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"That just happened!"


Wow, THIS follow-up...
...just made this thing all the more confusing.

Just what DID this guy hear and find out?

Maybe the restrictions were "actually REVIEW the GAME instead of the BS that you guys usually do to try to mark down a PS3 exclusive game just because it's not on the system you like to stick your junk into every night." #18
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"It never came to Europe and I boycotted most of Konami's games."
Umm...WHY? #1.8
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Neither did Heavenly Sword
There's two that you listed that never had installs, Breakfast.

I think you're counting those that had updates and patches to install, which is unfair since ALL games on ALL systems get patches. #10.6
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Have you READ Kotaku, Gamespot, the Bitbag, Eurogamer, Edge, or the blatant ad for the 360 in this article lately? Not everyone is for the PS3 to fail anymore, but the ones that are are getting amplified so much that it makes you think that everyone is somehow. #4.4
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There was a blog I did some time back...
...about what Jack Thompson sent to the Florida Supreme Court that "poked fun" at another tragedy: The atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and THAT was sickening, too. You could probably compare what Uwe Boll did to what Jacko did (only he said he was joking AFTER the fact). You can read it here: http://www.n4g.com/up/28515...

I think what you're saying is that there is a line you can't cross, and Bol... #38.1
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There was something I heard on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up show one time...
...these two guys were talking about how homophobic words (they brought up the word "f*gg*t" for the example, a word that the N4G censors don't allow, either) and the N word were used in comedy sketches and if they were in bad taste. They said something to the effect that many people will laugh the instant that someone calls someone "gay" or whatever, you don't necessarily have to put it into funny context because people tend to laugh anyway. The N word, though, you have t... #37
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I think the gaming media really are the ones to blame for doing this.
Yeah, it's being reported...fine. But my GOD, why is it THIS game that is the only one getting heat for a list when we have no clue what was actually on it.

And why is this thing about not writing spoilers mean that Konami is trying to hide something more? Why do you WANT to be spoiled on a game that is likely to blow people away?

Sounds like to me that some people that have treated the 360 as their child is scared that MGS4 is shaping up to be the PS3's "savior... #6
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I've already read the review I usually want to see...
And that was Gamepro's. They seemed to be the most level headed out of any of these so far (they even cited what they didn't like and explored if they were overlookable or not). After they destroyed that 90-min cutscene crap, my respect for them went up considerably. #54
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""Why would you expect fanboys to jump on this?"

dude, have you not seen the past 10 mgs4 review articles on this site?"

Yeah, and all of them have people like you going about saying that the every single review was biased except those that gave it an 8 because somehow Konami's "list" includes those that REAL reviewers would actually LOOK for. You're comment reeks of double standard.

Basically put, you're the ones STARTING... #7.4
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1. This "list", assuming it exists in the first place, never stopped anyone else, and it isn't forcing anyone to not dock points based on things like controls, graphics, sound quality, game mechanics, and all of that. Konami is worried mainly about spoilers (I reported a Heavenly Sword review that was on GameFAQs because it blew the ending right in the review with no warning and with little regret, as if he wanted to blow it. GameFAQs has a strict policy on spoilers, and they remove... #99.1
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Hey, foodbarf...
...how F'N DELUSIONAL must you be? How do you know that was what happened?

And how do you know how good or bad the game is when you haven't even PLAYED it yet?

In case you haven't heard, Haze only got average reviews. It never got any of those reviews that you're citing. Highest I saw that game was a 7/10, and then there was that IGN 4/10 thing when it came out.

Still, as well, I have no clue why there is still this talk about a 90-minute cut scene as if... #7.3
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About the trophies:
Didn't we hear that Konami REALLY wants Sony to implement it NOW? I think Sony is going to include trophies on that alone in this, and sometime before MGS4 (since it's obvious what Konami wants it for). #40
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I've given some help for you, Crim...
...Bubble for you, from me, because:

1. You made an excellent point. The comparison to other games (don't get me wrong, GTA4 held my interests, but something seems missing this time from this one, and no, it has nothing to do with DLC) to this score makes it suspicious. Personally, I think Gamepro really is THE creditable mag on this one, since they not only gave this a 5/5 (we will see if that held up to players eyes, looks like it will), but they also SLAUGHTERED that 90-minute... #35.1
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@Mark 1
So...you've already played the entire game before it comes out on June 12th? Wow, Kojima must've been EXTRA nice to you! #1.28
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Damn you, Omni...
...you took the exact point I was going to make. The 50 Million dollar talking point about that could be anything. Thing is, if that is true, then DLC or not, the fact of this article is that most games, if not all games, that go through this ritual are timed. Personally, I don't see why people think that MS got ALL GTA4 DLC exclusive (not too many think that anymore, if they did to begin with), but I am not everyone, and I'm sure those that still think that have a good reason (better if you... #14.3
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How do you figure that MGS4 got more hype than GTA4? GTA4 had the entire DLC argument attached to it and Microsoft wouldn't shut up about it. It had ALL news outlets talking about EVERYTHING about GTA4.

Has anyone done THAT kind of thing with MGS4 just yet. Yeah, it's being hyped, but not as much as GTA4 was. So your argument fails, and how Superfrag could blindly think that was a good argument is beyond me. #1.25
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We won't know for sure until Sony comes out on their blog and says it.
However, the writing is on the wall. We've seen the videos that show it in action. I can't remember if it is this or another article I saw today, that the videos that were being leaked were legit, so I have to say that there will be at least the XMB and trophies will be included (all they have to do is to carve the stone there).

The in-game soundtracks are being promised for this summer, and seeing as how Sony has been good on their promises lately, I would say this would be it.... #14.3
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They didn't patent the IDEA of in-game soundtracks...
...just the method. Nothing is stopping Sony from going ahead with that kind of update, as I mentioned when that story first broke. Here's the text from http://www.ps3attitude.com/... that confirms that it was being confused with another thing:

2. Microsoft own a patent on custom soundtracks - TRUE

Our friends at Ripten found a great piece of news yesterday and imm... #16.3
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If this is true
That would mean that FF13 is done and all it needs is translation and localization stuff (or whatever they would have to change if anything), which would mean the US release is closer than we think.

@Coheno: Q3/4 2009? Which game are YOU talking about? And how would releasing it soon be releasing it too early? #35
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Bubble for you
Remember, Bloodmask has been the person that's been submitting all those Shane Kim interviews. I'm not surprised here. #59.1
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