huh? What?


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What are you hinting at there man? The PS3 out sold the 360 at 600 usd it was slowly closing the 8 mil lead the 360 had since its day one.

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@Ravenor you do know that the ps4 has lower lever access then DX 12 allows already dont you?

I like the current style of sony using 2 API one more light an easy to use an learn one deep and powerful letting you code closer to the medal then other API's

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gonna have to call bs on this one they wouldn't know any of the code they used they are just assuming they are using it.

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Yep it is not beating a game if you glitch to the ending.

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Stonewall thanks that made me laugh man. I use to bubble people up who made me laugh now I got nothing I can give for it.This is something I suppose 🍻

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You can add Warhawk to that list of your's also.

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The only plus I am really seeing from these rumors is the used consoles market is going to have price drops much quicker. That's about it is there any other upside cause i am not really seeing it.If your going to say that games will look better on .5 console that's not really a plus to me.Its like saying here some great new console that we will never take true advantage of buy it. I have said it before if a console does not have games made to push the system to the limits then I will ...

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This is why I have pirated games, I have had crap pc's for years and some games I can get to run when im under the min requirement if I work at it.If I can get it to run then I tend to buy them if not I didn't waste anything but a little time

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This ^ why are turn based RPG considered bad now, I love them so much. FF7 seems to be follow this action rpg route also and its a shame really.

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This ,I think they could make such a great King's Field game right now

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well the first one had a issue with the firmware it messed up and wouldn't finish installing past a certain point (this was back when they actually flashed the bios they fixed that issue soon after)then after that the refurbished consoles would last near a year.Mind you im a smoker that tends to leave their console on 24/7 so I wasn't too upset I was abusing them.

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I had issues the first one I had a firmware update issue then I kept getting refurbished ones that would break I went through that about 4 times then just bought a slim that never had any issues.Sucked bad though at least none of the people disagreeing with you had the same issues.

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it was a good system nothing more nothing less, it seems like people like to give it credit for things the industry was already going to do like online and HD but live was the original Xbox's thing not the 360's .For me the Ps2 was the last truly great system.Though im a JRPG lover so of course i have to go with the system that had them in ample supply.

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Great find OrangePowerz that prety much says they very well could be making a non movie tie in spiderman game.edit course there probbaly another agreement somewhere with just marvel.

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Intel has been used in the past there is just pricing issues that come up over time with them.Though for consoles going with AMD seems just fine since there not needed to ever release drivers are anything thats where AMD has always sucked for pc.

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Okay I haven't said anything about this rumor but what the hell everyone else has said there peace about it why not me.If it was its own platform and had games made to push the system then I wouldn't see a problem with it but if all it does is run ps4 games slightly better then it needs to come out with a price to match the fact that it will never be pushed like a proper console.It basically needs to come out as a simple ps4 slim model that just happens to run the games better.

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Its not the same they dont code near as deeply for pc as they do for console.Even Directx 12 is no where near the level console are normally programmed at.I really dont think going into detail is needed here just trust me.

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here is a good place to start

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I think he's saying he wants to hear his old games through the headphones on the controller.

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From what I have read the One does not emulate the 360.Which is why they needed dev permission to do it they had to change a few things in the code to make it run.In truth something like this should also be possible for ps3 games on ps4.

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