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No, it wasn't meant as a shot at your article in any way. Just a bit of a tongue and check comment directed at those that don't consider "ports" on the Vita worthy of their time. I found your article quite informative. I hadn't picked this up on my PS4 yet (and I think it was free for a bit with PSN+ but I somehow missed it) but it looks like this game would feel right at home on my Vita. #3.2.1
Oh wait. It's a multi-platform release. According to some around here, that means it doesn't count as a "game" on the PS Vita. Thankfully that distinction isn't going to stop me from enjoying the hell out of this on my Vita. #3
It's actually quite simple, really. The PS TV is bargain priced at $100. Move a few million of those out the door and suddenly developers are taking more notice, making more games for the device and guess what? All those come to the Vita as well, boosting the library. When it comes to branding it just makes sense to keep your mobile brand and your home console brands separate, don't you think? I'm actually quite surprised they went with the VitaTV brand in Japan to start with... #3.1
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Shove what down your throat? #3.1
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@OtakuDJK1NG. Reread my comment as you've completely missed the point. Just because advertising dollars aren't being tossed around as if Sony is a drunken sailor on leave (really, when have they ever heavily pushed a portable title after the system launched) Sony's own actions prove the system is being support. Am I wrong? Is there anything on my list that wasn't true, that doesn't show Sony supporting this system recently? I'd love for you to correct me.
... #1.1.7
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How is Sony not trying? Where the hell have you been?
Sony is continuing to support the system with games (what are there, 200+ right now with many, many new games on the horizon. I suppose if it's a multiconsole release, it doesn't count as a real game, right?), support with cross buy and many free games for PS+ subscribers, added functionality (remote play), PS Now support, and brand new hardware for a low price that will undoubtedly attract more developers as the install... #1.1.3
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Makes no sense at all to me. Like Enemy mentioned, the reboot of the franchise sold much better on the PS3 than the 360. Surely the money Microsoft paid isn't worth what they'll lose by ignoring the biggest current gen install base.

I guess time will tell. Wonder if investors are going to punish the stock once it starts trading in Tokyo again. Certainly on the surface this fails to make any financial sense whatsoever. #1.3.2
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Next question... #12
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It's not a deal breaker for me but I'll take it if I can get it. #1.19
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That's it. You hit the nail right on the head for me. The game seemed well made and right from the start I was digging it, and enjoyed it for quite a few hours in, but then it just got so damn repetitive, combat simply became a slog for me. I don't think I was anywhere close to the end but for awhile I'd keep playing, hoping for something new and finally just gave up. And I felt bad about it too! I felt guilty as I'm a big fan of Remedy. I guess it doesn't matter to... #2.2.2
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Yep. I guess that was it. Just can't enjoy a game on my Xbox 360, despite owning, buying it and playing it on my Xbox 360. It's the fact that it was on the 360 that was the cause of all these problems and I never once was able to enjoy a game on a game console I owned and bought games for. /s

Seriously, are legitimately an idiot? Because if that's the fact of the matter, it explains a lot regarding your comments over the years and I can simply back off, apolo... #2.3.1
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I wanted to like this game. I really did. I generally love the horror/survival genre, I'm a big Stephen King fan and I've always been a fan of Remedy's work and I just didn't like this game. I tried multiple times to get into it but the game just left me bored silly. I'd put it on the shelf, try it again in a month thinking maybe I just wasn't in the mood but whenever I tried to get into it, the combat and characters just didn't do a damn thing for me. Found i... #2.2
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You hit it right on the head here. Microsoft is a business and it's their job to run the company in a way that maximizes shareholder returns.

The Entertainment and Devices division, even when making money, pales in comparison to MS's other division when it comes to return on the money invested. To break it down simply (and this is just illustrative), if you invest ten million dollars each year into six different divisions, and five of those divisions return you 20%... #1.10.1
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If you're PS4 is a paperweight, you're not a gamer. It's that simple.

Flamebait nonsense. #1.1.42
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Wow. Thanks for that snarky response. Glad to see you seriously considered the points I raised.

I thought I made myself pretty clear. If Microsoft were serious in bringing their XBL offering on par with what we're seeing offered from PSN+ they would have worked out a deal to include this EA thing at no extra cost to their customers.

And actually, on the topic of PS Now, yes..yes I do hate the pricing of it currently and won't be using the service... #1.12.2
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I don't get this. If Microsoft were serious about beefing up XBL (which is already more expensive) to compete with the PSN+ offering for less money they would have cut a deal to include this in their XBL service and not just add it as another cash grab on top of an already paid service.

Seriously, if Microsoft was making this available at no extra cost to XBL subscribers to help boost their "Games with gold" program, I'd say this was excellent value for gam... #1.12
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Yeah, I enjoyed 1 and 2 and played to the end. Finished Brotherhood. Skipped Revelations and 3 and came back for 4 and haven't finished it yet. Sailing around, exploring and engaging in the naval action is just too much fun and for the first time I don't feel like exploring the map has become tedious. I respect your opinion and certainly liked 1 & 2 as well, but Black Flag has been my personal favorite for the series so far. These past couple of months (my game time is pretty... #1.4.1
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Yeah, I completely disagree. Black Flag was a fantastic title that finally brought me back to the series and it was 100% because of the boating. Loved that exploration aspect. Sad to see it go. #1.2
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That's kinda what I was wondering. The update rolls out and within a couple of hours already we have an article claiming people are upset. Really? Really? You're able to gauge the mood of the PS4 owner base off a handful of forum comments?

"most users believe that Sony should consistently start releasing features that make sense?"

As opposed to what? Crazy updates? And tell us, oh well researched article, how many users are we talking... #2.8.1
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Doh! Traded it in a couple of weeks ago for $15 thinking that if I wanted too long everyone would be trading it in and then I wouldn't get anything. #2.2
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