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Shenmue has stood through the tests of time graphically. Cut on the game today and you'll see graphics which still exceed what would see normally on the Wii. And this is from a 9 year old console.

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If Sony and Microsoft were in the line of automobiles, would you trust Microsoft's product with your life? No. Because Microsoft will sell you a lemon.

I compare the consoles to purchasing a car, I need something that's reliable and I can depend on. Not something that I must send in for repairs for mechanics to jack around with and then mess up something else and re-send again.

PS3=Dependable Car
XBOX 360= Lemon

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I wont be buying a DS3 until I know for sure it will work on American and European PS3's.

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Afrika has a mysterious and unique feel. I'm anticipating this title greatly. Does anyone have a release date for this game? #25
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In game advertising is something we have been dealing with since the 80's. Of course half of you werent even born then. I guess no one remembers the Pizza Hut sign falling down on TMNT 2 on NES.

What this sounds like to me is the insecurity and jealously of Xbots who paid 50.00 to get a bland simple service such as XBOX live while Sony gets a little extra on their meat and potatoes all the while getting the product free.

If you hate the fact that home is free,... #12
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This is being overexpressed
The game is not in limbo, if it was then that would mean that there is a chance it wont be released. And that wont happen. Not in a million years.

Sony knows this game has to be done right and as a playstation 3 customer I can appreciate quality over quanity.

Example :

I'd rather have Haze be delayed another 3 months knowing I'm going to get a good product rather than getting a rushed FPS such as Hour of Victory which is a 360 exclusive.
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How could something Sony announced first be a rushed product. I supposed since Microsoft is also announcing a similar feature of Home, that Sony's version is rushed as well.

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Bungie is playing the safe card. You know, never burn your bridges. Solid business practice on Bungie's part. They dont want Microsoft angry at them because of their past. That's all it is. But it's clearly stated that they will be moving on to greener pastures.

That green pasture is called the PLAYSTATION 3.

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Because Halo 3 sucks that's why. It's nothing more than a port of Halo 2 to the 360 in HD.

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lol@you Xbots drooling over a PS1 leftover game. This game will be trash like most XBOX 360 games.

Two of the only good games it has can fit on one ps3 disc. GeOW and Bioshock. #12
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I'm appalled that Shenmue isnt on this list. #6
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Jen5en I agree with you 100%
I had to catch myself when playing heavenly sword. Nariko looked too "real". First glimpse I saw in a mag. I was like "okay whatever, just another girl playing the lead". Then when I actually bought the game and played it on my HDTV I said "She's fvcking hot".

Then as you said, I had to realize she's a piece of code. Nothing more.

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Looks fine to me. This is more of the casual gamer's PS3 console. So I expect this to sell well. Especially when you compare this to the 360 elite. No wifi,No High Definition movie,Free Online looks very attractive. The only advantage 360 elite has is USB Ports which no one cares about.

People are complaining about backwards compatibilty, but the Nintendo Wii has a DVD media but yet doesnt play DVD movies, but they're flying off the shelves. Why? Because it's a gamer's console.... #13
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Look at my avatar.

<-------------- JUST LOOK AT IT!!!

You'll never see this picture or nothing similar on any Sony machine. Wheather it's 80GB, 40GB, 20GB, OR 0 GB!!!!

All Playstations are built to last.

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It's this simple PS3 is setting up themselves up for success. Who wouldnt get a PS3 for the same price as xBOX? Especially when XBOX sucks. #11
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