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Big fan of Marvel, and the toys look great, but I don't have the kind of $$$ to collect them all. Think I'd rather spend that on more games. #2
Hyrule's trailers always looked like dumb fun. Gonna have to pick this up when I get a Wii U #5
Haven't played this, but the lack of a coherent story really bothers me. Why build this huge, beautiful world if they're not gonna reveal anything about it? Fighting and looting only holds my attention for so long -- at least Borderlands, which I get bored of playing by myself, has plenty of characters and personalities to work with. #2
Never owned a Dreamcast (I pledged allegiance to PS2 at the time), but I've thought a lot about buying one over the years. #1
The thought of it just sounds nauseating. #5
I still haven't found a MOBA I can get into. Did LoL for awhile, but it was such a slow grind in terms of ranking up and getting money. DOTA 2 just scares me. Infinite Crisis was alright, but I lost interest in it pretty quickly. #2
Glad more devs are doing the standalone thing. #5
I'd actually consider buying that Mario chess set. #2
I feel like this season as a whole hasn't been as impactful/good as the first one. Maybe it's because so many other good story-based games have come out since then? #1
I haven't played either series (they just have so many games!), but this sounds like a fun time. #1
Heard lots of good things about this. Gonna have to pick it up soon. #3
Weird. The Pokemon Company always = Nintendo in my mind, but it's cool to see that it can branch out like this. #3
That'd be cool if Sony could do it. Then again, most of the PS1/PS2 games I care about are already on the PS Store or have an HD version that I can buy, so I probably wouldn't use this feature all that much. #3
Totally missed out on the Sega Genesis era. I jumped from the Super Nintendo to Playstation 1. #2
Looks like the South really love their Sims. #2
Trying to temper my excitement for this. I've played it, and it's nothing like Colonial Marines, but part of me is still reeling from that disappointment. =p #2
Dang, Blizzard is just cranking these out. #3
Smart move. Not too many MOBAs (any?) on consoles right now. #3
Lot of stuff to take in, but I liked what I saw in the reveal. #2
I could never beat Star Wars on the Game Boy. Lack of saves or checkpoints meant spending A LOT of time shooting raiders in Tattooine. I just gave up after what seemed like the first 100 tries. #1
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