The Evil Within 2 is here! GOTY 2017


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Ps5 game maybe?

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And who said I bought a PS4 Pro? I just replied to his statement, that's all.

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"The engine loads different resolutions each time you enter a room, so some rooms may not always be native 4k, and assets may be dynamically scaled to keep it easy on the hardware. "

Reading an article every once in a while wouldn't hurt btw :)

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This looks awesome. I just hope the gameplay is fun.

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I dont mind waiting as long as it as good as this Prey.

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I really hope this means a sequel in the works after this. Prey was awesome.

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As much as i would love for Seb to return, i think his arc is over. He got a happy ending ( for the most part) so i say leave it at that and maybe put more focus on Joseph and Kidman or introduce new characters to the world just like Resident Evil did with almost every iteration.

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Am sure Tango is working on it.

Spoiler Alert....

I would love to know what the hell happened to Sykes and if there is in fact, a deeper level of STEM, i would wanna see that. And I wanna see how the hell did Joseph actually made it out of STEM from the first place and I would love to see a teaser about Ruvik's return in Leslie's body in TEW 3. There is a potential for so many stories to be told in the world of TEW.

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Another Ps4 exclusive this late in the console cycle? That's awesome!

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Holy shit!

I can't believe it's real

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He should have made Lawbreakers f2p when he had the chance. Maybe it would have garnered more players.

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Then I believe it will be Revelations 3 and DMC 5. But i really hope they announce Dragon's Dogma 2 or bring back Deep Down.

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Hmmm, Most likely Revelations 3 and Resi 2 Remake or DMC5 and Resi 2 Remake or maybe they can surprise us with Dragon's Dogma 2 announcement this year.

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I still don't understand R* logic tbh, GTAV sold 20 million copies on Steam and that's a lot of money, Guess they don't want more money.

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Ah we are back with " This COD is the best COD ever" quote that they say every year. I won't be happy if they actually killed the campaign in COD in favor of battle royale.

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And they said single player games aren't profitable. Well deserved SSM.

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It's too bad really. I personally enjoyed Quantum Break even though I hated how it closed on a cliffhanger when things were getting good but then again the same thing happened with Alan Wake.

It's sad to see them going the multiplayer route instead of making Alan Wake 2 or Quantum Break 2.

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Yeah it is :)

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I can't wait to get my hands on it even though I highly doubt Give Me God Of War diff will be harder than GOW 2 Titan mode. that shit was insane on so many levels.

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"Players can no longer summon ally phantoms consecutively when in combat with enemy phantoms."

This shit was needed so badly in Dark souls 3, especially as an invader. So many gankers, even now.

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