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Every Modern Snorefare fails.

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I'd give her a bigger pain in the ass than Bryce...

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Was just going to say this. I'm sure what IGN and other journalists were shown of this game was VERY controlled and polished during previews. It's not the journalist's fault in a lot of these cases, it's the developers for providing a false representation of their game.

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What was groundbreaking about Uncharted? Surely not the third person cover-based shooting you can find in 1000 other games, nor the platforming that's been done in other games for years, nor the linear level design...um...help me out here.

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I realize they have disavowed the rumours so far, at least in reference to their core games, but rumours aren't started from nothing. There is clearly something going on with the publisher in order for this news to arise. Hopefully it's just the cancellation of some kids games (who really cares?) and not anything major. THQ is probably my favourite publisher. They beat the hell out of EA and Activision, that's for damn sure.

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And yet, it wont. Nothing will happen. I hate these "predictions". Just like OnLive would completely replace console and PC gaming by 2012...lawl.

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Prelude to MMO losing subscribers as time goes on and new MMOs are being released. This happens to virtually every MMO. This means very little and is completely normal for the life cycle of virtually every MMO. Also, lawl at the guy below me saying that TOR is bringing something new to MMOs.

Sadly, most MMOs out there suck at the moment. I love the idea of them but most of them (oddly enough, newer ones) have been sucking more and more as time goes on. Lack of originality is ...

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Day one pirate for me then. Thanks for making my decision easier, EA. First two Mass Effect games on Steam, but not the third? Do you have any clue how many people you will be pissing off?

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Wow, I didn't think they'd be able to pick a more forgettable and generic name than Ruin. They proved me wrong.

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This game looks so hilariously bad it's going to be awesome. Day one purchase for me. This year's Deadly Premonition? YEAH!

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I'm a PC gamer and I bought it on console. Go fucking figure. Stop whining and being cheap. If you really want the game, nothing is stopping you from getting it but yourself.

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Haven't you seen the gameplay of the PC version? They already HAVE dumbed down the game significantly.

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I don't understand the rush for a new console generation. They haven't full tapped this one, plus how much better do you need your graphics to be? They're pretty much at their peak and current consoles can handle the rest. They could easily last another 5 years.

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Oddly enough, as a "core gamer", I'm more upset with the hardcore games that are out there right now than the casual ones. Casual games don't effect me in the least bit. They are developed separately from everything else and they aren't taking away from anything. Where the problem lies is with the hardcore games. The games I actually WANT to play. Most of them just...suck. Everything is a generic third person shooter or first person shooter nowadays. There is no ambition...

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Aww that's a shame...

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Same with all Bethesda games...they come out half finished and modders make it better than it was actually was. How this won game of the year/studio of the year for anything is beyond me. If anything, the modders should be the ones getting best developers of the year awards...

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WHAT?! But but but...video games are evil! Just Dance 3 will turn his kids into sociopathic serial killers who don't know the difference between a video game and reality. It will also make them incredibly overweight and lazy and unable to find a suitable mate and they will end up living in the basement of the White House until they are 40 years old.

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They are 25% cutscenes, 50% repetitive kill rooms to artificially extend the length of the games. Without these two things, the games would be 2 and a half hours long.

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That's a bold statement for IGN. I thought they were normally paid off to NOT say stuff like that. Come on, Platinum, cough up some money.

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