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Dark Sniper will certainly add these models to his museum of PlayStation®3 consoles in his home. It's refreshing to know that Sony has provided him another reason to visit Dark Sniper's local retail store and purchase greatness again. You can never have one too many PlayStation®3 consoles in your personal environment. You cannot state you have a fully furnished household unless you have a PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal in every single room.

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Sony Computer Entertainment has proved once again that they have delivered another blockbuster hit that has exceeded expectations that were once thought as insurmountable. God of War III was another phenomenal hit amongst the gaming audience and everyone who has played it has nothing but positive results.

No other platform can provide you with quality like PlayStation®3 does. As impressive as these numbers are, Dark Sniper believes that God of War III will be surpa... #15
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Electronic Arts as finally come to their senses and realized that the Mass Effect series will be far more profitiable on PlayStation®3 than any other system. Especially Xbox 360.

Dark Sniper is thrilled to see Mass Effect join the list of several former Xbox 360 exclusives that are no longer intimately involved with their platform. EA has come to the realization that Xbox 360 is a waning console waiting for it's final heartbeat. Xbox 360 is no longer relevant i... #1
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This would not be surprising. Kotaku.com has made several strides to undermine PlayStation®3 during it's climb to glory. But Dark Sniper will not shade away from informing users of the truth.

Gran Turismo 5 is the pinnacle of racing games. No other racing franchise (especially Forza) can hold a candle to the stimulating effect that Gran Turismo brings to users. Dark Sniper has his full faith that Polyphony Digital will not only deliver the best racing game this... #4
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Sony Computer Entertainment has done nothing but provide top notch solutions to the way gaming is enjoyed today. Dark Sniper embraces the PlayStation® brand as the absolute standard that all competition must strive to achieve. If your console of preference does not do everything such as PlayStation®3 does, then it's painstakingly obvious that you have made a terrible choice for yourself.

Dark Sniper sends his deep appreciation to Sony Computer Entertainmen... #4
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Kazuma Kiryu is one of the most influential characters that has ever graced the PlayStation®3. Dark Sniper feels personally honored that Toshihiro Nagoshi has blessed PS3 owners with the Yakuza series.

Hopefully the success of Yakuza will influence Sega to re-visit Yakuza's spiritual predecessor, Shenmue.

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The idea of bringing gaming to the third dimension is nothing short of remarkable foresight by Sony Computer Entertainment. 3D will enhance the PlayStation®3 gaming experience tenfold. Bringing the action in your face instead of just being visual eye candy.

When it comes to professional opinion, game journalists are the absolute worst. Most of their opinions stem from narrow-minded evaluations of what will become the future. Xbox 360 is a clear example. In 2005,... #23
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PlayStation® Move provides the absolute best when it comes to immersive, family fun entertainment. The R&D department within Sony Computer Entertainment has done an extraordinary job in creating a device that is built with precision and innovation.

Only PlayStation®3 gives you the tools necessary tools for the future. With PlayStation® Move combined with PS3's future apprehensive devices, it's clear that the Jetsons' era has finally arrived,... #1
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Microsoft's new Xbox is nothing more than a walking death machine, waiting to self destruct. As proven, Microsoft's abomination has issues with disc scratching and hardware failures. Rendering their new console as useless as the original Xbox 360 model.

The Xbox division within Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. Spewing out constant lies and false perception of a console which is believed to be the industry market leader in consumer electronics today.... #8
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This isn't surprising at all. Considering the fact that 90% of Aaron Greenberg's interviews all end up mentioning PlayStation in one way, shape, form or fashion. Aaron Greenberg is definitely what Dark Sniper considers to be a true dolt, but he does have good taste in hardware.

Some years ago, Hiphopgamer interviewed Aaron Greenberg and he admitted that he does own a PlayStation®3 console. As much as this may upset the Xbox 360 owners, Dark Sniper will not shy... #5
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There's nothing positive that Dark Sniper saw in Microsoft's E3 press conference. Their clear intention is to abandon the market that sold them consoles in favor of a market that is perfectly happy with their Nintendo Wii consoles.

