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It's really not that complicated. PSTV is based on the Vita hardware. The more Vita based harware there is out in the wild, the larger the install base of the system the more developers see it as a viable platform to develop for. If you can't see how that would help the Vita, I don't know what to tell you.

The Vita and PSTV are also not in direct competition with each other as one is a dedicated home console, the other a mobile gaming device. I really don'... #1.2.2
@Gh05t. Point to me in my initial post where I accused anyone of any such thing. I stated the facts as we know them. What in my initial post is there to possibly disagree with?

This isn't coming from her, it's coming from the event organizers.

These type of bombs threats are illegal and reprehensible.

Of those two statements, which do you have an issue with?

For that I got 17 disagrees and counting. The timing of... #5.2.4
Yeah. I get that you don't care. It's exactly that kind of apathy I have an issue with. #7.1.2
Yeah, you didn't address a single point I raised. You know you don't have an argument when you simply attack the person talking and not what's being said.

But you go ahead and support douchebags who call in bomb threats to game events if it makes you feel like a big man. This has zero to do with Sarkeesian or her opinions and everything to do with our attitude as gamers towards the harassment industry figures receive.

We should all be taking a st... #5.2.2
So because bomb threats are called in all the time it's suddenly not illegal? Even though bombs that take out whole buildings are rare, do you have any idea how many legitimate bombs the police have to deal with in the US on a daily basis?

This isn't something anyone should take lightly. #7.1
But this isn't coming from Sarkeesian. It's coming from the event organizers. And what evidence is there that Sarkeesian lied about threats?

Edit: Disagrees. Sigh. Anyone care to speak up about what there is to disagree with? Or you all just find facts upsetting when they don't support your particular theories? #6.2.2
You're hearing about it now, aren't you? You think the organizers of the event are lying after the fact? #6.2
So you're calling the organizers of the Game Developers Choice awards liars? Do you have any idea how serious it is to call in the police for this kind of thing if you don't have cause for concern?

There's no doubt in my mind that some crazy sent a bomb threat to the GDC people. The hate directed at this woman is toxic and makes me ashamed to identify myself as a gamer. I don't care if you don't agree with her opinion, the people harassing this woman ne... #5.2
Microsoft's financials don't disprove what this analyst said. The fact is that internally within the division housing the Xbox, we have no idea what the breakdown looks like. Analysts can't just make claims like this without backing them up or they'll quickly find they're let go from their firms and facing lawsuits. And certainly over the years this analyst isn't the first to sound the alarm bell over how much Microsoft loses on the Xbox versus the division as a who... #1.7.1
Don't be ridiculous. We've been gaming multiplayer on the PC for decades and neither the PS2 nor the PS3 charged for this. When Microsoft came out with Xbox Live the initial reaction from gamers at the time was "Why the hell would anyone pay for multiplayer when we've been getting it free for years on the PC?" I didn't buy into it then and didn't buy into it with the Xbox 360 (at least, not for long). Apparently not enough gamers had enough common sense to tu... #1.4.2
I'm a huge fan of PSN+ and with a Vita, PS3 and PS4 it's certainly worth the money for me. Even before I owned a PS4, PSN+ was an outstanding value.

But I gotta say, I don't agree with Sony linking basic multiplayer on the PS4 to a PSN+ subscription. It's 2014. Multiplayer should be expected, not some perk you have to pay extra for. I didn't agree with paying for multiplayer on my 360 (and I cut it off after a year of trying it out) and I don't agr... #1.4
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No, it wasn't meant as a shot at your article in any way. Just a bit of a tongue and check comment directed at those that don't consider "ports" on the Vita worthy of their time. I found your article quite informative. I hadn't picked this up on my PS4 yet (and I think it was free for a bit with PSN+ but I somehow missed it) but it looks like this game would feel right at home on my Vita. #3.2.1
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Oh wait. It's a multi-platform release. According to some around here, that means it doesn't count as a "game" on the PS Vita. Thankfully that distinction isn't going to stop me from enjoying the hell out of this on my Vita. #3
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It's actually quite simple, really. The PS TV is bargain priced at $100. Move a few million of those out the door and suddenly developers are taking more notice, making more games for the device and guess what? All those come to the Vita as well, boosting the library. When it comes to branding it just makes sense to keep your mobile brand and your home console brands separate, don't you think? I'm actually quite surprised they went with the VitaTV brand in Japan to start with... #3.1
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Shove what down your throat? #3.1
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@OtakuDJK1NG. Reread my comment as you've completely missed the point. Just because advertising dollars aren't being tossed around as if Sony is a drunken sailor on leave (really, when have they ever heavily pushed a portable title after the system launched) Sony's own actions prove the system is being support. Am I wrong? Is there anything on my list that wasn't true, that doesn't show Sony supporting this system recently? I'd love for you to correct me.
... #1.1.7
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How is Sony not trying? Where the hell have you been?
Sony is continuing to support the system with games (what are there, 200+ right now with many, many new games on the horizon. I suppose if it's a multiconsole release, it doesn't count as a real game, right?), support with cross buy and many free games for PS+ subscribers, added functionality (remote play), PS Now support, and brand new hardware for a low price that will undoubtedly attract more developers as the install... #1.1.3
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Makes no sense at all to me. Like Enemy mentioned, the reboot of the franchise sold much better on the PS3 than the 360. Surely the money Microsoft paid isn't worth what they'll lose by ignoring the biggest current gen install base.

I guess time will tell. Wonder if investors are going to punish the stock once it starts trading in Tokyo again. Certainly on the surface this fails to make any financial sense whatsoever. #1.3.2
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Next question... #12
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It's not a deal breaker for me but I'll take it if I can get it. #1.19
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