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That is a very good list of games that are absolutely long overdue for a return. One game that Dark Sniper would specifically like to thrown into the mix is Twisted Metal 2.

David Jaffe's virtuoso performance and grand opus of game development was within this very game. Even after 19 years, that game is still extremely enjoyable to this day. Dark Sniper would love to see stages like New York: The Big Leap and Antarctica remade in stunning 1080p graphics utilizing the p...

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Another one of Sega's classics that are only forgotten in their own deluded minds. The Streets of Rage trilogy on the Genesis/Mega Drive is by far some of the best beat em up action ever known to man.

Dark Sniper would be glad to see Yuzo Koshiro produce more hits in a Streets of Rage sequel which is long overdue.


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Konami has essentially committed the hara-kiri of their own business. It is pretty clear by their blatant disrespect of one of the three japanese gods of gaming (Hideo Kojima) and their employees that they are deliberately creating a toxic environiment to drive away any traces of Konami's past greatness.

Even still, Dark Sniper will still buy his copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on his PlayStation®4 Media Supercomputer, however he will buy it used. Dark ...

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Please add a playable version of Resident Evil 1.5 as a bonus for this game Capcom. There's no reason why that game should have been cancelled in the first place. Glad to see more 90's greatness returning back to the forefront.


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Dark Sniper isn't surprised in the slightest about this. It's easy to see why the PlayStation®4 is on pace to become the highest selling console of all time. The PS2 became THE industry standard when it came to quality and quantity.

The PS4 has an upcoming library full of haymakers that will knock the competition out of the water. Within the next two years we will see games such as Street Fighter V, Shenmue III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Uncharted 4 and many...

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As time has revealed, Peter Moore spent too much time partying, and not enough time conducting business. In 2006, Dark Sniper was in line with his $599 US dollars in hand to buy the illustrious PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal. Enjoying what the Cell Processor had to offer since day 1.

When the PS3 was released, there were worldwide shortages that made news articles for the past several months. From the beginning, Sony has preached about taking a long term appr...

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Lets keep this discussion on topic about Shenmue III and its exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 Home Enterainment Terminal.

Enjoy a disagree and -1 bubble for your troubles.


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The one thing that Xbox One owners need to understand is that Phil Spencer had his chance to secure the rights to Shenmue III and failed. It was a smart move, because the Xbox audience simply does not have the intelligence and appreciation to enjoy real games. Xbox One will repeat itself with the same rotation of spam we've had in the last 6 years(Halo, Gears etc)

As far as the kickstarter is concerned, Dark Sniper is certain that the gods at Sony Computer Entertainment w...

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Who won E3? This is a rhetorical question. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sony Computer Entertainment obliterated the competition. Microsoft announced nothing more than games that we knew were already coming. Gears of War looked like nothing more than a big blotch of black on Dark Sniper's Sony Bravia HDTV, Halo 5 and Forza 6 were other decent titles, but they were games that we already knew were coming.

Sony on the other hand dropped megaton, after MEGATON, AFTER MEGATON....

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It's been a long long looong journey. You, me and other gamers have been on this site for years supporting the revival of Shenmue. This very moment is something I've been waiting for a decade and 1/2. To know that Sony has answered a wish that me and many others have been asking is a blessing in itself.

Every time I re-watch the Shenmue III trailer or even as I type this post, I can't help but to get a bit emotional knowing that a war we fought for 15 years is f...

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By the time Dark Sniper lays his head down to sleep. Shenmue will likely have reached it's 2 million dollar goal. Dark Sniper has emptied out his entire bank account and 401K savings for the support of Shenmue III.

The winners here are the fans. Those who have supported Shenmue through it's darkest hours and gave relentless and unshakeable faith throughout it's 15 years of hibernation. There's no amount of words that can express the amount of emotion that...

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Dark Sniper cant believe it. We have fought for 15 long years to see the revival of the greatest video game in history. Shenmue. With this announcement and the Final Fantasy VII announced, Sony has completely blew the brakes off of Microsoft and Nintendo.

This has been the moment we've been waiting for. Thank you Sony for giving the gamers what we've asked for and fulfilling your promises. PlayStation®4 has taken the brass ring and crushed the skulls of t...

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Dark Sniper would like to give credit to Turn 10 for reinventing the Forza brand and taking the necessary steps for their racing Sim to grow though out 3 console generations.

What's even more impressive to Dark Sniper is the fact that by the end of this year, we will have 3 Forza games this gen while the competition hasn't even announced their next gen version. Which probably will not see a release until 2018 at the earliest, if their previous track record is anything...

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Passing Resistance over to Sony Bend is a questionable idea. Considering the fact that Insomniac Games produced 3 excellent Resistance titles on the PlayStation®3 Home Media Entertainment Terminal, it would make more sense if Sony hired them to simply make Resistance 4 and continue with the series.

If anything, Dark Sniper seriously hopes that Sony Bend is going back to doing what they do best. Making Syphon Filter games.


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In Dark Sniper's humble opinion, the only thing that makes logical sense is that Solid Snake makes some kind of appearance in MGS5. Dark Sniper hopes so, because the MGS series has been saturated with too many Big Boss stories and not enough Solid Snake.

If you're going to have Snake in the game, then it makes complete sense to have two different voice actors. Reading some of the comments here make it pretty clear that these "gamers" who claim themselves t...

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Dark Sniper hopes that Capcom does the right thing for the gamers and re-release HD versions of the Megaman X series. It's a crying shame that Capcom has not given this series any attention.

If Capcom decides to bring out Megaman X or Street Fighter Alpha 3 HD, Dark Sniper will have his wallet out, begging for Capcom to take his money.


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NiGHTS Into Dreams, Fighter's Megamix, Die Hard Arcade, Deep Fear, Dead Or Alive(superior port), Sega Rally, Daytona USA are more of many excellent titles on the Sega Saturn. One of the most slept on consoles in gaming history.


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Dear Sega,

Please bring this game to the west. While you're at it, give us Shenmue III.


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Dark Sniper could not agree any more. Konami is responsible for some of the greatest games dating back to the 80's. Games such as TMNT 3: Manhattan Project, The Simpsons, Policenauts, Double Dribble, NBA In The Zone, Snatcher, Rumble Roses, Lagrange Point, Contra and many other classics outside of the big 3 (MGS, Castlevania, DDR) will go down as some of the greatest experiences in Dark Sniper's childhood.

Konami's recent treatment of Hideo Kojima will not go unno...

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Hideo Kojima making a Silent Hill game for fans such as Dark Sniper was a dream(nightmare)come true. With his propensity to break the fourth wall in several of his games, Kojima would have undoubtedly found a creative way to speak directly to the player in the recently cancelled Silent Hills game. PlayStation®4 owners have been robbed of what could have been a classic. 

If Dark Sniper had to make a prediction, this generation will be the one where a lot of gaming di...

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