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Dark Sniper commends Hideo Kojima for his contributions and extraordinary efforts on the Metal Gear Solid series. Some of his more obscure titles such as Snatcher and Policenauts are underrated masterpieces that should not go unnoticed.

Originally, Metal Gear Solid was going to be developed exclusively for the 3DO home console. But Kojima caught wind of the PS1 technology and the rest is history. Metal Gear Solid became one of the cornerstone franchises in PlayStation history... #5
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If Microsoft expects to have any success with their next console, they will need to continue the momentum of Xbox Live. Xbox Live is extremely critical to the progress of Microsoft's journey to the next generation. With the proper enhancements to their online infrastructure, Microsoft could potentially see early success with their next console. Microsoft would be wise to shift Halo 4 from Xbox 360 development to their new platform.

What the Nextbox does not need to be is... #1
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Dark Sniper is glad to see the numbers reflect the strong brand name of PlayStation in the east.

Much like the PS2, PSP is still continuing to be a driving force in the market as it legitimizes itself to be the most successful handheld in gaming history not made by Nintendo. Meanwhile, PlayStation®3 and PS Vita continue a strong uptrend in sales this month.

With over 50,000 combined sales this past week, it looks as if Sony Computer Entertainment ha... #1
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Final Fantasy VII is the greatest RPG ever made. To some, it is the greatest video game of all time. Either way, remaking this title is a very delicate issue.

When Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant were released earlier this generation, it was blatantly obvious that the company formerly known as Squaresoft lost their luster as a great development company.

If Final Fantasy VII were to be remade, Dark Sniper believes that it would need to be under the... #6
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In comparison, Dark Sniper truly feels that both Nintendo 3DS and Apple Iphone 4 falls short to the PlayStation® Vita not just in terms of games and features, but the overall package itself.

While Nintendo continues to flood the audience with the same 5 exclusives that has been around since N64, PS Vita continues to push new grounds with technological achievements that were not even heard of until now. With features such as NEAR, xross game voice chat and an intuitive to... #2
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Dark Sniper is glad to see that USA Today has great taste when it comes to portable electronics.

PlayStation® Vita is taking the nation by storm with its undeniable versatility and futuristic interface and content. Dark Sniper was fortunate enough to spend somevtime with the Vita and he was more than impressed. With both 3G and Wi-fi capabilities, PS Vita gives you the adaptability to enjoy PlayStation®3 gaming from anywhere across the globe.

... #2
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PlayStation Vita has absolutely zero chances of failure. The device has been crafted so well that you would have thought Ken Kutaragi developed the Vita himself.

PlayStation® Vita comes jampacked with all of the amazing features that currently exists in all PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminals, plus more. Sony Entertainment Network has been reconstructed to enhance the PlayStation experience beyond the living room and into the real world.

T... #2
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Dark Sniper is glad to see Sony sticking to their guns and fulfilling the promise of a 10 year product lifecycle which ensures the longevity and durability of quality and accuracy.

He cannot wait to enjoy another decade of dominance in consumer electronics.

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History has proven over time that Sony Electronics are the frontrunners in terms of incredible foresight into the future. With the success of PS1, PS2, PSP and PlayStation®3 home consoles, there is no reason to doubt their recent prediction.

PlayStation® Vita brings unique features that are never before seen on any other handheld. You can digitally interact with your friends through the Sony Entertainment Network ecosystem through the high definition lens camera,... #5
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Dark Sniper is ecstatic to see the resurgence of the east in the land of the rising sun. With the upcoming PlayStation® Vita handheld in it's first fiscal year, Dark Sniper cannot wait to see what titles are in store for the behemoth handheld device.

TGS 2012 will be an excellent day for Dark Sniper to enjoy his glass of Dom Perigon and witness one of the greatest shows to grace the eastern territory.

$niper #1
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PlayStation® Vita is giving the consumers exactly what they want in terms of complete handheld gaming. This is only possible due to the excellent development cycle conducted by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Developers across the globe have declared PlayStation® Vita as a unlimited platform to realize their true vision for their portfolio of games. When combining this handheld with the PlayStation®3, you get an immersive and breathtaking experience that cannot be f... #1
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PlayStation Vita is one of the most revolutionary devices to ever grace our soil. Sony Computer Entertainment has done a magnificent job on delivering another successful handheld in the market.

With a next generation interface and working in seamless harmony with all PlayStation®3 home entertainment terminals, PS Vita is breaking new grounds into today's digital handheld market. With features such as cross game voice chat and a multitude of AAA titles in the making... #3
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Dark Sniper would gladly donate half of his paycheck to kickstarter in hopes of funding Shenmue III. A game that should have been on Dark Sniper's PS3 ages ago.

$niper #8
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Back in 1996, this game would have given Mario 64 a run for it's money. It's very easy to mark the game as outdated due to the concept being 16 years old. But this re-creation was very well done and Dark Sniper will definitely give this game a spin. He's always wanted Sonic Xtreme and now it's here.

Next up is a Resident Evil 1.5 re-creation. That would really excite the retro gaming fans out there.

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There is room for all Playstation consoles in todays market. Really, that's how it should be. It wouldn't surprise Dark Sniper one bit if the PS2 continues to push units on a global scale once PlayStation®4 is released.

Sony Computer Entertainment follows the strict protocol of the 10 year product lifecycle. When manufacturing the next PlayStation console, it is developed with the complete intention of longevity and staying power. This is an unique model when c... #15
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Remaking the greatest JRPG and arguably the greatest video game ever made on the Unreal Engine is a slap in the face of anyone who played Final Fantasy VII back in the original PlayStation era.

If Final Fantasy VII receives a remake(and it should), it needs to be handled delicately. At some point, all of the classic Final Fantasy games need to be remade, Dark Sniper personally ranks VIII as of equal importance.

Square Enix unfortunately lost their talents of... #6
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Shenmue III.

$niper #1
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The only thing that needs to be said about PlayStation®4 is that it will perform beyond any of our imaginations.

Given the unparalleled and unrivaled power of PlayStation®3, Dark Sniper cannot even fathom what PS4 will bring to the forefront. Sony Computer Entertainment has always been the leaders in consumer electronics. PlayStation®4 will clearly set the bar once again for a quality package that includes gaming and online social interaction.

... #8
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Dark Sniper has witnessed all of the XBox 360's dashboard updates and he can officially say that Microsoft has done minimal changes since 2005.

There is absolutely no excuse for Microsoft to give their userbase no reward for purchasing their platform. The only addition this new update brings is the same garbage combined with support for a camera that brings nothing but pain and frustration to those who attempt to operate it.

The obvious delay is clea... #10
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