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me too

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Blame Bungie for making deals with the devil

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Can i have one to please??? hehehe Thx!
GT: darkmonkey13x

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"of all time"??? OMG... you're delusional

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too little too late Bungie

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bad joke btw, dont mess with down people they're sick and isnt their fault, PS fanboys are stupid (and more) but that's up to them

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First GoW was released on november (11) 7th (2006) so it makes sense, but i doubt they show something about the new game/ HD collection that day, maybe E3 2015

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Vine is coming, no words about istagram:

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did u mean "kind"? it's supposed to be an open-world third person shooter

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yes i do play games, own borderlands 1 & 2 (tbh i havent finished the 2nd :s) and i own titanfall also

irrelevant? i dont think so, she is talking about new IPs of well-know developers, the movement (parkour) and "ever-exciting" of TF, so it is relevant to know that Destiny lack of these elements and why she felt the game was boring or doesnt know how this game "will fit in a landscape that's full of shooters."

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"And why mention titanfall 5 times in the article?"

She mention Borderlands 6 times so???... u dont complain, why's that?

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after watching this gameplay and the one they show on E3 2013 i think that way, its my opinion anyway... hope im wrong

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I'm the only one not hyped with this?, feel disappointed with bungie tbh, great visuals & audio but the gameplays feels... i dunno... meh? boring? dont know how to put in words but really not impressed

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maybe they're waiting the launch on the other countries

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6.- Visit N4G and found all these articles

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i barely visit N4G now, every time its about why XB1 is doomed, wich game looks better, who sold more and now why dont need more games of established franchises... just %&[email protected] for the same people even if they dont own/want a XB1. Get over it, honestly i never visit the PS channel (ps3, ps4, etc) because I DONT CARE ABOUT PS,i dont have enough time (and money XD) for two consoles so i picked the one that is more appealing with me (halos, gears, fables and now Titanfall...

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ALPHA TEST right?!?

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Why is on the xbox one channel?

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Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console -- there will be no regional restrictions.

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Typical-guy can spend his money the way he wants

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