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No, publishers won't be nervous (and probably shouldn't), but I think they should feel embarrassed or ashamed if one of these kickstarter games turns out to be amazing and make a lot of money. That would be awesome. #8
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You do know what a fact is, right?

I think it's funny how, whenever the word "fact" is used in a comment, maybe 90% of the time it's actually not. #1.1.9
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This. No question, the best ending I can think of. #1.7.1
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Some people might not be fans of it, but I'd be fine with EA buying up THQ. They do allow good companies to handle it all themselves, (bioware, visceral, etc) and already have an insane number of IP's under their belt. I do NOT want Activision or Microsoft getting THQ; Activision would just chop up and sell everything except the big money makers, and Microsoft ... who knows if we'd ever see anything, or what it'll look like when they're done doing their thing.
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Bayonetta, I can understand, but what takes the cake, for me, is Shadows of the Damned. After the first hour, I made sure every time I played it there was NO chance of anyone else being around, I was that embarrassed by it. Pretty fun game, but ugh, the shame. #10
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Exactly. Watch the opening of Zombieland, it explains it all. #1.1.5
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Not going to assume this is true, but this could make sense considering there's Steam integration in the ps3. Maybe so there can be cross-platform gameplay ... #29
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I understand what he's saying in this article, but a lot of people will just see this as flamebait. Here's the thing though: he's right. If you wait and see the ratings for MW3, I'm going to guess they will be at least a few points higher than BF3. Why? We already know this, but reviews are not only scored based on a games fun and value, but on money and popularity. No one is completely impartial (a completely impartial and unbiased review would sort of be boring, wouldn't... #22
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I love #7. So true. But a lot of people are guilty of this. #38
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Well, I'm just glad those people who pirated won't be able to play it online. #16
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While there are many games out/coming out soon that can warrant a GoTY award, I'm thinking it's between 3 games: Batman, Uncharted 3, and Portal 2. I don't think Batman really will stand up to the other 2, and I think Portal 2 will lose in the end ONLY because it's been so long and some of the craziness surrounding that has diminished.

BF3 is going to be the game I [assume I] will be playing for years, but GoTY will most likely be Uncharted 3, IMO. #1.1.2
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exactly. Points everyone should keep in mind. #6.1.1
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This is why you shouldn't have your password be a regular easy to guess word. Open a text file and just sit there and click random buttons, use your shift button and also hit some number keys as well. When you have about 15 digits of random crap (letters, numbers, symbols), stop. That is now your PSN password, keep it written down somewhere and save it into your ps3. #27
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It's actually not that bad. It has a way to go to be up the level of Steam (which I have my own personal set of issues with), but it's better than how Steam started out, I'll say that. It does have issues they need to fix though, some major, some minor.

Some people will hate it no matter what, and some will be worried and scared off because of what those haters will say. I don't hate it, I don't really love it, but I have it and about 10 EA games register... #6
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I've talked to a rep at EA about this. He said they will never take a game off your account unless they refund your money as well. #2.3
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Ah, yeah, forgot about Gears 3. That does have a DECENT shot, but not really likely.

And of course, there's like a million different GOTY winners for a million different websites, so it'll differ somewhat. But for the most part, I still feel it will be a fight between Portal 2 (my choice for winner, if not my choice for actual better game) vs Uncharted 3, with Gears 3 nipping at the heels. #1.1.1
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I would cut that list down quite a bit, but yeah, there's a lot of GOTY contenders this year; maybe more than any other year.

This would be my list, based on what's out, and what we know about what's coming:

Uncharted 3 (strong candidate)
Portal 2 (strong candidate - seriously)
Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3 (I'm really hoping these don't win)
Infamous 2 (weak GOTY contender compared to the rest)
Batman: Ark... #1
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That's pretty cool. But I really hope that both versions look great, so people will stop complaining and start enjoying the game. I want this game to do well, so let's get hyped up to play, not complaining about a bit of graphical difference. #23
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No real gamer would ever question that, yes, FOX is the worst news outlet. #1.1.11
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Uh, I would call it an emergency for Square. It's time to break the glass. #1.1.3
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