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Just curious, were can I find such reports? I've been playing on my switch primarily in handheld mode and never did I notice it getting hot. I know you can't compare it with mobile CPUs (completely different architechture) but my laptop CPU (while of course providing more power) could be used as a heater.
Let's be honest, I know people here like to hate on Nintendo, but this one was cleary a defective micro SD card

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Thank you Dre180. I will try those mentioned games most likely, but I'm looking for new experiences and I love the fact that I can play complex titles on the go too.
I have my PC to fulfill my AAA FPS needs, it just wouldn't make any sense that Nintendo tries to copy the Sony/MS formula.
Sure if you can only choose one console, I get that many people go to MS/Sony because of the AAA titles, but if you can afford multiple I think the switch is (at least) a perfect a...

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Once again it's always the same dilemma. MS, Sony or Nintendo could release a powerful console for let's say 600$, but most people won't buy it at that price. The Ps4 took off partly because of it's low retail price. I don't think that any company is willing to risk loosing money at first, especially when costumers seem to prefer cheaper consoles (with maby a little bit less power). But maby this will change with the Ps4K and we will see options like the less powerful one ...

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I watched a let's play by the developers and truly loved it, but I played Hotline Miami 2 just short time ago and I can't handle another bullet hell game right now. I really hope that game sells well!

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"They then confirmed that a Game of the Year Add-On Pack for current Project CARS owners WILL be released on May 6 for $5", guess that's your answer ;)

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Who the hell is going to buy a Pro Duo and still has a 32 bit system? Exactly, nobody,

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Because it sold a sh*t load of copies ... unfortunately. I will wait for the release before dooming the game, maybe they learned from their mistakes (on the other hand, its Ubisoft :( )

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Affordable price? 179€? Right ...
I'm sticking with my G502 (and the Xbox One Controller for couch gaming)

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Well DX12 isn't what it was promised by Microsoft in my opinion. They told the public how it was easy to port Forza to DX12 with just a few programmers in a very short time (don't remember the exact claims). But it looks like many dev teams will at first have problems with DX12 as it gives you "too much" control. With DX11 it was easier to program a game (and that's the reason why Microsoft is still supporting it with rev. 11.3), you just couldn't optimize as much as...

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Does anyone know if Gedosato will work on the new one? Which DirectX Version will be used?

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I don't really know how it works, but it could be he already finished his work for this project and went out to look for new challenges.

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Wait, since when is the prima starter guide included? I'm thinking about pre ordering but I couldn't find the guide anywhere. USA exclusive?

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Are you serious? There were enough leaks showing the game in development (I think there were 3 studios working on prototypes for episode 3 (maybe even HL3)) but none of them met their expectation. Gabe himself said they would only make a sequel if all the developers were really passionate about it and had some good ideas. So obviously they tried but failed. Would you want them to release a repetitive shooter just for the sake of releasing it? I don't think so.

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So you can only glitch your way up?

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You can use it on the PC too

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which was one of the reasons Sega went almost extinct. The project was way too expensive.

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Are you really comparing Bluray/TVs with a VR headset :D?
And yes I agree traumadisaster, I'll def. buy one, but I don't think it's going to be accepted on the mass market. It just looks too "nerdy" for the average guy, and might probably be too expensive as well.

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The last one was interesting. Does it really work?

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They supported Mantle, so I guess they had half of the job already done

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If those benchmarks are true than I'm surprised that such a "low end" card can pull of these results. But why didn't they compare it to the 750(Ti) instead of the 1 generation older 650?

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