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I pre-ordered the PC and PS4 versions.

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Actually AMD confirmed no Zen CPUs for semi custom hardware until 2018. So probably a puma CPU.

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I thought the point of a game console was..... Being a game console. I'm grabbing a PS4 pro and the lack of a 4k bluray player doesn't makes a difference to most gamers. Didn't buy bluray during the PS3 era and Im not doing it now. Honestly all these folks buying an Xbox are gonna be disappointed when the lack of good exclusives become more apparent.

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Lenn taking the US and UK would have to be a 2-1 victory just to almost tie.

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oh yeah.....its 2016

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Alreafy got mine

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By the time UHD Bluray disc are affordable. 4k streaming will take off. Same thing happened to Bluray.

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Ehh they arent the absolute best I've seen before. Plenty of better looking games on PC. However I do respect those games as someone of the best ever produced on a console.

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Have. Two Titans XP in SLI, getting that Pro day one. Wanna see how the two PS4 stack up.

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Not paying $25-30 for 4k bluray. That's why I didn't mess with the regular bluray disc back when Sony pushed it then. I ain't paying that much for something I'll only watch once or twice,

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You can't build a PC for that cheap woth this price tag. The RX 480 would need to hit about $130 with tax. And even then its a bit tricky.

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Wouldn't really cost that much at all lmao. After all if they are using the RX 480 then they can just look for ways to OC on the GPU. Problem will be the scalability of the CPU.

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Oh it does. Which is why you get a rock solid 60fps experience with accurate audio and everything. The only drawback is you cant get a 444mhz overclock in gpSP.

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Lmao 2 of these won't play games at 8k unless at medium setting. We are a ways away from that. Thr objective of this new setup is 4k at beyond 60fps.

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They costed me 2697 with an sli bridge as well.

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Already bought two Titan X today.

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Yeah the exploit allows for VHBL. gpSP runs soo beautifully on the Vita.

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Lol they can't make a SF5 on Xbox. Sony litterally helped co-fund the game. They'd have to reimburse Sony as well as spend more money on a Xbox port that will probably sell even worse on that platform.

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Yeah.... There is no way they can offer Neo like performance in a mobile form factor.

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AMD wasn't bad at all. Very good cards. But power draw was massive, as well as heat.

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