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Now just need an easter sale in North America.

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I think that promo only works for american region though. I do hope there is an easter sale in NA soon.

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Sadly, I played this on DS and I see no point in buying it again.

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I do hope they show what happened to him at the end of GoW3 and how he survived?

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I am certain that the PS4 had a better first year worldwide than the Switch. It also did it with US and Europe alone because Japan wasn't much help for the PS4 in its first year.

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It definitely can, the hype it will get as the successor to the PS4 will probably skyrocket the sales to even higher numbers than both PS4 and Switch.

Actually, it's a sure thing, but only if Sony make enough stock available at launch.

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PS4 BC is likely gonna happen because the PS5 will likely use the same architecture as the PS4. You can forget about PS3 BC, it's never gonna happen. It's anybody's guess for PS1 and PS2.

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What's hilarious is that Nintendo fanboys called the PS4 Portstation 4 when it was early in its life, but now the Switch is far worst with ports.

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Why do you think it's popular in Japan? It's because of the portable part. If this was like a normal console, Japan's numbers would be much lower.

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I heard the Paradise Island DLC never made it to PC. With this release, PC players finally get it.

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There is a higher chance that they're working on Demon's Soul remake and that has already pretty low chances to happen.

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You can be certain that Sony won't screw up like they did with the PS3 again. Which means they will beat Microsoft next gen.

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That's a very generous statement. It's also an insult to actual crap.

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And I can already tell you it won't be different next gen. The PS5 will win again.

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There aren't even any rumors about development kits because it's likely developers don't even have them, so we're at least 1 year away from an annoucement.

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No Microsoft didn't leave a good expression with the 360, the second half of the 360 lifespan's was almost completely void of exclusives while the PS3 just kept them coming. It's the exact same thing repeating right now. The PS5 is gonna win by an even bigger margin because Sony may have become a little more arrogant, but they still remember the mistake they made with the PS3, so they won't do it again. Plus, people know in advance Sony will bri...

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I doubt it means anything. They just have to announce the support will stop one year ahead, because if someone who only owns a PS3 or a Vita just happened to buy a year of PS Plus, I assume they'd be pissed if it ended soon and they didn't get their full year of subscription's worth. I assume Sony doesn't want to go through the hassle of refunding everyone in this situation.

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It wouldn't matter if violent video games would create violence, there is a rating system in place already. The problem is that there are far too many irresponsible parents who just buy whatever their kids want without looking at what they're actually buying.

I remember a few weeks after GTA5 came out on PS3 and 360, I was at Bestbuy. Some mother wanted to buy GTA 5 for her 10-11 years old son, who was right next to her. The store clerk simply refused to sell it bec...

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I disagree. The PS5 is likely gonna be the winner. It's likely gonna build on the success of the PS4 and do even better.

Xbox is the only one who isn't a threat to anyone anymore.

The Switch is competition to the other two, but at the same time, it's not because it's doing its own thing.

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If MS give Sony a one year headstart, then they also give them the victory. The PS3, even though it was released one year later, managed to catch up and outsell the 360 in the end because Playstation has worldwide appeal.

If the next Xbox launch 1 year later, they don't have worldwide appeal and they barely matter in USA anymore. It would be simply impossible for the Xbox brand, which is too insignificant, to catch up to Sony that wi...

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