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"In the beginning, Ken Kutaragi created PlayStation."


Dark Sniper wholeheartedly agrees with this article. Over the past 20 years, Nintendo has made some memorable games and has given over 80% of all gamers today some sort of nostalgia that links to fond memories of Nintendo and their early systems.

But all of that is a distant memory now. Focusing on the recent past, present and future, Nintendo has become complacent. Their lineup of games has strictly relied on the same 5 first party exclusives each generation. It has been l... #7
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Another great addition to the unlimited list of PlayStation exclusives. Dark Sniper advises all of his Sony Snipers to support Ripstone with their first foray into quality game development. Chess is a strategic, thinking man's game. Dark Sniper is glad to see that PlayStation Network will be recieving an intelligent game, made for intelligent gamers.

Dark Sniper will be supporting Pure Chess on day one and so should you. Available only on PlayStation®3.
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Dark Sniper will be there front and center to check out Kaz Hirai's next move and he future of the always lucrative Sony Computer Entertainment. Kaz has been with SCE since the days of the original PlayStation, one of the last few core components of the Ken Kutaragi era.

Sony has always got a plan in place, which is why they are the market leader in consumer electronics. Dark Sniper will be glad to visit N4G.com to check out the latest news and stories coming from Kaz a... #2
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PlayStation®4 is shaping up to revolutionize the gaming landscape as Sony does so well.

According to the specs, PS4 is slated to become one of, if not THE greatest consoles ever made. Sony Computer Entertainment has never made a mistake of giving consumers a complete gaming experience that cannot be duplicated by the next gen wannabes in the market.

With PS4 touting a quad core 2.9 ghz processor designed to work in complete harmony with the console, P... #3
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This is not a surprise. Nintendo's reluctance to give their consoles proper next generation enhancements is one of the primary reasons why Dark Sniper will not be purchasing a Wii-U console.

Nintendo is employing the same market strategy and trickery that they used with the original Wii. Release an intriguing controller packaged with outdated, last gen technology. Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle by releasing the Wii right before High Definition became an affordable... #4
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Way of the Samurai is another welcoming addition to the library of PlayStation exclusives. Dark Sniper has enjoyed Way of the Samurai since the original on PS2. Dark Sniper is glad to see another terrific exclusive grace the historically great PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal.

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If PlayStation®4 and Xbox 720 launched on the same day, you would likely see the faces of many closet nerds who would never come out of the house on any given day except on launch day. Especially the tough-talking XBox Live nerds who turned racism from a genuine early 1900's ordeal to a laughable joke.

Dark Sniper knows that he would be amongst the several million worldwide consumers who will be supporting the next iteration of PlayStation. Sony has done a bang-up jo... #7
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That Shennue III is the only game that can save Sega from financial hell.

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Very interesting information. This will make for a very interesting fight for console supremacy. The question lies, did Nintendo make a mistake by only enhancing the Wii U to meet today's graphical standards?

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This is welcoming news. Dark Sniper is has always lived to the fullest in the present while informing his readers about the future.

The future is PlayStation®4. It looks as if Microsoft will be playing catch up to Sony once again as PS4 will surely set the market ablaze with it's revolutionary features and brand new proprietory disc format.

Dark Sniper can assure you that next generation will be geared to blow the minds of consumers. He is looking... #1
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PlayStation® Vita is already a success story. Any future accomplishments just adds more wealth and prestige to the platform. Just with the Vita making an appearance in today's market is an accomplishment in itself. The Vita is the first second generation handheld in gaming history that is not manufactured by Nintendo.

But this is just the beginning. Building off a very successful campaign with the PlayStation® Portable, PS Vita is slated to achieve new heights th... #11
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Hopefully what this means is that Kojima-san has switched his development in favor to accomodate the PlayStation®3 exclusively.

This drastic change in direction makes c.omplete business sense and technical sense as Hideo Kojima has a rich and long standing history with PlayStation. Both Sony and Kojima have benefitted from each other as Sony has given him the canvas for Hideo Kojima to paint his magnificent masterpieces on.

Only PlayStation®3 can pro... #7
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Dark Sniper agrees with a lot of what has been said. Some videogame characters have stagnated their growth within their respective franchises. Dark Sniper doesn't wish death upon anyone, but there are certain characters across all gaming platforms that would help propel their franchise in a forward progression.

Here is Dark Sniper's top 5 videogame characters that deserve to die.

1. Master Chief
2. Princess Zelda
3. Marcus Fenix
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Project Orbis a.k.a PlayStation 4 will usurp the competition by providing industry leading specs that are friendly to any and all developers.

It's very obvious that Sony wants to finish what they started and complete the obliteration of Microsoft. With an even more broader scale for PlayStation Network, Dark Sniper sees Microsoft's writing on the wall as doom and gloom for the Xbox division. To put this bluntly, Xbox Live will not be capable of competing with PlayStatio... #10
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The great thing about this article is the diversity of PS3 exclusives that are mentioned. With it's vast library of titles that can only be performed on Sony's mammoth machine, every gamer who owns a PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal will have their top 10 list that is individual to themselves. Every list will be different.

What impresses Dark Sniper the most about Sony this generation is their ability to adhere to their strict plan of a 10 year product... #3
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Sony Computer Entertainment does it once again. According to the numbers, PlayStation®3 is the leader in total home console sales this week. It is refreshing to see such console dominance on a weekly basis from Sony. Dark Sniper tips his hat to Kaz Hirai for his excellent dedication to SCE.

This past week was an overall good week for PlayStation. With over 260,000 combined units sold, there were more PlayStation products sold across the world than any other competitor... #2
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It looks as if Sega still has not learned their lesson since their final console was curbstomped by the PS2. After a decade of not being in the console market, they're still losing money.

Still, Dark Sniper hopes this does'nt hinder the future of Shenmue HD and Shenmue III. Shenmue is the most profitable and prestigious franchise they have. If Sega disagrees with Dark Sniper, the gamers will be more than happy to prove them wrong with a kickstarter account to prove... #2
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Regardless of the name, Dark Sniper is confident that Sony Computer Entertainment will deliver the most magnificent piece of hardware in PlayStation®4. Project orbis is nothing more than a tentative title in Sony's grand scheme in home console continuity and domination.

Dark Sniper believes that PS4 will stretch the imagination when it comes to breaking the fourth wall between reality and gaming. Sony has never failed to give the audience exactly what they need, plus... #1
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If Sega released Shenmue 3, they would make up for more than half of their losses. Dark Sniper advises Sega to release Shenmue 3 exclusively on PlayStation®3 to alleviate their problems.

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This article is absolute hogwash. If this particular writer wishes (Alex Young) death on the PlayStation name, then Dark Sniper shows no mercy on any emotions that the author may feel.

The fact is simple as this. PlayStation has been a key influence in our daily lives since it's inception in 1995. With over 250 million consoles sold across three generations, the PlayStation brand name has been etched in stone as THE household name when it comes to consumer electronics.... #14
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