Dark Sniper personally finds it humorous that Xbox 360 has clearly lost it's identity after a long history of relying on PlayStation's name in order to gain false momentum for themselves. As a console designer, it's impera... #1
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When it comes to hardware design, even the slightly informed would know that Microsoft are nothing more than rookies when it comes to technology. Which is why Xbox Kinect is doomed for a colossal failure in the market. When PlayStation® Move was announced, it presented staying power with a sleek and intuitive device, combined with accurate motion controls.

Microsoft Kinect is nothing more than the next stage of unwanted add-on devices to enhance the lifecycle of Xb... #1
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PlayStation®3 is the focal centerpiece for all digital electronics. Only PlayStation®3 gives you the satisfaction of providing cinematic entertainment on both the interactive gaming level and for the high definition movie viewing enthusiasts.

Xbox 360 has clearly run it's course. Microsoft made a failing effort to sell out of XBox 360 consoles at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo after giving away free copies. Microsoft should wave their white f... #10
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Microsoft would never allow honest and personal opinion to be displayed across the internet. Instead, they use their financial power to depict a false sense of quality amongst it's viewers. After having hands-on experience with PlayStation® Move, it's very easy to understand why going back to Kinect feels out of place and inaccurate. Thankfully, celebrities and gamers alike have formulated their own opinions. Seperate from the lies that the Microsoft Illuminati has been order... #3
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Dark Sniper is certainly expecting more from Microsoft. More garbage. Microsoft's E3 conference has given the clear indication that it's target audience is aimed towards one that never existed on their console, the casual audience.

Casual audiences have already started making their shift towards the high definition by upgrading to PlayStation®3. There is simply no room for Microsoft to kinect to their customers. By releasing boatloads of shovelware, Micro... #3
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PlayStation® Move is the perfect example of the modus operandi of what Sony Computer Entertainment is, which is precision.

Move is more than just a peripheral, it's an evolution to the way games will be presented. Only on PlayStation®3 will you find the perfect blend of software for the family, and software for the mature audience and core gamers. It's no secret that journalists have taken an immediate liking to Move and all of the credit goes to the P... #14
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Sony Computer Entertainment never fails to deliver quality content that appeals both to the mass market and it's loyal core audience. Sony has made it clear statement that PlayStation®3 is geared towards the next decade and beyond. With AAA titles ranging from Sorcery to Twisted Metal, PlayStation®3 has once again reassured itself as the leader in consumer electronics today.

Dark Sniper feels honored to have the privilege to gain access to PlayStation® Plus... #22
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Gabe Newell finally understands that Xbox 360 has officially run it's course. In order to continue to provide entertainment for the core gaming audience, Valve has understood that Portal needs to revolutionize itself with PlayStation®3.

This is the biggest slap in the face to all Xbox 360 owners who felt as if their console was safe. Dark Sniper hopes that you realize that PlayStation®3 is the future of where gaming is headed. Your future is going towards... #36
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PlayStation Plus provides unique content that can only be found on PlayStation®3 consoles. At the low cost of 49.99 per year, you're promised to exclusive access to the richest content no other console can compete with.

PSN+ gives all users the satisfaction of knowing that every penny that is spent will be more than worthwhile. Throughout the duration of your subscription, you will gain access to the very best that Sony Computer Entertainment has to offer. For thos... #1
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Gears of War 3 looks no better than the same Unreal Tournament III that Dark Sniper enjoyed exclusively on his PlayStation®3 console in 2007. Xbox 360 has clearly reached the maximum point of graphics and technological capability. After watching lush visuals of Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Infamous 2, and Little Big Planet 2, Gears of War 3 is nothing more than a laughable piece of garbage.

Epic Games will need to re-evaluate their business strategy if they expec... #4
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