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Star Wars Battlefront is another viable example of the difference between true 512 bit visuals and what a gimped port looks like. Dark Sniper is glad to see that EA Dice were able to realize their full creative vision of re-igniting one of the greatest PS2 franchises on the PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal.

EA Dice is not blame for the blurry 720p visuals on the Xbox One. That blame goes entirely to Microsoft. With such poor visionaries at the helm of the com...

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It looks as if April Fools has struck around twice this year. Because only a fool would believe that the Xbox One has any chance of overcoming the insurmountable lead that PlayStation®4 has amassed since the beginning of this generation.

Blockbuster titles such as Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, Horizon are just a few titles that comes up off the top of Dark Sniper's head that will surely lead the way in a forward charge towards 2016 dominance. Not to mention that P...

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This was a very good list of some of the many achievements that PlayStation has accomplished over the past 20 years. One more that Dark Sniper would like to add is their involvement in the resurrection of Shenmue III. For those who don't know, Shenmue is a pioneer in how we play video games to this very day.

Having the Shenmue series accompanied with the other list of PS4 exclsuives gives the PS4 that much more validity when it comes to greatness. In Dark Sniper's...

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Congratulations to Sony for providing the European gamers with a top-notch gaming experience that cannot be found on any other platform. The PlayStation®4 Multimedia Entertainment Terminal offers a unique foray into the luxurious world of PlayStation Nation. Where gamers can socialize and even allow other game players to join in on the fun with a single press of a button.

As the numbers show, PS4 is absolutely decimating the competition not only in Europe, but around t...

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Well said. Gamers who were around in that generation know that the Saturn's demise was Sega's own doing and not so much because of what the PSX would become.

What makes the Saturn's early exit from the console war so sad is because the system never reached it's full potential. It's sophisticated architecture put off a lot of devs, but you had in-house devs like AM2 who were making masterpieces. The cancelled versions of Virtua Fighter 3 and Shenmue are a ...

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This was a an excellent and very well written blog post gamejediben. This brought back a strong kick of nostalgia of the golden age. Gamers of the younger generation who weren't there for the 32/64 bit console war seriously missed out. Dark Sniper personally feels that this was the golden age of gaming. This generation was the catalyst to how modern games are developed and played today.

In addition to what was mentioned in the OP, what also could have saved the Sega Sat...

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This might be true. But Konami will not see a cent of Dark Sniper's money. None of our money is going to the developers who worked day and night to make this game the classic that it is. If our money isn't going to Hideo Kojima, then there is no point in buying this game new.

In another words, #fuckonami


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Microsoft's marketing blunders are not limited to just the Xbox One. They were very guilty of this last generation as well. When the Nintendo Wii caught lightning in a bottle, Microsoft went out to the middle of the thunderstorm to try to get the same luck. Shifting their marketing focus towards Kinect and casual gaming shovelware was one of the biggest mistakes they made and one of the primary reasons they lost their marketshare.

Today, Xbox One's marketing campai...

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Dark Sniper is surprised at the fact that Microsoft does not understand why they are in the position they are in this generation. It's very simple, Microsoft became delusional in the early days of last gen. The Xbox 360 released a year ahead of the PS3 which meant they started last gen with an obvious lead against Sony.

Over time, Microsoft revealed their inexperience and incompetence (RROD,HD-DVD) in the console gaming market and had no other choice but to succumb thei...

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It looks like the PlayStation®4 Multimedia Entertainment Machine is decimating the competition in total console sales. It's pretty clear that Japan has made the smart decision by jumping into the next generation with PlayStation®4.

Dark Sniper would also like to give kudos to the PlayStation Vita which has also sold more units than all other competing home consoles. The numbers prove that PlayStation Vita is a major player in the gaming market.

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Xbox One's fall line up is impressive for Microsoft's standards, but well below the industry quota for quality. Much like it's predecessor, we know what to expect with Xbox with remakes of the same shooters we have been playing since 2006. If you're an XBox gamer, you should be used to seeing the same titles every year with the same bland grey and brown color palettes.

Xbox's fall update will include the ability to play second place Xbox 360 games on th...

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Yakuza 5 has been one of the most highly anticipated games on Dark Sniper's list. Ever since the PS2, Ryu Ga Gotoku(Yakuza) has been nothing short of unparalleled greatness. The Yakuza games oozes the personality of what made Sega great back in their heyday. There's a bunch of fighting, blood, guns, testosterone and unapologetic gangster lifestyle.

For Dark Sniper personally, Yakuza 3,4 and most likely 5 will be compete the trifecta AAA perfection that can only be fo...

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That is a very good list of games that are absolutely long overdue for a return. One game that Dark Sniper would specifically like to thrown into the mix is Twisted Metal 2.

David Jaffe's virtuoso performance and grand opus of game development was within this very game. Even after 19 years, that game is still extremely enjoyable to this day. Dark Sniper would love to see stages like New York: The Big Leap and Antarctica remade in stunning 1080p graphics utilizing the p...

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Another one of Sega's classics that are only forgotten in their own deluded minds. The Streets of Rage trilogy on the Genesis/Mega Drive is by far some of the best beat em up action ever known to man.

Dark Sniper would be glad to see Yuzo Koshiro produce more hits in a Streets of Rage sequel which is long overdue.


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Konami has essentially committed the hara-kiri of their own business. It is pretty clear by their blatant disrespect of one of the three japanese gods of gaming (Hideo Kojima) and their employees that they are deliberately creating a toxic environiment to drive away any traces of Konami's past greatness.

Even still, Dark Sniper will still buy his copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on his PlayStation®4 Media Supercomputer, however he will buy it used. Dark ...

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Please add a playable version of Resident Evil 1.5 as a bonus for this game Capcom. There's no reason why that game should have been cancelled in the first place. Glad to see more 90's greatness returning back to the forefront.


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Dark Sniper isn't surprised in the slightest about this. It's easy to see why the PlayStation®4 is on pace to become the highest selling console of all time. The PS2 became THE industry standard when it came to quality and quantity.

The PS4 has an upcoming library full of haymakers that will knock the competition out of the water. Within the next two years we will see games such as Street Fighter V, Shenmue III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Uncharted 4 and many...

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As time has revealed, Peter Moore spent too much time partying, and not enough time conducting business. In 2006, Dark Sniper was in line with his $599 US dollars in hand to buy the illustrious PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal. Enjoying what the Cell Processor had to offer since day 1.

When the PS3 was released, there were worldwide shortages that made news articles for the past several months. From the beginning, Sony has preached about taking a long term appr...

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The one thing that Xbox One owners need to understand is that Phil Spencer had his chance to secure the rights to Shenmue III and failed. It was a smart move, because the Xbox audience simply does not have the intelligence and appreciation to enjoy real games. Xbox One will repeat itself with the same rotation of spam we've had in the last 6 years(Halo, Gears etc)

As far as the kickstarter is concerned, Dark Sniper is certain that the gods at Sony Computer Entertainment w...

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