that's what you want.

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Yeah, they said they've been using accounts from previous websites that were hacked since a lot of people are really dumb and use the same email and password everywhere.

If you use a unique email and password for PSN, then you're 100% safe unless you get phished.

They can't bruteforce your account because they need your email to login which they can only get via phishing or by using emails/passwords combos they got from another site that was b...

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Not if you compare the Switch to the PS4 and Xbox One. Both of them had stronger launches than the Switch.

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It will go down to $199.99 eventually.

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Both this and PS Now are terrible. You already pay for a subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Live, why the hell would you want to pay them even more money for another subscription? Seriously one day people are gonna be paying like 10 subscriptions from Sony or Microsoft and people will still bend over for more.

Also you can buy the game at a reduced price if you played it on xbox game pass? Why? I played it there, why would I need to buy something I just finished by playing it ...

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After playing Mario kart 8 Deluxe online, I understand why they're charging less than Sony and Microsoft: their online infrastructure is terrible. The amount of lag you get in this game is just horrible.

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Too early to say if the Switch is a success. The PS4 and Xbox One both had stronger launches. The Switch also have to keep its momentum, which we have no idea if it will be able to once supply isn't a problem anymore.

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Microsoft are never gonna make one.

As for Sony, it can't succeed unless they use SD or microSD cards. The PSP and Vita would have been a lot more successful and would have given Nintendo a run for their money if it wasn't for the fact you had to buy a super expensive proprietary memory card for them. Sales for the PSP and Vita (especially the Vita) would have been a lot higher if it was using SD cards.

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To me, them revealing the Scorpio at E3 is because they don't have much games and they need to fill a giant gaping hole in their conference.

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Yes you can. My PC is like 5 years old. The only bad thing in it is the GTX 770 2GB that I will change soon (replacing with a 1080 ti to run games maxed at 4K/60fps).

I bought Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 and I run them both with higher graphics option than the Xbox One with the same or better framerate.

For Forza Horizon 3, Xbox One is running with a mix of low and medium settings at 30fps. I run it at high at 30fps.

So yes you ...

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Production only ended in Japan. North America and Europe are still gonna receive shipments. It's far from dead.

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Every consoles sell well at the beginning. Both the PS4 and Xbox One had better launches than the switch and both were selling out their stock quickly once new shipments came in (especially the PS4).

However that doesn't matter if you can't keep that up when stock isn't a problem anymore. We'll find out if the Switch is really selling well once stock isn't an issue anymore. The Wii U was doing pretty well at first too, but there was a lot of stock, the s...

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