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So Uncharted 4 sold about an extra 600k.

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If the scuf controllers are compatible with the software then I'm just gonna send in my DS4

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Why would they release this in the X1 Scorpio? That would hurt them in the PC space.

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Lol but your 4k tv already upscales non-4k content. And unlike the PS4 and X1. The Pro actually has 4k games and many upscaled to 4k via checkerboarding for a much closer presentation. This is really bad for Scorpio too. If they want to cannibalize sales then this is the way to do it. Lol

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Lol this will only hurt Xbox Scropio sales if they don't fix that.

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Lol i don't let my friends factor in my buying decisions. We are all grown, we all spend our money how we see fit.

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Ahh, that makes more sense

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What where the numbers before?

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PSP's last official number where 82 million though.

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Lennoxb63 the RX480 can be put into a rig for about $550. Its not hard if you know how to buy parts.

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I guess this game found the right balance between water and land.

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I heard the problem for games like TLOU even when playing at 1080p the Pro still internally super samples from 1800p which is the culprit. DF said that if they just ran fps mode at standard 1080p without trying to super sample images then that problem would probably be taken care of. DF said even if the super sample from 1440p then that would still give you a visual improvement while not wffecting performance.

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Yeah except they pushed Bluray with gaming in mind though. UHD isn't doing the same.

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Honestly everything Sony has going appeals to people on different budgets.

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The Switch is using a 256 cuda core tegra chip. Stop...

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playing Gears 4 without an Xbox. Gotta boot up my PS4 to play Uncharted 4 though

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just so everyone is aware its only 8.4 teraflops with16-bit half-float. At a 32-bit full float its going to be 4.2 teraflops.

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4 gigs of ram will not cut it at all for more demanding titles

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If you can afford a titan X then just build a PC. I have a PC with Titan X Pascal in SLI. Will also get a Pro when a special edition drops.

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Gonna wait for a limited edition console. I already got burned when the metal gear solid ps4 came out and ended up double dipping. I only want to buy one Pro console lol.

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