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like the game, 40h played, its good and unique, but 10 from all sites seems kinda weird, cant believe everyone like this , because game is surely not for everyone. I would rate it 8/9 . like i said the game is good, but not that good? :)

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played on ps4 pro, sadly game looks not so good, graphics are not so good, feels kinda weird, wonder what engine was used for a game? i think mostly its engines fault somehow.

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boobs are overrated.

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i think there will be dark souls 4 or some similar game from same creator. (because ending shows that not everything is finished yet)
also somehow hope for blood borne 2 trailer in E3 ?

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super game and very good dlc :) sad that its the last one... (though ending kinda implies there will be new game and its not 100% the end)

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very good game, all dark souls fans should play it :)
though i enjoyed it on ps4

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yup russia one of the most retarded and stupid countries in the world, not to mention aggressive as fuck, i live 100km from russian boarder (kaliningrad)

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it should introduce mmo mode... just make diablo mmo and people will buy it and play it.

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will not buy it, same as i havent bought no mans sky only becouse they increased price by a lot. first it supposed to cost 15-20 and they decided to do 60$ , that was funny. And glad that i did not, becouse now even for 10$ i would not want it, but if they would have sticked with original 20$ at begining they would have gotten my money now they got 0 from me.
probably same will happen with Rime.

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soon i will be the man who spent 4000$ on hearthstone (maybe someone will write about me? ) :D
in 2-3 years spent like 1000$ already, so 6-7 years and i will get there...
who wants to meet me in advance? :) before i am famous? :D

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after 3 months with no episodes they picked up the most stupid date? 28th dark souls final dlc will be realeased, also will be playing mass effect and waiting for persona 5. there will be no time to play this crap...

21th march would be 1000% times better date.

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i started gaming when i was 6, and now i am 36, so 30 years. (big time gamer)
but now very rarely i get exited for new games, in most cases disappointed almost on all of them more or less.
or next thing that i hate even more when buying games and not enough time to play. (still haven't played witcher 3) and horizon soon will be released, mass affect Andromeda and persona 5. where to find time to play older unfinished games? gets almost impossible. (oh and ff15 also have ...

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well that's bad.. you can shove your multiplayer in ti your a#@ !
if it is focus, means SP will be not as good..... fukc you retard star!

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like someone asked before is this game on apple watch or something?

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Capcom redeemed resident evil with resident 7, briliant game and many people enjoyed it.

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hahaha a flop? you silly little boy :) its one of the best games and it sells very good, the reason it sold less then 5 or 6, because many people after playing 5 or 6 lost all hope in RE. becouse it was shit.
But this one is very good game and many people are happy with it and it will sell at least 3 million mark my words, or most likely even more.
p.s. look how many disagree with you, sorry but you really stupid for real :)

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you are stupid idiot.
Resident evil 7 probably one of the best re games ever, not to mention one of best games in 2016/2017

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i bought for for pc kingston hyper x fury cloud II headset with 7.1 virtual sound. 90$ is it same sound in playstation headset or something new?

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Raseiniai is a name of a town in Lithuania not far where i live lol :)

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To be honest i am a little fed up with all that negativity towards Konami. As much as i like metal gear, we all do not know what exactly happened , and as much as i respect Kojima and admire hes work for metal gear, lets not forget hes not alone and everything what has been done had many other talented people making game, but hes acting like hes alone did everything, showing hes name and surname down our throats every 5 minutes in all hes games. what other creator does it? i am starting disli...

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