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Why bag on Western Europe? They produce the best games around, in my opinion, and still pay their employees significantly more than American companies do. Not to mention the extensive social safety net in case of job loss and labor laws don't allow for more than a 40 or 50 hour work week. No wonder they make the best games - job security is so much higher there. #1.1.1
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There's nothing wrong with 'capitalism,' we just need to realize that workers aren't property-they need to have high morale in order to produce good products, and that requires investment by employers in health and wellness activities, vacations, etc.

If you work your employees too hard, you get a lackluster product. I agree 100% with Gabe on this one. #1.2
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Amnesia was good, and I recently replayed Call of Cthulhu:DCotE this year. Looking forward to Dead Space 2 (even if it isn't true horror-it's the closest we can get on console). The horror genre may not be on top of its game, but it still exists. #1.1
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I'm not a supporter of full gun control, but I don't think people need high-powered assault weapons for everyday use (and yes, I realize that the weapon used to kill Rep. Giffords was not an assault weapon).

Don't you think it's disturbing that glock sales have doubled in the days since the Arizona shooting? I sure as hell do. #5.2.3
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Gun laws are very loose in Arizona. The shooter passed a background check, attained a glock, committed murder, and is now going to jail. In fact, a New York Republican just introduced strict gun control legislation to debate on the House floor: http://www.congress.org/new...

Guns may not kill directly, but they sure make killing easier in the hands of the mentally compr... #5.2
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The shooter was a gold standard-obsessed conspiracy theorist who didn't fit in with his peers. I don't think gaming had a significant effect on his mental instability. #1.1.2
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Politicians are, technically, public servants. I just don't think that everyone involved in government is mentally or morally 'corrupted.' #20.1.2
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Agreed. I was thinking of Bhopal whilst reading the article. #12.1
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Those Fins know what's up. #1.3
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...but some of the most noble people are involved in public service. People who genuinely want to make a change will not and should not sell out to the private sector. #20.1
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It's just a matter of time... #6.1
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Phyllis Schafly is a terrible, terrible person. For those of you not in the know, she is widely known for opposing equal pay among genders (despite being a female...) and her intense opposition to gay rights or separation from church and state. She's certainly no libertarian conservative, but she is technically a 'conservative Republican.' #1.1.2
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That's true. In fact, very few Democrats are actual liberals, preferring to adopt the values of centrism or even center-right fiscal conservatism. There is no left-wing party in the United States. #1.2.3
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MS sold off their share of MSNBC in 2005. They still maintain control of MSNBC.com, however. #3.1.6
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Activision and Gamestop are both soulless corporations, but we still need to have a sense of civic decency as gamers.

Do you actually think that this robbery's inevitable publicity on news stations across the nation are going to do any good for the reputations of gamers? #2.4
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Homebrew was never illegal, it just violated Sony's terms of service. It is technically 'illegal' for Sony to sue a user for TOS infringement (unless it's distributed for monetary gain) - Sony can only update their TOS or take away functionality. #2.1
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As of 2005, MSNBC was not owned by Microsoft anymore. MSNBC.com, however, is a shared ownership between NBC and Microsoft. #1.3.2
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The marijuana legalization proposition was handily defeated, the same will become of this proposed legislation.

By the way, the bill does not ban video games; it makes the sale of M-rated video games to minors a punishable offense. It's nowhere near the end of the world... #1.1
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The Supreme Court, despite it's conservatism on social policy, will almost definitely side with gamers on this issue. They all know the law, and Schwarzeneggar's bill would make regulating the entertainment industry far more difficult than it already is. #1.1.1
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*Out of stock. #1.1
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