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Dark Sniper knows greatness when he sees it. Naughty Dog's newest adventure looks to be knocking on that door. The Last of Us is an example of Naughty Dog using the PS3 to it's full power. Whereas Uncharted 3 only used about 70%. Given how great this game looks, there is no need to jump into next gen because The Last Of Us is a next-gen title.

Dark Sniper fully expects this game to be mentioned along with Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain and Uncharted as one of the grea...

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Netflix would be wise to add this feature to their already great portfolio of titles. As an early adopter of 3D, Dark Sniper will be delighted to use this feature exclusively on his PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Processor.

As it stands right now, only PlayStation®3 provides consumers the ability to jump into the third dimension with a complete library of blu-ray movies, Netflix and the greatest exclusives known to man. He will enjoy this fine addition as Netfli...

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This was a great week for the PlayStation division and Sega, as Binary Domain is the highest selling console title this week. Dominating all other platforms including Nintendo Wii, 3DS and definitely Xbox 360.

Binary Domain shows off the technological muscle that PlayStation®3 provides, as facts show that everyone in the eastern shores tore down the streets of Japan as they rushed to their nearest game store to get their copy of Binary Domain.

The signi...

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Once again, Sony Computer Entertainment makes a brilliant business decision by giving all PlayStation®3 owners the choice to enjoy one of the finest exclusives of 2011 at an affordable price.

Killzone 3 is just the start of a new revolution that will change the structure of how future business models incorporate their plans into the next generation. Games such as SOCOM will benefit from this, opening the opportunity for each and every owner to re-capture the moments that...

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This will be one of the most short lived handheld wars in the history of gaming. Nintendo has followed their own tradition of releasing new products with little to no innovation.

The Nintendo 3DS performs exactly like it's predecessor with their only new feature being 3-dimensional graphics, something Dark Sniper already enjoys on his PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Database.

PlayStation® Vita comes completely armed as the first and only gamin...

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The Legend Of Zelda is a great series that has left great memories for gamers. Dark Sniper remembers A Link To The Past being one of the greatest RPG's released around that time.

Unfortunately, the series has stagnated for quite a while. Nintendo has not been able to recapture the same magic they achieved with Ocarina of Time, another great game in the series.

This is likely due to the fall of Japanese game development. Nintendo has taken a huge blo...

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PlayStation®Vita is like the second coming of Christ, everyone will listen as Sony takes command of the next generation handheld war between Sony, Nintendo and all other competitors.

2012 spells another year for Sony dominance as their robust and flawless design of the PS Vita will win over consumers on a rapid scale. This is a great year for gaming, especially on the Sony front. Dark Sniper looks forward to all of what PlayStation has to offer in the next coming months....

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Nintendo's Wii-U will be released with plenty of skepticism and rightfully so.

Dark Sniper has been around long enough to know that Nintendo always tells the same story over and over again. One of the main reasons why Dark Sniper is so skeptical of the Wii-U is because it's just playing catch up to what we have today.

This is the year 2012, Nintendo should have released this system in 2006. Instead, we were treated with last-gen tech with a gimmic...

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As a fighting game aficionado and PlayStation enthusiast, Dark Sniper is enthusiastic about watching the best in the fighting genre mix it up in battle.

When Street Fighter X Tekken is released, there will be a lot of bodies on the floor as Dark Sniper will launch a full assault on anyone who crosses his path. Getting caught in the crossfire of the Dark Sniper experience will be similar to how Daigo Umehara got his ass kicked at EVO 2011.

March 6th cant get he...

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Dark Sniper respects Michael Pachter's opinion. He is a longtime veteran of the gaming industry and he provides an unique insight to the business itself.

Nintendo will definitely be fighting an uphill battle with the Wii-U. On paper it looks to have decent potential. But beneath the surface, Nintendo is just recycling ideas from the Sega Dreamcast. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo can find a way to convince casual owners to buy their system after the Wii stagn...

