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i bought for for pc kingston hyper x fury cloud II headset with 7.1 virtual sound. 90$ is it same sound in playstation headset or something new?

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Raseiniai is a name of a town in Lithuania not far where i live lol :)

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To be honest i am a little fed up with all that negativity towards Konami. As much as i like metal gear, we all do not know what exactly happened , and as much as i respect Kojima and admire hes work for metal gear, lets not forget hes not alone and everything what has been done had many other talented people making game, but hes acting like hes alone did everything, showing hes name and surname down our throats every 5 minutes in all hes games. what other creator does it? i am starting disli...

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oh no.... same day as wow legion :( will be playing wow, even though want this as well)

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Bad move and no buy from me becouse of that. Why? End of september final fantasy and destiny expansion, no time for this. If it would have been begining of september i would have 2-3 weeks to play it.

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Looks really interesting i want it, but its not comming to ps4??? Dafuq?????

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Cant wait for this game :)

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Fallout online / MMO , i think :)

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you know whats unfair? stupid price!!! thats what. it should cost 15$ or 20$ max.
Definitely pass.. even though i was looking forward to it before.

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nah.. becouse even in 4 player mode havent you noticed on some missions where x4 people and many enemy npc spwn, small lags starts and fps drops a bit, imagine what would happen if there would be 10 people and even more npc? you want your ps4 or xbone to fry?
i dont even want to think about 24ppl, lol , it would be nightmare and unplayable, moer frustration from technical side , disconects, chaos and so on.
for me x4 people is more then enough and i hope they make raids with ...

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first season was so good.. second is not bad, but not great, and this one somehow dont even want to try, unless price will drop by half. have big hopes for season 3... And if it will suck i will be done with walking dead (finished watching tv show 1 year ago)
BUT! if season 3 will be good i will continue with walking dead games :)

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but you have nice weather in Italy :) and country more rich than ours.
(sucks to have russian nighbours)

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i was disapointed with this, even though i like indy games. if price would be 5$ max i would say ok sure, try it folks, but i paid 15$ if nor mistaken for ps4. not worth it...

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And in Lithuania we have one of the most fast and reliable internet in the world same good speeds all over country.
And you know whats funny? probably most of you never even heard that country or know where it is , yet we kick some ass! :D /peace

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Tell me what right does company have to lie to customers and show product which they know will not look that good in final build? you are ok with that?

why they don't show downgraded version first and if they have possibility to make it better they just make it better when game launches?? want to know a secret? because they earn more money that way, by lying to people and creating hype etc. Cant believe you are so silly.

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haha, trust me this game will be sold for 30$ maximum after 1 month and people realize its just indy borring game.

i would try it for 20$, maybe....

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no mans sky i think will have fiasco, people think it will be good, but once they realize that its basically same stuff over and over again with random generated trees and so, interest will fall down quickly and it will be worth 10$ in few months.

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i dont have big issues as well, its just in most cases indy games are low budged and we have so many of them already. And very few are really good, most of them are either have great idea, but not fulfilled, or something else not done right due to low budged.

lets see, maybe i am wrong, but i think hes new game will not shock the world...

please give me silent hills.... :(

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sorry, not understandable and that game after few months will be sold 75% cheaper.

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great, we just need more Indy games? like we do not have millions of them already? that kind of games were very cool and i was a big fan of Indy games, but little by little they are loosing their charm...

i like metal gear and i like silent hill a lot, but i bet new game will be about some crappy robots, some indy crap with Kojima name all over the place and after you complete every mission...

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