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as much as i like this i think, not even close, it will be like holywood blockbuster movie, big budget and so on, but you watch it once and forget fast. Somehow i think so.

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all are nothing special (played all)

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Zeldas open world done very good!

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For me Zelda was probably greatest game i played or at least in top 3 in almost 30 years of my gaming experience.

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i wish there would be games where we fight against stalin and hes bolsheviks, he was much more evil than hitler or nazies. if you dont believe try do some research or try to find documentary series, the greatest story never told

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way overrated game, very borring and medicore experience, tiresome dialogues, bad game engine, slow and so on, many negatives in this game, seems like, only polish and british like it, becouse villagers in game look like them :)

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graphics matter, but funny thing is that Nintendo even with weaker console can deliver so beutyfull experience. Becouse they use very good game engines and console is not stuffed with all kinds of retarded things like social media , trophies and 100 other usless stuff, that i think helps Nintendo to be a very good console. Just look at Mario how nice it looks or how good zelda is. Oh and for those who dont know console turns on and off instantly, not like ps4 where you have to wait. Nintendo ...

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simply one of the most dull and borring and overrated games....
if you like rpg about politics, very slow and borring, running on quite outdated engine with slugish combat and lots of reading with tiresome dialogs , then go for it.

dragon age much better, zelda million times better and prety much most rpg games like final fantasy, persona and many others are better then witcher,

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sadly only season was was really emotional and good, well maybe season 2 a little bit also, but later it was pretty bad, better engine, nice visuals, but not interesting story and pretty bad overall...

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i am at the moment 16h+ and i completed about 60-70% of game. so i would say playing normally it is about 25 hours episode.

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extremely happy with older version of this headset i had no idea it will be so good, sound is 10/10 or at least 9/10 and comfortability is 100!
so new version seems will be even better

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why are you maniacs want to play through story again? its so dull and boring, tried to force myself to play this game for about 50 hours and it probably was most boring game i played in a very long time, could not even finish was literally falling a sleep... seriously some walking simulators are more fun than witcher.
btw i do like rpgs and play most of them even old game dragon age is much better.
whats a hype about witcher? or maybe only british and polish like it? because...

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screw witcher! i forced myself to play it for about 50 hours, probably the most borring game i played in last 10 years and i play lots of games. rpgs also...
witcher average game...

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ff15 characters were so gay it almost makes me throw up by looking at them....

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begining of the game was very good, but later i got a feeling it was rushed and made just to end asap, passion gone.

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super disappointment game, engine gets better and better, story gets worse and worse.

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i watched only first episode, it was prety bad, bad story, bad voice acting ( you killed my wiiiife, lol!) do not even want to continue whatching

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biggest most overhyped piece of crap i played in last 10 years.... got it free from ps+ , but still very angry how crappy it is and wasted my time played til 3 episode. horrible horrible game on all fronts, story/design/graphics/voice acting/gameplay everything is very bad.

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size matters my friend. imagine tv like half a wall and good surround sound.
pc dont have that effect i almost dont play games on pc anymore.

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i have good pc, but i prefer ps4, why? because much more pleasant to play on a huge sony HDR 4k tv , instead of sitting near pc like idiot :)

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