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You see, I own a PS4 and I want a PSTV. If you had bothered to read the article, or had paid any attention at all you'd know this device is a game console, first and foremost and just happens to be able to stream Sony's video services as well.

For me, using this as cheap PS4 extender to other TV's in my house without having to buy another PS4 (like I did with the PS3) is my main use for this. If you're using PSN+ on your PS4, guess what...you're getting... #2.1
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Another VGChartz round of inaccurate guesstimates, another chance to down-vote this scourge of a site. #19
I've never understood why people were disappointed with Sony's E3 with respect to the Vita. Sony has never used E3 to showcase the Vita. What were people expecting? Gamescom was always were the Vita received more love. Even big Vita announcements like the last price drop wasn't revealed at E3, but was saved for Gamescom. #7
Funny. You make it sound like it's "people" out there somewhere that are pushing for the exit from the Xbox business, when in reality the pressure is coming from some of Microsoft's largest investors AND their own board.

And considering the CEO just out of his way to make sure people understand that Xbox is not a "core" Microsoft business, that really instills you with confidence?

He may say he's not ditching the Xbox anytime... #6.2.2
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And it'd be crazy to drop support for Windows 7 at this point. Business is just now starting to migrate over to Windows 7.

Personally, I tried working on a Windows 8 machine and wanted to fling it out the nearest window within 15 minutes. Maintenance tasks that should have been easy were hidden, locked away and nearly inaccessible. The new UI makes me want to punch something and from a business standpoint, the lost time and money needed to retrain staff to actually use... #3.2.4
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Well I should damn well hope sales picked up after dropping the price $100. You might as well write "Water is wet" in the headline. Was anyone honestly expecting that slow Xbox One sales wouldn't pick up a bit with a $100 cheaper option? Seriously... #23
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Sorry, responded to the wrong post. #17.1
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I think it's nice to see someone come on this site and discuss their console preference without feeling the need to bash the other, or bash fans of the other system.

You tried both systems and prefer the XBox One. There's no crime in that, and there's certainly no reason to attack the guy over his choice. If anything, we should be encouraging the frank sharing of opinions and experiences like this. It's certainly preferable to the mudslinging we usually s... #8.4
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Word. #3.2.1
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Even thought it didn't go on sale until June 9th, there would have been a number of people who preordered the new Kinectless Xbox One so we should expect to see a greater spike in June sales than we would in July. How are you already making excuses for June NPD sales? #2.1.4
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I don't like F2P. In my experience it always feels like I'm getting a fraction of the game, and then the micro-transaction nagging starts. I'd much rather pay for a full game and receive a full game. I'm well aware that there's very popular F2P games out there, and I understand the business model is quite successful but they're just not for this old guy. #3.1.1
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Free to play? I'm out. #3
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I agree, but you have to admit the amount of criticism received has been disproportionate to the perceived slights to the gaming community. Dragon Age 2 wasn't as good as DA:Origins but was still a solid RPG and was able to hold it's own. You'd think Bioware had taken a big dump on players screens by the reaction if received from some.

Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game but, because of dissatisfaction with some regarding the ending you'd think the entire ga... #7.1
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Just a quick note, Sony stopped including PS2 sales in their figures as of the start of fiscal 2013. Have a look.

They still oddly list it as (PS4/PS3/PS2) sales, but there's a footnote and if you follow it down it states at the bottom that PS2 sales are no longer counted as of the start of 2013.

PS3 sales are easy enough to tra... #15.1.2
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It's more than that though. Consider the PS3, which was the subject of many "Sony's doomed, Blu-Ray's doomed, Playstation is doomed" articles back in the day. Despite the gap in price between the Xbox 360 and the PS3, the PS3 handily outsold the Xbox 360 from the word go (while the Wii ran away with the sales crown).

If it were just price we would have seen the XBox 360 handily take second place instead of seeing their nearly 9 million lead over the PS... #3.2
Not to pick nits here, but usually when someone is "boasting" that implies that they're overdoing it as if they were gloating. To talk with "excessive pride and self satisfaction".

Mentioning a fact like this in a presentation to developers isn't "boasting". That's an important statistic to people looking to bring their products to the Sony line of consoles.

Informing developers with regard to up-to-date sales stats... #14
You don't think the author has a point, that Microsoft should be more careful, and more clear, with their message? #7.5
All you have to do is click on Pending articles and then "Failed" articles to see that's not true.

Please don't feed the trolls. #7.1.1
They may not care, but their shareholders might and ultimately that's who they have to answer to. That's the reason we're seeing pressure now from board members and large blocks of shareholders.

To break it down simply, if you had millions to invest each year in multiple divisions, and one consistently returns 5% while the others returned 40% on that investment (just pulling these numbers out of my ass for illustration) - it's got to make it hard to explain... #6.2.2
That's exactly right. It's easy to memorize a presentation when it's something you believe in and passionate about. When it's something you want to talk about, it's not hard to remember all the points you want to make. #4.1
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