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"If Sony truly believed the Playstation 3 was cheap and worth consumer's money then why did it feel the need to justify the product by sending this image to websites?"

-Cow Moolester

"Screams desperate to me
I can do nearly everything on that list except play ps3 games and watch blu-ray movies on my computer. But the weirdest feature is the "high definition gaming" part, exactly what would that cost if "bought separately"?...

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Once again, Microsoft offers you "the choice" to utilize their useless products that have no place with the XBOX 360 console itself.


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At Sony, The Playstation brand is rich with depth among three currently selling products. The PLAYSTATION 3®, Playstation 2, and Playstation Portable.

With solid sales in 2007, the Playstation 3 is looking to overthrow XBOX 360 in it's final continent of destination, USA. While doing this, the financial gain for Sony is still seeing positive numbers due to the PLAYSTATION 3®'s only true competitor being the Playstation 2.

Reports are brewing that ...

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You're back at 6 again. Have another bubble on Dark $niper.


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Dark $niper can appreciate a sincere post like that. Not only does PLAYSTATION 3® owners have their own games to play, the games that are on PS3 are all solid across the board. Going from 8.0-10.0. With Microsoft's system, either the game will be rated 9's and 10's or it will be rated completely low. As of late, most XBOX games have been in the lower tier.

2008 looks very bleak for the Green Team.


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With Hollywood and big budget films, the only viable platform is the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment console. With games such as Uncharted:Drake's Fortune and Heavenly Sword, the PLAYSTATION 3® is the only console where you can get the latest blockbuster titles.

Therefore it only makes sense that Oscar award winning director Steven Spielberg bring his full vision exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3®.


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This is certainly horrible news for the Microb!tches who want to see the downfall of the award winning PLAYSTATION 3®. Dark Sniper sees this as another country taken by Sony. What was once over 50% marketshare by Microsoft has been swallowed to tidbits as the release of the PS3 occured.


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This is one of many problems for Microsoft and the XBOX 360. It's unfortunate that with as much money consumers spend for XBOX Live each year, it would at least offer their buyers superior service than the Playstation Network. This is not the case, once again, how long will the XBOTS take this mistreatment from their company?

No one knows this answer, not even the $niper.


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Due to the XBOX 360's lack of hardware durability. Expect Xbots to be WAITING B3YOND for this game longer than any PS3 owner would ever have to wait.


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Dark $niper realizes that certain dedicated members of N4G such as BathyJ and Madden's Raiders are in need of bubbles.

I will assist you in bumping up your bubble count for the sake of Sony Computer Entertainment. I hope you do the same for the $niper.


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Halo 3 is nothing more than the Trojan horse used by Microsoft to extract funds from the hard working slaves of XBOX Live. Not only are you just only receiving three maps, but you will not be able to pay a solid dollar amount to make the purchase. Microsoft points were designed for consumers to overpay and then recieve products that under-deliver.

The Playstation Network has garnered the identity of the most user friendly market combined with open source tools. On the PLAYSTATION...

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With this game being lead developed on the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment System, expect the XBOX 360 version to lag behind significantly with slowdown issues and frame rate problems due to inferior hardware.

But what more can you ask from Microkids who make the decision to JUMP IN the garbage of green. Dark Sniper is sure they will accept the terrible port as is.


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February 12 has been the announced release date for the laughingstock of the Role Playing Game genre "Lost Odyssey".

With poor internal hardware and atrocious development tools. Mistwalker has once again failed to deliver the promise of an actually decent RPG game to the XBOX 360. With slowdown and graphics that are capable on Sony's second console iteration, Playstation 2, it's easy to understand why developers in Japan balk at the idea of creating exclusives for the XBO...

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With the limitless capabilities of the Blu-Ray Disc, Bioware will no doubt fall to the resistance of the PLAYSTATION 3® development process.

Mass Effect will add to the list of AAA exclusives once home to the Xbox 360 that will find a new home on the PS3. Bioware will no doubt then be able to repair any and all defects of the original XBOX 360 version due to the Cell Technology and RSX processors.

Dark Sniper is here to inform the Microkids to please get...

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For a ship to sink, it must have leaks.

Sony Computer Entertainment provides entertainment in every genre imaginable. The Playstation brand has always been known as the primary video game console for users of all ages for a variety of games. Sony has been the leading videogame console manufacturer for the past 13 years.

Microsoft has made a valiant effort in breaking the current decade streak of Sony, but due to incompetent manufacturers and a blind and immature f...

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Thanks to the technological mind of Ken Kutaragi, he has presented us the Sony PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment system.

Sony has once again re-defined the meaning and value of home entertainment. By packing in the leading high definition medium Blu-Ray, consumers are rewarded with a built in High Definition movie device for simply purchasing the PLAYSTATION 3®. The home entertainment title also stems from the features that the PS3 does such as Web Browsing, Linux,...

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In 1995, the same could be said about Sonic appearing on a Nintendo platform. But we all know the result of that.

Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata both had the "only on XBOX 360" insignia on the cover art and we both know what happened with the fate of both titles.

Dark Sniper wants you to realize that the chances of the games he previously mentioned in his last post has more of a chance reaching Sony's platform than the end all be all hopeful wish of Final ...

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If Dark Sniper's memory serves him correctly, I believe NFL Gameday 98' was the 1st 3D football game ever made.

Dark Sniper also agrees that High Velocity Bowling is THE BEST PSN download to date right now. If this game were to come out on Blu-Ray, I would have paid the full price for that game. Only gripe Dark Sniper has with the game is there is no online. Home is probably the trojan horse behind this. Either an online patch will be added when home is released or it wil...

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I would personally like to see the return of NFL Gameday once the NFL Exclusive deal with EA expires.

If anyone remembers, NFL Gameday 96,97 and 98 especially PWNED Madden on the PS1.


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