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Call of Duty on PlayStation®Vita cannot and should not be ignored. With the ability to feature cross-platform gameplay, Call of Duty will be significant to be able to have the PlayStation®3 experience on the go.

Call of Duty is already one of the highest selling games on PlayStation. Combining this with the fact that PlayStation®Vita will be receiving a price drop very soon and you will see sales surge for both Activision and Sony this upcoming fall.

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Obviously Dark Sniper is of the popular opinion that Final Fantasy VII should be remade. But this article delves deeper into another issue that definitely warrants discussion.

Gamers around Dark Sniper's age bracket will likely be able to identify with what he's saying. Once upon a time, there was an age where 100% of all gaming was done offline. Younger gamers these days should be appreciative of the fact that all of their gaming news can be found through the ease...

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This is unfortunate news for Nintendo fans looking forward to the next wave of "next generation" titles by Capcom.


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Capcom should consider contacting Ed Boon at Neatherealm Studios and discussing the idea of Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. It's the crossover fighting game that fans would love to see. If they're willing to allow their Street Fighter characters in a Rated M theme environment, it could really do wonders for their sales.

Dark Sniper also hopes that Capcom would reconsider bringing back the Mega Man franchise as there was no real need to cancel him in the first place...

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The Last of Us looks not only to be the best game of this year, it will be in strong consideration of the best game of this generation. With rumors and speculation of next generation consoles launching, The Last Of Us looks to be a next generation game in terms of visuals and gameplay.

This comes no surprise to Dark Sniper as Naughty Dog is one of the craftiest developers in gaming today. By harnessing the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal to it's full capa...

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This article should be flagged for falsification of improper and inaccurate journalism. Stating the blatantly obvious, PlayStation®3 is far from the word failure. Not even in a "kind of" connotation that that Shane Satterfield is trying to smear to the public.

Starting at the beginning. At the initial launch of the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal, massive fights broke out due to millions of fans looking to immerse themselves in the true next gene...

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This opens the door for Tomonobu Itagaki to reach out to his Japanese peers at Sony Computer Entertainment. Devil's Third looked to be a fantastic game that Dark Sniper is looking forward to. Hopefully he will see it appear on his PlayStation®3.


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The answer is an absolute yes. Nintendo has their final nail in the coffin waiting for them in the Wii-U. Thankfully, Dark Sniper has made the smart investment by taking his business elsewhere.

With Nintendo not having any outside residual income to rely on, their games division is suffering a loss for the first time. Something that the PlayStation division is not doing at this current point.

Dark Sniper will be watching to see what happens, Nintendo can...

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11. He let Ken Kutaragi walk away from Nintendo after he designed the sound chip to the SNES. The rest as you would history.


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Sony has already won E3 2012. With the amazing amount of exclusives that are set to be announced, this doesn't even mention the surprises that Sony always brings the fans and Sony Snipers. Dark Sniper knows that E3 will bring him nothing but pure satisfaction, because he knows exactly what's on the horizon.

Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai will once again take center stage and show you why Sony is at the forefront of primetime television. What we know is that Sony will be a...

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“It’s the pinnacle of current gaming technology,” - Hideo Kojima

Dark Sniper couldn't have said it any better himself. For those who are new to the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima is one of the forefathers of our genre. Hideo Kojima is responsible for revolutionizing the art and science of video games itself. Blending Hollywood motion picture cinematography and meshing with the Dual Shock controller provided the organic combination of something we have never seen before. ...

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It's highly likely that Sony will be revealing more than 20 new titles at E3 2012. This years Electronic Entertainment Expo will be no different than others in years past.

Sony always steals the show with PlayStation titles that rattles the feathers of competitors and ignites smiles across the PlayStation nation. If you don't own a PlayStation®3 or PlayStation® Vita, then it's clearly obvious that you made the wrong choice. The biggest gaming convention ...

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Sega could fund Shenmue 3 easily if they wanted to. But due to Sega's own incompetence, they are in the position they're in now. Which is why they dont have their own console anymore.

At any rate, Dark Sniper would be in full support of a Shenmue 3 Kickstarter campaign. He would gladly donate each and every paycheck of it meant Shenmue III being released.


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Dark Sniper completely understands Activision's business decision. Call of Duty did not become a billion dollar franchise overnight. Unfortunately for Nintendo, they will not recieve their share of CoD glory due to questionable third party sales on their platform.

For all of the Nintendo fans who will be missing out on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this fall, Dark Sniper encourages you to purchase one of the competing consoles fpr your Call of Duty fix. Dark Snipers knows...

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This is pleasant news to read. Only PlayStation®3 gives consumers the flexibility to migrate between your PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal to your personal computer.

One of many reasons why PlayStation®3 is the worldwide leader in consumer electronics. Dark Sniper looks forward to enjoying some rounds of Skullgirls with all of his Sony Snipers and PC enthusiasts alike.


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As expected, PlayStation®3 has dominated the charts once again. Obtaining the mark of the highest console sold throughout 2012 so far. That trend is unlikely to change because it has been this way since 1996.

Dark Sniper has been with PlayStation since the beginning. For those that haven't jumped in, PlayStation gives you the realm of award winning software and an online ecosystem that is unmatched. Dark Sniper is grateful to be a part of PlayStation nation as he wi...

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Starhawk does not need to be a Halo killer. In fact it would be better served if it was'nt affiliated with that franchise at all.

Tying your name to something to the likes of Halo is dooming yourself to failure. As you can see, even Bungie doesnt want anything to do with the franchise.

Starhawk utilizes the PlayStation®3 to it's maximum potential. Which is why Starhawk will provide a superior experience that cannot be rivaled on any other cons...

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Looks like another strong week for PlayStation as it obliterated the competition in console sales. Facts are facts, PlayStation®3 is in more living rooms than any other system on the planet, including the Nintendo DS.

Dark Sniper gives special thanks to vgchartz for reporting fair and accurate sales statistics. As the numbers show, PlayStation®3 is THE household leader in consumer electronics since 1995.

Once again, Dark Sniper thanks vgchartz for a jo...

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