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Yeah Sega actually decided to make a comic that went in full detail on the account which gives you a visual representation of what actually happened. Its based on the official Sonic bible so its canon.

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Bar SSO I can play all those games on PC. All MS did was vaildate one thing. Get a PS4 and a PC. Forget the rest.

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Actually the lab incident ia a bit inaccurate. Sonic was naturally gifted with speed. However to train for this race he wantes to enter he spent his hibernation period trainning. Sonic actually overloading the system Robotnik created to help Sonic train which resulted in an accident which turned him blue and the slender Robotnik into an evil egg shaped man.

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Just because something is interesting does mean its good. Mental disorders can be extremely interesting but its also something the world can do without.

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Pistol I'm gonna have to disagree with you. See when MS' press conference first started i was highly interested in the Slim up until Scalebound was also confirmed for the PC. That basically killed it for me. Then the Scorpio was announced towards the end and it really confused the heck out of me. I don't even get MS' strategy anymore and I feel as though October's NPD sales won't change at all for MS. So what your pre-ordering the console? I am no longer interested. Th...

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Honestly the announcement of every Xbox game going to PC is what killed the Xbox for me.

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Sony never intended to show Neo at E3. There where even sources ladt month that confirmed no Neo at E3. If anything MS prematurely announced the Scropio just to see if Sony would reveal their hand.

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Fin there is a reason there are no more humans in your Universe.

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Starrman dont bet on it. The Fury X is 8.6 teraflops abd it gets stomped on by the 5.63 teraflops of the 980ti. There is much more to it then just teraflops.

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it looks like everyone forgot that Sony delayed the PS3 a whole year because the CELL wasn't cost effective to use two so they went to Nvidia and got the RSX chip put inside the PS4. And no specs or release date has been confirmed. If this thing hasn't even went through the mass production stage yet then they can easily make a GPU change.

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To everyone saying Kratos wasn't black its partially true. First of all what we all must keep in mind is that black folks come in many different shades and hues. And the fact we call them black instead of brown is beyond me. Secondly Kratos' voice actor for the first two games was Terrence Carson. So its not really hard to believe Kratos to have a mixes background. i mean come on we still got folks who refuse to believe Dwyane Johnson is half black. I wouldn't say Kratos is black ...

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Lmao what ever happened to the cloud giving every X1 3x more power.

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The price comes down a lot if you send in your own controller.

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See I don't get it. Why would MS make a much mote powerful Xbox if they are already expanding to PC?

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Well honestly its understandable. Lets be real. The PS4 is still underpowered but its going for visuals, 60fps, etc. Forza 5 basically did the same thing. So this was to be expected.

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But no one cares lol. If something tells the story well enough then missing a part of the story wont hurt.

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All of that is subjective dude.

Sword welding and time/space traveling? If you watch anime you've seen that a million times.

Bisexual? Who the hell cares? Your sexual preference has absolutely nothing to do with how interesting a person you are.

And again he only cares about the games lol. Thats like telling Halo gamers to read the book. They probably don't care enough.

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Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 where my favorite when I was young but those controls did not age very well at all. Also the plot for SA2 was kinda stupid. How GUN confused Shadow and Sonic has always baffled me. And like I said Sonic 06 wasn't called adventure, it didn't need to. And the formula was very much Sonic Adventure. You play as a bunch of characters who all have different stores that interconnected leading up to the true conclusion of the game. Sonic played like Sonic. Shadow was a...

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Sega didn't actually develop Boom. They published it and it was developed by another team.

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Sonic Adventure series was not that good. And Sonic 06 was Adventure 3 lol. Sure it wasn't called Sonic Adventure 3 but it was supposed to be the next main Sonic game.

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