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Or Kinect?

What if they could sue everyone in that respect, since at that point, you could use your body as a remote, and everyone has a least I would HOPE!

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I think Phillips should be punished in the name of the moon, but that's just me. XD

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And keep in mind, too, that they've only announced that PS3 titles would be on this service (at least for right now, as of the time of me posting this comment). Want to know the best way to play PS3 games?


What part of PS4 not being backwards compatible did the early adopters NOT get? I kept my PS3, and all I have to do is to order the game, go to a Gamestop, or download something off of PSN, and I got the game in my collection to play whenever ...

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Yeah, I think that would be better off if they could just have a monthly fee to get everything that is on the service if you commit to a certain amount of months. Or perhaps you would be able to get access to it if you have PS Plus without the need for an additional subscription. That would be a good deal. Perhaps a "buy" fee in which if you pay a certain amount for a game, you can essentially "keep" the game in a separate library, and if and when it comes out on the PS St...

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It's a prequel to Metroid Fusion, so there are elements that people thought should've been explained in Other M that got explained in Fusion (good lord, do research before complaining about the hell run, already).

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Hmm, he seems to think that everyone thought the same about Other M (everyone seems to want to ride THAT bandwagon, and don't get me started on it). But a compromise could be cool for those that liked the direction it was trying to go, while offering something else for those wanting a more traditional Metroid game.

I would love for more use of the pro controller, though. Not enough games are using that. They do need to find a way to lure third party support back, too, af...

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Hopefully they will fix some of the things that made last year's campaign such a chore. The "Road to Wrestlemania" last year was made up to be tedious because of how they structured the progression (you had to do the matches in chronological order to be able to unlock the next match down the time line). Especially when some of the picked matches didn't exactly set the world on fire, and some of the objectives were not explained clearly as to what button presses you had to do...

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Would've loved to hear more about the addition to this version, the Dark Aeons, which are REALLY FREAKIN' HARD!

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Good lord, not many people who actually DO LPs knows what goes into making them.

You have to, for one, play a game you're enjoying and are good at, have a good personality that people are going to want to listen to (they are coming for you more than the game itself, though the gameplay helps), know a lot about either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere and things like audio leveling, have a good game capture software program (I use Dxtory), take the time to encode the video corr...

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I wouldn't say Ubisoft has been completely bad. They were one of the firsts to come out and publicly condemn the new YouTube rules on MCNs and monetizing game play videos. And I'm having a good time with Watch Dogs despite some of its flaws, so it's not all bad. Just need to have them stop thinking that their DRM is the shiznits and that anyone who complains about it is automatically a pirate, and they might be golden.

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Neogaf seems to be a club of "we think the same way" that never lets a dissenting POV in easily or let facts get in the way of what they want to believe (seriously, just try to post a link to the speech Anita Sarkeesian gave at Santa Monica in 2010 where she said that she didn't play games when she told everyone she was a life long one earlier: it got me permabanned, and an earlier attempt got shut down quickly). It gets ridiculous, and I pointed it out on my own channel.

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There's a lot of things that the law hasn't caught up to yet in terms of this sort of issue. Considering that gameplays aren't static like movies, music, or books, the same rules don't apply because you have to consider transformative works and how it applies to games. The game itself, such as characters, music, or whatever, is the property of whoever made them (whether in house or they licensed it). However, once you go to play the game, you're essentially interacting wit...

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The whole game vs. movie argument has been done to death, and yet, people seem to want to go right back to it.

You can't compare games versus movies because games are not static like movies are. If you do a commentary on a movie like you would a game, then what would change in the actual movie from one person to another? Absolutely nothing, because the movie has a static sequence of events. Even when you have a different style of commentary (which would become a argument ...

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It is better than what they have been attempting to do now, which is profit for the entire video that, in my case at least, can be 30-40 minutes long (I'm not exaggerating that, either: my Watch Dogs LP so far has videos that have broke the 40 minute mark, and one that's gone to 50 or so minutes). Because a licensed song happens to be playing in the background for a few seconds because I am trying to turn off the audio, they profit for the entirety of the 30-50 minutes that I commenta...

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This could, though, be a good thing if YouTube will allow for the monetization to be split between the user and other companies that try to claim the videos that have things like, say, a few seconds of licensed music from a game.

If anyone remembers what Angry Joe went through, you'd know just why it can become a major problem. A five second clip of a song that someone like WMG has copyrighted, and they can monetize the ENTIRE VIDEO that could be 30 minutes long, and whi...

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I think everyone got the wrong idea about why people were upset about that announcement. Many were thinking they were just PS3 fanboys acting hysterical. Some were that, but that's not what the majority of those that were upset with it had the issue with.

It was instead them being upset was that they believed the game would suffer in quality as a result of it having to be multiplatform because you have to worry about whether or not something that works on one system will...

793d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment are people already getting the game. I bought it off of Steam and it's saying it unlocks in a day and 9 hours? Was there a "buy it this early, get it this early" promo I wasn't aware of?

Or are there just that many trolls on the internet? :P

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Nice to see you're just assuming that everyone that has a problem with the game is a pirate because you said so.

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Trust me, guys, Giant Bomb is ten times better than Gaf ever will be. It's not as strict, not as biased, and not as willing to put up a firewall for certain people.

GB is on equal par with N4G, I can assure you.

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They have a lot of issues with inconsistent enforcing of rules, people disagreeing with their status quo, and insecurity about people complaining about GAF on other sites.

The fact that I was permaed there after someone tried to, once again, bring up some comments I made there about Anita Sarkeesian (someone who GAF has built such a firewall there that it's unreal how bad the status quo has gotten there about her), and then they got mad that I defended and stood by most ...

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