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The Wii was like catching lightning in a bottle. They will never be able to replicate that success in the home console department.

They caught lightning in a bottle in the mobile department again with Pokemon Go. However Pokemon Go is likely a one time wonder. Nintendo is not gonna be able to replicate this as well.

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That was Microsoft's only chance and they still ended up in last place because the PS3 outsold it worldwide every months the moment it released. The PS3 managed to grab second place in the end.

No matter what Microsoft do in the next generations, Sony will just beat them like they are with the PS4.

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No thanks, I got it for PC in a sale. My new GTX 1070 allow me to run this maxed at 1080p/60fps without any problems.

Also, if there is a third game, I don't think Microsoft will get a timed exclusivity this time around.

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Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle with the Wii. They've been trying again with the Wii U and now the NX. It's gonna fail miserably. The NX will definitely not match the base PS4 and Xbox One in term of powers.

Casuals are more interested in a quick game on their mobile phone, not a home video game console.

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There is a rumor at every events about this. I am not saying someone cried wolf way too many times, but yes they did.

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In 2016, if something doesn't have 8GB of ram at least, it's garbage.

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If it applies to casuals, it means it's cheap. This basically confirm everyone's suspicions that it's underpowered compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

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There is also the problem that Bethesda games are riddled with bugs and glitches.

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A Single player DLC, some multiplayer dlc and patches is all you're gonna get. No other uncharted game will be released as no other studio will ever make one. Look at the other Naughty Dog games, Jak and Daxter was never touched again aside for a collection and Crash Bandicoot only got more multiplatform games because Activision got the rights (pretty sure nothing would have happened otherwise).

Just face it, Uncharted is done for good, no one will pick it up and Naught...

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Yes it's fake, amazon doesn't know anything about the Neo nor when it releases.

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No, because the reason Sony didn't show anything at E3 was to change the specs to make it as powerful as the Scorpio or more powerful.

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Not the first accident, here in Canada (the game isn't even out) 2 people who were in a car drove and hit a police car a few days ago.

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This is fake as usual.

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Safe for your kids ... as long as they're not brain dead idiots like the 15yo girl who tried to cross the highway, got hit by a car and then blamed it on the game.

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Developer usually get the short end of the stick, so Niantic doesn't get 30% at all. You'd be closer to the real number if you said 3%. Nintendo who owns 1/3 of the pokemon company likely get 50% of the money in this.

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I have a 770 and wanted to upgraded to 1070, but I think I will wait for the 1170 and 1180 coming next year and get a 1170 since they have more memory and have HBM2 memory.

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But yep, lets stick with the Dualshock and tv forever, "Factually not going to happen."

It will happen until Sony and Microsoft says so. Fortunately for us, Nintendo aren't calling the shots anymore.

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Problem is that Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle with the wii and they tried to replicate that with the Wii U and it failed miserably. Now they're trying to do it again with the NX and it will fail again.

Wiimote also appealed to casuals heavily, but a tablet as a controller was obviously not gonna. Pretty sure the NX won't appeal to casuals either.

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Please, I want Star Ocean 3 as a PS2 release on PS4, we got Wild Arms 3, Dark Cloud 1-2 and even Rogue Galaxy, I see no reason why Star Ocean 3 can't happen.

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60$ is enough because they make the extra money with DLC. If they want to increase the base price, stop the DLC practice and release games fully like the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era and before (which means everything planned as DLC would be part of the game from the start).

Yes Technology has advanced in 11 years ... which also makes it easier than ever before to make games as well.

Also, sorry but we used to pay more for games. In the snes era, games were not ...

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