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The return of Jet Set Radio almost makes Dark Sniper forgive Sega for giving Shenmue the shaft for 10 years. JSR is one of the most unique and quirky titles ever created. Its cel-shaded art style will hold up very well in todays high definition era.

Its been about 2 years since Sega announced that Dreamcast classics would be coming to all platforms. Yet Shenmue is still inexplicably missing from the lineup. Anyone who owned a Dreamcast in the beginning of the last decade...

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The return of Jet Set Radio almost makes Dark Sniper forgive Sega for giving Shenmue the shaft for 10 years. JSR is one of the most unique and quirky titles ever created. Its cel-shaded art style will hold up very well in todays high definition era.

Its been about 2 years since Sega announced that Dreamcast classics would be coming to all platforms. Yet Shenmue is still inexplicably missing from the lineup. Anyone who owned a Dreamcast in the beginning of the last decade c...

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When it comes to the originators in interactive innovation and quality, Dark Sniper gives his full respect and props to Sega. Despite their questionable decisions, they always took risks to bring the consumers the most thrilling and innovative games of all time.

Before there was Kinect, Sega released the Activator. A quick search on Youtube will show you that the Sega Activator and Microsoft's Kinect are essentially the same device. The only difference is that the form...

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Dark Sniper definitely remembers the "good ol' days" of gaming. Before there was online passes, digital distribution, DLC, and online gaming, there was a different realm of video games which in retrospect required us as gamers to use more of our imagination.

There used to be a time when Crash Bandicoot dominated the console market when the surge of the PlayStation's popularity propelled Crash to a higher mascot status than Mario. NFL Gameday was the best f...

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Back in it's day, Sega was a driving force amongst digital gaming. Before there was Sony Computer Entertainment, there was Sega. Sega's sole intention was to disrupt Nintendo's momentum by providing a superior 16 bit console, a mascot who was easy identifiable by the fans, and a mature image that older gamers in the 90's could relate to.

During the time period, Sega released the Game Gear. Providing gamers with a handheld that was ahead of it's time. I...

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The only thing that needs to be said about PlayStation®4 is that it will perform beyond any of our imaginations.

Given the unparalleled and unrivaled power of PlayStation®3, Dark Sniper cannot even fathom what PS4 will bring to the forefront. Sony Computer Entertainment has always been the leaders in consumer electronics. PlayStation®4 will clearly set the bar once again for a quality package that includes gaming and online social interaction.


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Obviously this article was designed by the writer to use negative press in order to generate statistics for his own struggling editorial abilities.

Stating the obvious, PlayStation Vita will not fail. Sony Computer Entertainment broke new grounds by being the first company not named Nintendo to successfully place a dent in the handheld market. With over 75 million units sold globally, the PSP succeded where the Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, Gizmondo, Atari Lynx and countless othe...

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Dark Sniper commends Hideo Kojima for his contributions and extraordinary efforts on the Metal Gear Solid series. Some of his more obscure titles such as Snatcher and Policenauts are underrated masterpieces that should not go unnoticed.

Originally, Metal Gear Solid was going to be developed exclusively for the 3DO home console. But Kojima caught wind of the PS1 technology and the rest is history. Metal Gear Solid became one of the cornerstone franchises in PlayStation history...

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If Microsoft expects to have any success with their next console, they will need to continue the momentum of Xbox Live. Xbox Live is extremely critical to the progress of Microsoft's journey to the next generation. With the proper enhancements to their online infrastructure, Microsoft could potentially see early success with their next console. Microsoft would be wise to shift Halo 4 from Xbox 360 development to their new platform.

What the Nextbox does not need to be is...

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Dark Sniper is glad to see the numbers reflect the strong brand name of PlayStation in the east.

Much like the PS2, PSP is still continuing to be a driving force in the market as it legitimizes itself to be the most successful handheld in gaming history not made by Nintendo. Meanwhile, PlayStation®3 and PS Vita continue a strong uptrend in sales this month.

With over 50,000 combined sales this past week, it looks as if Sony Computer Entertainment ha...

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