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E3 17 should be an interesting year for Sony. There should be some great games ahead for the PS4.


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Phil Spencer is once again having delusions of granduer. Microsoft's 2017 is already over. In fact, you can say the same for their 2018,2019, 2020 and beyond. The Xbox One has been what Dark Sniper considers to be their biggest commercial flop since entering the market. With abysmal console sales, abandoned support in Japan and a games lineup that's emptier than a bachelor's refrigerator, Xbox One is definitely what you would call a colossal failure.

The Xbo...

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If they were to make a Timesplitters 4, perhaps they could receive some decent paychecks in the near future.


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The Yakuza series is the greatest ongoing games on PS4. Videos like this reminds Dark Sniper that Yakuza is the exact game that any 90's Sega fan should expect from them.


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This is great news to see that the gamers have made their choice this holiday season on their gaming needs. Microsoft was lucky to enjoy a few fluke months as Sony prepared to change the industry once again with the PS4 Pro and PSVR. Xbox One is now back at the bottom of the barrel where it belongs.

December looks to be another month of domination for the PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal. With several AAA exclusives announced at PlayStation Experience, combi...

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Dark Sniper regrets to inform you that when people look back at the Wii-U, people will look back at it as a MIS-step on another generation of failed consoles that you sold to consumers. To be more frank, your console will be forgotten. Third party developers abandoned your system in Brexit-like fashion because they saw the writing on the wall early. You and your company have been trapped in your bubble for over 30 years and the gaming industry has moved on....

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The time is now for Nintendo to exit the hardware business. The truth is that Nintendo jumped the shark with the Gamecube. While it's true that they were once known as hardware giants, they have long been usurped by receiving their comeuppance from Sony with the creation of PlayStation. Behind the scenes, Nintendo are nothing but corporate bullies who tried their hardest to limit the creativity of game development with their Nazi-like policies. If Nintendo was still on top today, every...

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The reality is that we just saw 2 of the main 5 games that will be of any noteworthy mention throughout the ENTIRE Nintendo Switch lifecycle. The only games left to be shown are Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Mario Kart which will eventually see a release on the Switch. Once those games are released, Nintendo Switch owners can be expected to see a severe third party drought much like the Wii-U. While the portability aspect of the Switch may interest customers, Dark Sniper can already play his PS...

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This once again proves that PlayStation®4 is the premiere household device in living rooms across the UK and all over the world. What these numbers show is that Xbox One is getting the curbstomping it deserves for lying to their consumer base and not providing the titles that real gamers are asking for. Instead of #buildingthelist , they simply release shooter after shooter after shooter. Which is why it comes to no one's surprise that Xbox One is a dead machine.

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Not impressed.


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It's great to see that the PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal has maintained the status quo once again in the UK. Clearly the people of England have spoken and they have declared that PlayStation is the only platform suited for their fine taste in gaming. Only PlayStation®4 hosts the latest and greatest when it comes to software. Ranging from indie titles to AAA blockbuster hits, PlayStation has you covered.

Today is a great day to be a PlayStation...

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After this past weekend's PlayStation Experience, Microsoft's Project Scorpio will be officially declared dead on arrival. What's under the hood of their new piece of plastic and tin is irrelevant to the real issue that's going on. Microsoft has always been incompetent when it comes to gaming console logistics. The reason why Xbox One is suffering is because Microsoft is now feeling the consequences of 15 years of bad business decisions.

When Microsoft ...

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This ride has been going on for Dark Sniper ever since 1994 when he first laid eyes on the original PlayStation. For over 20 years we have been living in the golden age of gaming and it has continued forward with PlayStation®4. With AAA exclusives such as The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Yakuza 0, Shenmue III, Final Fantasy VII, The Last of Us 2, Uncharted Legacy and plenty more for 2017.

Dark Sniper is ecstatic to see those who share the same excitement he does ...

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This was a very well written article and captures the history and spirit of Sega perfectly. It's universally understood by most gamers who grew up in the 90's that the competition would be a lot different if Sega was still around. What made Sega great is the fact they were not afraid to be politically incorrect. Their mascot in Japan even went as far to beat the shit out of any man or woman if they did not play Sega Saturn. Dark Sniper was blessed to experience Hideo Kojima's ...

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Death Stranding is in a lot of ways the dream game that Hideo Kojima has always wanted to make. Free from the shackles of Konami and the Metal Gear Series, Kojima is now able to finally bless us PlayStationists with the creative vision with the unlimited power of the PlayStation®4. Those who have played Kojima's non-MGS games(Snatcher, Boktai, Policenauts) know that anything he has made has been pure gold.

With that said, Dark Sniper is looking forward to seein...

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This is more lies and spin from Microsoft. Dark Sniper knows one thing that doesn't lie which is the numbers. The numbers show that PlayStation®4 dominated Black Friday sales with a landslide victory over the competition. Xbox One is technically considered a console, but it's really just dead weight. Microsoft's lack of variety and ineptitude to truly innovate the market is on full display which is why smart gamers have no faith in their product. Xbox One is still fixat...

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Once again Sony Computer Entertainment takes another victory this holiday season with the PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal dominating the charts this November. What we have is the perfect storm of photorealistic 4K visuals, Virtual Reality support and a lineup of top-notch exclusives that can only be found on PS4. It's clear that Sony is on pace to break their own record with the PS4 achieving high sales at a record breaking pace.

Gamers are educated p...

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There is no question on which is the better Christmas gift this holiday season. The PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal provides users with a robust selection of AAA games with an award winning online ecosystem combined with photorealistic 4K visuals and state of the art virtual reality support. By purchasing a PlayStation®4 this holiday season, you can begin your 2017 saving money by canceling your cable service and signing up PlayStation® Vue, the best in television s...

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