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"That just happened!"


Already had someone do that. Her name's Anita Sarkeesian! #2.1
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Does she deserve death threats? Nope!

Do people have the right to question the opinion, though? Yep!

Just because someone doesn't have the opinion you want someone you have, you shouldn't ask for someone to die or anything like that. But being sympathetic about someone getting such threats doesn't necessarily make the opinion that got such comments agreeable! #2.1.25
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Red Dead was underwhelming? #20.1.2
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Oh good lord! They made bad decisions they had to back pedal from. This is another bad decision they'll probably regret and/or back pedal from.

Do I seriously have to explain everything? #6.2.2
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It's Microsoft! It's not like they made the best decisions lately (how many things have they back pedaled on with the XB1?). #6.2
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It's not a matter of piracy behind what this (joke?) petition is about.

He doesn't mean "steal" as in "torrent games you didn't pay for". He's talking from an "entitled" console fanboy that thinks that a port to PC period is "stealing" from the consoles, where he thinks the game should stay exclusive. There's a HUGE difference. #1.3.7
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I think it wouldn't have been so much of a problem if they hadn't been douchebags about responding to the criticism.

More to the point, if they hadn't BROUGHT IT THE FUCK UP AGAIN DURING PAX PRIME THIS YEAR! Showing that they didn't learn.

When you have a controversy like this, and when you have a situation in which a small group of people make it a point to bitch, you say "it was misunderstood, this is what we meant", explain the jo... #12
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Who's putting words in whose mouth again? I didn't see me saying that anyone CAN'T dress how they want if they didn't possess strong will and determination. I didn't even imply that! You're trying to find a way to incriminate something I said...why, exactly? Do you think women SHOULDN'T be allowed to dress however they want without the morality police knocking on their proverbial door? Hey, you implied that I said something! How does it f... #1.1.33
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So, let me see if I got this straight. Females can't CHOOSE to use the freedoms they are given to want to bare their midriff, or be sexy or whatnot? Please tell me we're not shoving morality down throats here. We should tell females, then, that it's not okay to let their hair down and just be themselves if being themselves means showing off? If a female is strong willed and smart, then she can dress however the hell she WANTS to be dressed, and any author has the right to show tha... #1.1.19
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Umm...some women LIKE to dress sexy. Some women feel liberated by being able to show skin. Why is that a bad thing? If you don't like that women have that kind of freedom, move to a country where women would KILL to have that kind of freedom...even for one day! #5
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You do realize that it's not JUST the comic that was the issue here, right? It was their response to the criticism about it that got all sorts of fucked up. THAT'S where the issue is lying here. And then they bring it back up NOW! #2.3
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You gotta be shitting me! They are going to make this sort of controversy AGAIN?

2010 brought us the Dickwolves, 2012 had them making an utter MESS out of how they treated Jessica Nigiri, and now THIS year, they bring the Dickwolves back. And then they brag about MAKING the controversies.

And...this will get either ignored or excused because we either like it, don't mind it, or just don't care enough to say enough is enough. Want bad treatment again... #2
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The best way to do that is to do it yourself, to be honest. I don't mean that to sound racist or anything like that, but if you think there is a void that you think needs to be filled, and you think you have what it takes, then start making videos. Get a good gaming rig, good video editing software (Vegas or Premiere preferred), a good mic, and get to recording yourself making games and commentary. The main thing is that you'll find out that it takes a good bit of time to get the take... #5
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And how many reviewers down vote games with female leads just because it's a female lead? Controls, graphics, sound, fun factor: none of that matters to the score of a game when a female is suddenly a lead?

And if a female ISN'T playable, does that automatically mean the females aren't tough and self-sufficient?

But then again, this story was not about the message Anita is sending, it's about a possible conspiracy. If this really was going o... #1.1.2
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Uh oh!

And what is this with people thinking is wrong to discredit someone? If the evidence is clearly there that someone can be discredited, then by all means, tell us your opinion. Why has Anita become that much of an invincible person anymore? #3
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What in the hell did you just say? #4.1
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And this is why I've been saying that what Anita Sarkeesian has done is damaging to this whole debate. Her hit pieces are nothing more than that, and they only ignite flame wars rather than honest discussion, and they then create things like controversies that are not there but become too overblown anyway. One side then overreaches to find absolutely ANYTHING to call sexism in gaming, while the other side will never want to talk about it because they believe that people like Anita and her... #4
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Would put it in direct contention with COD and GTA5, along with the XBO and PS4 launches, and FF13-3 is not that far off from that proposed date.

Seems SE is playing dangerously with that release date! I LIKE IT! #6
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Hey, Kotaku and Pat Robertson! Two "outlets" that deserve each other! #16
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It would be if you believed a lot of the naysayers about it. It had the same amount of exploration with clever places to hide things, had some nice melee moves that were a nice change of pace for a Metroid game (it was developed in part by Team Ninja, so think Ninja Gaiden-esque techniques, though they don't take over the combat system in the game), and a few bosses were very well done (there's a final boss after the credits roll that I won't spoil in case you haven't played i... #7.1
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