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To all Demon Soul fan, Dark Soul is way harder than Demon Soul ,I have Demon's Souls plats ,but Dark Souls is another beast ,Joking aside I am not really sure if I am going to finish this game, I can finish it but I would have to be really Really patient .

I am 3 hours in ,over all the game is better than Demon Souls in every aspect ,in my opinion it would have been even better if they kept the level of Demon's Souls difficulty.
my only complain is the increas...

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I have the game ,I can tell you this game is RPG of the yeah so far hands down ,I give the game 9.5 ,all developer should look at this game and learn from this game
this game has one of the best music Score I have ever heard

this game bring it all to you in one package
Story - gameplay - music - presentation - graphics - loveable characters

buy it end of story

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I have all these games ,got them on release day,can I have something else ?

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"they gotta insist on trying to boner stroke everyone"


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what is this? are they kidding me ? waste time and money on this ?instead of focusing on the gameplay and the story they bring you an option to be gay ,that is just disgusting

I really do think this game will be banned in some counties

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@vickers500 you are putting black people against gays ,are f#cking kidding me,I am not even an American and I can tell you fail in your analogy ,if gays had to suffer like the black people did in the old days you wouldn't see any gay people anymore
this is their color ,they are born with it ,while most gay people embrace it

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I regret buying Brink ,this time I am not buying before I see some reviews

but this is id Softwar baby, so let hope it end up being great game

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this game is a MP in a campaign , every mission is like capture the flag or escort ,set bomb ,also you have the other team trying to prevent you from doing your job
Nothing special about it
6.5 from me

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@outlawlife I had the game since the 7th ,waste of money ,at most I will give it 6.5 or 7

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I wasted my money in this game ,I will give it a 6.5 ,

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my biggest issues with PC gaming is the lack of controllers support ,I know some games cant use controllers but most can ,a lot of PC developers don't implement controllers support

I have 2 gaming pc,I only play games that support xbox controller because I don't know how to use a keyboard for movement ,the other thing all my Pcs connected to a big home theater because I want to set in a fancy Chair and relax

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This guy is funny ,he always annoy Tor hahahahahah

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does it support xbox360 controller ?

plz respond because I want to buy the game

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This game is addictive and fun

sometimes I just don't understand IGN ,double standard at its fainest

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2.5 mil ,that is a lot

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This game is at least an 8.5 game ,go see PSN network rating "4.8/5", one of the highest rated games

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Congrats HHG


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This game on PS3 is nothing but lag and you cant even stay connected to the server for too long ,you will be lucky to get one game going in 10 min ,the first day was fine there was lag but at least you can play the game ,2 day later and you cant even sometimes connect to the servers ,this tells me the servers are being stressed out

I just took out the game and want back to KZ3 ,I played for 1:30 min without being disconnected

Crytek really need to step their ...

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KZ2 looked better than the trailer ,go watch a screen shot Comparison

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