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It's not a console seller anyway. You definitely won't be hearing someone say: Oh PUBG is out, time to buy a xbox one.

The only reason it's not on PS4 yet is because Sony doesn't really like early access games. Pretty sure the developers probably went to Sony first and were shutdown because of that.

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They've been naming those games for the last 2 years.

Pretty bad lineup if you compare it to the PS4 who keep releasing exclusives non stop.

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"Why when most people this coming winter will be playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, Call fo Duty WWII and the new Asaasissins Creed? Might as well play them on the most powerful console unless you have a nice PC. "

A lot more people will play those on PS4.

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An increase in power won't happen until the PS5 in 2019 (or 2020, but they said the PS3 generation was too long and that lasted 7 years, so it's probably coming out after 6 years in 2019).

It's pretty obvious that another slimmer version of the PS4 will be release or a ps4 pro slim. Hell, they might even release both.

Xbox is just playing catch up now. It won't look so good when the PS5 come out in 2 years with 12 TFLOPS at $399.99. Yes, 1...

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People really should give up. The thing has never been in development to begin with.

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The problem is that the technology is decades too early. Too many problems, plus too many people have a data cap on their connection or their connection is too slow. Hell, so many people don't even have an Internet connection.

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Microsoft requires users who want to play Minecraft on PS4 or Switch to sign in with a xbox live user ID. It's the reason why Sony obviously said no. Only a complete idiot would agree with these conditions. It would give Microsoft more control and allow them access to some of Sony's data.

Nintendo only did it because they're desperate and just launched their consoles. If the Switch had sold more than Xbox One already, Nintendo would have told them to shove it.

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On a circuit, Flash would run a million laps before Sonic even came close to finishing his first one. The Flash is so much faster it's not even funny, Sonic might as well be standing still. They're in completely different leagues.

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I am pretty sure this was never meant to release in 2017 to begin with. There was never any possibility it would, it was always 2018 at the earliest.

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The only ones that don't believe it's dead on arrival are the hardcore Xbox fanboys. It is dead on arrival no matter what you believe.

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In another 2 years, in 2019, a PS5 with 12 tflops for 399.99 is definitely gonna be possible. The 1080 ti at the moment is 11.3 tflops and in 2019, this is already gonna be worthless trash. In fact, even GDDR5 memory in 2019 will be trash because cards with HBM2 memory will release before then. There is also gonna be at least 2 new series of cards by 2019, but likely 3 since I think they're releasing the successors for the 1070 and 1080 this year and they will both outperform the 1080 ti ...

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Except PS5 is coming in 2019 likely. The Pro is a midgen upgrade and came 3 years after the PS4, so another 3 years after the Pro is when the PS5 will come out, especially since they said the ps3 generation that lasted 7 years was too long.

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All I retain from this is that Nintendo aren't even good enough to make enough dev kits.

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Xbox One X doesn't have any exclusives and the third party games will either look the same on PS4 Pro or if they don't, most people won't tell the difference, so they will go with the cheaper option. That's for those who buy a Pro or a X1X, majority will still buy slim ps4s.

The market is too small for 4K at the moment. Sony is obviously gonna swoop in with the PS5 in 2019 or 2020 and win next gen because they will release first. Microsoft won't release ...

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That person really want to ruin their career.

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The 3DS had the same problem. $250 was too expensive, it stopped selling at some point and Nintendo lowered the price, made a public apology, then gave old games for free to ambassador members.

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Except in this case, there was no evidence he stream snipped at all. He shot someone and then the other guy heard it and killed him. Then he screamed stream sniper for no reason because he is a salty loser who can't accept he just sucks.

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I wanted Mega Man X1-6 collection, but instead Capcom is giving us Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (with MM7-10) that literally no one wanted.

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IMO, the only reason the 360 did so well last gen is because they launched first and it was less expensive. It's obvious that if the PS3 would have launched at the same time and the same price, the PS3 would have wrecked the 360 and the 360 would never have taken off. You can't make a come back when your brand has zero worldwide appeal and you were only successful because you launched first and cheaper.

There is also the fact that Microsoft literally abandoned the 3...

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It's a GBA game. Unless Nintendo decide to remake it for a newer platform, it's not gonna happen no matter who ask for it.

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