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PC is not included for MS lmao. Only products they directly sell through PC. But Steam, Origin, etc. They don't see a dime.

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Doesn't MS require you to make an XBL account for the minecraft crossplay? I think this is a money thing.

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I've seen Wiis in nursing homes.

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I'm not a fan of changing already established characters like that. Wouldn't support it either. And I'm black myself, I don't care what people say or think on this matter.

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Dog, we already got an OG black guy in the game. Why the heck does every character gotta be black? Outside of GTA I would probably ignore it if this was real lol.

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Lol PS4 has the Crash trilogy and Spiderman. Top that off with Destiny partnership, Star Wars Parntership, etc. And this year belongs to them unless the switch really ups it's game.

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Build a pc

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Yeah I'd rather just keep waiting until something better comes along. I'm upgrading from the MGS5 edition PS4. So its gotta be something really good.

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No thanks

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It was kinda a 50/50 bad business deal. Sony actually wanted all the revenue from this console including a portion of what Nintendo made on their games. Nintendo didn't realize what they signed up for and backed out.

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Lol you all are going to be really disappointed when Sony drops the old exclusives you don't want to even play.

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Yeah I'm gonna wait. Don't wanna get burned when a special edition bundle drops.

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So Uncharted 4 sold about an extra 600k.

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If the scuf controllers are compatible with the software then I'm just gonna send in my DS4

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Why would they release this in the X1 Scorpio? That would hurt them in the PC space.

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Lol but your 4k tv already upscales non-4k content. And unlike the PS4 and X1. The Pro actually has 4k games and many upscaled to 4k via checkerboarding for a much closer presentation. This is really bad for Scorpio too. If they want to cannibalize sales then this is the way to do it. Lol

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Lol this will only hurt Xbox Scropio sales if they don't fix that.

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Lol i don't let my friends factor in my buying decisions. We are all grown, we all spend our money how we see fit.

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Ahh, that makes more sense

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