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Xbox Live is considered the sole image of what is wrong within the gaming online community. Only on XBOX Live you will encounter peers that will slander your good name and your hard work. Ethnic insults and sexual insults will brew amongst the crowd of the immature fanbase that XBOX Live creates.

Sony's PLAYSTATION 3© platform provides a very mature online community. The insults and tirades are kept to a respectable minimum amongst PS3 owners. The sole purpose of the Playstat...

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{{{They are in PDAs,Cell phones,Mp3 players *zune outranks and outsells the lil walkman **** bead* they have their fingers in more areas then sony ever has had.}}}}

When I'm cruising around in my car. I enjoy cruising listening to my SONY XPLOD CD Player equipped with SONY XPLOD. I love the fact that Dark Sniper can talk to his beautiful girlfriend on his SONY Ericsson cell phone. Then it's time to kick back and enjoy my SONY Blu-Ray player hooked up to my SONY 7.1 surround sound ...

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For someone who is highly critical of the PLAYSTATION 3© Home Entertainment Console, let me ask you this Razer. Why do you own a PS3?

According to your profile, it shows that you do own the console correct? But yet every comment from you is made in attempts to bash the PS3© in the worst way possible. If I paid 400-600 for something I owned, I wouldnt wish death upon it like you have been.

DarkSniper's personal opinion says that you're a liar. It's ok...

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Mass Effect will be ported to the PLAYSTATION 3© with the intent of maximizing profit and recouping development costs with it's rapidly growing user base.


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Only on XBOX 360 will you receive an abundance of first person shooting exclusives. Most of which have scored generally unfavorable reviews.

Games such as America's Army, Hour of Victory, and Call of Juarez gives the XBOX 360 the identity of the defective console with poor to mediocre first person shooting games.

Sony's PLAYSTATION 3© substansiazes quality in their first person shooting games. Quality titles such as Resistance:Fall of Man and Killzone 2 h...

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Xbots may consider the DivX support as positive news. But this confirms further that Microsoft is showing it's desperation to become the multimedia giant that Sony's PLAYSTATION 3© is.

Unfortunately, while the ability to store movies can be considered something the 360 has going, you're limited to what you can store. XBOX 360's console only supports 20 gigs or hard drive space and with the cost to upgrade your drive, you can get twice the amount of space on the PLAYSTATIO...

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Now XBOX 360 games will get the piss poor reviews they deserve.


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Great comment. Bubbles for you!

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The occupation of the media is to ensure that the truth is told to the uninformed. The cold-hearted truth is that Microsoft underdeveloped and underdelivered a product that is faulty and is considered by the general media as "trash".

What is done in the dark comes to light. Microsoft developed the XBOX 360 in such a hurry, that systems were quickly being produced and not properly being tested. What came to light in the end result is in the form of three red rings. ...

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The current demographic shows that the average XBOX live user is around the age range of 9-21 years old. With so many young children online it is expected that immature statements will take place. Microsoft hasnt gone to such needs to ensure that this is kept to a minimum, with the exception of the mute button. The mute button is only one one game which is Halo 3.

On the Playstation Network©, all of the experiences are held within a mature, more reserved community. Everyo...

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Thank you for submitting inconclusive evidence to the loyal XBOX owners across the world. Hypothetically speaking the 360 should be outsellling Sony's platform at least on a 10:1 margin. But once again, consumer awareness for the Playstation brand is steadily rising and Sony has put themselves in a good position to prevent themselves from failure.

Bubbles for you Wii4hire


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Micro$oft has used most of their rich funding in the damage control department of the XBOX division. Advertising has been at a minimum this holiday season after showing such aggressiveness after the release of Halo 3. Such business moves show that Microsoft placed all of their hopes of toppling the PLAYSTATION 3© on one single moment and one single game.

To overthrow a company such as Sony with these rookie tactics is preposterous and absurd. It's funny to me that the fai...

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Bloodmask has also failed to include the Japan numbers of how much the PS3 is outselling the XBOX 360. Slick evasion tactics like this are not ignored by the keen eye such as myself. Those actions confirm that even Bloodmask has accepted that the end is near for 360.


I stand corrected. Thank you WilliamRLBaker for pointing that out.

Either way, this is still good news that consumers worldwide are realizing that the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 is the world...

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Mass Effect's criticism stems directly from the internal hardware power from the XBOX 360. Potential wise, the game is using 100% of the 360's power and is limping to generate a good experience for gamers. Due to poor reviews and sales, Mass Effect will receive a new and comfortable home on the Playstation 3 platform.

Once released, all of the bugs and glitches will be ironed out and will also receive a graphical update to enhance what the 360 version couldnt do.


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This game seems to only be possible on Sony's PLAYSTATION 3© Home Entertainment Console.

With the immersive, cel-shaded experience Fear Effect brought exclusively to the original Playstation. This experience can only be duplicated in the third installment of the Playstation console brand, not on the XBOX 360 due to faulty hardware and internal chip incapabilities.


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It is unfortunate for longtime users of the XBOX 360 console to be receiving such a miniscule update after 1 year of the same features on XBOX Live.

At Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment provides weekly firmware upgrades to ensure performance at it's highest peak while taking into consideration what the demand from the gaming community is. With the PLAYSTATION 3© home entertainment console, you can expect a product that upgrades itself over the competition through constant...

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The truth is in the final product. It shows that during development, Call of Duty 4 for the XBOX 360 was done as an inferior design. Infinity Ward did an excellent job developing this game for PS3 and it shows.


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This game looks in comparison graphically inferior to the PLAYSTATION 3© version of Ninja Gaiden. With PS3 sales picking up worldwide and successful sales of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, expect Tecmo to have this game ported to the PS3 in efforts of development costs and profit to be maximized.


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No product on XBOX 360 is worthy of game of the year.


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Sony is rewriting console history once again with it's PLAYSTATION 3© home entertainment center. What was once the most heavily scrutinized product has finally been embraced by the general public as the next generation's primary source for home enjoyment.

Fortunately, the XBOX 360 has failed in it's longevity to gain a foothold in the industry and maintain it. With an insurmountable amount of problems such as 100% system failures, Microsoft is losing trust in their consume...

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