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Shenmue III
Megaman X9


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What this shows is that Solid Snake is going to appear in a fighting game that features actual fighting characters. Meaning he will be up against the likes of many characters that can give him his fair run for his money in a brawl.

Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath, Kazuya Mishima, Sephiroth are just a few characters within the PlayStation's deep roster of characters that can bring the fight in more ways than the other game can.

PlayStation All Stars Battle R...

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Shenmue III should be and is the number one most requested sequel and its for good reason. Anyone who has played the original two games on Sega Dreamcast know that Shenmue is an unfinished tale of epic proportions.

If newcomers are confused as to why Shenmue III is such a highly demanded title, all one would have to do is watch the ending of Shenmue II. For those who have played the original two games can attest to Shenmue II's ending to being one of the biggest WTF mome...

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Shenmue III. Sega has the resources and capital to develop this game. With Kickstarter being another outlet, Yu Suzuki would gain massive support and proper funding relatively quickly.

Dont worry Sega, we're waiting to see what "suprises" you have in store at E3.


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Shenmue III.


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As always, PlayStation®3 stands atop of the pile with the most sales in European territory. Much like the rest of the other reigons, Europe is PlayStation Nation, enjoying the best that gaming has to offer with the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal.

PlayStation is always associated with #1, which is why it's no surprise to Dark Sniper that PS3 has dominated the market while Sony rakes in the sales and momentum going into this year's E3.

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Bushido Blade was the pioneer in bringing an ultra realistic approach to the fighting game genre. This game is a perfect representation of Squaresoft in their prime and at their best.

The best feature in Bushido Blade was the fact that one hit could kill you and you lose the match. If you get sliced anywhere in your limbs(arms,legs etc.), than that part of your body remains incapacitated.

As always, if you wish to re-live this classic, Bushido Blade can o...

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Dark Sniper has been saying it all along, The Last of Us is gearing up to be the greatest PlayStation exclusive ever made. Dark Sniper will reserve further opinion once he plays the game, because there are several PlayStation®3 exclusives that has a debatable case in "The Best Ever".

Considering that Naughty Dog has made a slam dunk every time they release a game(Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted), it should come at no surprise to...

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Dark Sniper is looking forward to how this game will turn out. It's highly likely that LittleBigPlanet Karting will be the absolute #1 choice when it comes to casual gaming and racing.

With the Play, Create, Share model in full effect, LittleBigPlanet Karting will usurp the competition with the ability to recreate any previous tracks and models from competing racing games on other consoles. It's a feature that Dark Sniper is really looking forward to as he can spen...

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Shenmue and Yakuza are two games that Dark Sniper would love to enjoy on his Sony Ericsson right now. It's always great to see Shenmue still making the press in the year 2012.

But in all honesty, these two games simply need to be re-released in any shape, form or fashion. Especially Shenmue. In Dark Sniper's opinion, Shenmue is by far the greatest game ever made. Yu Suzuki's grand vision created a technique that is widely popular in games today (QTE) shows the i...

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This looks to be a very entertaining and quirky title that will be gracing PlayStation®Vita very soon. Smart As brings the casual gaming experience that looks to enhance the PlayStation®Vita's vast roster of upcoming games.

Leave it up to Sony Computer Entertainment to create a title that will enhance our way of thinking and challenge our very own intelligence. Dark Sniper truly feels that knowledge is power. By playing Smart As, you too will feel the surge...

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This is great news to hear. What this means is that Criterion is gearing up for the next wave of interactivity between console and handheld. Thus, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita will coexist in complete harmony as it should.

Dark Sniper feels very comfortable in saying that that next generation is already here. As it stands right now, PlayStation®3 is the only machine in the market right now that provides seamless handheld to console functioning. Which...

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After viewing Final Fantasy Versus footage, it's quite possible that Versus could potentially equal the quality of Final Fantasy VII. Surpassing it is something Dark Sniper won't even speak of, because FF VII is that good.

However, a remake still needs to be done. PlayStation fans has been clamoring for this since the trailer was shown at E3 several years ago. With the great technology available and the resources that Square Enix has, there's no excuse for th...

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Call of Duty on PlayStation®Vita cannot and should not be ignored. With the ability to feature cross-platform gameplay, Call of Duty will be significant to be able to have the PlayStation®3 experience on the go.

Call of Duty is already one of the highest selling games on PlayStation. Combining this with the fact that PlayStation®Vita will be receiving a price drop very soon and you will see sales surge for both Activision and Sony this upcoming fall.

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Obviously Dark Sniper is of the popular opinion that Final Fantasy VII should be remade. But this article delves deeper into another issue that definitely warrants discussion.

Gamers around Dark Sniper's age bracket will likely be able to identify with what he's saying. Once upon a time, there was an age where 100% of all gaming was done offline. Younger gamers these days should be appreciative of the fact that all of their gaming news can be found through the ease...

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This is unfortunate news for Nintendo fans looking forward to the next wave of "next generation" titles by Capcom.


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Capcom should consider contacting Ed Boon at Neatherealm Studios and discussing the idea of Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. It's the crossover fighting game that fans would love to see. If they're willing to allow their Street Fighter characters in a Rated M theme environment, it could really do wonders for their sales.

Dark Sniper also hopes that Capcom would reconsider bringing back the Mega Man franchise as there was no real need to cancel him in the first place...

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The Last of Us looks not only to be the best game of this year, it will be in strong consideration of the best game of this generation. With rumors and speculation of next generation consoles launching, The Last Of Us looks to be a next generation game in terms of visuals and gameplay.

This comes no surprise to Dark Sniper as Naughty Dog is one of the craftiest developers in gaming today. By harnessing the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal to it's full capa...

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This article should be flagged for falsification of improper and inaccurate journalism. Stating the blatantly obvious, PlayStation®3 is far from the word failure. Not even in a "kind of" connotation that that Shane Satterfield is trying to smear to the public.

Starting at the beginning. At the initial launch of the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal, massive fights broke out due to millions of fans looking to immerse themselves in the true next gene...

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This opens the door for Tomonobu Itagaki to reach out to his Japanese peers at Sony Computer Entertainment. Devil's Third looked to be a fantastic game that Dark Sniper is looking forward to. Hopefully he will see it appear on his PlayStation®3.


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