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"That just happened!"


Well, judging from how MS seems to be trying to dance around this part of the X1 and the bad press MS is getting about it, it's understandable if we see that Sony might not want to exactly say anything publicly. I believe they won't enact the same type of thing, but still... #8.1.1
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And if you DON'T pay, what happens TO that used game?

Yep, it'll get blocked!

Wording is perfectly legit. #1.3.1
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If the past few years at E3 and this conference is anything to go on....ABSOLUTELY! #1.1.1
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So....Anita Sarkeesian runs Microsoft now? #26
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Where's Dodger and Jessie Cox?

EDIT: Also, Angry Joe, I remember, has been a pretty good friend of the Nostalgia Critic, and was on Thatguywiththeglasses.com for a while, I think. #5
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Oh God, Goeff Knightely?

Better bring some Doritos and drink Mtn Dew to watch this! #9
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It would be foolish, anyway. One of the 360's main issues was the lack of high quality exclusives that people wanted to play. Everything was third party stuff with exclusive DLC or maps or something else that you had to buy extra. They need their own games, and getting another PS exclusive would only complicate that effort further and would just make this next system into more of the same.

It's probably 14, which was supposed to at some point reach the 360, anyway, bu... #1.1.3
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The pic makes me think this is okay. Anything to make the 360's d-pad easier to use for bigger hands is all good. #4
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Only problem here is that you're thinking that ALL liberals would agree in blindly calling something racist or sexist or homophobic. On the contrary! Credibility happens on THAT front when you call out things that are ACTUALLY derogatory and discriminatory, like the crap Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, or Limbaugh put out on a daily basis. Saying that liberals in general blindly cry wolf is making a logical fallacy. Conservatives do just as much of it. It transcends political parties.... #14.8.1
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I want to inform you that you've been discussed on Neogaf, as well: http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

Apparently, though, I've been accused of being a "sexist asshole" because I'm asking for her to be held accountable, and if Kotaku were to ever fire her (which they might not do since Stephen seems willing to stand by what she posts, even though they probably should if she... #26
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You forgot something: Ms. Hernandez has no clue what Michelangelo's "David" sculpture is, apparently. She bitched that Animal Crossing: New Leaf showed it uncensored. #7
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Yeah. All Blizz has to do is to not listen to that vocal elitist minority that thinks that hard means time consuming and tedious work that doesn't prove anything in terms of skill.

Thing is, they keep doing that (they did the same with Cata and look what happened) and continue to think so stubbornly and mischaracterizing what the arguments about their decisions actually are. Doing that gets us nowhere fast.

But also keep in mind that Blizz claimed that a... #7.1
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You forget that it also has to represent the majority opinion of N4G. If that's the case, then it doesn't ever matter WHO wrote it or HOW well thought out it is. As long as people can agree with it. #4.1
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If you look at Zelda 2 on the NES, you will notice that that game was much different in playstyle where it took on more of the encounter-based, more traditional RPG elements that you see in today's RPGs. Yet, some people didn't like that it changed the formula.

They could try it now that there's a much different audience, but there's also the "lot more sensitive" audience to any change.

I think the only positive, aside from opening... #2
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Who the fuck are you and what did you do with DragonKnight?

Seriously, I don't think I've ever heard you justify anything LIKE this before! What changed your mind? Or was it just not the right subjects to bring this up in before? #13.2
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I think the first confusion is that piracy isn't the right word, but it's more of a loaded word because people not only know what that means, but they can identify that as being a bad thing for all people.

However, what you really do is something called copyright infringement, which is a much harder case to prove because you also have to prove that there were other ways for someone to get a copy of something in the way they did it.

If you download a R... #9
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You know, if Homebrew games come to the WiiU as a result, then perhaps that would solve a problem that Nintendo seems to not be able to fix right now: provide any games to PLAY on the WiiU.

Funny how things work, huh? Takes a modder/hacker to do something that a company should've been able to provide us with from the get go. In this case, actual GAMES! Legal or not, at least it's SOMETHING! Maybe if Nintendo was to actually give us games we wan... #20
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"The only good thing that can come from this is no region lock and that's where it ends. Homebrew isnt good cause it always leads to piracy. The people who make homebrew might have the best intentions, but there is always some lil bleep who uses it to get pirated games to work on the console."

So are you saying that Homebrew in of itself shouldn't be allowed to exist, or are you saying that Nintendo should take a three dimensional approach to this issue? How... #1.3
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Evil? No!

Done stupid shit that left us scratching our heads? Hasn't everyone?

Should they learn from their lessons of not making us have to go "what were you thinking"? Hopefully. Them making the PS4 more PC based is a great start. #16
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Apologize for missing your question. That and sarcasm on the internet forum is harder to recognize.

To answer YOUR question, we did see stories about hackers and jailbreakers seeing where Sony stored personal info, and while I don't remember all the specifics, I do remember that it wasn't very good of a place to store it. Yet, I also remember what people said about it on this site (this site seems to be really bad for having some users white knighting companies withou... #11.2.6
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