The Evil Within 2 is here! GOTY 2017


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That is the second colossus not the third.

The game looks fantastic! I need it now!

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It would be awesome if they announced that all Xbox games will become a part of the Xbox Play anywhere program.

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Ghost Of Tsushima looks like an early 2019 title. It would be awesome if it got released this year though. Ps4 this year has so many exclusives it's insane tbh.

Dreams, The Inpatient, and Shadow Of The Colossus are definitely some of my most anticipated games this year as well.

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I highly doubt it will win on any category. It still is my 2017 personal goty.

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Done :)

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Its pretty much confirmed that it will come this year. And the fact that the game is in a playable state and its own developers played it 3 times and most likely more than its definitely in its last stages. I think it might drop sometime in May this year.

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This game is gonna be glorious.

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Here ya go :)

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It supports both 4k and 60fps btw.

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F*** YEA!

Been waiting so long for this to get to PC. Square please, Kingdom Hearts collection next on PC.

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Take as much as you need. As long its as amazing as The Witcher 3 then I will gladly wait for it.

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2018 is off to a damn good start. Dissidia: FF NT, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World :3

Its gonna be an epic year.

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Why not add every monster though? That would be awesome.

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What a bummer. Oh well, if this means a more optimized PC version then take your time Capcom. I wonder if they will add a PC exclusive mode like No Mercy from Resi or Legendary Dark Knight from dmc 4 before it was released for current gen. It would be awesome.

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I wonder if this is gonna exclusive to the ps4. Love the artwork, it looks amazing.

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Hironobu Sakaguchi my man, put those games on consoles. There is a healthy market for JRPG games on both the PS4 and the Switch.

It's really sad when such a talented developer produces games for Mobile.

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Because publishers are greedy. There is a reason why every year my game purchases from Take-Two/EA/Activision/Warner Bros are next to none. They just want to take every dime we have. They don't want us to enjoy their games without having to constantly pay.

And Bethesda is treading on some thin ice here. If they didn't have other developers like Tango/ID Tech/Machine games making some great titles, I would have stopped supporting them because of the BS they are pulli...

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I saw a video about it and yeah, the melee is definitely OP. But since this is a beta, I hope they can patch this before the final release but honestly, if they didn't, i personally wouldn't mind since I don't enjoy spamming the bowgun's melee attack over and over until a monster is dead. There is no fun in that. The Wyvern blade, on the other hand, is an absolute joy to play with. Cutting of Diablos's tail with the Spirit Helmbreaker was amazing.

I def...

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This game is gonna be glorious. I keep playing the beta over and over again testing everything it has. Every weapon has so much depth to it and the monsters a blast to fight. I finally took down Diablos yesterday with the Wyvern blade. Countering him + Spirit Helmbreaker is effing EPIC!

I can't wait to slaughter everything with the blade when the full game drops :)

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You do realize that PUBG sold more than 20 million copies on PC only right?

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