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cool we lose outher OS and get all our info hacked and stolen and now we lose another feature the ability for our familys to game online on there own accounts. Greedy corporate sony pig dogs i blow my nose at you i fart in you're general direction you're mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

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probably because mommy buys it for them so they don't care

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ok cool when you buy a used car make sure you pay who ever made it about a grand.hey im just defending car manufacturers.imagine how many car sales they lose because of used car sales!!

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I can't believe it my self,how could anyone in there right mind defend this.

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yay now my brother can't use his account on the same ps3 to play games online/S FML

this is a horrible day for gaming i was pissed when EA did this but at least they still let you play online,I am not supporting this gaming is going down the drain EA,COD elite,now Sony they say things come in three's,the future looks bad for gaming.

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Wow this actually looks great.

I almost got raging blast 2..but then the reviews kinda put me off but this looks way better it would be great to have a good DBZ game again..aslo if that bleach game turns out to be great then that would be awesome,the only outher anime game they chould make that i would actually want more then these ones would be Berserk.

Clip of the ps2 game Guts Vs Zodd

i might pick this up i really enjoyed the first it was fun but then again i might just forget about this and stick with dark souls and skyrim even tho imo the first WKC was really underrated imo jrpg's arent as fun as they use to be but demon souls was really fun i spent literally allday yesterday playing and even got to NG+ in 1 day lmao.

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I have a brand new gaming pc and after i got it i was actually surprised on how there was hardly anything to play i was intested in and every thing i was intrested in was also on a console and i really don't care about what looks better i think console gaming is alot more fun and friendlyer(Community wise) don't need a PC to play hardcore games or to enjoy them.

and What about the gimmicky flash games ? load of facebook app games which seems to be what everyone...

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I know what you mean some areas are soo dark and claustrophobi,idk if it was ment to but demon souls has made me jump a few times where no outher game has in years! i just started a new charactor 2 days ago and im in NG+ now im useing a faith build with a blessed knight+5 sword and a blessed great axe+5.

I wouldn't want a guide,takes away all the fun and adventure.

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actually i like the transorming and flying aspect it bring more strategy to it,Twisted Metal was also my first PS1 game and i still have the original but 2,3 and 4 have been lost in moves over the years but i have TM:Black as well..

I really like how the gameplay is turing out and the different game types look really fun,to me Twisted Metal PS3 is better in every way from what i've seen and if all these old ip's fail the only one that wont is Twisted Metal hell not al...

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yay i'm greatness!!!

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and you can?,seriously why must every single ps3 gamer be blamed for what a few ps3 fanboy extremists have done why do people generalise everything it's not all that black and white.

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but thats the beauty of consoles as well its a double edged sword you don't need to upgrade it but they eventually go out of date i have a new gaming PC and it's a beast but i stil do 98% of my gaming on the PS3 because i find it more fun,graphics are great and all but it's the gameplay that's important.

I am happy with what i seen of the PS3 version,I don't understand why some weren't.I am not ready for a next gen console there are still alot of fun ...

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better games to get this year no time for cod,i don't find the gameplay fun anymore it feels so cheap,killstreaks ,perks,host advantage ect and dieing when someone shoots the air beside me ugh and now they want us to pay for shit no thank you BF3 will be the shooter i will be playing,please no more cod X___X

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I'm looking forward to starhawk as well but you are right some games like skyrim and uncharted 3 will have to be played before outhers! :P

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i don't know i got my hopes high for skyrim im even replaying oblivion on PC(with companion mods :D)but there are a few goty worth games out there like Uncharted 3,but back to skyrim the only thing im worried about is am i going to get it on pc or ps3,both are about the same to me on PC i get mods and better grapics,keybored but on PS3 i get to sit in a lazzy boy put my feet up and play hmm hmm hmm

my list of games for the year:

Skyrim,Battlefield 3...

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i regret even buying a wii,there was nothing on it but a few mario games(Note* i love mario but i'v been there and done that since the NES)..yeah those tittles are hardcore but what has nintendo made that was new and hardcore i really don't have faith in them to bring back the hardcore,i would love them to prove me wrong...and no i don't count smash bros as hardcore lol you are thinking of multiplat game's i am thinking of nintendo exclusive gam...

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i disagree.see i really did look :)...nintendo has abandoned the hardcore gamer long ago ,all they care about is casuals and kids,tho MS seems to be going that way as well but at least they HAVE hardcore games.

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No one really did this year,if i really had to pick i would have to say Sony but i was really unimpressed with all 3 of them,and the Wii U looks like a joke,this was the worst E3 i have ever seen tbh a huge let down.

PSV if your into handhelds that was cool,not sure I'm sold on it tho my last handheld was a gameboy advanced I'm not really interested in gaming on the go I like my gaming on my PC and PS3.

I would say all of them lost this one i wouldn&#...

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last year was much better it wasnt terrible it just ended badly imo

i mean Uncharted 3,Starhawk,Infamous 2,PSV..that star trek game looked good actually. but idk i guess last year was a good ending for me cause jaffe pulled out on stage with Twisted Metal! and it was soo cool.

i was really hopeing for legend of the dragoon ;/

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