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..but give the devil his due! EA DOES publish the game. And all support calls for Rock Band are SUPPOSED to go to EA's support line, so in short, EA is basically a part of this, too.

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Because it is correct on so many levels, and this petition has become a big deal because it showed just how many people wanted something done about this issue and were happy with the console they purchased, yet they get ignored anyway because the publisher is too busy getting money in their pockets, and the developer doesn't give a rat's ass about a console that is a contender in the gaming market.

This has become a travesty in the gaming industry. This just shows that not only d...

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Has BC, too, and since I would love to play PS2 games on it, as well, I love that feature of the better SKU.

And didn't I read somewhere that this firmware also fixed a LOT of the remaining issues with the 80GB's BC?

2939d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment Sony is handling this makes one hell of a statement: "We will take care of any problems, if any, swiftly and without question." Sony can now say that, and MS is now at a place where their CS is called into question by comparison.

You may disagree with me, but that is something worth thinking about, in my mind.

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The people that use [email protected], but that is a moot point because you can just easily not use it anyway.

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I own a Wii, as well, so unless they go 360 exclusive, I'm still alright with having access to their games.

Which is weird, because so many PS3 fanboys go and diss the Wii, when I'm a guy that loves the Wii, as well (and I would love it even better if they get Earthbound up on the VC, hint hint).

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But the way this story was on the front page (the first sentence being the only full sentence on that front page), that just sounded plain SICK!

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They got their lessons from Valve and Gabe Newell.

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"That said, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the company’s coding efforts may yet be seen on Sony’s console.

Despite ruling out releasing standard boxed titles on the PS3, Ishizuka (according to the translation, anyway) does appear to praise Sony’s PSN download service, describing it as “attractive” in the business sense."

They don't usually create too many disc-based games anymore anyway, do they? I haven't seen too many Hudson 360 games, eit...

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CoD4 I can see not getting any trophy support since I guess they want to work on other titles (and they are right that CoD4 was released a while back, so it might not make a difference at this point). I can see the point in it since it was a GOTY candidate, but there's not too many that are going to go and storm Infinity Ward's offices over it because they did explain their reasoning.

GRiD and Codemasters, though, has no excuse. The game just recently came out, it's still being a...

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1) I've seen the people that have had issues did so with the install, I think (that was the most serious place), so if you got past the install, you'll mostly be fine.
2) Why do I have this suspicion that something is really fishy with all of this? I do know that some installs can be F'ED up with faulty internet connections and people not using common sense. I'm not saying they purposely bricked PS3 because they are on an anti-Sony conspiracy (although that would be one seriously deep, ...

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....what does this have to do with anything here? This is TOO OT!

And why can't we use the F or S bombs here but this idiot (I guess two idiots if this guy's claim is accurate) can use the N word on this site and get past the censors? Something is completely wrong there.

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You're one of the slimiest 360 fanboys I've ever seen.

No, scratch that. In all my years as a gamer, I don't think I've ever seen a fanboy with as much baggage and as sneaky as you are. You have several accounts to continue your dirty work, you try to hide your fanboyism (very very poorly, I might add), you give us all of these arguments from thin air, and you're expecting all of us to just forget that you ever made any of those other comments. And you NEVER SHUT UP!!

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Probably later tonight, it should. Look how quickly we got a "fix" for the GTA4 freezing issue. As far as fixing things go, they are pretty quick about it. I'll be very surprised if they didn't get it back up there extremely soon.

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You never fail to make anything into a PS3 vs. 360 argument.

Maybe MS should learn from Sony and actually FIX the issues with their system instead of just explaining them off and lying about what causes them (or lying about them not existing).

EDIT: You know the scariest thing? Look at the three agrees he got so suddenly. This is why I think we should be able to be able to find out who agreed and disagreed.

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Not going to agree or disagree with any of this.

Instead, just wanted to point out that I got a bad feeling that this whole issue could be blown way out of proportion (not knowing if it has or not or if so on what end, but still, this could be a subject that could be read as more than what it really is).

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You can gain levels that will be easier to read than a gamerscore (you'll instantly know how much more of less of a gamer you are than the people on your friend list), and there is a platinum trophy that you won't be allowed to get until you gain every other trophy the game has to offer (which is worth a TON of XP).

And by the time the first wave has crashed onto shore, 70% of all games on the PS3 will have it supported (apparently, when Sony says real soon as far as patches go, ...

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...I haven't discovered the game and won't be able to buy it until this Friday (me being F'N BROKE).

However, if Folklore, MLB08, or a certain game featuring a certain aged tactical espionage action hero gets its patch tomorrow or Thursday....

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I got a bubble and another ignore (from someone, ty for the bubble, btw).

As for the ignore, I can only imagine: There are too many possibilities. I've actually defended MS on quite a few things on this site (I do not have a problem with Vista, for one).

Still, that's a hell of a ratio: 168 ignores to 7. And still no reason why right now anyone should care about L4D.

[email protected]: And when anti-PS3 "FUD" is posted on this site, where are your prea...

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There's a few others to try out (not to say that there are only three other good PS3 games, in case some 360 fanboy wants to try that argument to this comment, but those are three PS3 exclusive games I have played so far that I think you'll enjoy).

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