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Halo 3 is nothing more than the Trojan horse used by Microsoft to extract funds from the hard working slaves of XBOX Live. Not only are you just only receiving three maps, but you will not be able to pay a solid dollar amount to make the purchase. Microsoft points were designed for consumers to overpay and then recieve products that under-deliver.

The Playstation Network has garnered the identity of the most user friendly market combined with open source tools. On the PLAYSTATION...

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With this game being lead developed on the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment System, expect the XBOX 360 version to lag behind significantly with slowdown issues and frame rate problems due to inferior hardware.

But what more can you ask from Microkids who make the decision to JUMP IN the garbage of green. Dark Sniper is sure they will accept the terrible port as is.


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February 12 has been the announced release date for the laughingstock of the Role Playing Game genre "Lost Odyssey".

With poor internal hardware and atrocious development tools. Mistwalker has once again failed to deliver the promise of an actually decent RPG game to the XBOX 360. With slowdown and graphics that are capable on Sony's second console iteration, Playstation 2, it's easy to understand why developers in Japan balk at the idea of creating exclusives for the XBO...

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With the limitless capabilities of the Blu-Ray Disc, Bioware will no doubt fall to the resistance of the PLAYSTATION 3® development process.

Mass Effect will add to the list of AAA exclusives once home to the Xbox 360 that will find a new home on the PS3. Bioware will no doubt then be able to repair any and all defects of the original XBOX 360 version due to the Cell Technology and RSX processors.

Dark Sniper is here to inform the Microkids to please get...

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For a ship to sink, it must have leaks.

Sony Computer Entertainment provides entertainment in every genre imaginable. The Playstation brand has always been known as the primary video game console for users of all ages for a variety of games. Sony has been the leading videogame console manufacturer for the past 13 years.

Microsoft has made a valiant effort in breaking the current decade streak of Sony, but due to incompetent manufacturers and a blind and immature f...

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Thanks to the technological mind of Ken Kutaragi, he has presented us the Sony PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment system.

Sony has once again re-defined the meaning and value of home entertainment. By packing in the leading high definition medium Blu-Ray, consumers are rewarded with a built in High Definition movie device for simply purchasing the PLAYSTATION 3®. The home entertainment title also stems from the features that the PS3 does such as Web Browsing, Linux,...

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In 1995, the same could be said about Sonic appearing on a Nintendo platform. But we all know the result of that.

Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata both had the "only on XBOX 360" insignia on the cover art and we both know what happened with the fate of both titles.

Dark Sniper wants you to realize that the chances of the games he previously mentioned in his last post has more of a chance reaching Sony's platform than the end all be all hopeful wish of Final ...

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If Dark Sniper's memory serves him correctly, I believe NFL Gameday 98' was the 1st 3D football game ever made.

Dark Sniper also agrees that High Velocity Bowling is THE BEST PSN download to date right now. If this game were to come out on Blu-Ray, I would have paid the full price for that game. Only gripe Dark Sniper has with the game is there is no online. Home is probably the trojan horse behind this. Either an online patch will be added when home is released or it wil...

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I would personally like to see the return of NFL Gameday once the NFL Exclusive deal with EA expires.

If anyone remembers, NFL Gameday 96,97 and 98 especially PWNED Madden on the PS1.


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I agree with this article spot on.

It touches Dark Sniper's heart to realize that consumers worldwide are catching on to the massively defective (pun VERY MUCH intended) Xbox 360 console.

Even with repairs to the added heatsinks, Microsoft has still not fully corrected the issue as these XBOX 360 consoles are failing as well. Microsoft simply have no solid reasoning on why the console they designed does not work.

Sony has been in the electronics indu...

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Due to superior controller design. I feel that the PLAYSTATION 3® is where Street Fighter 4 will find a better home at. I'm sure both the 360 and PS3 versions will be the same visually, but there's no way Microsoft's poor controller design competes with the SIXAXIS® and the user friendly D-Pad.

With all of that said, I'm very excited to play this game only on my PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console.


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Once again, Microsoft encounters another blunder in their business practices overseas. When will they ever learn?


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The reaction by Microsoft can be translated into one thing.

"They wouldnt take our money but they would take Activsion's? How are we ever going to be able to overthrow Sony if developers wont take our cash incentives? That's all we're ever good for anyway."


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Due to the strong RPG image that the PLAYSTATION 3® personifies, consumers who were smart enough NOT to purchase an XBOX 360 are now able to play what was once an XBOX 360 exclusive.

Due to poor imagery and sales, Eternal Sonata never saw the potential sales growth on the XBOX 360 as expected. With the Sony PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console, Eternal Sonata, Oblivion and several others will find themselves a happy, new home with further sequels being exclus...

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Sony is a company of prestige and loyalty. With that said, I would like to give a special thanks to Jack Tretton, Phil Harrison, and Kazuo Hirai. They have placed their hard work and dedication in building the infastructure of SCE since it's inception.

These three are key components of making Sony into the gaming powerhouse that it is today and loyalty is something you can not teach. It must be a natural born trait.

Microsoft has had several CEO's and figure...

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Another solid title that's exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3® in 2008. Never will you see games like this on the 360.

G O L F B 3 Y O N D


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Thanks to developer awareness, this game will see it's full potential only on the PLAYSTATION 3 Home Entertainment Console.


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I applaud Jin Kazama for speaking his opinion on actual facts based upon online statistics.

If you do not know already, there are youtube videos of XBOX Live users flaming an individual due to his sexuality. Also with that are several other Halo videos of childish,uncouth imbesiles who tread the internet of XBOX live.

It would be foolish of Dark Sniper to say that this type of language and behavior does not commence on the Playstation Network. But due to it's matur...

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Attachment rates are nothing more than skewed information leaked by the Microsoft Corporation. While it may be true that XBOX 360's attach rate doubles the PS3 and the Wii, the true reality of it is that it still doesnt move any consoles.

With the console sales being the way that it is in Japan, Microsoft's gaming platform has no growth potential whatsoever in the native country of Sony and Nintendo. That is what developers notice as well. In Japan, PLAYSTATION 3® and Wi...

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Dark Sniper admits he found that post rather humorous and spilled his coffee due to excessive laughter.

Dark Sniper will award you with a bubble for AAA humor.


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