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Damn, shots fired on both sides! The drama surrounding Hatred will probably be much better than the actual game. #1
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Holy crap. Now that's dedication. #3
I love the art style. Kinda like an upgraded version of cell-shading #3
Can't wait. It's been awhile since we got a meaty sci-fi RPG. #2
Huh. Didn't expect Alone in the Dark to come back after that last game (the one with the Keanu Reeves-lookalike I think?). #3
Kind of a bummer that it's not out today. I wanted to grab it as part of Target's B2G1 free sale. #2
Whoa, reviews seem to be all over the place for this one. I love the AC series, so I'll definitely play it at some point. #2
Got a chance to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes at this year's Indiecade. It was fun! Like Spaceteam on steroids #3
Hey, at least you have friends to play with! I mostly go solo/random matchmaking (on PS4) ... and the boredom is 10x worse. I'm ready to call it quits, too. Grinding for rep is a pain, the bounties keep repeating, and the drops I get from strike playlists are mostly useless. And since I'm stuck now on level 25, I may *never* see the raids, which some people say are the best part of the game. :( #21
Never heard of a dev using a bot to test their games before. That's cool! #1
I loved the button prompts in Deadpool. #2
Did anyone else feel like this year's Call of Duty release just snuck up on them? I've seen the TV/online ads dozens of times, but I guess I just never payed attention to them. #3
Wow, these are really detailed. Wouldn't mind buying a few just to have on my shelf. #2
this looks pretty neat! #1
Bayonetta would be perfect for Smash. #1
Wish I had the patience for complex RTS games. This looks really cool. #3
This really puts into perspective how long the franchise has been around. Didn't recognize most of these games. #2
Mine would probably be Blood Gulch. Spent a lot of late nights playing with my cousins on that map. #2
Communist Mutants from Space is officially the best game title I've ever heard. #2
Wow that's awesome. #2
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