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Lol they can't makr a SF5 on Xbox. Sony litterally helped co-fund the game. They'd have to reimburse Sony as well as spend more money on a Xbox port that will probably sell even worse on that platform.

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Yeah.... There is no way they can offer Neo like performance in a mobile form factor.

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AMD wasn't bad at all. Very good cards. But power draw was massive, as well as heat.

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I had the R9 390 and then the fury X. But AMD just doesn't cut it for me. Gonna switch it up for a while. And money is good right now so why not.

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Idk about you but power difference meant very little if price was the same at launch. The fact PS4 was slightly cheaper and slightly more powerful meant it was an obvious choice for many on a budget. Also the exclusives made the PS4 the obvious choice for me. Now that my money is better I'm looking at dual Titan X GPUs when that drops august so my Xbox needs will be met.

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The R9 295x2 counts as two cards though. Remember it is 2 cards in a single form factor.

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Gonna grab 2 once MSI versions drop.

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Lol yeah its easy to look at them both and say that but i can assure you gaming had nothing to do with it.

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That game looks fun but ugly as sin

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Well ressurection is out early in the states. Been playing it on Vita non-stop.

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Why do people say BC is free when you still have to pay for and own the actual compatible games? And who really cares about BC? Still have my PS3/360 for this reason.

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Yeah Sega actually decided to make a comic that went in full detail on the account which gives you a visual representation of what actually happened. Its based on the official Sonic bible so its canon.

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Bar SSO I can play all those games on PC. All MS did was vaildate one thing. Get a PS4 and a PC. Forget the rest.

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Actually the lab incident ia a bit inaccurate. Sonic was naturally gifted with speed. However to train for this race he wantes to enter he spent his hibernation period trainning. Sonic actually overloading the system Robotnik created to help Sonic train which resulted in an accident which turned him blue and the slender Robotnik into an evil egg shaped man.

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Just because something is interesting does mean its good. Mental disorders can be extremely interesting but its also something the world can do without.

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Pistol I'm gonna have to disagree with you. See when MS' press conference first started i was highly interested in the Slim up until Scalebound was also confirmed for the PC. That basically killed it for me. Then the Scorpio was announced towards the end and it really confused the heck out of me. I don't even get MS' strategy anymore and I feel as though October's NPD sales won't change at all for MS. So what your pre-ordering the console? I am no longer interested. Th...

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Honestly the announcement of every Xbox game going to PC is what killed the Xbox for me.

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Sony never intended to show Neo at E3. There where even sources ladt month that confirmed no Neo at E3. If anything MS prematurely announced the Scropio just to see if Sony would reveal their hand.

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Fin there is a reason there are no more humans in your Universe.

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