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The ending completely flew over my head until I started seeing what people were saying in forums. #5
As a Hearthstone noob, I'll probably be visiting this page a lot. #5
Curious to see how my Clementine will come out of this. All the decisions I've made lean on her cold "I'm not gonna take any shit anymore" side. #2
The Z-shape block costume must be pretty awkward to walk around in. #3
Figured he'd come back at some point (what else is he gonna do?), so I'm really looking forward to Blue Streak. #4
Just goes to show that MS/Sony/Nintendo still have a long way to go to to court the average gamer to their online stores. #8
They stuck the landing, eh? Episodes 3 and 4 were top-notch. In some ways, I enjoy it more than TWD. #5
I think this is pretty gross. I'm not a game dev, but if I was, I'd be super annoyed if suddenly GameStop barges in during pre-production saying, "Hey, how bout reserving [level X] for us??" #4
I like how a lot of these take place in the UK. #4
As much of a disappointment AC3 was, I did enjoy running around colonial America for a bit. #3
Oh, so that's why Road Not Taken looked so familiar. Didn't know it was Spry Fox making it. #2
I like Ubisoft's approach to these smaller, tighter games. #3
It's kind of cool to see that even with new platforms and business models, Tetris has somehow found a way to survive. #1
Good for them! I went to UC Davis, and while we didn't have any official e-sports teams, I know that we have a Starcraft sports club dedicated to competing professionally. #4
That'd be the best cosplay ever. #2
It's kinda crazy how big they've become since the first Walking Dead season. #1
Anyone know how well this plays on PS3/360? Might be awhile before I get the new consoles. #2
Totally thought this was a thatgamecompany game when I first saw it. #1
Ah, that's what it reminded me of: Studio Ghibli! Thought it looked familiar from the press conference, but I wasn't able to nail it. #3
I kind of liked EA's "behind the curtain" moments during their press conference, even if it means it'll be awhile before we see actual gameplay. #3
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