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Although this is a very touching and encouraging video, it still will not change the oitcome on May 2nd. Floyd Mayweather will decimate Manny Pacquiao to shreds. Floyd's superior counter punching, defense and technical boxing ability will be too much for Manny to handle.

It's a shame that Capcom has decided to support a steroid cheat in Pacquiao who had more punching power at 140 lbs than Balrog. Capcom should have put their stock in the fighter that is known as the b...

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The only game in Dark Sniper's opinion that did QTE correctly was Shenmue. When you encountered a QTE sequence, it had a level of immersion not seen in other games. Today QTE's are used simply as a mechanism to make you feel like you did something cool on an otherwise pre-rendered cutscene.


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It looks as if the tide is finally turning against Sony and their successful first year of the PlayStation 4. More and more gamers are finally waking up to the realization that PlayStation 4 is severely lacking in the games department.

As it stands right now, the PS4 is the most expensive next generation gaming console on the market. When you combine this with their questionable gaming lineup, it makes no genuine sense for anyone to buy a PS4 this holiday season.

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The ugly truth is that Sony has made a bunch of blundering decisions since the launch of the PlayStation 4. They have been finally exposed for using slick tactics such as establishing a more personable and approchable image through social media, whilst at the same time lying to their consumers.

Dark Sniper has looked around and what he sees is a bunch of great exclusives coming out this holiday season, none of which are on PS4. The elephant in the room that no one wants to s...

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Yakuza Zero is another excellent entry in the critically acclaimed Yakuza series. Dark Sniper personally believes that the Yakuza games offer a deep and compelling storyline with classic SEGA gameplay which makes for the perfect blend of an AAA title.

In Dark Sniper's humble opinion, he believes that Yakuza is a system seller. There may not be 5 million gamers out there that would agree, but there is a small few that know exactly where Dark Sniper is coming from if you ...

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The reason why Sony is taking so long to provide a system update is because Sony simply does not have a clue to what they're doing anymore. This became very obvious when their competition has released at least 3 system software upgrades, compared to zero on the PS4.

Sony has done an excellent job in marketing the system, but unfortunately all of their money went to making the PS4 a popular console by senseless media and brainwashing. Because of this, Sony does not have a...

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Good question. Unfortunately, Dark Sniper had to sit back and take a long look at the gaming industry and forecast its future. While the PS4 is approaching record breaking sales, Sony has lost their identity in what made PlayStation great. On top of that, it looks as if Sony will be near bankrupt in the next 10 years.

Like Dark Sniper mentioned earlier, Sony does not make the games that made the PS brand what it is today. Where is Syphon Fil...

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If there is one thing that Xbox does best, it's multimedia. Xbox One's TV tuner is the ultimate companion device that can enhance your Xbox One versatile interactive machine into your one stop shop for all multimedia.

With Kinect and it's built in capabilities for cable television, Microsoft has really stepped their game up in terms of understanding the trends of where modern technology is headed. Dark Sniper is patiently awaiting the day that he can enjoy the...

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Dark Sniper definitely agrees. Xbox One does the right thing by their audience by enhancing the next generation experience with consistent updates that gives the user maximum customization when enjoying the Xbox experience.

Dark Sniper is glad that he made the right choice this generation and he hopes that all of you having a pristine gaming experience on Xbox One.

Please have a bubble on Dark Sniper's behalf.


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Microsoft has done an excellent job by providing all Xbox One owners a unique and streamlined experience between gaming, television and social media. The Kinect 2.0 provides the consumer the hands free experience of navigating and controlling your console without a single push of a button.

In 2014, it's not about graphics and power anymore, it's about the games. Whilst the competition may have an advantage in power and other meaningless specs, Xbox One holds the tr...

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There are many that are surprised that Driveclub is nothing more than a mediocre, run of the mill racing game. Dark Sniper isn't. With multiple delays, Sony's poor selection in first party investments, and the fact that this was an IP that nobody asked for, Driveclub is another waste of money for Sony. The funding this game recieved could have been used for Gran Turismo 7.

Decisions like this is exactly why Sony is in the financial crisis they are in now. Because of ...

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It looks as if Turn 10 has really turned the corner(pun very much intended) by providing another next generation racing game with pristine visuals and top of the line gameplay. Dark Sniper would like to give credit where credit is due. Kudos to Microsoft and Turn 10 for bringing TWO excellent next generation racing games while the competition struggles to barely release one, with mediocre review scores at best.

Dark Sniper is glad he weighed his options carefully and made th...

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This is the perfect moment for Sony Computer Entertainment to strike the killing blow early in this 8th generation console war. By acquiring Capcom, all of their major franchises will return exclusively to the PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Portal. Which would bring a full return to the way PlayStation gaming was during the years PS1 and PS2 dominance.

The significance of Capcom cannot be underestimated. If Sony manages to acquire them, other 3rd party developers ...

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With technology pacing forward at a rapid pace, the common gamer is always on the go. Making an internet connection required for all next generation Xbox consoles would be an idiotic, boneheaded yet expected tact from Microsoft. This wouldn't be the first. Decisions like this has haunted them in the past and is a core reason why they are in third place this current generation.

If you wanted to bring your new Xbox to a friends house, or you're directing a competitive,...

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Hell No.


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Finally. After 7 GLORIOUS years of console dominance, next gen has finally begun. As most of you already know, Dark Sniper has vehemently supported the best that interactive electronics has to offer. Closing in on the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, we are now at the beginning of a new era in technology and in our daily lives.

Sony has been instrumental every step of the way in providing Dark Sniper memories from his childhood up to this very day. The reason being is b...

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Nintendo has historically been in the game for decades. Therefore it can be stated with confidence that they are veterans in the industry. For the sake of politics, Dark Sniper will withhold his personal opinion of the Wii U for now. But he wishes Nintendo well, because they will need it.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment will continue to do what they have always done, which is innovate beyond the human imagination and push the envelope to broaden the gaming industry to ...

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Nintendo has made their landmark in gaming history in many different aspects.

Nintendo Power holds a strong nostalgic memory to Dark Sniper's magazine collection. Especially during the years 1985-1994 B.P., when Super NES and NES released titles that all audiences could enjoy. 1995 was the beginning of Nintendo Power's demise.

To witness the news of Nintendo Power's untimely ending reassures Dark Sniper that all good things must come to an end fo...

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Dark Sniper couldn't have said it any better himself. Well said.

PlayStation is the worldwide leader in consumer electronics. With over 300 million consoles sold since 1994, PlayStation is the brand synonymous with video games. Making it a household name across all families and friends across the globe.

PlayStation®3 is enjoying the stretch run of being the sole strength and support of this current generation. Ken Kutaragi chose stability and longe...

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There is absolutely no question as to who won. When it comes to quality exclusive content, online interactivity, reliability, and brand recognition PlayStation®3 is the undisputed champ this generation.

What we have witnessed is the first three-peat in gaming history. Since the mid 90's Sony Computer Entertainment have dominated the industry by providing the consumers the richest content that has never been duplicated.

This generation, Sony Computer...

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