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2019 is more likely. 2020 will put it at 7 years like the PS3 and Sony already said the PS3 era was a little too long.

There is also the fact the PS4 Pro is a midgen upgrade and it released 3 years after ps4. So add another 3 years, you get 2019.

Plus Sony said to expect a PS5, but not soon, so that leave 2018 out of the question.

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It's not like either of them can do native 4K reliably anyway, so the PS4 Pro would be the better choice because it has more games.

If you want a true 4K machine, both are wrong choices, just get a GTX 1080 Ti instead.

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Pretty sure my PC with a GTX 1080 Ti can run this better than the Xbox One X by a lot. Xbox One X is gonna be checkboard 4K/30fps with medium settings (probably), while I will run this at 4k/60fps with max settings.

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Those locations articles need to stop. GTA always happen in Liberty City, San Andreas or Vice City except in a very few occasions (like spinoffs). Since we got Liberty City in IV and San Andreas in V, we're getting Vice City in VI. Plus they can do the GTA VIce City title screen.

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For me, it's Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia, Graces F and Xillia in no particular order.

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Even though it's different, GT Sports will outsell Forza 7 without even trying.

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There is also a trophy for getting excalibur 2, which is also pretty ridiculous.

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“But we don’t want to take the entire series back to where it was just make people happy."

They did just that with Sonic Mania.

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Not impressive. With everyone calling this console a beast, I expected a lot more. Lots of compromises were needed to even get this to run at 4K/60fps. One example: The foliage is basically not there and the roads also need much work. Spectators are also made out of cardboard again and the background (except the sky) is also missing so much details.

Seems to me everything but the cars has been toned down to its minimum settings.

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I don't think cross play with PC is gonna be possible in this case. It's gonna be one of those games like ARK that will always be behind the PC version in term of content and update, so it's not gonna be possible because that would mean you have people playing with 2 different versions.

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The reason Sony is not doing it is because it's bad for them. Microsoft did the same thing last gen when they were ahead and they would definitely do the same thing again if they were winning this gen too.

Also, seems to me Sony wants to do crossplay, they just don't want to do it with Microsoft.

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Actually no it didn't. It also took Xbox One 6 months to sell 5 millions units worldwide and they did it without Japan's help (not that Xbox One can actually count on Japan to sell even now).

Meanwhile the PS4 was at more than 7 millions after 6 months and the PS4 came out in February 2014 in Japan, so for 2 months, there was no help from Japan.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One were also hard to find after 6 months like the S...

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I am pretty sure that's a lie made up by Xbox fanboys. The truth is, the Xbox One X on amazon isn't even remotely close to sell as much as the PS4 Pro sold in 2017 on amazon alone.

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No, the Switch really is the PS4's only competition. Xbox just doesn't matter anymore.

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Even with games, I am waiting for a second or third model with extra power or bigger size. You fooled me once with the 3DS Nintendo, you won't do it again !

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PUBG is popular on PC, but it's not gonna be a system seller for consoles. I am sorry, but you won't hear anyone saying they will buy any console for this game. This is mostly gonna sell to people who already have a Xbox One.

It's also coming to PS4, the only reason it isn't is because Sony rarely accept early access games. ARK eventually worked out somehow. I bet they tried to make a deal with Sony before Microsoft, but they di...

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This is pretty much fake. They would be shouting it from the rooftops if it was true, but the only one who seems to know about it is some random youtuber at some canadian expo that quote an unidentified ubisoft rep. There isn't even any credible source anywhere in there.

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I'd rather spend $800-$900 CAD on a GTX 1080 Ti rather than spend $600 CAD on a console with only a low 6 TFLOPS and a shitty CPU.. At least my video card will allow me to play games in true native 4K and not fake 4K like the X1X.

As for the console, the Pro and X1X don't even matter. Most of the sales will be on PS4 and X1, not their midgen upgrades. In fact only 20% of new PS4 bought are Pros. I am fairly certain that this % will be lower for X1. Even if I was wr...

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He is lying, they have nothing.

If they do, they need to show their games earlier. People say Sony are showing their games too early, but at least we know there is a ton of stuff coming. You may not want to announce early, but when your lineup is empty like the Xbox One, you want to have things people can look forward to. At the moment, holding your cards too close to your chest make your lineup weak.

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At least Michael Patcher get it right sometime.

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