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Dark Sniper was very ecstatic when he heard the news of Insomniac Games and Spiderman merging together to create the perfect marriage in interactive gaming development and one of the greatest superheroes of all time. The exclusivity of Spiderman is the natural continuation of the pleasant and fruitful relationship between Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Motion Pictures and Marvel Comics. In 2006, the font design of the prestigious PlayStation®3 Home Multimedia Computer was inspired...

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Shenmue III is in a very precarious situation. Although it did set records for being the highest funded Kickstarter project, it's still not close to the budget of the first two games. Dark Sniper is confident that Yu Suzuki will deliver on his promise to conclude the journey of Ryo Hazuki. However, Dark Sniper believes there would be a sense of relief and security among Shenmue fanatics if Sega would quit being stubborn and lend their full support of their IP.


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Special shoutouts to the good people at Sony Interactive Entertainment for their hard work in improving the stability and security for the PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal. Dark Sniper cannot wait to get home and download this new firmware update which will enhance his PlayStation®4 gaming experience. Today is a great day to be a PlayStatioinist. Enjoy the greatness of firmware 3.55 and all of the robust features it provides.


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Microsoft's E3 Press Conference is more proof that Microsoft lacks the savvy and know how to become a first place player in the gaming industry. Microsoft's announcement of multiple different Xbox consoles is going to confuse and alienate the already limited Xbox userbase. Their gaming lineup consisted of me-too titles and sequels to games that we have been bored with for decades. Microsoft's lack of ingenuity and forward thinking has really exposed their ineptitude at knowing ...

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Dark Sniper has waited nearly a decade and a half to see Shenmue III in the digital flesh, he has no problem waiting one more year as the game reaches it's final development stages as Yu Suzuki prepares for it's tentative Winter 2017 release. Anyone who has been waiting for this game as long as Dark Sniper has can tell you that it is a blessing from the gaming gods that Shenmue III even has a release date to begin with.

We need to continue to keep up the pressure o...

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The Xbox One has been dead in the water since it's initial announcement back in 2013. Microsoft effectively shot themselves in the foot by announcing and then retracting their DRM policy which added to the already negative perception that the Xbox has in the gaming industry. With the exception of Killer Instinct, Microsoft's first party support has been abysmal at best.

Microsoft's biggest issue is that they have no identity. Truthfully, they never had one to...

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Nintendo has always relied on gimmicks and trickery in order to sell their consoles to the consumers. Which explains why the Wii was a fluke console that caught lightning in a bottle and then withered away in a flash. The Wii-U should have been an astounding success, instead it is a colossal failure due to the fact that the gaming industry has passed Nintendo by.

Nintendo is incredibly stubborn when it comes to keeping up with market trends. Which is why he expects the NX to...

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Even if these rumors are true, it still will not make a difference. Nintendo doesn't have any clue to design a console that can fully utilize the power that it claims to have. The N64 and Gamecube are direct examples of this, both consoles that had supposed technological advances over PlayStation and failed miserably.

Nintendo has always relied on gimmicks and trickery in order to sell their consoles to the consumers. Which explains why the Wii was a fluke console that...

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No one should be surprised about this information. Gears of War 4 is nothing more than an Xbox 360 title glossed up in a new coat of pretentious paint. Gamers have evolved over the years and as such, we are in an industry that demands innovation and refreshing ideas. Gears of War 4 fails to deliver on both fronts.

Dark Sniper expects this from a console that has failed at innovation since their original model in 2001. If you have played one Gears of War, you have played...

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One thing that Sony does better than their competition is their unwavering support for their older platforms. The PS2 is just now being officially discontinued in the year 2016 with their last online gaming server being shut down. Longevity has always been a key selling point for PlayStation as Sony has always went out of their way to ensure that gamers will be enjoying PlayStation games for decades.

In Dark Sniper's opinion, the PS4 will definitely surpass the PS3 due ...

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The PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal has achieved a massive amount of success since it's launch in November 2013. The momentum that the PS4 has had since it's release has only been rivaled by one of it's predecessors in the PS2. Sony Interactive Entertainment is on pace to break history once again as being the only company to break their own record three times for selling the most consoles in the history of this industry.

With that being said, Dark ...

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The biggest mistake Remedy made was making this title exclusively on the Xbox One. If they explored their options and developed this game on PlayStation®4, they would have had access the most pristine resources that gaming has to offer. Their title would have surely become the masterpiece that it was intended to be.

It's a shame that Aaron Greenberg continues to lie to the Xbox community just to make a quick buck out of a sub-mediocre game. Because of this Quantum ...

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The PS1 intro gave you the sense that you are about to experience something revolutionary. Which is exactly what the original PlayStation is, revolutionary.

It is good to know that the company formerly known as Sony Computer Entertainment is staying true to their roots as they remain consistent with their brand logo. The PS1 is the single most important console in the history of gaming. It was the catalyst of what modern day games have become.

Dark Sniper ...

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A lot of you posted some great Sega titles that need to be revisited. It's unfortunate that Sega is more than likely just teasing Sonic 5.


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If Dark Sniper was in charge of Microsoft, he would be afraid to show their actual sales numbers also. For those that are new to the industry, Microsoft has always lied about their sales numbers to make themselves look like a formidable foe to PlayStation. During last-gen, Microsoft was notorious for reporting the amount of consoles shipped and masking the real numbers of consoles sold.

Of course we know that PlayStation®4 is the industry leading home entertainment plat...

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Definitely agree with you there. There was a certain charm to jRPG's in the past compared to the games today. The Japanese took pride in developing their game engines from scratch and in-house.

Dark Sniper can't disagree with the usage of the Unreal Engine. It's cost-effective, efficient and it does what it needs to do in terms of getting games developed within a reasonable time frame. It's understandable why it is the most popular engine to use for game dev...

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Dark Sniper is glad to see that things have went back to normal in the gaming industry. Last generation, Star Ocean was wrongfully taken away from PlayStationists due to money laundering tactics from rival competitors. Dark Sniper is glad to see that he will be able to play Star Ocean 5 on his PlayStation®4 Home Entertainment Terminal in 2016.


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Thankfully Sony Computer Entertainment has blessed us PlayStationists with reigion free gaming. So if you are not able to purchase Yakuza 0 in EU territories, importing the game will be no problem. No swap tricks, mod chips or Game Sharks needed.

The Yakuza series are some of the best games on PlayStation that not enough people know about. Dark Sniper personally loves this game because of it's old school Sega charm and he can't WAIT for Yakuza Zero to arrive on h...

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This is due to PlayStation console being aimed for a more mature audience than Xbox. Generally speaking, ever since 1995 PlayStation has always aimed their audience towards gamers 14-35. Of course there are gamers that are older and younger that enjoy PlayStation, but their main demographic is suited for the adult and mature gamer.

Dark Sniper can name many games that fit the topic of the subject ( GTA:San Andreas Hot Coffee Edition, Beyond: Two Souls, Indigo Prophecy, Unch...

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This is amazing news by Sony and Sega. Collaborating once again to bringing the best that gaming has to offer on PlayStation consoles.

If anyone has played the Yakuza games, one can easily see that it tells a compelling story, fun and easy to learn brawling mechanics and an immersive and realistic environment of Tokyo, Japan. What Dark Sniper likes the most about Yakuza is that gives off a classic Dreamcast-like experience to PlayStation.

Thank you Sega ...

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