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"That just happened!"


In case no one else mentions this, one of the criticisms of Tapped Out was the issue of microtransactions. This article (written by Game Informer, who also did an interview with Anita Sarkeesian that never challenged even a bit of anything she's ever said and then called out anyone who dared to say that it was a one sided interview) never makes any mention of how unfair microtransactions were in that game.

Person who did THAT? Well: #3
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They've already tried, and she already called them on it. She was actually misquoted in The Guardian (she was asked about it, and she said while it could be somewhat related, that she didn't think that it was appropriate to do without proper proof). Then Gawker came and just did what they usually do with a story like this.

But you can't be shocked that someone that clearly has an anti-ethics agenda to try to vilify in any way those that call them out on that agenda. #4.4
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The return of Wild Arms! #1.1.11
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Not only that, but there have been several developers that were caught in this wide net. Several have come out to condemn the list's existence because of the means of getting on this list are so vague by principal (if you have even KFC being blocked from this - which is not an exaggeration: KFC's Twitter handle was actually on the list - then you know something silly is going on). You had several who were actually victims of real harassment being caught in it, as well.

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Ehh...I just don't trust this guy.

That having been said, if you have Jack "Crocodile Tears" Thompson calling you a fake, you KNOW you have it bad.

Which means, Anita, you got some 'splaining to do! #16
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Just look at how people tried to co-op Mike Morhaime's neutral message to make it sound like he was condemning one side and weaponize it, and you see why many execs have been quiet. They don't want their words used that way. #11
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Is it me, or did Dean try way too hard to get him to say something definitive against GamerGate? Layden didn't exactly go pro or anti about it. Shawn only left it at the general "all harassment is bad regardless" and left it at that.

Dean Takahashi and VentureBeat has been obvious anti-GG shills, so it's no surprise that he tried to really get the answer he wanted out of Shawn here. He didn't get it, but I'd look for VB to try to spin that into "... #6
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The one thing that actually happened was KingofPol lying about the info to a Ben Denton post, which was too convenient of a find for me to not be somewhat suspicious, and then he went ape shit over things.

However, the Tube personalities include one very prominent one: TotalBiscuit, who has been very active in weeding out the fabrications in the media's attempt to distract by vilifying. The Tube people are part of what has made the traditional media so finicky. Most are s... #1.1
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You can make whatever game you want to make. A game that I've been touting as a very good indie title is Neverending Nightmares, which I have been recording my play through for my channel. The game is based on the creator's real life struggles with depression, and it has a good bit of psychological horror and scenes in there, and some endings that are effed up.

The issue is that if you make a game, then become friends with the person that is going to cover your game i... #1.2.16
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Look into the facts, though. The time in which the infidelity happened was erred by Gjoni. However, Grayson and Quinn had a friendship at the time Grayson wrote about her Rebel Jam for Kotaku. He definitely did write something on her game while he was at least close friends with her. And he kind of WAS the target. Quinn was more of a subject when she used a DMCA takedown method to remove a MundaneMatt video talking about it, which made people look at some of her morals, which uncovered the is... #1.2.6
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One look at how Brianna Wu reacted to David Pakman's questions in that interview will answer that question. #4.1
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Because she's one of the people that they seem to be protecting in this whole thing. Part of why GamerGate exists is because the print media seems to want to turn the vitriolic messages into some sort of advertising slogan.

The two entities (the Feminist Clique, as you might want to call them) and those at the center of the controversy that made GamerGate a thing, seem to be working together. After all, wasn't it the ultra treatment of anything by them that caused us... #9.1
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Okay, I see. Didn't know there was a term for it. These days, I could see anything and think that it could be someone's channel name or handle on Twitter or some shit.

Yeah, I don't like doing that. If I say I like a game or system, it means I do like it. I don't want to be a trend follower per se, unless the trend is something I'm genuinely interested in. #1.1.2
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Well, some are trying to get their claws into that scene, as well.

The thing is that some of the better known personalities (TB, Angry Joe) have made a reputation on being honest. TB, especially, since he's called out both publishers and media alike for doing BS to consumers. More people are going to new media now and let's players, which makes the "old guard" angry bears!

Of course, some of the ones that are trying to get in there for the... #1.1
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Thing about it is that we know why they've tried this tactic. They know it's doing SOMETHING right, and they don't want to admit that there's a there there (too many instances of the word "there", huh?).

It's a non-sequitur and a form of projection. Any whack job can go on Twitter, put a hashtag somewhere to promote their post, then say that they speak for a movement. It's true that both sides have issues that they need to sort out in their c... #10
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Just remember, those that try to vilify GG have a vested interest in killing this thing. #22
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And this is why one of the biggest gaming series on YouTube is Total Biscuit's WTF is series. He doesn't claim them to be reviews, but rather "first impressions" of what he thought of the first few hours into playing the game. He's blunt and honest, but he's a stand up character. It's why he's been someone who some in the game industry tend to not like.

For me, I think there needs to be some independence between publishers and reviewers to be... #9
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So you're saying I cannot be both a progressive AND a supporter of Gamergate? This is an exclusive club for conservatives only?

Keep in mind that we had FOX News some time ago condemn video games over the Newtown, CN school shootings, and Glenn Beck had no good things to say about GTA4 back when he was with HLN. It's not like the conservatives are going to be our friends, either.

In fact, the only one in the mainstream, if you could call it that, that... #2.2.4
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Can we stop pretending, though, that this is a conservative vs. liberal issue. There are people on both sides of the political spectrum that are on the side of #Gamergate. For instance, I am on that side, and I've been a subscriber to The Young Turks for a long time.

This is a gamer vs. the media and the crazies that want to label anyone who dares to disagree with them as misogynistic issue. And remember, these gaming media sites have a vested interest in killing this co... #2.2
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Umm...I thought Gamergate was already making us DO that.

And showing us just how shitty the real world is and why we USE games as an escape from it!

Some people just don't learn. #16
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