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Nothing wrong with good ol' masculinity. Tried of seeing weak men in anime and other mediums. So this was a nice change of pace

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Chaos you do realize the every single article out is giving credit to the original source right? They are also stating that it is a rumor lol.

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That's all your opinion by the end of the day.

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Lol its pixel art, looks beautiful on anything modern.even base consoles and switch.

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Lol because a rock, floating magnet, and walking sludge just screams originality lmao.

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Its probably just to block custom firmware.

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Lol no it's not. In terms of actual performance it often gets outdone by the 1060gtx. The X1X's main advantage over the 1060 is have the vram to push higher framerates.

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You are forgetting that this is an APU. You can pair it with a lower end GPU and kill consoles.

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Lmao with luma 3ds updater, it always patches itself to make sure custom firmware is compatible with the latest update. Nintendo's security is just trash.

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That would bankrupt them.....

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Hardly any games do 60fps lol

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@ Phoenixup

In Lost worlds you still collect rhe emeralds and can go super. I don't think you do the same in forces.

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Looks fun but nope!

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Got 512gig micro sd installed thanks to those custom micro sd card readers that for in the game card slot.

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Lol you mean second best place to play games. After PC....

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Handheld please.

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Not at that power draw it isn't.

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The physics seemed off.

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PC is not included for MS lmao. Only products they directly sell through PC. But Steam, Origin, etc. They don't see a dime.

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