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"That just happened!"


A few things...
1) I've seen the people that have had issues did so with the install, I think (that was the most serious place), so if you got past the install, you'll mostly be fine.
2) Why do I have this suspicion that something is really fishy with all of this? I do know that some installs can be F'ED up with faulty internet connections and people not using common sense. I'm not saying they purposely bricked PS3 because they are on an anti-Sony conspiracy (although that would be one seriously deep,... #25
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....what does this have to do with anything here? This is TOO OT!

And why can't we use the F or S bombs here but this idiot (I guess two idiots if this guy's claim is accurate) can use the N word on this site and get past the censors? Something is completely wrong there. #8.3
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Give me a break, POG
You're one of the slimiest 360 fanboys I've ever seen.

No, scratch that. In all my years as a gamer, I don't think I've ever seen a fanboy with as much baggage and as sneaky as you are. You have several accounts to continue your dirty work, you try to hide your fanboyism (very very poorly, I might add), you give us all of these arguments from thin air, and you're expecting all of us to just forget that you ever made any of those other comments. And you NEVER SHUT UP!!
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It should
Probably later tonight, it should. Look how quickly we got a "fix" for the GTA4 freezing issue. As far as fixing things go, they are pretty quick about it. I'll be very surprised if they didn't get it back up there extremely soon. #57.1
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You had to make that comment, did you?
You never fail to make anything into a PS3 vs. 360 argument.

Maybe MS should learn from Sony and actually FIX the issues with their system instead of just explaining them off and lying about what causes them (or lying about them not existing).

EDIT: You know the scariest thing? Look at the three agrees he got so suddenly. This is why I think we should be able to be able to find out who agreed and disagreed. #58.2
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Not going to agree or disagree with any of this.

Instead, just wanted to point out that I got a bad feeling that this whole issue could be blown way out of proportion (not knowing if it has or not or if so on what end, but still, this could be a subject that could be read as more than what it really is). #5
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They gave a JRPG feel to earning them
You can gain levels that will be easier to read than a gamerscore (you'll instantly know how much more of less of a gamer you are than the people on your friend list), and there is a platinum trophy that you won't be allowed to get until you gain every other trophy the game has to offer (which is worth a TON of XP).

And by the time the first wave has crashed onto shore, 70% of all games on the PS3 will have it supported (apparently, when Sony says real soon as far as patches go,... #14.2
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Ugh, you guys are very lucky...
...I haven't discovered the game and won't be able to buy it until this Friday (me being F'N BROKE).

However, if Folklore, MLB08, or a certain game featuring a certain aged tactical espionage action hero gets its patch tomorrow or Thursday.... #12
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Well, possibly from my above comment:
I got a bubble and another ignore (from someone, ty for the bubble, btw).

As for the ignore, I can only imagine: There are too many possibilities. I've actually defended MS on quite a few things on this site (I do not have a problem with Vista, for one).

Still, that's a hell of a ratio: 168 ignores to 7. And still no reason why right now anyone should care about L4D.

[email protected]: And when anti-PS3 "FUD" is posted on this site, where are your prea... #14.8
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There's a few others to try out (not to say that there are only three other good PS3 games, in case some 360 fanboy wants to try that argument to this comment, but those are three PS3 exclusive games I have played so far that I think you'll enjoy). #18.1
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Guys acting like the PS3 never gets attacked here.
Several stories about how the 360 will still dominate left and right on here without even a peep from you, yet if there is even one article saying that about the PS3, it's suddenly bad for anyone to say anything about it. Screams double standard ("good for us to blow our loads on N4G about pro-360 flamebait, but if you dare post one pro-PS3 "flamebait" article, you better watch out for the labels").

EDIT@Jason 360:

1. You are, by all accounts, a... #14.4
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I, for the most part, agree with you.
However, I do need to bring up this point:

N4G was made in order for us to get the most news about the games we care about from all sources across the internets. That was its original intention. We come here when we need a short break from our hobby to find out about the newest things that are to happen with the games we love and about the things in the gaming industry that should spark our interests. However, when these articles come about that only spark flaming amongst fanboys... #38.1
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Gamersday, you're not helping.
And you know what is worse than him?

These MS fanboys that seem to try to tell him off by trying to upstage his fanboyness. #13.5
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Wow, POG...
Someone is taking this thing WAY too out of proportion, are they?

But wait...Bad Company had this many people play it on ANY system? I thought people were not going to play it since it WAS EA that published it. #9.13
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@Forbidden: PLEASE give it up. It's obvious that SOMETHING happened with that "patent" for Sony to go ahead with it (since they have been saying it and it never even got known that there WAS a patent before Ripten brought it up).

@20.1: It was rejected? I want to read more about THIS one! #23.3
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Your name fits you.
Did you NOW decide to crawl out from under that ROCK you've been living in since last year?

Let me tell you of some things that have happened since you were asleep... #43.2
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Even if I had a 360...
...I don't know if any announcement of Doom 4 really would interest me. It's not really the "must-have" that the franchise used to be about. #25.2
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As you have in the past, Max...
You just miss the ENTIRE point of the article, which is that there is always one person that will not like a certain game for whatever reason, and they decided to show you that that is very much true. It never meant that the games aren't excellent, just that the guy that decided to hate on it actually didn't like it and why he feels he's in the right (even though he's in the minority). #3.5
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Some things for you, Solar:
1: How in the blue HELL do you have so many bubbles when you not only pull unbelievable fanboy ditrabe out of your ass, but you try to hide that you ARE a fanboy when one calls you on it? It's a wonder to me!
2: you just insult anyone who is calling Valve on their laziness with the only comeback you have: "Their PS3 elitists" and "if the ps3 brats dont get anything they want it automatically sucks"? Excuse me, what have these 360 fanboys done to MGS4 over t... #15.4
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To get the obvious out of the way: You showed the lunatic fringe there. Unfortunately, that DOES exist, and that does NOT help the people that want a reasonable debate over what was said about the game in the review. Let's not make the mistake that that kind of behavior is a one way street, though. I've seen TOO many 360 fanboys act like idiots on this site, and for anyone, you, me, or anyone else, to think that it's only fanboys of a select system that acts that way is irresponsible. And lik... #22.10
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