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Oh, I bet Polygon is writing it, Anita Sarkeesian is making a video about it, and NeoGAF is permabanning people off of its site because people dared to be for it!

Just another day at the office anymore, I'm afraid!

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The situation here is pretty complicated. You can't say the people who are buying the keys from these grey market sites are committing theft, because the keys are in fact being bought by someone and then resold for a fraction of what the game was, mainly because of what region the game was bought from (many games are sold in other regions for a fraction of what, say, the US or UK would sell them for because of the economy in those regions being not as good as they are in the main ones). T...

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I didn't say ALL of Nintendo. We know who the dev team was for localization: Treehouse. And there has been various speculation as to whether or not she had anything to do with it, or if she was just in marketing (can't find a straight answer on Google, so note me saying "to many" in that line when I brought her up).

And who would actually complain about the mini game being in there? The usual suspects who have been complaining about pretty much EVERYTHING...

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You're talking about people who are writing articles now about Doom and Overwatch as if they have never played a video game before. You're talking like that when you have sites like Polygon and Kotaku fishing for page clicks. Of COURSE you're going to have "articles" about it, but that's not a fair question to ask given how these sites have been criticized lately about how they cover games.

What you should ask is if Nintendo and who was in charge s...

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It matters to those that want a true adaptation of the source material, and what the reasons are for removing it to begin with. If it wasn't that popular in the source material in the origin country, then whatever. But if they are doing what they did with DOAX3 and thinking that Western markets will get offended by what they eventually remove because of the current climate (and if the head is someone who is known to side with the people who have created the climate; the person in question...

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It's because it uses more CPU than GPU, with the claim that it is to take off the load of the video card. Thing is, I'm currently running two 970's. My GPU is more than capable of handling such a load. I wish that Arenanet would at some point let us have the choice to give the GPU some of that load if we think our hardware can handle it.

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I think I would get into this game a bit more if I had a 3DS still and if the stories about the localization of the game weren't true. Heard it got heavily censored in the West with a mini game removed, and Treehouse got flack for it (won't get into what eventually happened over there, either). Hopefully a true translation of this game happens, though not holding my breath for it to happen.

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"(Larry Hyrb already said, they wont bring back Summer of Arcade, because alot of indies these days arent worth it in terms of quality)."

Or maybe because indies found that they are being treated a lot better on PC platforms. Didn't Microsoft have a ton of "caveats" (not sure what else to call them, and I don't want to necessarily call them rules) that they wanted indies that published to the Arcade to abide by? Now I'm not saying that Steam ...

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Umm...GW2 has ALWAYS been free to play (when you talk about having a sub fee, that is), as far as I can remember. They made the base game completely free with decreased functionality until you buy the retail version that has the base game, all free model restrictions removed, and the Heart of Thorns expansion. It does have a Gem Store, as well, to where you can buy skins, minis, and quality of life from Gems that you can buy either with real world money or with in-game gold (and you can swap ...

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The problem right now is that the game journalists have been cozying up with developers who ALSO engage in radical identity politics, and have known how to use that kind of status to push the game journalists into coddling to them. For instance, we've seen absolutely nothing said by these publications about the recent censorship in the localization of Fire Emblem Fates, and praise to Tecmo for not releasing DOAX3 in the States. This is because of yet another situation in which those very ...

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Says who?

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@RyujiDanma: I don't know how much input he has right now in the series. I'm not an expert in how these types of things work, but I think they could have it to where Tony would agree to let Activision use his likeliness for a certain number of games, or one game per agreement, or something else.

I would HOPE he wouldn't agree to endorse something this broken, but I would also think he might've agreed to allow Activision that right before they began making it....

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You do realize who was backing this thing, right, and who spoke at the UN concerning this? Mhm! Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn!

And the scary thing is that while Quinn decided to back out on her support of this thing, Anita seems to be standing by it. What could that say about not only what the ESA might have to do here, but also how worried they might be that someone who has lied about being a gamer countless times has such a huge amount of pull in what publications say abou...

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From what I've heard, too, Felix is a really cool guy to talk to.

He also had made it clear where he stood on the whole thing about Nintendo claiming YouTube videos for monetization (as well as Nintendo's Creators Program). Spoiler Alert: he came out against it.

If it's not the videos (which he tapped into a pretty big demographic), it's how he comes across as a person outside of the gimmick. He also tends to not take himself too seriously. ...

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I must be with different groups, then, because I usually don't see those types of people flood the female Twitch gamers I sub and follow (like KungFuFruitCup, Aurora Peachy, and Dodger, the latter being one of the most famous ones because of her affiliation with TotalBiscuit). For all the ones that seem to just let sex sell, there are many more that will actually game, know what they are talking about, and have a very kind audience that go there to watch the playthrough (and deals with th...

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Just to be clear, no side should be engaging in that kind of abhorrent behavior! Since when has this sort of thing become okay to do?

Sad to see things degrade this far in this whole debate in which things like this are not only done, but condoned by people. Would love to get the moderates on both sides to get into a room, lock all the fringe people out, and find a way to end this already! Too many people have had their reputations ruined for no reason other than to want eve...

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You people DO realize that things such as transformative works and making something your own exists, right? The game is Nintendo's, but the game PLAY is whoever is playing the game at that time. No two people play a game the exact same way. This keeps getting said countless times and people ignore this because it is an inconvenient truth about things right now. Things like reviews and demonstration of gameplay is protected under fair use.

It's a real person actually ...

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@hoju69: pirating, I would be against (not the same as peer to peer sharing, mind you).

MODDING a game in the way you can on a PC, though? Ehh...I think it could be worthy to at least consider that option (and Sony should look into making some official way to allow people the opportunity to do that). Modding can extend game life for single player games if you can manage the community effectively. Modding isn't inherently bad.

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There is a sense of misunderstanding of what goes into making either a Let's Play of a game, like what Pewds, Jessie Cox, or Markiplier does, or a video review, i.e. Angry Joe or TotalBiscuit (TB actually did a video concerning this: I highly recommend you watch it below, as it goes into much detail about how this is a horrible idea by Nintendo, and TB is another huge proponent against this, and it's curious as to why you didn't bring his dissension to this idea since he's a H...

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Pewds is right, though: for many game companies, this is not only free advertising, but something that they do approve of, especially when you get into stuff like reviews such as what TotalBiscuit or Angry Joe do regularly, or someone like Jessie Cox or Dodger that will show you an obscure game that not many know about, or a game that might've not sparked your interest if they didn't bring them up.

For instance, I discovered a YouTuber by the name of AuroraPeachy from...

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