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Attachment rates are nothing more than skewed information leaked by the Microsoft Corporation. While it may be true that XBOX 360's attach rate doubles the PS3 and the Wii, the true reality of it is that it still doesnt move any consoles.

With the console sales being the way that it is in Japan, Microsoft's gaming platform has no growth potential whatsoever in the native country of Sony and Nintendo. That is what developers notice as well. In Japan, PLAYSTATION 3® and Wi...

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Dark Sniper admits he found that post rather humorous and spilled his coffee due to excessive laughter.

Dark Sniper will award you with a bubble for AAA humor.


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Gran Turismo has always provided gamers with maximum graphical quality combined with ultra-realistic gameplay and physics. All of which is only and exclusively capable on the Sony Playstation, Playstation 2 and PLAYSTATION 3® home entertainment consoles.

Gran Turismo has outsold such popular franchises as Super Mario and Halo on competing consoles. Also to add, it has made such franchises as Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing to be a joke of a racing simulator ...

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2011 does seem like a long time away. But what needs to factor is that Sony Computer Entertainmen strives for longevity throughout the course of each one of their consoles. Sony's PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment System is no different. With the long term course well directed and thought out in mind spells one invetiable conclusion to the console war. The PLAYSTATION 3® will have sold more units than the XBOX 360 disrespectfully and the Nintendo Wii respectfully.


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With great delight and excitement, Dark Sniper is happy to inform you that High Velocity Bowling DOES include rumble support out of the frame. I received my Dual Shock 3® controller from Play-Asia last Thursday and purchased High Velocity Bowling.

But yes, to answer your question, the game already supports the Dual Shock 3® which answers 1/2 of your demands and Dark Sniper's demands missing from the game. I'm hoping with the impending release of Home® that an o...

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As the fists are raised once again for the prestigious brand of Sony. I would like to take the time out to than Ken Kutaragi for giving us over 16 years of true enhanced gaming from the liknesses to the SNES all the way to the future proofed PLAYSTATION 3®. Blu-Ray format may be known to the competitors as the "Trojan Horse" of the PS3, but as we all know, bittersweet defeat is inevitable for those who oppose.

Thank you Blu-Ray for exclusively supplying my hig...

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Dark Sniper will be issuing a Customer Interaction Day for all of the other Dark Sniper's out there.

Tomorrow will be your chance to meet Dark Sniper up close & personal and also recieve the chance to be fragged by the Sniper in Unreal Tournament.

PM Dark Sniper for the PSN ID and special details.


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As much as the green in your blood would like to write off Dark Sniper as an imitator, Dark Sniper isnt.

Dark Sniper is the newfound voice for what represents the good in Sony. Dark Sniper will always have the support of all of the other Snipers who have found and discovered the ways of the future and where the next generation lies, which is within the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console.

Dark Sniper does not expect the Green Team to agree with any of...

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Exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3® is the only system where consumers will be able to play next generation games, with the combination of an immersive rumbling experience and SIXAXIS tilt controls.

Even more importantly, we the fans are the ones to thank for the rumbling experience being brought to the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console. Sony is the only company that listens and interacts with the people. The people wanted rumble and Sony admitted their mistake...

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Microsoft once again displays the mismanagement of their gaming division. 400 Million plus has been invested to convince the uninformed customer to purchase a system that has known and inevitable defects.

The total cost of 400 million could be better used in the technology and repair department as this would fix numerous console that currently suffer the Red Rings of Death.

This further confirms the Dark Sniper theory of imitation being the sincerest form of f...

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Thanks to Microsoft's XBOX 360, Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed. Due to the extrodinarily small DVD space, no hard drive space and inferior interior design, Rockstar games have found out that change is not good for their development history.

Therefore, the PLAYSTATION 3® has seen exclusive treatment on the development of this game. With consumer awareness at an all time high, Grand Theft Auto IV will see more sales on the PLAYSTATION 3® platform due to it's s...

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This game will look fantastic on only on the Sony PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console.


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Only on the XBOX 360 will you see titles such as Mass Defect end up in the garbage pile along with the homemade AAA titles that XBOX fanatics claim as gospel. Behind each and every 360 games are bugs and glitches that hinder the gameplay to each and every gamer.

Crapbox360, Jump Out.


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Not on the music. Out of all the Doom ports, I preferred the SNES because of the music.


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It makes perfect sense on the reasoning for Lost Odessey slacking in the graphical department.

The Playstation 2 is the industry leading platform worldwide in total sales. There has never been a videogame console that has sold as many units as the PS2. A contributing factor to the dominant sales is Sony ensured there would be a plethora of RPG titles available for the loyal RPG user base.

Microsoft has always been about tried and true. Microsoft never has ha...

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High Velocity Bowling blends the perfect combination of Next-Generation graphics and intuitive,rumbling and interactive control scheme. Only on the PLAYSTATION 3® will you find such innovation from studios such as Sony Santa Monica.

Once again, due to shoddy design by Microsoft. A game such a High Velocity Bowling will never reach the XBOX 360. Once again shortchanging the honest, hard working consumer out of his/her funds. Instead, you're lead by slave drivers who will mi...

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Exclusive to the Sony PLAYSTATION 3©, DivX content is accessible to the hard drive of the system. Streaming capabilities have been added to the system added with hard drive storage. Sony has went above and beyond to ensure that consumers get their bang for their buck with the technological powerhouse known as the PLAYSTATION 3©.

On the technologically inferior XBOX 360. You do have "the choice" to buy an external hard drive or being forced to upgrade your...

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Sony is one of the few industries in the electronic business that preaches honesty. While Sony reports the actual numbers of PLAYSTATION 3© consoles sold, Microsoft reports the actual numbers shipped.

With the increasing amount of defective XBox 360 consoles, it's very simple to know that the shipped console is considered a tax write-off once shipped to Microsoft for repairs.

Darksniper once again shows you that Microsoft is nothing more than the demonse...

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This article should not have been approved. Exclamation points are not allowed on the titles of articles.

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power of Green,

Darksniper has never mentioned anything of the sort in regards to Sony and PLAYSTATION 3©.

This subject is pertained to a sexual predator who uses his social status as a game developer to prey on young, innocent japanese women. It's very possible that the women you see on Dead or Alive are developed after young women he's had relations with in the past.

Tomonobu Itagaki's actions are considered to be uncouth, perverted and do...

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