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"That just happened!"


Nice to see you're just assuming that everyone that has a problem with the game is a pirate because you said so. #1.8.1
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Trust me, guys, Giant Bomb is ten times better than Gaf ever will be. It's not as strict, not as biased, and not as willing to put up a firewall for certain people.

GB is on equal par with N4G, I can assure you. #1.1.34
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They have a lot of issues with inconsistent enforcing of rules, people disagreeing with their status quo, and insecurity about people complaining about GAF on other sites.

The fact that I was permaed there after someone tried to, once again, bring up some comments I made there about Anita Sarkeesian (someone who GAF has built such a firewall there that it's unreal how bad the status quo has gotten there about her), and then they got mad that I defended and stood by most... #1.1.24
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Actually, if you want to talk about the most powerful system right now, some PC gamers would love to speak to you about that one. Not to sound like a fanboy or anything, but all systems tend to be outdated compared to what kind of hardware PC systems can get every year or so. Sadly, many game devs don't take advantage of the pluses there in their ports.

Ubisoft, despite their obsession with DRM, might be an exception (Square Enix is usually another publisher that cares ab... #1.3.4
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I actually figured out the trick to it from numerous tests: you have to go to the BOTTOM of the hole sprite, NOT the top. That way, you won't be touching the hole. Not one pixel can be touching that hole. It's THAT picky. Go to the bottom of the sprite before releasing the button. Your neck will return to it's usual length, and you won't be near the hole.

For the FBI guy (I played this way too much when I was younger, and I wouldn't mind doing an in-jest &... #16.2
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It was bad, but not the worst. At least it had a sense of some playability and, if you were lucky enough to know what to do and how to do it, then you might be able to actually beat it.

To me, there have been worse games that have come out since then, like Superman 64 (which was just a broken mess). #14
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Since it was their oversight, what they should do is just add that onto their list of free games for PS Plus members for May. It would be the easiest thing to do in this case. #8
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Those people who grew up with the 8 bit and 16 bit era will tell you a hell of a lot about music on those systems because of the limited technology. People get very fascinated by the "chip tunes" of those days because of how some devs used propriety chips to get the sound they wanted (Konami and Capcom did a lot of this) because of the limited channels they had to use at the time (five before the chips were used).

Also, you brought up Mega Man. All those tunes had s... #6
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Hey, I won something again. And this time, I actually have a computer with a WORKING motherboard in order to say that I ACCEPT this time instead of learning about it ten weeks later or something.

Yep, that just happened! #14
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Let's just hope we're not expecting things that we don't get that were never promised would be in there. Just remember that these are just rumors that have not been confirmed by anyone. They might be creditable, but until it actually happens, they aren't anything but rumors.

Still, though, I agree: if true, this would be a welcome addition. #1.2.2
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The same enemy sets, though, are acting in new ways. Flans are not the physical damage sponge that they were in the first game, and you will see that you have to employ new game plans for those enemies than you had to in FFX due to the new mechanics they added to this sequel. The CTB system let you think out what you had to do next without the need to worry about the mob taking its next turn. Not so here: time isn't really on your side. #1.1
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Can we please get PS1 Classics that aren't on the PS Store period up there, too? I wouldn't mind playing Brave Fencer Musashi again! That game was so underrated! #38
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Gargoyles and Kim Possible would be two of my choices. Gargoyles was a classic, of course, with it being a very daring Disney toon at a time when they played it more safely. KP has a very strong female lead and caught on fairly quickly because of it sense of humor mixed in with the serious and action elements.

Oh, another choice: let's not forget the Square Enix stuff. We know some elements from FF13 will be in it, since they want to push Lightning beyond that saga. But I... #8
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Not to mention that the comment about misquoting someone was said within a vacuum. The very first Tweet this site lists is Joe asking if people still are looking forward to Watch Dogs. It was not even the place to bring it up, basically derailing the topic the original tweet was about.

And keep in mind which MCN Joe belongs to, as well: Polaris. That's the same MCN TotalBiscuit is with, and we all know how unafraid TB is at saying what he thinks, and it's no secret th... #1.2.9
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So...if a game isn't fun to play, then it kind of stops becoming a game. It then becomes more of work and chores than actual fun. You're just waiting for the thing to end so you can get to things that are fun. If the game is "engaging", isn't that the same thing as it being fun, because it's sucking you into what it's showing you, and thus, you're enjoying the experience?

I'm not sure why this was even a question that needed answered, to... #1
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Gonna just repost what I posted about this in another forum:

"Usually, if you were that interested in a game, you will buy it day one, no doubt.

For those that you're on the fence about, though, I would say waiting for a sale would help the consumer.

As for the devs, though, by the time the game goes on sale, the game could already be discounted anyway, and the increased sales from the incentive could do the opposite. Remember that t... #12
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DK, your concerns on the Vita is pretty similar to what TotalBiscuit said about the system last year. Looks like not much has changed with the criticisms on it. There seems to be little to no games that people actually want on the system (though more now than last year), though the price point is better now than it was in the past.

The thing about proprietary memory cards are actually valid given the alternatives that you have if Sony didn't go that route. Not sure what c... #9
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@ELpork: I think we all did. It's just that this is the type of news that pipe dreams are made of. Doesn't mean we think they CAN or WILL happen (though, in this industry, you can never really say never). #1.2.9
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Forgot to fill in a few, so I'll do it here:

13. Best Soundtrack: GTA5!
Was better than last installment, and the way that they added some music during the actual missions was a welcome added touch.

15. Best Handheld Game: As I have not had a handheld for some time, I don't know if I am qualified to give a nominee, but from the others here, I think it would be a tie between Pokemon X&Y and Tearaway. So those will be my picks because I'... #63.1
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1. Best New Studio: Compulsion Games

2. Best New IP: The Last of Us

3. Best New Video Game Character: Trevor
Even those that didn't like GTA5 liked how much Trevor was just a plain psychopath!

4. Game with Best Innovation: Contrast
The shadow mechanic is just the tip of the iceberg for what is one of the best indie games to come out this year.

5. Gaming News Story of the Year: Four way tie:
- YouTu... #63
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