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"That just happened!"


Gargoyles and Kim Possible would be two of my choices. Gargoyles was a classic, of course, with it being a very daring Disney toon at a time when they played it more safely. KP has a very strong female lead and caught on fairly quickly because of it sense of humor mixed in with the serious and action elements.

Oh, another choice: let's not forget the Square Enix stuff. We know some elements from FF13 will be in it, since they want to push Lightning beyond that saga. But I... #8
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Not to mention that the comment about misquoting someone was said within a vacuum. The very first Tweet this site lists is Joe asking if people still are looking forward to Watch Dogs. It was not even the place to bring it up, basically derailing the topic the original tweet was about.

And keep in mind which MCN Joe belongs to, as well: Polaris. That's the same MCN TotalBiscuit is with, and we all know how unafraid TB is at saying what he thinks, and it's no secret th... #1.2.9
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So...if a game isn't fun to play, then it kind of stops becoming a game. It then becomes more of work and chores than actual fun. You're just waiting for the thing to end so you can get to things that are fun. If the game is "engaging", isn't that the same thing as it being fun, because it's sucking you into what it's showing you, and thus, you're enjoying the experience?

I'm not sure why this was even a question that needed answered, to... #1
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Gonna just repost what I posted about this in another forum:

"Usually, if you were that interested in a game, you will buy it day one, no doubt.

For those that you're on the fence about, though, I would say waiting for a sale would help the consumer.

As for the devs, though, by the time the game goes on sale, the game could already be discounted anyway, and the increased sales from the incentive could do the opposite. Remember that t... #12
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DK, your concerns on the Vita is pretty similar to what TotalBiscuit said about the system last year. Looks like not much has changed with the criticisms on it. There seems to be little to no games that people actually want on the system (though more now than last year), though the price point is better now than it was in the past.

The thing about proprietary memory cards are actually valid given the alternatives that you have if Sony didn't go that route. Not sure what c... #9
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@ELpork: I think we all did. It's just that this is the type of news that pipe dreams are made of. Doesn't mean we think they CAN or WILL happen (though, in this industry, you can never really say never). #1.2.9
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Forgot to fill in a few, so I'll do it here:

13. Best Soundtrack: GTA5!
Was better than last installment, and the way that they added some music during the actual missions was a welcome added touch.

15. Best Handheld Game: As I have not had a handheld for some time, I don't know if I am qualified to give a nominee, but from the others here, I think it would be a tie between Pokemon X&Y and Tearaway. So those will be my picks because I'... #63.1
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1. Best New Studio: Compulsion Games

2. Best New IP: The Last of Us

3. Best New Video Game Character: Trevor
Even those that didn't like GTA5 liked how much Trevor was just a plain psychopath!

4. Game with Best Innovation: Contrast
The shadow mechanic is just the tip of the iceberg for what is one of the best indie games to come out this year.

5. Gaming News Story of the Year: Four way tie:
- YouTu... #63
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Two words: Anita Sarkeesian!

EDIT: Well, adding a few: YouTube Copyright BS! #10
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The problem is that you Wii60 people seem to thing Sony Fanboys are the only fanboys who will do that. You've been trying to pretend others' shit doesn't stink for years now.

Not saying the guy writing this article wasn't biased in any way, but you using the title of a site whose creator denied for years that he didn't have ANYTHING to do with the Sony Defense Force website after he was proven to have EVERYTHING to do with it only hurts your own credibility. #4.6.2
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1) The comments were getting out of control, with more of insults because I was lucky enough to catch one while they still had it in stock one day after I wrote it. There was no other way than to make sure that things are closed there.

2) I never said I did, nor did I say that I was holding up to that argument. I was giving my reasons to the initial argument (sales figure versus what was still in stock, effort to get who wants a system into their hands ASAP, the eBay sellers,... #1.2
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For those complaining about this blog, please read the one I just sent for approval. Correcting some things I cannot here. #11
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Glad to see that some people cannot get through a post without personal attacks, but be it as it may be. I only mentioned the moron thing because that's not worthy of a bubble being wasted on JUST that! I use my bubbles wisely, mind you. I've been here for quite a few years. People should know how I like to write my blogs, so if you don't know that, then faults on you for not seeing that. Does that mean I'm right or wrong? Nope! That just means I have a strong opinion.
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I just got one, by the way. Amazon had them for about a minute or so, and I was lucky to nab myself a unit that will arrive this Tuesday.

And real cute to call me a moron instead of just arguing the points. #4.1
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I don't expect them to wait that long, though, especially when you got the suspicions that there are eBay trolls out there buying systems in bulk as SOON as the "available" button lights up, and no one even asks why it's even going on. I assure you that's a major issue, because how are they getting all these systems to just sell while retailers can't keep a single unit in stock for more than a day or two, if that? #7.1.1
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Sony needs to be careful, though. They GOT to get some more units out there or people WILL go to the Xbone for the sheer notion that there's not much else to buy outside of the failing WiiU. They've already been accused of making an artificial shortage to ramp up the demand and/or price, but it's extremely hard to find ANYWHERE, and retailers are selling out of the console within seconds of getting new stock. They did say that it would be better after Christmas, but the Xbone DID... #7
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Get me in on that, Cat! #251
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Anyone who still has the misconceptions should watch the hour and a half podcast that Adam Sessler did on this subject (it's on YouTube now: http://www.youtube.com/watc... ). Should give you everything you need to hear about this.

Nothing against you, DK, because you're completely correct and I love the blog you posted, but you've only scratched the surface of why this is bad. Things like Y... #1
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I hope people are looking at Daily Motion. They've just started offering their "official content" package, letting people do most of what YouTube offers now with the partner system. I've been getting some of my content to Daily Motion with little trouble so far (though one of my videos is giving me a hard time on the technical side, but that has nothing to do with the current YouTube situation).

Yeah, I think this is when Daily Motion should be opening the d... #1.1.6
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So, all those videos that people like Angry Joe and TotalBiscuit posted about this and how it actually happened is completely lost on you, is it? Good lord, the lengths people will go to validate their fanboyism! #1.2.10
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