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Jack Tretton should be commended for educating gamers across the world with the truth. Dark Sniper would like to extend his hand show his gratitude to those who helped pave the way for the PlayStation experience.

PlayStation®3 is a console that is designed to provide an unique and unlimited entertainment experience. This requires incredible foresight that delves into the future of the way we see gaming today. Sony Computer Entertainment's commitment to ten year... #27
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Microsoft has failed consumers since November 22, 2005. Since then, they have continued to swindle and launder from their consumers by utilizing Xbox 360 and Xbox Live as their driving force to legal theft.

Day by day, developers have lost confidence in Microsoft's ability to handle business relationships with those who will pave the way for platform gaming in the future. Microsoft's incompetence and selfishness has forever ruined a piece of gaming that can neve... #9
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This is definitely a moment to celebrate as PlayStation®3 enthusiasts rejoice in unison. PS3 has provided Dark Sniper an unrivaled experience that cannot be found on no other console. Throughout the years of N4G, Dark Sniper and his army of Sony Snipers fought tooth and nail to ensure the truth was spread across N4G. After years of blood, sweat and tears, the truth about PlayStation®3 finally came to the forefront about the system's greatness and technological power. Make no... #40
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PlayStation® Network provides the consumer with streamlined online servicing combined with a robust online community always looking for other acquaintances to share the PlayStation experience.

Dark Sniper doesn't have any reasons to expand beyond PlayStation® Network, simply because it is the one stop shop for all of his online gaming needs. The core service that PSN provides exceeds all expectations in terms of delivering a complete online experience, all at... #19
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Gears of War 3 is nothing more than a placeholder of familiar titles on a familiar console. Considering the competition, Gears of War 3 looks severely outdated on an engine that grade school kids can develop games with.

Microsoft is heavily relying on an updated version of Sony Computer Entertainment's EyeToy, to carry the Xbox 360's list of failed add on peripherals to trick consumer interest to extend the life cycle of their console. History is repeating itself on... #3
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This is unsuprising, but very pleasant news for Dark Sniper to see. The domination of PlayStation®3 is quite astounding but not anything new. This is just the continuation of Sony Computer Entertainment's dominance over the gaming market since 1994. For 16 years, consumers have had the very best in interactive electronics.

What you're seeing now is the fruits of Sony's labor. Ken Kutaragi's brilliance should not be ignored nor underestimated. Pl... #11
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Waking up to any product that is endorsed or supported by Microsoft and/or Xbox 360 would shatter Dark Sniper's dreams. Finding an Xbox 360 under the Christmas tree would be an absolute nightmare for him.

$niper #10
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Dark Sniper commends Motorola for exposing Microsoft for the money laundering frauds that they are. Currently we live in a time where economic strength is not at it's highest, and Microsoft continues to nickel and dime customers until their wallets are empty.

Motorola has Dark Sniper's full support as they commence this lawsuit. This is another chapter to the Microsoft and Xbox 360's demise.

$niper #9
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Splinter Cell was once of Microsoft's premiere exclusives during it's initial release on the original Xbox platform. Months later, Ubisoft saw no reason to continue losing money by developing only for Xbox platforms. Which led to the eventual release on Sony's dominant PlayStation®2 console.

Fast forward to now and things are not much different. These former Xbox exclusives will be making way to the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal and Da... #13
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Microsoft has once again dropped the ball on another failed peripheral for their dreaded Xbox 360 console. Kinect will join the likes of Microsoft's HD-DVD device in the graveyard where it belongs.

There is one sole reason for the failures of Kinect is the same reason for the failure of HD-DVD. That reason is PlayStation®3. With a PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal, you gain immediate access to the richest high definition content available across t... #7
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The beauty of the catalog of exclusives within Sony Computer Entertainment is that they provide an unprecedented amount of exclusives that provides quality gaming experiences for a lifetime. Gran Turismo 5 will be the killer blow to any momentum that Microsoft thought they may have had, but this certainly doesn't mean the domination ends there.

PlayStation®3 has titles that are in the pipeline that provides peak interest for all audiences. Twisted Metal is a core r... #7
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Dark Sniper is in full support of the release of Shenmue III. Shenmue is absolutely the greatest videogame ever created. Special thanks to Yu Suzuki for creating a blessing that came from the heavens in a GD-Rom format disc.

Ryo Hazuki's quest to avenge his father's death must be finished. Duke Nukem Forever is seeing a release, now it's time for the eventual Shenmue rebirth. Fan support has kept Shenmue alive for 10 years and will keep it alive for 10 more... #14
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Ever since the official release of PlayStation®3 in 2006, there has been a general assumption that PS3 would overtake the Xbox 360 once it hit the ground running. Fast forward to now and PlayStation®3 is sprinting to the finish line. Innovative software, superior hardware and top-notch marketing are the key drivers to success.

But that isn't the reason why PlayStation®3 has surpassed it's lowly competitor. The PlayStation brand name is synonymous... #5
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In order to ensure that the quality of PlayStation®3 exclusives maintains it's status quo, delays are imminent to preserve the top-notch experience that PlayStation®3 brings to the table. While it's obviously disappointing that Little Big Planet fans are not able to enjoy the much anticipated sequel this year, it's refreshing to know that Media Molecule has the consumer's interest in mind and will not sacrafice quantity over quality.

2011 will b... #1
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What this means is that Bungie can celebrate their newfound freedom by harnessing the full processing power of PlayStation®3. Bungie has been hampered by Xbox 360 development so long, that even they have forgotten the feeling of more power and broad vision. Xbox 360 successfully crippled the Halo series due to it's inferior hardware design and limited development radius.

Dark Sniper is definitely ecstatic to see Bungie head towards the light, and fully realize... #3
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Ladies, use this article as an example of what Dark Sniper tells you. You can take a man's pride away, you can take his money, you can even take his child and file for alimony, but the one thing you never should do is take away a man's PlayStation®3.

Dark Sniper will do you the favor and spare you the case of why PlayStation®3 is such an integral part of a person's life. But as you can see, there are people who work in law enforcement that are more t... #29
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"I'll take old school ff7 and maximum carnage over most 360 and PS3 games any day of the week. "

$niper #6.1.3
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PlayStation® Network is the industry leader when it comes to online gaming and daily internet surfing. With PSN, you're able to enjoy your favorite games with your friends and then extend the experience by mingling with your buddies via PlayStation® Eye. PlayStation® Plus has even further enhanced the online experience by providing a fantastic premium service to those who are serious about their online interactivity. PlayStation® Home also gives you a world that no o... #14
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Everyone has an opinion, but you cannot dispute facts. Which is why Sony Computer Entertainment has done a marvelous job at delivering nothing but the best gaming content that money can buy. Dark Sniper can personally assure you that anything that you experience on PlayStation®3 is ten times more superior than anything you play on Xbox 360, including multiplatform titles.

Developers have learned how to harness the Cell Processor and the RSX graphics synthesizer to... #6
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Fantastic job by Sony Computer Entertainment. With proper brand awareness and sheer quality, PlayStation®3 has once again seen exponential growth in the war to capture the consumer's living room.

PlayStation®3 is THE choice for anyone who is looking to live their life in the year 2010 and beyond. The public is no longer interested in 5 year old technology, which is why Xbox 360 has become an outdated and mundane console that has struggled to find it's... #2
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